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Found 7 results

  1. Please make rare+ compasses and toolbelts *glow* on screen in the HUD / UI. NOTE: Please have it toggle, so folks can choose to show the effect or not. This would look *really* cool on Wurm streams, if Wurm streamers' rare items such as compasses and toolbelts had UI windows that glowed just as rares do. I think UI elements could be passed through a shader and given a glow with a bit of tweaking. Even some diagonal highlights that move across the UI window and back periodically might be cool and give it some life. Toggleable of course. Rare BSBs and other containers could open a UI window that glows around the edges in this way too. Just some ideas for coolness.
  2. Since the just recent fix I go to HUD then to my achievement section and as i try to sort by dates my toon immediately crashes.
  3. I would like to suggest making the character window (where you can unequip and drag drop stuff) resizable. I know others have posted topics asking for the crafting window to be resized, and probably asking for the character window to be resizable as well. However, I would like to put forward the idea once again. It could be a small fix that many might appreciate.
  4. It would be nice to free up some screen clutter by giving the option to combine all tabs in the event and chat window. This could be a good first step in cleaning up the UI for smaller screens.
  5. Currently you can toggle displayed buffs/debuffs on and off in the HUD settings. Know what buffs you have is very useful, making this a great feature. I think it would be clearer and more useful if permanent buffs/debuffs (from meditation or valari items for example) and temporary buffs/debuffs (Hurting, food, magic spells) were separate toggles.
  6. I was wondering what people would think of a simple trinket (like a compass) that tells the wind direction for sailing purposes. It would be HUD component much like the Compass which shows the direction of the winds. This would eliminate the need to have to examine all of the time for sailing.
  7. Hi, Im new at this game and i love it this game is great. But i have some problems like HUD missing textures. /> How can i fix it? Please help thanks