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Found 39 results

  1. Ever fancied getting your hands on a set of Black Legion goodies? Well look no further!! Package includes the following; 1x Black Legion Wagon 1x Black Legion Banner 1x Black Legion Flag 1x Unfinished Black Legion Guard Tower 16 x 91ql+ [Rare] horseshoes all with 90+ BoTD Casts (One for each of your horses hooves ) We can also supply 4 decent horses to help tow your new goodies to your deed Bundle is to be picked up from Libila Market on Deliverance, or Delivery can be arranged (Without horses) Collection and Delivery - Deliverance - Free Delivery - Independance & Exodus - 1s Delivery - Celebration and West side of Xanadu - 2s Further afield will be disscussed. Starting bid 80s Bid increments of 5s Buyout: Entertain us Private bids: Not accepted Private Buyout Offers: Accepted Auction will run until the end or If a Buyout offer is accepted Happy Bidding
  2. Want to sell some stuff: #1 hammer 94,82ql 98coc --> 6s #2 set of horseshoes 90.5ql 72,77,78,79 woa --> 6s #3 set of horseshoes 90,5ql 50,56,57,59 woa --> 4s Items can be picked up from Gorzelnia Dragona deed ( x-23, y-31 Exodus) or send with cod option
  3. Hello 4x95ql Horseshoes Starting bid : 15s Buyout: PM me with offer Min increment: 1s No reserve Buyer pays cod Sniper protection 2 hours
  4. Looking to buy some rare or supreme horse shoes please. PM me if you have some for sale. Thanks
  5. Hi all I am selling some horseshoes 50 QL, without enchant, see (can make more) : Let's say ~12c each I have also a rare one : Let's say ~4-5s or offer, no idea of price Some of this for sale also : 1.5s each And finally a Referral : Sold 6s Actually, I am also interested by the following items : Whetstone, at least 60ql with CoC (70-90max) Bought Fishing rod, QL doesnt matter, with CoC (70-90max) Skilling Bow (short if possible), with CoC (70-90max) Skilling Long sword, with CoC (70-90max) Prices are low as I prefer you to pick up items rather than I deliver, but we can discuss about this I am at 6X 59Y on Inde. You can mp on the forum, or ingame via Khaled or Funky.
  6. Hey heres a list of whats for sale: 90 QL willow fishing rod with 92 COC 2 x 80 QL horseshoes with WOA 70 2 x 70 QL horseshoes with WOA 50 I can mail the Shoes i believe but the rod will have to be delivered which i'll do for free to anywhere connected except Chao's, Pm in game welcome Arte out.
  7. Ever wanted a crazy fast horse? Well, here is your chance - I am auctioning off a set of 4 x rare horseshoes Starting Bid: 10s Increments: 1s Reserve: no Buyout: PM with offer Sniper*: 1h Buyer pays COD (including cod fee for backpack - they can only be mailed in a backpack) or pickup at Fyrkat on Celebration (O19 in ingame map, X31 Y34 on community map) * Sniper protection of 1 hour means: the auction is prolonged until the highest bid has remained the highest bid for 1 hour. Happy bidding
  8. Auction for 4 horseshoes at 95ql. A must for any serious horseowner with the feeling that the horse are to slow!. Starting bid: 10s Min. raise: 1s Buyout: 17s Private Bids: Yes COD (if possible) from Deli or pickup at Hill of Swedes (4x27y) Auction Ends:
  9. Please Close... I don't mind being the slowest guy on Deli, so I thought I'd part with this wonderful 91.21ql supreme horse shoe. Starting Bid: 15s Increment: 50c No reserve, no buyout, sniper protection 1 hour. 3 day auction. Will mail CoD where able, although I think it's same server only. Pickup on Deliverance, wherever. [03:23:02] These are said to bring luck! Apart from improving horse speed and safety, of course. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. It could be improved with a lump. Happy bidding!
  10. WTB "rare" and "supreme" horseshoes. Any quality. PM with offers. Thank you.
  11. Set of 4 horseshoes for sale, pick up on Cele near AP or mailable. 73ql 78WOA 74ql 77WOA 74ql 76WOA 74ql 74WOA PM me if interested.
  12. Selling these items, can mail from Celebration server or pick up near/at AP possible. Delivery can possibly be arranged for bulk goods for a small fee. My ingame name is Guenivere. Thanks for reading! Tools and enchants: Set of 4 horseshoes 74ql, 74-78WOA - 4.5s Dredge 45ql - 20c Pickaxe 70ql - 20c Spindle 70ql - 20c Rope tool 80ql - 40c Pickaxe 45ql 39 WOA 17COC - 35c Rake 62ql 62WOA 42COC - 75c Rake 71ql 42WOA - 65c Mallet 65ql 75WOA - 80c Small anvil 43ql 64WOA - 70c Trowel 68ql 65WOA 53COC - 80c 71ql lantern with purplish pink dye Colors: R=70, G=35, B=158.: 25c ~40ql compass (settles in less than 7 seconds) - 15c Crafting and Bulk: 99ql leather hide 9kg - 20c 60 backpacks - 1s 10 silver hanging lamps 30ql - 1.5s 128 Cordage ropes 10.57ql - I'm not sure the market price on these, if you'd like them let me know 2.5k cooked meat - 3.5s 1000 pumpkins 37ql - 1s 22 Rafts - 8c/each 150 Arrow Shafts - 30c Weapons and Armor: Two-handed sword 45ql 21 Frostbrand - 40c Longsword 69ql 49COC - 65c 10c deals!!! Silver pendulum 14q - 10c Iron pendulum - 10c Small metal shield 58ql - 10c 50ql rope tool (4) - 10c Gems 325ql of gems - 5s
  13. Hi there! I have some horse equipment for sale. You can pick it up in Hussars Haven (36x, 45y) or I can mail it to you (from Deli). Prices do not include CoD fee (10c to Deli, 20c to other freedom servers). My ingame name is ArcherPL and I use IRC as well. Saddle 80QL 59WoA - 1.5s Chain Barding (iron) 77.81QL - 1.2s Leather Barding 80.13QL - 1.2s Leather Barding 80.16QL - 1.2s Leather Barding 72.30QL - 1s (can be imped to 80ql for +20c) Leather Barding 73.09QL - 1s (can be imped to 80ql for +20c) Horse Shoe 80.24QL 73WoA - 1.2s Horse Shoe 80.16QL 73WoA - 1.2s Horse Shoe 80.09QL 77WoA - 1.3s Horse Shoe 80.14QL 81WoA - 1.4s (Equipment provided by Hussars Haven Trading - check it for custom orders!)
  14. Selling a set of four 50ql horseshoes with the following WoA casts; 72 72 75 77 for 3.6s. Available for pickup at Akhenaten or can be shipped anywhere.