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Found 293 results

  1. Welcome to Dystopia! The Dystopian Crew are up and running on Harmony! We are a group of Oceanics offering a range of services to the Northern Freedom Isles Community! Location: E/F-21 on the map Services HORSE AND BISON SALE!! All original colour horses (Black, Brown, Gold, White) are now on sale! 10% - 50% off these horses! Selected other horses on sale as well. See the "Animals" section below. Leatherworking: Weaponsmithing: Ores: Animals: Archaeology: Carpentry: Masonry: Recommendations: Theinnkeeper - The finest of Fine Carpenters! If you find you're getting splinters, get a professional! Arno - Dye Master extraordinaire! Looking to clothe yourself in the most beautiful cloth goods in all of the North Freedom Isles? Look no further! This is your one stop shop for all cloth goods and dyes! Olredbeard - Need a Courier? Can't find a horse here? Check out this guy and be glad that you did!
  2. Welcome to Sunbury Stables N22 on Harmony. We guarantee that no animal will be sold with bad traits. Message Carla or Fatherben in game to arrange pickup or leave a message here. Delivery may be arranged at a mutually agreed time and price. Horses for sale Three Speed Nil stock Two Speed Nil Stock One Speed Black - Male - Young Ironmac - It can carry more than average. 1s Black - Male - Adolescent Faithgrey - It will fight fiercely. It has lightning movement. 1s Brown - Male Young Mountainflash - It has lightning movement. 1s Black Silver - Male - Adolescent Maxgolden - It has lightning movement. 4s White - Male - Adolescent Mackmountain - It has lightning movement. 2.5s Grey - Male - Mature Raidwar - It can carry more than average. 1s Non Speed Brown - Male - Young Venturesouth - It is a tough bugger. 50c Brown - Female - Young Madiahunting - It is a tough bugger. It has keen senses. It looks unusually strong and healthy. 50c Ebony Black - Male - Adolescent Kissdance - It looks unusually strong and healthy. 5s Brown - Male - Adolescent Briskkiss - It looks unusually strong and healthy. It has a certain spark in its eyes. 50c Gold - Male - Young Sivlererik - It has keen senses. 50c Traitless Gold - Female - Young Kalilhappy - 30c For all your other goods I highly recommend
  3. Katzenkorb Horses and more (delivery possible) We have move and are now located on the western coast of cadence (K8). We're now done with the inital setup for the horsies so we're going actively back to business! All the prices are for pickup, if you want to have them delivered we can negotiate that for an additional fee. (YF = Young Foal, AF = Adolescent Foal, YH = Young Horse, AH = Adolescent Horse, MH = Mature Horse) (CM = Carry More, CS = Certain Spark, FF = Fight Fiercely, FM = Fleeter Movement, KS = Keen Senses, LM = Lightning Movement, SB = Strong Body, SH = Strong & Healthy, SL = Strong Legs, TB = Tough Bugger ) Horses Black Ebony Black Silver started breeding Chestnut started breeding Golden Buckskin started breeding Blood Bay started breeding Skewbald Pinto out of stock Piebald Pinto started breeding White out of stock Black Gold out of stock Brown Grey out of stock Hell Horses Envious Bisons Sheeps (Black) & Chickens for sale as well. More things to come later! Location:
  4. Okay, so. I think this is pretty straight forward - but in the wacky world of code maybe this is an insane problem... (and I know that this is probably the lowest possible priority).... BUT..... My understanding of horse color inheritance is that the basic framework is: chance of mom's color > chance of dad's color > chance at a totally random color and there are modifiers and weighted chances (like bump to inheriting mom's color, or overall decrease for rare colors, etc) My suggestion is: ... can we use a similar basic framework for generating the names of new foals? A foal's name is 2-part, so I'm thinking something along the lines of: First half: chance of mom's first half > chance of dad's first half > chance of mom's last half > chance of dad's last half > chance of completely random name Second half: chance of mom's second half > chance of dad's second half > chance of mom's first > chance of dad's first > chance of completely random name And I'm open to adjusting the relative chances with modifiers and weighted priorities of all sorts that devs & players might deem appropriate. I know that this is more QoL suggestion than Problem-fixing suggestion. But I really would like something that could potentially be a fun quick fix to be considered for the "to do" list. I just had a foal born with the name "Easteast" - and that's just the tip of the Wurm Horse Breeder's Association list of silly horse names found in Wurm. In real life, a combination of names from the foal's sire and dam is one of the most common horse naming conventions. Yes, workhorses and various family-farm horses might be given any sort of random name - but any horse registered in a stud book or official listing of race horses, or other pure breed catalogues follow very specific rules and conventions. The "something from mom" + "something from dad" naming convention is popular, used pretty much everywhere, and has the benefit of parallel construction based on mechanics already in use for traits and for coat color.
  5. Self Service Horses, Hellies and Bison Available 24 hours, just buy the key from the Merchant and lead off your new horse. Directions below. Current Stock as of September 26th Pens have a sign at the back with the number, the keys on the merchant have the pen number and the name. I am located a little East of Linton (map grid L12): Coming from Linton follow the Waystone a little North of Linton through tunnel and the horse pens are at the end of the sandstone road on the left. If coming by ship come to the North West of Hammer Lake and take the canal shown as blue line up to a dock where you can load/unload, the horse pens are just up the ramp from the dock to the West. I can also summon if you catch me online. The settlement token is East side of the deed, go down the gravel road turn East over the bridge and it's in front of you. Pricing is based on colour, single name, and spark as a preferred trait along with 5 speeds.
  6. I am downsizing my breeding program and stables and am listing here my overstock that I would like to rehome ASAP. All horses are pure 5 speeds with no extra traits. Prices will depend on color, age and quantity bought but will be priced for fast clearance sale. PM me in game to reserve the ones you want..... lets make a deal Cainewing F Black Aged Sadpearl M Blood Bay Old Cliffhunting F Blood Bay Young pony RESERVED Alexdream M Blood Bay Young pony SOLD Cliffrage F Blood Bay Young pony Lightningzafir F Blood Bay Aged Umawind F Blood Bay Aged Runebony F Blood Bay Aged Annwarrior F Blood Bay Adolescent Foal Napaswift F Chestnut Aged Falcontear M Chestnut Old Tichrain F Chestnut Adolescent pony Runjolly F Chestnut Adolescent foal Rageann F Chestnut Young pony Lightningtom M Chestnut Aged Pieduke M Chestnut Aged SOLD Silverbrisk F Chestnut Old Zaradance F Chestnut Aged Eckertaffy F Chestnut Young pony Briskgallant M Gold Aged Cloudsweet M Gold Aged SOLD Hopcopper F Grey Aged SOLD Hopgrey F Grey Aged SOLD Callpearl F Grey Aged SOLD Jollybashira F Grey Aged Fastheart F Grey Aged SOLD Sweetabbas M Grey Old SOLD Annfast F Grey Aged SOLD Strongnafar F Grey Old Hallsouth F Jet Black Aged Prancercopper M Jet Black Aged Fleairon M Jet Black Old Strongstark F Jet Black Young pony Eastpearl F Jet Black Young pony Warriorjolly M Jet Black Young pony SOLD Dancemolly F Jet Black Young pony Ragehunting M Jet Black Young pony SOLD Kalildog M Jet Black Adolescent Foal Tearballet F Jet Black Old Tahutear F Jet Black Old Wingalex M Jet Black Old Warmaster M Jet Black Venerable SOLD Notchdog M Piebald Pinto Young pony RESERVED Callhalim F Piebald Pinto Young pony RESERVED Haltswift F Piebald Pinto Young pony Cesarrock M Piebald Pinto Old Eaststark M Piebald Pinto Old Goldecker F Piebald Pinto Aged Goldcoffee F Piebald Pinto Aged Tichkiss F Piebald Pinto Young pony Saharpie F Piebald Pinto Aged Sagekiss F Piebald Pinto Aged Silverkiss F Piebald Pinto Aged Dogwaldo M White Young pony RESERVED Goldencloud F White Aged Haltosio F White Young pony Swifthard F White Old Clipwarrior M White Old Aishaecker F White Aged Hopsouth M White Young pony SOLD
  7. Added 2 more: 22Aug 2020 I made some new skins for some creatures (not just horses!) if you would like to use them, have at it! I will also make available some skins from the old creaturepack mod that I can't find elsewhere. These skins are super simple to use. First you will want to close the game and its launcher, or you will get an error when trying to copy files into the graphics jar. You will need WinRAR or something like it, to be able to open the file. Find your WurmLauncher/packs folder. Find the graphics.jar, and make a copy of it. This is your original, keep it safe somewhere. Then open it up with Winrar. For a creature skin, navigate to /creatures (or /creatures/horse) and you will see the file names that you will be replacing. Simply name the file what colour you would like to replace, and then drag and drop it in here! Name examples listed below. Final step: click okay to the box that pops up when you drop the file in. No need to change anything. Easy! Here are some pictures! Here is the ocelot, unicorn, hell horse, troll and goblin, scorpion, wolf(husky) and brown bear(panda) that I use. Here are some png files. There are some that I don't like - but I will still offer them if someone wishes to use them or edit these themselves. To give you an idea of what you're renaming these files to, a horse must be named one of the following: Renaming is easy. Just look for the file names to replace for the exact name you will need for any creature. The dds files are listed below. On Feb 27, 2019: I remade my dappled grey: Here is the dun: Here is the creamy palamino: Here is the knabstrupper: Here is the appaloosa: Copper: Molten Hellhorse: Goblin, Blue: Troll, bluejeans: I made my scorpion slightly redder: and darkened up my mountain lion: And these next ones aren't mine, but here they are in dds format: Rocky Mountain horse: Mountain Lion: (yes, this will also change your rugs) Dalmatian dog: Dalmatian dog butchered: Hen, white and black: Rooster, black: Panda Bear: Panda Bear butchered: Pig, red: Pig, red, butchered: Husky (wolf) : Husky, butchered: And by request, my (purple) rainbow unicorn! and here is the file to place inside the graphics jar (/creatures/horse). Name it: A couple of rugs: A woven rug: The alternate version without the weaving: White hell horses! White with purple: White with pink: White with blue: White with red: White with green: White with yellow: A new horse color (with a big thanks to Joneya, since I began with one of her re-skins!): 18Mar2019: Updated white and purple hellie 21 Mar 2019: 2 new horse colours! Brown on the left, and chestnut on the right. brown: chestnut: Edit March22, 2019 : Updated the white with pink hellie. Edit March31, 2019 : I reworked the Rocky Mountain. What do you think? Download link: Edit April2: Happy accident, a galaxy horse! (Or a Glitter Baby?) (It's much better in person, it sparkles when it breathes!) Galaxy Horse here: Edit April 3: Skewbald Appaloosa. Out of sheer desperation for some kind of skewbald wurm horse, I drew this one, and I like the results! Download link: Edit April4: Haflinger! Flaxen chestnut, of course. Grab it here: Edit April8: I decided my unicorn needed a makeover, to better show off the variations. White Unicorn: May 16: Caravels. Love my new purple sails (painted), but I also wanted to see where I was going. All I changed graphically was the sails transparency at the bottom. Hooray! \o/ Link is here: It goes into transports/ships May25, 2019: Another horse! I finally made a whiter horse that I'm happy with! If you like it, here it is: June 1st : And bouncing off of that last whiter horse, here is an alternate version. Link is here: Edit Aug22, 2020 1: Predator version? Super advanced invisi-armor? Whatever you call it, it's fun! 2: Another chestnut/brown variation. And 3: More shade changes, I think I will use this one for my old black colour! (edit: it looks too good for old black. I will replace blood bay with this one.) Darker Bay shown above: A new rug, and the purple bed. Snag the rug here: And the purple bed here: If you're interested, here is a bluer version of the purple bed. 27 Aug 2020 4 new equinical colorations today! A darker flaxen chestnut. I like it a little better. Here (below) is an updated dun, with a creamier texture: Here is a flaxen Appaloosa. ooooh. And below, I changed my grey horse again. Aug 31 2020 Piebald Appaloosa! I wasn't sure about this one at first, but it's really grown on me. Especially the foals, they are gorgeous. :
  8. Ravendream is located on Independence (O/P 17 ingame map, 34x45y Albia map). PM ingame to Xagru. Access by water via Crystal Raven Cannal ( N/O18 ingame map, 38x44y Albia map). Pick up only. Selfservice available. PRICES: grey 15c / gold 30c / brown 30c / black 30c / bloodbay 40c / piebald pinto 50c / ebony black 70c / skewbald pinto 70c / silver black 1,15s / appaloosa 1,15s In stables: _____________________________________________________________ Traits codes: 5 speed standard: CM - It can carry more than average.: +20kg weight limit FM - It has fleeter movement than normal.: +10% speed LM - It has lightning movement.: +20% speed. SB - It has a strong body. : +10kg weight limit. SL - It has very strong leg muscles.: +10% speed, +10kg weight limit. other bonus traits: SH - It looks unusually strong and healthy: has a higher resistance to disease FF - It will fight fiercely.: higher fighting skill CS - It has a certain spark in its eyes: Lives 50% longer than normal KS - It has keen senses: able to sense when on a water tile "Ebony" horse color: +2.5% speed. _____________________________________________________________
  9. Welcome to Sunny coast! Harmony, i8 Send me a private message. Horses: Leatherworking:
  10. Hail to thee! I have decided to fire up my old horse selling business again and have just finished building a brand new horse market on the southern side of the island! Current listing of available horses, their colors, names and prices here: All horses are 5-Speed + have a bonus trait called "It has a certain spark in its eyes", which allows the animal to live 50% longer! Ebony black horses have a special hidden "extra speed" trait Horses will be between the ages of “young” - “mature”. Once they reach the “aged” stage I will remove them from the market and retire them to pasture. Horses are available within locked pens and can be picked up at any time. Merchants sell the keys to these pens. No appointments necessary. Come on over whenever it suits your fancy and shop at leisure. Please note that prices may change depending on the market I do not do home deliveries at this time If you have a creature cage and ship, you can sail over from other servers and use the small dock at the front to load and unload. Please be aware that there is currently a bug with animals visually going into walls. The animals are there and can be led, but they might just be trickier to spot. Be sure to mouse over the walls if you can't immediately see your horse. Click here to see what that might look like in the bug report I did. If you run into troubles, contact me through the game (Malena), here in the forums or else through Discord (KatsPurr#8213) How to get there We're on the South West corner of the Xanadu server, located at coordinates T12. The horse market is on the south east corner of the island. Layout of Horse colors Horses are divided into three sections, each with their own merchant marked by the colored dot that sells keys to the stalls. There is also a fourth merchant selling horse and stable supplies. I sell all colors except grey. There are three merchants under archways selling keys to horses. In addition, there is one merchant in the center selling horse and stable supplies. How did it all begin with the new horse colors? Learn all about it in this video:
  11. Just a reminder we still don't have all the pretties in game. This is a tragedy. They have been designed by the lovely Malena already! Not much else to do but add them asap! Pretty please add prancing ponies!
  12. Welcome to Gerlion's General Store and Co. Our main deed is located at Xanadu S19. We sell tools, horses, and ships - among other things. All prices are for pickup but delivery can be negotiated. Feel free to contact Gerlion in game with any questions, orders or jobs you want done. If I don't have it listed here ask anyway Horses: 5 speed horses 25c (pickup) Ships (Ql 80): Small sailing boat 1.5s Corbita 3.75s Cog 4.8s Knarr 7s Caravel 12s Imp to Ql 80 40c Tools: Pickaxe ql59 coc50 (8c) Pickaxe ql69 botd74 (45c) Pickaxe ql63 coc50 woa54 (12c) Pickaxe ql52 coc54 (Steel) (10c) Rake ql49 coc50 (5c) Rake ql54 coc76 (20c) Hatchet ql50 coc78 (28c) Containers: Large creates 5c Chicken coup 50c Ropes: Cordage rope 2c each or 75c/1k favour (Free delivery for 3k (favour) or over) Misc: Left Stylish Sholder pad silver 1s Source Crysstal 3c - 8 currently in stock Yellow Potion 3c - 16 currently in stock Sleep powder 85c - 28 currently in stock
  13. New Waterdeep Tannery, Armorer, and Equine Trade *All items made to order from D19, Northern Xanadu, South of Quarry's Canal* Stock Includes: Leather Goods: Saddles (no enchantment): Creation ql - 5c 50ql - 15c 60ql - 20c 70ql - 35c Bridles and Saddle Bags: 30ql - 10c Toolbelts: 50ql (5 slots) - 15c 60ql (6 slots) - 20c 70ql (7 slots) - 35c Leather Armor (studded or plain)(single piece): 50ql - 5c 60ql - 10c 70ql - 15c Leather Armor (studded or plain) (complete set): 50ql - 30c 60ql - 50c 70ql - 75c Horse Shoes and Tools: Horse Shoes (full set of 4 shoes): 50ql - 30c 60ql - 50c Blacksmithed tools (not bladed) 50ql - 10c 60ql - 20c Plate Armour Smithing: Plate helm (iron)(any style): 50ql - 15c 60ql - 20c 70ql - 35c 80ql - 50c Plate helm (steel)(any style) 50ql - 30c 60ql - 40c 70ql - 50c 80ql - 70c Complete Plate Armour Set (iron) 50ql - 60c 60ql - 75c 70ql - 90c 80ql - 1s 25c Complete Plate Armour Set (steel) 50ql - 90c 60ql - 1s 70ql - 1s 50c 80ql - 2s Equine Services: 5 Speed Trait Horses - 15c With Delivery to any coastal deed (not Chaos) - 30c 5 Speed Trait Hell Horses - 40c With Delivery to any coastal deed (not Chaos) - 60c *Inventory of horses as well as color selection may vary. Order in advance to ensure a timely delivery* *Any item sold above is eligible for re-improvement at a pro-rate based on the difference between current ql and ql desired. Please send /tell for quote* *Prices are subject to change at any time and for any reason*
  14. It's been a few years since we actively sold our horses on the forum, but here we are! For those not familiar, Oak Harbour specialises in black horses, 5-speed+ only. Any foals born without the 5 speed traits, or with bad traits, go straight to the glue factory to help keep the horse numbers down on the server. (Therefore, none of the available horses or hellies have been treated with Genesis.) We are located at M21 on Independence. All horses and hellies are Aged or younger. No old nags here. Horse prices are as follows: Ebony Black or Black Silver - 20c Black and other basic colours - 10c Hell horse prices: Molten or Nightshade - 1s All other colours - 50c Trades for bulk materials considered, especially colossus bricks. Delivery can be arranged on the Independence server. Other servers will require collection. Hell Horses available: Bellawind - F - Nightshade - It has fleeter movement than normal. It has a strong body. It has lightning movement. It can carry more than average. It has very strong leg muscles. Raidflea - F - Nightshade - It has fleeter movement than normal. It has a strong body. It has lightning movement. It can carry more than average. It has very strong leg muscles. Mountaindog - F - Nightshade - It has fleeter movement than normal. It has a strong body. It has lightning movement. It can carry more than average. It has very strong leg muscles. Kalilgolden - M - Pestilential - It has fleeter movement than normal. It has a strong body. It has lightning movement. It can carry more than average. It has very strong leg muscles. Foals (not rideable) currently available: Northbenny - M - Ebony black - It has fleeter movement than normal. It has a strong body. It has lightning movement. It can carry more than average. It has very strong leg muscles. Adults (rideable) currently available: Honeybrisk - M - Ebony Black - It has fleeter movement than normal. It has a strong body. It has lightning movement. It can carry more than average. It has very strong leg muscles. Lightningwild - M - Ebony Black - It has fleeter movement than normal. It has a strong body. It has lightning movement. It can carry more than average. It has very strong leg muscles.
  15. Muse's Crops and Materials at Southport (market) U18 Deliverance Southern Freedom Isles (U18 in game map, or on the Deliverance community map - Southport) +plus *NEW COLOUR* Horses at The Mermaid's Cove (horse sanctuary) U17 Deliverance (U17 in game map, or on the Deliverance community map - Mermaid's) For those of you who have asked to see my stock list, here it is. (All items and prices subject to availability and may change without notice) Please PM me in game (Muse) for all items. Thanks Swap-shop! Currently accepting the following in exchange or part exchange for items! - Currently offering the following items in exchange for above swaps or coins! - NEW 50c/k Bulk Crops! - Keys on 24hr Merchant! =CLOSED= Buying bulk food ingredients items information - please read Forage and Botanise Only Items - Cocoa Beans, Nutmeg, Mushrooms, Eggs... HIGH QL Herbs and Spices HIGH QL Veggies / New and traditional Food Crops HIGH QL Cereals and Rice (updated 15July2020) *REDUCED!* SEED QL Crops and Herbs - ALL now just 50c/k! Berries, Olives, Hops, Fruit and Nuts (New stock 15August2020) Flowers and other Cooking Ingredients Cotton, Wemp and Reeds BULK Bush and Tree Sprouts and Trellis Seedlings (updated 06July2020) 99+ql Woad (REDUCED!) , Acorns and Dyes (updated 15August2020) Farm Shop - NEW! Bee Wax, Paper/Papyrus,Milk, NEW! *LOWER Price* Honey, Ale, Maple Sap, Lye and other Liquids in Barrels (updated 07August2020) Dead Things - and NEW! Creepy Things! Recipes to order Empty Containers Wool, Cotton String, Cloth Squares Shipbuilding, Tailoring, Crafted items - Sails - *NEW* CoC Meditation Rugs! Sacrificial (Saccing) Rares and Supremes Metal Ore and Lumps - 99+ql Iron Bulk Building and Crafting Materials, Ash, Tar, Charcoal and Clay (Partially Updated 09Septenber2020) Archaeology Wood Types - Branches, Shafts, Pegs, Tenons, Arrowshafts and Woodscraps (updated 06July2020) Vehicles - Wagons - Boats (updated 04August2020) Livestock - *NEW COLOUR* from just 30c! (and original colour) Horses (partially updated 14August2020) The Archaeology RARES Merchant (updated 08August2020) Statue, Statuette and Mask Archaeology Fragments - and NEW! *completed* masks and *ready-to-complete* masks, statuettes and statues! Visit Southport Market! at U18 Deliverance Southport is an active public market with 35+ merchants selling goods ranging from rare items to cheerful bargains - several 'Copper' shops asking just 1c per item! Visiting? Tar and Clay are FREE to dig and take away here at Southport - DIY - help yourself! We have a comfortable clubhouse with FREE beds and most altars. Epic portal. Mailed Items: Fast 99 cast - extra LARGE Runed Public Mailbox. For your use - TWO *Silent* discreet Public Wagoners - feel free to use them! - just make yourself a wagoner container (or use one of the two at The Mermaid's Cove U17) and you can send goods from your chosen waystone to any player on Deliverance. Look forward to seeing you soon. See pictures in reveal box below! Before you set sail - check Server Status (leaves this page - use browser Back button to return!) ᚛ᚋᚒᚄᚓ᚜ M U S E (in Ogham script)
  16. I've got a couple of extra Black Silver horses that need new homes. Both male, 5 speed, and rideable now. Venturehappy, adult adolescent - [12:43:15] It has fleeter movement than normal. It has a strong body. It has lightning movement. It can carry more than average. It has very strong leg muscles. Cliffwing, adult young - [12:44:14] It has fleeter movement than normal. It has a strong body. It has lightning movement. It can carry more than average. It has very strong leg muscles. Asking 1s each. Collection only from Oak Harbour (Independence, M21 in-game), unless you'd like to meet somewhere on the east side of Independence.
  17. Everyone* is desperate for the new foal colours, with foals due in a few days - it's so exciting! What colours will they be? I thought I would set up this thread so that everyone can post screenshots of their new foals when they are born (whatever colours they come out!) Whilst we are waiting for the new foals, feel free to post ANY cute images of foals (in game or real life) as we'd love to see them. ? Muse * [edit] except Mr Gary [/edit]
  18. I am sure this has been mentioned before, but we seem to be putting the cart before the horse. If the cart is outside a mine, the horses are deemed outside. if the cart is not on a bridge, the horses are deemed not on a bridge. Unfortunately this means that the horses appear to temporarily climb up the outside of a mine when they are supposed to be going inside, and they appear to briefly drop down the bank under the bridge abutment when they are supposed to be climbing on a bridge. I can see that effort has already been made to correct this because the horses do right themselves after a second or so, and slowly align with the correct tile, but the transition is still jarring and noticeable. Please could we have some kind of earlier look-ahead for the tile in front of the cart, so that the dropping down does not need to occur? i.e. if the tile in front of the cart is a mine, keep the horses straight (or the same angle as the tile in front of the cart), and the same as the bridge angle if the look-ahead tile is a bridge. I know it's an oversimplification, but... if we can see we are approaching a mine entrance or a bridge - surely the horses can too! ?
  19. I have a selection of 5 speed horses and foals, hell horses and foals, and bison for sale. All animals are clean, no non-speed traits. Bison 40c ea. Nightshade, Shadow and Molten - 1s ea. Cinder, Ash, Envious - 50c ea. Ebony Black, Blood Bay and Piebald Pinto - 50c ea. Black, Brown, Grey, White, Gold - 25c ea. Skewbald Pinto Females 1.5s each. Appaloosa, Chestnut and Silver Black soon(tm). I am located in the Crystal Canal, Independence Server. Free Delivery available to coastal areas for orders over 2s. Gems under 30ql accepted for payment 50i/ql, under 10ql 1c/ql
  20. Welcome in Varsovia Royal Shipyard! We offer ships and horses from merchant! Location: P 25 island on Exodus server How it work? We have merchant: This screan is not updated look down what we have for sale! You can buy a key for specyfic gates with ships or horses inside All ships are build with 1 peg left to attach All horses are 5 speed With key you can open gate and take Horse 25c for 5 speed Hell Horse 50c for 5 speed Curently inside horse Gates: 1. Horse 5 speed Brown - Pinkiesilver Female 25c 2. Horse 5 speed White - Eastbenny Male 25c 3. Horse 5 speed Appaloosa - Abbaspearl Male 1s 50c 4. Horse 5 speed Gold - Earsbrisk Male 25c 5. Horse 5 speed Piebald pinto - Fleasweet Male 40c 6. Hell Horse 5 speed - Fleayoana (color shadow) Female 50c 7. Hell Horse 5 speed - Walkingflash (color shadow) Female 50c 8. Unicorn 5 speed - Rainausimus Male 50c 9. Hell Horse 5 speed - Alexwest (color cinder) Male 50c 10. 11. 16. Horse 5 speed Chestnut- Kimpie Female 1,5s 17. Horse 5 speed Blood bay - Northdamien Male 40c 18. Horse 5 speed Black - Coffeedaisy Female 25c 19. Horse 5 speed Gold - Eckerhoney Male 25c 20. Horse 5 speed Gold - Pickosio Male 25c 21. Champion Dog Male 1s 22. Bison 5 speed Female 50c 23. Bison 5 speed Male 50c 24. Bison 5 speed Female 50c 25. If you buy ship key, you can finish unfinished ships inside the gate, with one peg you bring or buy from our merchant. All ships bought at merchant, after build left on special marked place, will be improved to 90QL for free. Get your ship, with your unique nickname as maker, finish your personal goal! Price for merchant ships: Small sailing boat 2s Corbita 5s Cog 6s Knarr 8s Caravel 10s Curently inside gates: 1x Small Sailing 1x Corbita 1x Caravel 1x Knarr 1x Cog We also have in offer, offline ships imp from merchant (mallets) Buy a mallet, left it inside of ship, and set permision for "Wiluss" to acces hold. When improving is finished i will post info on forum, at this topic. All ships will be improved in max 24h. Usualy imp time is between 16:00-23:00 Gmt+1 Price for offline boat imp: 80QL 50c 92QL 1s 95QL 3s PM Wiluss in game for support For regular sale: Sailboat 95QL 2s Knarr 95QL 8s Caravel 90QL 10s Smoke of Sol 1 charge 150s
  21. Newsprings has a new Market for Horses and accessories. horse shoes and saddles grooming brushes. Located at S 9 on coast.
  22. Just logged in after noticing the servers were down earlier, presumably for an update? I have 4 skewbalds and a chestnut, now they're all grey again. HALP.
  23. Located on the border of P14 & P15 on Xanadu, Bearfoot vineyard stables now have 5 speed horses for sale. Look for this NPC vendor to buy the key(s) to unlock the pen of the horse you wish to buy. Mr. Bojangles The current horses for sale: If you have questions, leave message here or in game send PM to Zunthras or Gordonlee.
  24. A family member suggested this to me and I thought the idea was good. Battle Masks for horses These could be frightening to opponents, with sharp points or horns, and offer some protection to the horse. Unicorn Mask for a horse Has a golden pointy horn, and probably does include the colour pink. The above masks could be constructed from 10-20 metal or pottery archaeology armour fragments. They would be put in the horse's head slot alongside any bridle. Horse masks are called Shaffrons: