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Found 288 results

  1. I have a small lot of fine horses for sale. All horses are clean 5speed, will come geared with briddle and a 70ql saddle and will be delivered to Blossom. Price: 1s each (gear and delivery included). (Aeryck's idea) If you only need a good horse for the treasure hunt, they can be rented for a fee of 35c (1s as guarantee, 65c will be returned on horse return). Preferably to pm me in game, I will check back here mostly to update the list.
  2. I have 4 horses in a 3x3 area of mostly enchanted grass. All of the horses were on enchanted grass. Yesterday, one lost fat and got diseased. I moved it off by itself. Today, a second lost fat and got diseased. The deed ratio is 25 (15 optimal). We also had 3 die today and 2 yesterday. All of them are on enchanted grass.
  3. Welcome to the new Haven Community Center Market - located at J11, Xanadu One Stop Shopping: If you need it, we probably sell it! FURNITURE and DECORATIONS - high chairs - paupers chairs - four poster beds - chaises - amphorae - marble tables ... and much more! TOOLS AND ENCHANTS GALORE - stock changes on a regular basis - most commonly used tools sold here - high ql enchanted items and clean items available CLOTH TAILORING...etc. - horse barding - rugs of all sizes - tapestries ...etc. MASONRY: PYLONS, TEMPLES, OBELISKS, SPIRIT GATES - unfinished items sold for you to finish LEATHER WORKS - saddles - leather armor - various bear rugs ...etc. WEAPON AND ARMOR SMITHING - weapons and plate armor available ANIMALS / HORSES - 5 speed horses available for sale COOKING SCHOOL (coming soon) - increase your cooking skill in minutes with our thousands of pans and ingredients provided! (contact Sarai in game for details) All prices are competitive and reasonable mailbox and token available for withdrawals HAVE A MERCHANT? HCC MARKET IS A HIGH TRAFFIC AREA WITH STALLS AVAILABLE COME PLACE YOUR MERCHANT AT J11 XANADU TODAY!
  4. Welcome to Inner Sea Sanctuary Market on Indy Jane Doe is waiting to serve you at her market stall. The market is near water for easy access with boat, but here is also easy access by foot or use of cart or wagon on the nice highways leading here. In game map cords is L/M 14/15 or by use of web-map Inner Sea Sanctuary 27 x 36 y Self-service pens with 5 speeds horses: PEN'S EMPTY ATM Price 50 c each Traits: FM=Fleeter movement, LM=Lighting movement, SB=Strong body, CM=Can carry more, SL=Very strong leg muscles, FF=Fight fiercely, TB=Tough bugger, KS=Keen senses, SH=Unusually strong and healthy, SS=Certain spark in it's eye's Welcome by and shop
  5. Magic City Stables and Barn We've got every animal you could need! PM Seedlings if you are looking for specific stock! Prices are based on pick up from Magic City @D21 Exodus. Delivery can be arranged. 4 and 5 speed horses are available through the merchant at Magic Mall. HORSES 5 Speed - 40c 4 Speed - 20c 3 Speed - 5c 5 Speed Breeding Pair - 75c 4 Speed Breeding Pair - 35c 3 Speed Breeding Pair - 10c HELL HORSES Coming soon! SHEEP 0 Speed - 5c 3 Speed - 10c BISON 0 Speed - 5c 3 Speed - 15c COWS 0 Speed - 5c 3 Speed - 15c BULLS 0 Speed - 5c 3 Speed - 15c DEER Regular - 10c Champion - 1s
  6. Starting bid: 20s/20e Min Bid: 1s/1e No sniper protection No hidden reserve Paypal required if bidding in euros
  7. Another busy week in the world of Wurm, with most of the focus being on the movement fixes. We made the decision to avoid adding in updates that could compound the issue, allowing us to spend as much time as possible on the tweaking of the system. The majority of issues have been resolved server side, but if you continue to experience these issues, please post on the forums and share all information you can. We also decided that the graphics update would delayed slightly to avoid issues with the multiple restarts. With the majority of the movement issues resolved the new graphics pack with .wom models has now gone live, so expect your next update to be a little longer, and plan accordingly. Patch notes: Wurm Unlimited Everybody needs good Neigh-bours! That's right! Long discussed, long anticipated, and slightly leaked, the beautiful new horse types designed by our very own Wurmian Malena are live! You will see Blood bays, Jet blacks, and Piebald pintos as foals and spawning in the wild on super rare chances. I personally cannot wait for my next mount, I think ill go Jet black... or maybe blood bay.... or maybe piebald pinto.... Lead the way! And other things. Despite the majority of updates and features being placed on hold this week, one or two did sneak in. A big change is removing the loss of leading when embarking on a mount, or on a vehicle as the captain. No longer will embarking cause those bison to scatter, or sailing around trying to line up those horses in the sea! There was also an update that went live with the client that allows you to deselect something in a window by double clicking on empty space within the same window, this removes the blue highlight bar, but keeps any activated items. The plan! I know things have been quiet since our plan for a plan post and the following Q&A, but rest assured, work continues! A lot of the items in the list are very delicate, or expansive changes and additions, so it's important that we discuss as much of it as possible between us, before presenting the fleshed out information to you all. Work progresses steadily, and I know that while not much has come out as of now, there is plenty to come in the next month or two. Weekly Question Weekly artwork! This weeks screenshot is a a throwback to the old "Good Idea/Bad Idea" from Animaniacs (I loved that show), again by NESgamepro (Does he play the game or just make weird art for it?) We'd love to see your "Good Idea Bad Idea"s for Wurm too! That's it for this week folks, I hope you all enjoy the beautiful weather, find your favourite new horse colour, and as always, keep on Wurming! - Retrograde and the Wurm team
  8. I feel that this would help to remove a good chunk of the animal-related tedium from the game, particularly for those of us who are into breeding them. None of my animals have the hunger trait, but it seems like despite keeping them alone in 1x2 stalls, the majority of my horses and bison will end up reducing their feed to dirt every day, and sometimes multiple times a day.
  9. Everien Shores is located at J24 on Xanadu. Excellent access from water or from the road to Whitefay. Delivery possible in the local area. let's discuss. Check out my merchant located just South of Whitefay: Everien Trading Post Currently selling 5-speed horses. Pricing Good: 5, Neutral: 0, Bad: 0 -- 80c 5-speed Bison -- 1s ea (Pick up only - no neutral traits) 52QL(70c) and 72QL(1s) shoe sets available. Status 03.06.2016: Also at Everien Trading Post, south of Whitefay (Ages may have changed): {Update pending}
  10. I'm looking to buy some speed horses in Exodus, I can trade horses with some Enchanted Grass Tiles. PM me or /tell Rajan Thanks.
  11. Horses For Sale at Mountain View, P14 Xanadu Special Holiday Sale Half Price 2 and 3 speeds to make way for newly bred 4 and 5 speed horses Purchase a key from our merchant - 2speeds half price at 10 copper, 3speeds half price at 15 copper Stop by our horse merchant at the newly opened Mountain View. You'll find us at P14 on the map in Xanadu, directly North of VoTD Market. Easy water access from West Lormere Bay as well as highway access from the East and North. Self-service merchants with keys for sale to numerous pens. Help yourself and pick out the horse that's just right for you! Various gems also for sale on Merchant.
  12. Southeastern Xanadu Market That's right, Southern Comfort is once again open for business! This time it's a public market that will soon be offering horse sales as well. We are soliciting merchants to take up residence in our open air market bordering sea and lake in Southeastern Xanadu. Southern Comfort is located at S24 with easy boat access to the lake via canal passable by ships, Knarr and smaller. There is also ready road access via the Lakeside Highway that connects to the main highway running North and South from the Esteron spawn point. Ships can be moored on the lake, on the sea or along the canal that runs through the Market. Do you live in the Southeast and are looking to sell your wares in the area? Or perhaps you have merchants elsewhere and are also looking to reach customers in this area of Xanadu? Well then, Southern Comfort is the market for you! We currently have 16 market stalls open with room to expand to twice that amount as the need arises. Stalls are available on a first come first serve basis and it's free to place your merchant. Three guard towers surround the market, ensuring a (mostly) hassle-free purchasing experience. A 93-cast mailbox is on site for your convenience. Meditate a spell or two at our peaceful Love Path tile situated beside the main building. There is plenty of clay to be found and a tar pit not far to the North along the highway. There are public altars to Fo and Magranon. A colossus of Vynora blesses the Market as she longingly looks out to sea. Look for our horse merchant to soon be selling well-bred horses! Contact Araninke or Kelpie in-game or PM Araninke here on the forums with questions, problems with merchant stalls, etc. Please come visit our Market in the Southeast and place a free merchant or two of your own... we look forward to doing business with you!
  13. Has anyone seen their animals get fat in WU yet? My horses are grass-fed, definitely seeing them graze. Do I need to get them on a grain crop diet? Wouldn't be possible with indoor boarding though. Does the "fat" qualifier really make a difference when breeding or is that a myth? I actually wouldn't mind if my animals were fit rather than fat, well my horses at least, but I'm mostly concerned about the effects on breeding. Thanks for any info/insights
  14. Hello I was away for a bit, in the hospital and a deed I had went down. It was located inside Colossos Lake under the name Denderwindeke Point: The horses were named BearSad and EastSilver there were others but those are my two main horses that I got as a gift and EastSilver being the first horse I purcased in Wurm so I would like them back. They are both branded and I found the catapult belonging to a 'A.df'. If anyone has any idea who this player is and can get them message Marah on Wurm or leave me a message it would be greatly appreciated. I have reestablished the deed and have begun to do repairs on the property to have things up and running so he/she can find me in the same location where they left their catapult. Thanks Marah
  15. New players do not have carts and the tent only holds one horse (and only lasts a week). Old players may have a cart, but would sometimes like to have a third horse just for riding around camp. If an old player decides to set up an out post or go on an adventure, it can be difficult to have a "camp" and keep the three horses needed. These reasons are why it should be added for other people. Personally, I am just starting a settlement (with nothing but my starter items) and have not found iron yet. I found two decent horses wandering about and can only keep one horse tied up without taming. I already lost a tamed horse because of a troll sneaking into my camp. I need iron to build a fence to keep the horses. It would be nice to be able to tie them up to a hitching post. A post can hold up to four horses, but would not be "safe" as any player can walk by and take them. Please consider this as a new addition.
  16. HypnoticHorses Pick up only Location: H9 Xanadu (easily accessible by boat) I also have 5-Speed horses at Sunset Bay Market (was Talula Point Market) @ I10 Purchase Keys from my merchant 5-Speed Horses 50c 4-Speed Horses 20c Pm Me for a current list of horses. In game @ Hypnoticpyro All horses come with a low quality saddle. You can purchase a higher quality one for an additional fee. Horseshoes @ 75ql available upon request. All horses accessories will be placed on horses unless requested otherwise. I will reserve them for 48 hours, but if I do not get confirmation, I will add them back into to the available stock. PM me in game or comment below. Thank you for looking
  17. (x16, y35) The village is at the south shore of Mercury Lake. Items for sale: (Will trade for Seryll lumps) Weapons: QL 70 weapons for sale. - 40c. All weaponsmithing items available Everything always in stock. There are QL 50 shields available for a low price aswell. Tools: Blacksmithing tools and also carpenty tools like grooming brush, spindle are available. Tools are priced at 35c (QL80). Enchanted QL90 tools available, regular QL 90 can be made to order. There are also misc items such as anvils and anchors for sale. Merchants have a variety of enchanted items for sale. CoC, WoA, Frostbrand, Nimbleness, Animals Demise etc. Low QL skillgrinders are available. Jewelry: Jewelry smithing items QL 70 (pendulums, statuettes, bird cage, metal altars etc) are for sale, or can be made to order. Masonry: Masonry skill 92. Can build stone houses to level 12. Can plan stone brick bridges 33 tiles long. Marble 32 tiles. Stone cutting 61. Can make all items, including both the marble tables. Rectangular marble table (QL60) - 30c Round marble table (QL 60) - 30c High imping service for forges etc can also be done. Horses: We also sell 5 speed horses. These are the fastest horses possible. All colors available. Feel free to come and check out what you want - we'll have it. Price is 50c for any horse. I usually don't keep any gray in stock, let me know in advance if you want that color (usually noone does). All horses are 6 or 7-trait horses (5-speed + Tough Bugger or Strong&Healthy). Of course never any useless traits, ever. Bisons: Speed bisons - amazing wagon/cart pullers. Once up to speed - constantly pulls at full speed (18 km/h - never slows down). No equipment necessary. Bisons are the best pullers for wagons. Once you go speed bison - you don't go back. All bisons have 5 speed + Strong&Healty trait. 5-speed bison: 50 c Also selling wagons and carts. Wagon - 1s. Cart - 20c. Hides, Cotton & Wemp: Hides: QL 10 - 1c per 100 hides QL 60 - 20c per 100 hides QL 25 - 1c per 100 hides QL 70 - 50c per 100 hide QL 35 - 2c per 100 hides QL 80 - 2c per hide QL 45 - 10c per 100 hides QL 90+ - 5c per hide QL 55 - 15c per 100 hides (1 hide = 3kg) Cotton QL 75+ - 1s per 1k. Wemp QL 85 - 1s per 1k. All other crops also available QL 80+ - 1s per 1k From time to time, there may be some cows and other animals for sale. 30c. These are pickup only Mailbox available for other items. Inside Fortress of Linkoping there is a trader for public service You may also visit and admire the beautiful Colossus of Vynora Welcome! Have a look and have a sightseeing at the same time! Jukkken Mayor of Linkoping
  18. Welcome to Thunderstorm Ranch! New Horses added! Our deed is Thunderstorm Keep and is located in the SW corner of Xanadu at Q11 (click HERE for map) Don't let the map fool you, we're closer to the waters edge! Just follow the tunnel up from Thunderstorm Harbour! Horses Updated on 13Sept 2015 Pricing: Good (Speeds): 4--- 25c Good (Speeds): 5--- 50c Trait Abbreviations: Please respond here or PM me on the forums! Thanks for taking the time to check us out! Cheers, Inspira
  19. I am selling up Hunters Port on the South Coast of Exodus. 18u on the IG map Starting Bid: 20 silver Increments: 1 silver Buy Out: 50 silver Snipe: 1hr Accept Private Bids, will post on here when received The size of Hunters Port is 26 by 26. The perimeter is 5 and it has 0 guards hired. The settlement has 3 silver, 21 copper and 2 iron in its coffers. The monthly cost is 1 silver, 35 copper and 20 iron. The upkeep will last approximately 66 days, 11 hours and 36 minutes more. On deed mine:- Copper Gold (used transmutation rod) Iron (used transmutation rod) Zinc (many, best is vg ql) 7 Forges Rare Gold Mag altar Central Area Gold Vynora altar Gold Fo altar Small Stone workshop Farm area Spirit Castle (courier 75 cast) Lower Area 7x3 Farm all tiles with enchanted grass 2 floor Trader House with bed Guard Tower Separate off deed mine Other Features Fully complete boat mine leading to on-deed mine Fountain/Well/Oil tub/trash heap/lamps/BSBs Largely open for easy alteration Goblin Hut spawn right next to guard tower Market Stall Room for expansion Includes Birchwood Wagon (usable on village, but owner set to Pryath as I forgot to transfer to me before selling Pryath a while back) Some decent horses included, like these ones:- [22:00:45] It will fight fiercely. It is a tough bugger. It has a strong body. It has lightning movement. It can carry more than average. It has very strong leg muscles. It looks unusually strong and healthy. [22:02:10] It has fleeter movement than normal. It has a strong body. It has lightning movement. It can carry more than average. It looks unusually strong and healthy. It has a certain spark in its eyes. Photos:-
  20. My deed is called The Rim of Heaven and is located right smack in the middle of G25 on Xanadu. It is along the highway between Opelika and Summerholt. There is a sign in the road so hard to miss. If you are buying at least 1s worth of goods I would meet you in Summerholt..otherwise delivery is not available at this time. At the moment all of the horses I have for sale are gold. Will have brown, white, and black ones soon. Prices: 3 speeds - 10c each 4 speeds - 30c each 5 speeds - 80c each 40QL saddles - 15c eacg 30QL bridles - 5c each 30QL fur rugs (currently black wolf in stock) - 5c each Horses Currently in Stock (will try to remember to update but..I'm quite terrible about checking the forums. Apologies in advance!) 3 Speeds: None currently available 4 Speeds: Young Fat Fleacloud, gold, male [23:40:51] It has fleeter movement than normal. It has a strong body. It has lightning movement. It can carry more than average. It looks unusually strong and healthy. Adolescent Haltecker, gold, female [23:41:17] It has fleeter movement than normal. It has a strong body. It has lightning movement. It has very strong leg muscles. It seems overly aggressive. Adolescent Southosio, gold, male [23:41:56] It has fleeter movement than normal. It has a strong body. It has lightning movement. It can carry more than average. It has a certain spark in its eyes. 5 Speeds: Young Rainecker, gold, male [23:43:52] It has fleeter movement than normal. It has a strong body. It has lightning movement. It can carry more than average. It has very strong leg muscles. Adolescent Tearrain, gold, male [23:44:21] It has fleeter movement than normal. It has a strong body. It has lightning movement. It can carry more than average. It has very strong leg muscles. Young Dreamswift, gold, male [23:44:38] It has fleeter movement than normal. It has a strong body. It has lightning movement. It can carry more than average. It has very strong leg muscles.
  21. closed

    I am looking for a breeding pair of 5 speed horses delivered to the Mouse Hole Memorial area (K9) on the west coast of Independance. (i might come get them if you are close to that area) Note: I am not looking for any extra traits since my AH is still in the 50 range it makes the offspring have mixed up traits so i just want the 5 speed boost traits only on them. (color does not matter but would prefer brown or black)
  22. Xanadu - M8 - Starbreeze 5 Speed Horses and Foals - 50c each
  23. The leading animals needs a small tweek. After loosing horses abd chasing them back down because you fell of your boat on collision glitches etc. And when you remount you loose the leads. Why not make unleading animals a action requirement. Unlead All animals or singles. Im sure im not the only one who has lost a horse or two by remounding you boats forgetting your horses have to be re leaded. Lol then circling then fighting winds trying to grab them back up. Also horses get stuck on building corners often is this supposed to happen I notice other animals will avoid the corners.
  24. 5 Speed Horses For Sale Xanadu P22 - Nexus Landing Prices are a guide only. Offers considered. Bulk buy discount possible. Returning customers will get a discount. Trades for Sleep Powders, Bulk Bricks/Mortar and anything else you may want to offer will be considered. Delivery unlikely, but not impossible. A selection of 4 speed horses also available. Saddles and shoes also available at 50ql or 70ql. Wind of Ages enchantments also possible. There are quite a few more foals not currently included on the list, but similar to those shown. *SPECIAL OFFER* - 4 Gold Coloured 4 Speeders. 2 Female, 2 Male, all adolescent adults, all with different parents. ONLY 50c collected from Nexus Landing P22 SOLD!