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Found 37 results

  1. Wurm Community Projects Since everyone knows how easily wurm projects are getting lost within the Subforums, projects that could very well benefit from people seeing them and are one of those aspects of wurm where people ACTUALLY come together to celebrate, build, create, trade and play. How about a maybe "pinned" thread in townsquare showcasing all current Projects with easy overview for anyone who is interested into helping out others and also to show non wurmians what we are capable of Might there be also an Interest in showing PVP projects? Celebration celebration map: Deliverance deliverance map: Exodus Exodus Community Map: Northern Olive Lake Canal: Independence independence map: magranons scar highway project: Pristine pristine map: Release release map: mercury lake canal: Xanadu xanadu map: xanadu impalong: finished Projects (currently empty) abandoned Projects (empty) I can add more on request and tell me in the comments what you think about it
  2. Greetings Wurmians! ~It's been two years already that we are working on Magranon's Scar and for that occasion we made a major update on the main post, here lets have it!--------------------------------- What is Magranon's Scar? Magranon's Scar is one of the first wonder dedicated to a deity. Yes, in itself an highway isn't really a wonder but when it is made by true believers of Magranon, it becomes alive! Entering by a massive gate (Front & Back), you are on a large highway cut deep into the shoulder of a massive crater, you are looking on your right... then on your left... and all you see is lava coming out of the walls and you have to walk on an unsafe path where creatures are lurking in the shadow of the pouring molten lava, waiting to devour the souls of the unprepared fools. Magranon, God of mountain and fire, creator of lava creatures, has called upon its most dedicated followers to crack open that mountain and let the elements of fire be the proving ground of the braves. Within its entrails, the Inn "The Sleeping Hellhound" will be visited and praised by pilgrims from everywhere in the Freedom Isles. --------------------------------- Who can be a worker on such project? Anyone, we have generic surface mining for low and high skilled miners, digging for average shovel lovers, cutting trees, cleaning up the materials around, cooking, fixing, moral support... Responsibles of the Project: Farelle Trusted workers if no responsibles on site: Sidras Raybarg Merfin Workers who participated so far: TheMadDoctor TheMadPriest Sidthar Wumpsi Samtep Pellandria Xaeo Rixk Rtcok Webleyvickers Translucent Animar Walex MommaTsslave Hughmongus Magnir Nunatak GodZoor AngelGhost Quimgatilhos Claies Rtcok Shelton Ekib RoseDragon DMonkey Parashurama Jenks JProKash Forras Shads Boobaby Rockhopper Tyrgrim Livelong Reesex VioletEclipse Whippy SirFluffy Special Thanks Milosanx (video)2013 --------------------------------- Why doing it? Everyone has their own reasons, some are compelled by Magranon, some are here for the skills, some for the fame, some out of curiosity, others for fun... But one thing is sure, every help will be rewarded to its merit. Every little help will be displayed in the form of a statue to the name of the worker in one of the two gate-museum at the entrance on each sides of the highway. The most dedicated workers will have a colossus at their name aligned at point B against the cliff, just under the breath-taking view of "The Sleeping Hellhound". --------------------------------- Rules Like everything, we like to keep that place into order, some rules are establish so it doesn't plunge into an oblivion of chaos. #1: If you are not sure of what you are doing, ask someone who knows (mainly Farelle).#2: Talk with Farelle to have access to the Working Station (beds, oven, forge, working tools, horse pen,...).#3: Do not build anything that is not planned on the project along the highway (deeds, houses, guard towers,...).#4: Do not destroy the work of others if any around. (ex.: destroying fences at the station,...).#5: Do not mine any tunnels beside or under the highway.#6: Do not steal what is not yours. (ex.: horse in fenced area, named-tools in working station,...)#7: Do not plant any signs nor lamps that can't be removed by the responsibles of the site (Farelle).#8: Visit this topic on a regular basis for further updates on the progress made and what is to be done.#9: Still not sure of something... review rules #1 through #8 or ask away in this post. -You don't have a tool or you are here for the skill grind? We have some speedy and/or skilling pickaxes available.-Usually there is always meals/water at different strategic points on the working sites, if not we have all the necessary to make more at the station.-There should be enough beds to accommodate the workers, if not we can make more. --------------------------------- This Project is separated into Segments of road from A to F Green: Things we are working on at the momentOrange: Things we need done but lack of workers/timeRed: Things that requires the orange things to be completed in order to continue A: Gate (4 flat tiles deep needed) Milestones: 0% of the gate-museum complete A-B: 153 tiles long at 20 slope each (up) Milestones: 100% speedramp to access main working area ( B ) (view) 0% of the buffer completed 1% of the segment completed B: Buffered corner, Colossi, Inn(The Sleeping Hellhound) and a ramp to it Milestones: 50% of the buffer completed (see the 360° view and/or the Picture Gallery) 100% of the Inn platform completed (view (jan'14) / View (mar'14)) 100% of the Inn completed (Groundfloor / 1st Floor / 2nd Floor / 3rd Floor) 60% of the ramp to access the Inn completed 0% of the colossi completed B-C: 55 diagonal tiles long at 20/20 slope each (up) (might be revised for 14/14 and moved 3-4 tiles W-NW) Milestones: 50% of the segment exposed (Sideview & Topview) 10% of the buffer completed 5% of the segment completed C: Pie shaped flat corner Milestones: 50% of the point exposed 1% of the point completed C-D: -C to mid-C (sloping up) -mid-C: Magranon's Inner Sanctuary -mid-C to D (sloping down) Milestones: 100% of the path walk-able 25% of the segment exposed 10% of the segment completed 0% of the inner sanctuary completed D: Pie shaped flat corner Milestones: 10% of the point exposed 1% of the point completed D-E: xx diagonal tiles long at 20/20 slope each (down) (might be revised for 14/14) Milestones: 100% of the path walk-able 25% of the segment exposed 5% of the segment completed E: Flat (pie shaped?), art? Milestones: 20% of the point exposed 1% of the point completed E-F: 250 tiles long at 20 slope each (down) Milestones: 100% speedramp to access the working sites from the south (view) 0% of the buffer completed 1% of the segment completed mid/end-E: Gate (4 flat tiles needed) Milestones: 0% of the gate-museum complete F: Connection to current highway end --------------------------------- More pictures on the official "Gallery" 360° Views: (will require the microsoft Silverlight plugin) Point B Jan20-2013 Point B Mar18-2013 Point B Mar30-2013 Point B Dec04-2013 Point B Feb11-2014 Sleeping Hellhound Platform Feb11-2014 Path to the Inn Mar21-2014 Segment C-D Dec26-2013 --------------------------------- More news to come, more pictures and everything, that project isn't going to die, be assured. ALL HAIL MAGRANON!
  3. Project 1: Crystal Canal June 2nd 2015 - July 5th 2015 The time has come for a new project. This project has been green lit by the deed owners involved, and they seem very excited to move forward with production! This current project is a bridge spanning across Crystal Canal. Thank you to everyone who contributed the materials below! 1 Dioptra1 High Mason - 94 skill2 Builders - 40+ masonry4000 Dirt2900 Marble Bricks2000 Mortar800 Rock ShardsWe'll keep you updated on the progress of this project and post pictures when available. If you're interested in helping, please do comment, and we thank you ahead of time for your contribution! Thank you Broken, Joykill, Kraten and Jberg for your help and assistance with this project!
  4. We need a clarification that a highway bridge can be single tile wide and not necessarily two tile wide. The material cost is already huge for a single tile wide and should be enough for normal travel. If every highway bridge has to be two tile wide then please make two tiles less painful to build.
  5. I'd like to suggest to change the Highway Rule. As it is: As it is now we have the options to sand the adjacent tiles of a road or to make a road two tiles wide to mark them as a highway. In my opinion both aren't good solutions when it comes to building highways in steep terrain. The sanded tiles look pretty horrible when the tiles left and right of the road are very steep. Plus it just doesn't fit the beauty of the surrounding environment very often. The two-tile wide roads look pretty good but when building a road along a steep mountain for example this means tons of extra dirt and time to finish a project. I know some will tell me that Wurm is a tough game to play and I should deal with it but let's be honest... Someone who's building a 1k or 2k tile long road or longer does know that Wurm takes work and time but that doesn't mean it should be unneccesarily hard and or discouraging. What I suggest: So my suggestions are to change curbs to only need one rock shard (instead of six (which is madness compared to one stone brick for the road anyway)) and add using curbs as a definition for highways.
  6. You can work your way around it, but someone did a number on the highway there, right outside Esteron. Not sure if GMs are approving, but I don't see "men at work" signs posted. Anyone familiar with the area know what the deal is?
  7. I think it would be awesome if when getting a highway completed, we could have GMs give their approval, Create a highway easement (special highway GM deed) that is only the width of the highway (included 1 tile of sand on either side, if built that way) and the full length of the highway. - This GM highway deed could be deeded over by a player deed, but the player can't build on or teraform the highway, without getting prior approval from the GM, - When GM approval for modification is given, they simply drop "GM" construction markers marking a start point and end point, showing the player exactly how much highway that can modify, based on a preapproved plan. - There would be a time limit for modifications. Something short, like 1 week. Player would be responsible for installing a detour, with signs, prior to starting highway mods. - Tunnels and Cave Canals would not collapse, if fully reinfored and GM protection is enabled. - Players would not be able to mine in the protected tunnel "The rock is too hard here". When 3d mining comes out. mining over/above the tunnel would be fine. - In addition, ALL bridges on these GM protected highways would suffer no decay. This should certainly work in Freedom and eliminate quite a few issues with highways. PvP servers may not be a good place for a system like this.
  8. Construction of the whitefay-greymead highway is finished! Here she is:
  9. COMPLETED! Will update with pictures of park when completed! I noticed, when I settled Skyhold Keep, that it was extremely difficult to navigate the east side of Bear Lake. I thought it would be great to have a Highway to run north/south there. So became the Marble Highway! This Highway will run from the dead deed of "Mines of Moria" south through the deed of "Bearlake", and continues on alongside the lake to "Chateau Des Lacs" Current Progress: Mines of Moria to BearlakeBearlake to ParkPark to Chateau Des LacsPark Beautification The plan: Starting from Mines of Moria, ending at Bearlake. Water: Starting from Chateau Des Lacs:
  10. Hello, I want to plan an highway from x:28 y:4 to x:26 y:17 , because the area is too much WILD and dangerous here the example What do you think? Someone want to help me?
  11. Today, on behalf of the Northmere Alliance, I built a highway connection across the tundra, joining the Northeastern highway networks to those running north from Tap Dance. As a result, there is finally a continuous highway system connecting the lands east of the Northmere, as well as the northern deserts, to Tap Dance. I'm sensitive to the fragile nature of the tundra, and took care not to destroy more tiles than necessary during this process. Hopefully a completed and well designed highway grid will discourage future slipshod road construction in the area, and allow us to get some Vynora Priests out there and replace some of the tundra grass. No one deserves to get lost and die for lack of good roads. A couple of generous souls have offered me small tokens of gratitude, but I ask instead for all soldiers and hunters who use these highways to please be generous and kind to any on these roads who are weaker than they, or in need of help. How the new tundra highway connection fits into the existing highway grids of the NE is shown here: /salute.
  12. Hello, Celebration. On behalf of the of the (recently renamed) Northmere alliance, I am pleased to announce the creation of a highway leading from the western shores of The Northmere (the large inland northern lake) to the eastern coast, where it terminates near the "East Outpost" settlement. This road begins south of Wealdin Anchorage and extends through what we call the Spiderwood (massive birch forest in to the East of Mount New Hope, in the NE part of the map), opening up the area, with its vast mineral and timber resources, to further settlement. There is still one short leg of the highway that needs leveling and re-planing, but overall it is complete and passable via drawn carts. Additionally, the Storrfjall tunnel is now complete, allowing land passage over the mountain range north of Mount New Hope. The tunnel begins on the Northeastern Highway at Storrfjall and extends north, over the mountain passes and toward the northern deserts. The entire tunnel is on deed, and protected by templars. Prior to the completion of these projects, it was not possible for settlers from Tapdance to bring large carts north of Mount New Hope without unhitching and pushing them bodily up the mountain face, and the prevalence of creatures in the Spiderwood led to it becoming a boneyard for wave upon wave of would-be settlers. We saw many many people turn back and head south when they realized they'd hit the end of the proverbial road. These two projects should allow for a smoother flow of traffic into and through the northeast. Special thanks go out to Balack for his material support and tireless efforts during the Spiderwood road construction sprint, as well as to Rekker for engineering the northern tunnel through his deed, and especially to Angelus for contributing backbreaking labor on both projects. Also, shout outs to Crick, Xallo, Frogster, Mihai, and others for helping with the necessary surface mining and tunneling on Rekker's tunnel. We have plans to connect our highway system more formally to the road networks near TD, but will wait to discuss those plans until the project is complete. Be of good cheer.