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Found 4 results

  1. First off, thank so many of you for helping throughout the game to improve! There are so many kind people on these servers, I am fortunate to be a part. Located at G-9 on Melody, right on the water. Vendor is at the docks, by the Fo. Also a Wurm Trader. Delivery is free to coastal Offering enchanting services with 3 avatars that can enchant. 3 tiles per day. Imping Service to 90 for Mason, will travel Products Ovens Regular stone 90ql - 2s Rendered 90ql - 2s Slate 80ql - 1s Forges Regular Stone 90ql - 2s Rendered 90ql - 2s Slate 80ql - 1s Smelters RARE RENDERED 90QL - 13s Regular Stone 90ql - 3s Kiln Rendered 90ql - 2s Kits Guard tower - (500clay, 500bricks 100planks) -2s Colossus - (2000 clay, 2000 colossus bricks) 6s C.R.A.P. 1000 51.25ql Woad - 1s (with bsb) 1.5s Activated strange devices - Turrets (Fire/Frost) - 1s Creature Cages 50ql 1.5s Waystones 20ql or higher - 50c Carving knife iron (skiller) 33ql 84coc - 70c Hammers iron 70ql with 57-59coc - 30c 82ql whetstone 71coc - 70c 82ql whetstone 51c - 30c Brown bear helm, 89.80ql -70c Pickaxe iron 70ql 66STS, 41c - 70c Pickaxe iron 60ql 61c - 50c Pickaxe iron 60ql 65c - 50c Demon Helms - iron 69 & 70ql - 1s each More to come...
  2. People are building highways north and left and often even build guard towers at the roads. There's just this natural enemy of all buildings - decay. Guard towers decay too How about, the Bless spell on towers to decrease the decay rate considerably. Would it break anything, would it unbalance or generate annoyances? Of course it would be possible to Dispel in case anyone wants to bring the decay rate back to normal and let the tower fall.
  3. I want to suggest that guard towers be changed to have permissions controlled by the person that created them, like boats and carts. The permissions would allow people to add or remove gear from the guards and anyone without permissions can merely call on them for assistance. I don't know about anyone else but I have a lot of trolls in my area and want my guards to be able to kill them without dying all the time. I'd like to put armor and weapons on them for added defense and also because the idea of a guard with player provided gear seems cool to me. However, I won't for fear of someone coming and taking the items off the guards. Which if you think about it makes little to no sense because a soldier isn't going to just give you his gear unless ordered to do so by his superior(in this case the towers creator or a player with permissions).