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Found 3 results

  1. Welcome to the Sunnyvale General Store! Skiller tools and more Post here or pm me in game Custom enchants available ___________________________________________________ Sleep Powders: 35x - 1s per (Can summon on Xan) ___________________________________________________ Bloods: White Dragon Hatchling (Frost Salve) - 1s ___________________________________________________ Rares: Rare recipe "goblin liver and onion" - 10c ___________________________________________________ Costumes: Witch's hat - 1s Pumpkin shoulder Pad - 1s Troll mask - 1s Bunny Ears - 1s ___________________________________________________ Horse Shoes: In Progress ___________________________________________________ Skiller Tools: Currently available casts New additions every week PM for custom casts ___________________________________________________ Runed Tools: Archaeology tools with higer QL and a random rune, 50c each Trowel, iron | 16 QL | CoC 95 | Steel rune of Jackal (-10% Decay) Rake, lead | 58 QL | CoC 81 | Steel rune of Fo (-5% DMG, -5% Decay) Rake, iron | 17Ql | CoC 85 | Seryll rune of Fo (+10% enchant success) File, silver | 55 QL | CoC 90 | Brass rune of Magranon (+10% Ql increase upon imping) Scythe, iron | 2QL | CoC 90 | Lead rune of Mag (-10% Ql change upon repairing) ___________________________________________________ Low casted skiller tools for new players Some <80coc tools are available free of charge. PM me for details and list.
  2. Calico Merchant Sales Please stop by and visit us at K21 on Indy Self service horse sales some breeding pairs available 3 speeds w/o the water trait 4 speeds with Misc or Combat traits Occasionally cattle and white/black/grey sheep with output traits Draft Bison and horses are coming soon I am currently working on horses to list here but until then we have some in the sale pens on deed and are taking offers on the following items: White dotted flowers x20 @ 18c each sprouts/seedlings available at current market price 91, 85 &84 ql forges available, Floor looms, spinning wheels and rope tools available will update items asap. More items located on the two merchants on Calico Harbor Deed PM offers in game to Kielynna or Kaitlin Or you can leave an offer here if we're not online (warning: I dont always check the forums when in game)
  3. Dragons Lair General Store 29X , 45Y We have been doing business for a while now but never made a page. PRICES Mortar - 2.5s per 1,000 Items Bricks - 2s per 1,000 Items Planks - 1.5s per 1,000 Items Nails (Large&Small) - 2s per 1,000 Items 20ql Lamps - 5c Bulk orders will be discounted 30ql lamps - 10c Bulk orders will be discounted 40ql lamps - 15c Bulk orders will be discounted 20ql tools- 5c Bulk orders will be discounted 30ql tools - 10c Bulk orders will be discounted 40ql tools - 15c Bulk orders will be discounted If you need something unlisted do not hesitate to pm me and I will reply as soon as possible Please contact Myself (silverback) or Husky in game. *All prices incl. delivery and a speedy service ** discounted tools will be mailed within a free container. **CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE**