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Found 8 results

  1. Hello all! I am having difficulty in figuring this one out so I'm reaching out for help. I'm not a coder so my limited knowledge is no help . What I would like to accomplish is to disallow Priest characters from converting followers into Priests. My vision is to create a series of quests that a player is required to complete in order to become a priests. Along with adjustments such as existing Priest Mods this would allow me to convey a more special meaning to becoming a priest, i.e. an earned achievement. I'm also thinking about creating career paths for players with possible (reasonable) skill caps to introduce more role play into the game. I really enjoy the freedom of WURM but at the same time regret that it makes other players unnecessary, leading to less interactive communities. That person dedicating themselves to being a highly skilled Blacksmith doesn't have an end game because all of his neighbors can make things themselves. Thus, he has to rely on them not having the time to do it or just not felling like it. I am getting off topic. This is step one in my plan to make playing a Priest as a main meaningful and I would appreciate greatly if someone could create such a mod.
  2. Im on pristine and this issue began end of august just before last 2 rifts I have toshiba laptop satellite 4gb windows vista ati mobility 3650 512mb video card, all drivers and java is up to date. Nothing has been added or changed in any way I load game and start to play with 20-28fpsbut every few minutes when i move or run game on my end freezes up and my fps drop to 0 for 3 seconds before it catches up which can make exploring or fighting dangerous as world around me moves normally., its not an internet issue and run fine on other computers HELP PLEASE game is increasingly unplayable i also sometimes crash soon as i move and horses and other people are now outlines in a THICK Blue outline that shows static outline of npc
  3. Like you know there's some new gods players can pray to and become priest of them. Like you know too those priest of those god have spells of the 3 originals gods and the spell they can use are the best of the 3 original. So the players who started priest of the 3 old gods found now their priest almost completly useless. There's my suggestion, is a balancing of the gods spell for having in each spells lists exclusivity for each gods. If you like the idea you can post your new spell or balancing idea.
  4. Which bugs (or "features" which you consider bugs) would you like to see worked on? The intention of this post is to give the game developers an idea of what bugs/changes we (the players) would like to see. No rants, please provide feedback in a positive manner. Let's keep the replies on topic and refrain from commenting on others opinions. Their opinions are their own, and they are entitled to them just as you are entitled to yours. In no particular order...(will add more as they come back to me...please feel free to do the same with your posts) Harvesting maple sap and milking cows both use a bucket, one overflows without any warnings while the other stops the action and gives a warning. This should be standardized. Taste: Either give it a use or remove it from the game. Or at least reveal the idea/plan behind it. Spawns (on Pristine at least) are off. Haven't seen unicorns or horses in over half a year. There's far fewer players (and I imagine far fewer captive bred animals) than there used to be. There are loads of bison, bulls, cows, etc spawning. I continue to cull all mobs I cross, so I don't "think" this is related to the non-aggressive cap otherwise we would see them spawning with all the cattle and such. I'd like to see wooden short and/or medium spears added that could be used with a shield. Ability to plant flowers on tiles and ensure they will not be overwritten by trees and bushes. (Example: Just move the flower tile status over to the grass indicator. So there could be flowers on the same tile as trees and bushes. aka we can have grass growing under trees now, why not flowers? Ability to cut flowers like grass therefore harvesting them would be a major bonus.) My wife may actually come back to the game if this happened. And the longer she plays, the longer I get to play. Temporary buffs from meals made with meat from mobs. Example: Using anaconda meat grants body control buff. (This would add value to hunting for fresh meat as stored meat loses its information.) Use salt on fish to cure and allow storage in FSBs More interesting mobs would be nice. Anything D&Dish would be a plus in my book. more to come... Hopefully a dev will find value in some of what we post and make a list.
  5. I love the addition of the load/ unload function, it's awesome. It's the best addition to the game since BSB's. Love it!! Great work devs!!
  6. I was wondering if yall eve thought of adding instruments to wurm, it seems like a good idea there could be lutes, flutes, drums, violins, pianos, ext. you could use your keyboard to play the instruments and there could be a skill called bard and sub skills for it for each instrument you have played idk just a thought : )
  7. A good start would be to include music that only have instruments you might find in a world like Wurm. Think wind, string, drum and chamber music. Synthesizers and even pianos seem very out of place. Most of the current songs initially made me think there was a pop up add coming from some other window. When I am playing the Skyrim soundtrack over Wurm, the game feels so much more polished, heroic, and beautiful! There are currenty 2 topics that need votes on this at the voting page
  8. Give some real value to wood essences. An item as to be made with 50%+(or more) of an essence otherwise it is only a wood item without type and doesnt have the bonus from any essence. It can give a real boost to a valuable forest diversification, an incentive to manage forests on deed and open a REAL market for woods. May be we need more bonus on wood types. Actually I just need to have 4 or 5 cedar trees on my deed and I can make all my stuff in cedar....Tomorrow if I want to make my stuff in cedar I have to really manage my timberland or buy more cedar from a logger.