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Found 22 results

  1. Vrystoria

    Welcome !!! The Vrystoria server is a welcoming and diverse server, from the moment you are dropped into the world starting at the player made town of Keldor, you are immersed in rich story line and dialogue from the various NPC's that surround you, lodgings available for the weary traveler and plenty to do right on your doorstep. For those adventurers among us there are several dungeons to explore and a treasure trove of wonders to discover. There are several large settlements outside of the initial 'Capital' to visit all with friendly players to interact with, RP is encouraged in the local chats, but those that enjoy the game without the RP element are also welcome. The story of Vrystoria is an organic and evolving story line that grows with the players who can directly influence it as they progress in Vrystoria. all linked around the World History and the Deity Hestlin comes a story line that you, the player, now control. Whether you’re a travelling trader selling their wares or an intrepid miner venturing in the underground chasms looking for rare ores to liberate, a wielder of Hammer and Tongs spending hours in front of the Smelter and Forge or a master of the cloth making fine garments for your fellow Vrystorians. Your story is still yet to be told, but told it shall be and no better place than the welcoming and friendly civilisation of Vrystoria ! Come and join us on the journey of a lifetime.!! Role Play Who do you want to be? We encourage every player to create and develop a character. Everyone impacts the world. More Info History Vrystoria has a rich and unique history. Every character will have the opportunity to help shape the world More Info Rules Playing on Vrystoria constitutes acceptance of the rules listed on the rules page. Please be familiar with them. More Info Stats and Mods Server Stats PvE 1x skill gain (weapon smithing is 3x) 2x action timers Custom Map Size = 2048x2048 25,000 mobs 75% aggressive Deed Start up cost -enabled Deed upkeep - enabled Skills start at 1 Fight skill starts at 10 Characteristics start at 20 Body control starts at 21 Starter gear is 10ql Sorcery Items available as dungeon loot. Priests No priest restrictions Max Faith 150 Faith gains scaled Statuette quality and rarity matter for spellcasting Custom deity - details here Taxes - will go up if you are offline for more than three weeks Bounty - Coin paid to those who kill mobs Bounty on Burn- Burn corpses instead of bury, Earn coin and Karma No Crop Decay - Crops that are grown will not wither Inbreed Warning - Gives a warning if you are attempting to inbreed Dungeon Mod - Cool way to get loot from dungeons Drake mount - Drakes to ride Kingdom items and tabbards - craftable pretty stuff
  2. "This Wurm Unlimited server project is my attempt at doing something for the gaming community and building something big online. Best thing that can happen is a community of players finding new friends." This is a server open for everyone who is looking for like minded players, enjoying a round of wurm or finding new friends to play with and build something meaningful together and serves as a place where you can retreat from the stressful life and dive into the world of Wurm and be whoever you want to be." - Arathok [GM] Server Features: - Custom 2k Map - X3 Skill, X4 timer - 25% Aggro, 25k Animals (going up systematically) - Free Deed - Lowered Upkeep - No Priest Restrictions - Libila available for everyone - Bounties and burning corpses for Karma! - Treasure Map Hunting! - Hunt of the Ancients - Password Protected - Get your crafting skill to 50 and get a free Merchant! - Monthly in-game meetings, democracy and voting on server matters. - Friendly GM and community! Hardcore Start: - All Skills start at 1. - Characteristics start at 7. - Starter Gear - Shovel, few branches, some rocks and pocket money. Important Links: Discord - Custom Map: Current Mods [13/01/2020]: Server Skills Progress [13/01/2020]: Server Password:
  3. Troy village is recruiting Hi all We are a group of players looking for new villagers, settled in J24 Xanadu. We looking for new/veterans players who want to play together in a friendly environment with people who like to play the game in a relaxed way. Mostly formed by Oxmogg and me, Enniskillen, we play daily and for various hours, plus we have few other villagers logging rarely. If you want to be part of a growing community, with a mature background and with the passion we share about Wurm, feel free to message down here or send a PM to Oxmogg or Enniskillen Requirement to apply: At least few hours of play a week, preferebly around 1-2 hours daily Access to Discord, mandatory at least at the beginning to know each others Mainly PVE style of play, we don't like or do PVP No drama queens What we offer Friendly community House in the deed, with wagoner, community larder for food, access to mines and free horses/bisons for your transport Helpful players We want to grow up together for the village and for us, so we try to help each villagers in any possible way If you think to bring something to us, or we can help you to be part of something bigger, what you're waiting for, join us!! Hope you a safe and enjoyful time in game
  4. As the title says, I started a new server and wanted it Newbie Friendly. I rebuilt the database, had the box ticked for Newbie Friendly, saved the database and started the server and right outside where I spawned are lava spiders and scorpions. I thought this checkbox was to keep those creatures from spawning. What did I do wrong?
  5. The Second Age is a time of plenty, but only the strong will be able to make their fortune in these hostile lands. Do you have what it takes to carve your name in the annals of history, or will your legacy be lost to the sands of time? Map We have a beautiful 2048x2048 map for you to explore. It has plenty of lakes, plains, gently sloping hills, and mixed forests, as well as some centralized mountains. The mountains can be steep, but in certain places you're able to scale them without having to turn on climbing. The map is mostly untouched, with only the spawn town and a 5x5 area for the White Light having been edited. Spawn Town: Make it yours We have provided some basic amenities in the spawn town, but everything else the players will have to make, for the spawn town belongs to you! There's lots of room for you and other players to make farms, or housing, or whatever else you might like. It's a great place to skill up in relative safety before heading out into the wide world. Mobs Mobs are set to 20k, with 70% hostile, so you will never run out of things to hunt, and making a living from the wilderness will be even more rewarding! Starting Kit You start with 20 in all characteristics and level 1 in all skills. Your starting kit is comprised of two ropes, a steel and flint, a pottery bowl, a compass, a waterskin and a tent, as well as a hatchet, carving knife, shovel, saw, pickaxe, rake, mallet, pendulum and a pelt, all of which are 30ql. You also receive a set of 30ql leather armor, a 30ql longsword, and a 30ql shield to help you get started. Deeds The first 121 tiles of every deed is free to buy. After that, you must pay 2.5c for every additional tile. Now I know that sounds expensive, but upkeep is only 5i per tile. The deed tiles are expensive to buy, making it more difficult to create massive deeds, but once you own the tiles, they're very easy to pay for. Similarly, Templars are 1s to buy, but only 5c a month in upkeep after the steep initial purchase price. If no one who belongs to the deed logs in for 30 days, upkeep will increase dramatically to speed up decay of dead deeds. Mods We have curated a selection of mods that both add new features and introduce quality of life changes. We've included some community favorites such as removing priest restrictions, bounties on mobs, improved digging, some changes to meditation that have made it much more accessible, and increased capacity of crates and bulk/food storage bins! That's just a teaser though; for our full, extensive mod list, you'll have to click on the link below. Thanks so much for reading, and we hope to see you on The Second Age! Discord Livemap Mod List Rules
  6. Back in the day we had proximity voice comms. Some people hated it, some people loved it. As I understand it the system was a bit wonky and so it was removed. That was about 6 years ago. Would be cool to see it resurrected and brought back even better than before. Perhaps make a way to mute specific players the same way we /ignore their chat messages. Just an idea. What do YOU think?
  7. Pirates Booty is still looking for newbie or vet players to join. currently building the tree farm but soon will have small island plots for homesteads M21 - Release
  8. (Mods Please remove old topic, Sorry). Laputa Kingdom Welcome, Traveler! Laputa Kingdom is open to all. While catering for PVP, we're also heavy in other areas, creating PVE 'Safe-Zones' for you to relax without fear of death or having your settlement destroyed. Settlement owners my choose to have a safe-zone created for their settlement, however this means they will not be able to go to war with others unless they first have the zone removed. We are based in the UK though we welcome anyone! x6 Skill x5 Action Community Events Free Deeds! No Upkeep! RP Lore! (We are actively expanding lore. Would you like to be a part of it!?) Map Size: 4096 Default Religion Custom Map - Dark Island by Jerico 200 Players Friendly, Active GMs Starter Town fully equipped with everything you need! (Forge, Ovens, Mine, Clay and Tar pits, Altars, Meditation Rugs, Training Dolls, Archery Targets and more!) Character We build with character in order to bring our settlements to life! From decorations to careful molding of nature. - (If you think you're a pretty good interior designer, maybe you could lend your hand? ^^) We do encourage other settlements to follow our lead as it not only brings life and character to settlements, but it's also a fantastic way to level those much needed skills! Friendly, Fun, Creative! We have a small yet dedicated team working on the server. Fun and Friendly GMs promote creativity within our community to help make it flourish. We have implemented fair systems to ensure a caring and understanding community for all to enjoy. Newcommer Friendly! We've all been 'The New Guy' at some point or other. We happily help new and old players alike to get settled into our community. You'll never be slandered for your lack of knowledge in our world or the Wurm world. Bonus Experience While we love how the system lets you build up your skills, using a wide-variety of items to craft with, we also understand it's sometimes daunting having to start all over again when starting a new server. This is why we've gone for a x6 x5 approach, allowing you to catch up with where you left off and get into the spirit of creativity! A Helping Hand Our 'Spawn Town' Sora, is equipped with plenty of resources to help you get started on your adventure. We have public mines, Clay and Tar pits, A Cooking and Forge area, Altars and Meditation rugs, all set up and fully equipped should you wish to use them. PMKs While we have started everything off with just one kingdom (Laputa) We're also very happy for others to form their own kingdoms too! Go out and create your own alliances and enemies as you see fit! Free Deeds! We allow totally free deeds without upkeep. The only condition? Keep it active! If we notice the deed is unused for a long period of time and the space could be better used we may remove it from our server. Events and Quests We love community! And we love to get everyone involved. We'll be hosting events and quest nights where you get the chance to take part in some awesome adventures with us! From pilgrimage to settlement founding. Wild hunts and dragon slaying! All sorts of fun is waiting to happen in Laputa Kingdom. Come on over and check us out!
  9. Laputa Kingdom

    Do you want to join a new server and help shape it? if yes, then you've some to the right place! We're literally brand new! But don't let that scare you away. We're hard working and dedicated to creating a flourishing server! What's to do? With us being so new, there's a whole map ready to be built upon. We've just begun the starter town and we're looking for people to come and help out! If you're the type of person who likes to revel in the glory of your accomplishments, this is for you! You mostly get free reign of what you do, from starting your own deed to helping with main towns/cities. (We don't want to limit your creativity too much!). What we're looking for Right now we're looking for several positions: Builders - People who can help to create our starter town (Spawn Area) and other areas (Not all builders will get GM access). Community Assistants - People to answer general questions and help new players! GMs - People to uphold our rules and solve in game issues Server Administrator - Someone knowledgeable in editing and maintaining the server's backend. Players - Most of all we're looking for active community members to part-take in the server and join/manage settlements! Please check our website for more info!
  10. Hello! The server: Perpetual Liberty Public Sandbox [3x gain][2x action] is looking for friendly newbies or veterans players. looking for fun and cool people to play with on the server. The Server is a PvE and you receive deeds upon request. Please contact Foxx or Loogi on the server if you have any questions. We look forward to your presence!!!! (WURM Unlimited) Thank You!
  11. Hello Wurmians! I figured it was time to post on here to invite those who may be interested to join my now public server. Started mainly with alliance members from WO we aim to be a smaller sized community server - though obviously the more people the better, we want to make sure everyone gets along and we avoid some of the less appealing 'community' things that go on in WO. We currently have 5-10 players on the server and online at one time changes from none to 5-6 throughout the day. So if you are looking for a high population server we are for sure not that - though there are several great high pop servers out that that might be better suited for you. We aim to be a community based server, meaning that while not everyone will be best friends we can all get along enough that there is no drama in the game - after all we are all here to enjoy. Whether we eventually become public with a strict ruleset still has yet to be decided but for now we are content to slowly grow in a healthy way. Whether you are brand new to wurm or a vet you can find a place here. All new players are given 10s to start a basic deed. Outside of that deed costs are normal like WO and require silver that you can attain either in-game through forage or traders, or through our donation shop. There will also be jobs at some point, referral bonuses etc that will allow players to further pay for deeds without needing real money. It's a hot topic whether servers should monetize and while I am not out to make the big bucks obviously it would be nice to cover the server costs as well as stockpile some to secure the servers long life. All donations are visible to the public and monthly statements are posted to show everyone exactly what comes in and what goes out for things like the gameserver, website, teamspeak etc. We are hosted on a beefy 64gb server that I also use to host other game servers sometimes - there is room to expand as the community does or if we go public. Maybe one day add a PvP map. As we grow there will be staff positions available, though you shouldn't join just expecting those. 3x Actions Timers and 4x Skillgain; with some custom skill tweaks *Currently testing 5x action timers to see how it is Increased Weaponsmithing to match other skills Deeds are normal, guards cost 1s to hire instead of 2s 4096x4096 map Newfoundland by Xeon Priest Restrictions removed - Anyone can priest 20 minute prayer timer - no cap per day Prospecting Mod, Meditation mod, Crop Mod, Priest Mod etc 24 hour non rotting crops 75k creatures with 45% aggressive Drama free Digging like Mining Surface Mining tweaks Boat Tweaks 25% less time between meditation levels and MORE... For full information and how to apply please visit The server is now OPEN to the public and anyone is welcome to join!
  12. Come one, come all to the greatest PVE server to date! We are a new PVE server that is setting up and getting ready to have a ton of fun. We are players from Wurm Online looking to get a medium size server up and running. However we cannot do this without help from other players like you! To get things started, we will be hosting a 1 week only special where we assist with the deed form needed for the first deed. We already have the starter deed set up, so log in now to the Caucasia server! This will be a players server, the GM’s are here to make your wurm experience great. We will take suggestions from players to implement what you want. We plan to implement the following in weeks to come: Random Evening EventsHoliday Events Enemy Villages with loot inside if you can infiltrate Scheduled PVP and Arena style events (In far future) Second server to explore and settle, connected to main. This will not be an OP GM spawn server, but rather a balance server, with balanced prizes to fit Current Settings Map Size: 2048 XP Gain: 7x Skill Timer: 4x NA Hosted server with regular backups, disaster server ready in case of outage. Server Name: Caucasia .... No password!
  13. I am going to be developing a Progress Report for the foundation, development and creation of the Drakespirit Temple. This report will include image of construction progress as the deed slowly evolves.
  14. The Monk Temple is now looking for initiates! we have been working on our temple for some time and are now prepared to start housing more players, with our public housing barracks for new recruits now under construction! each initiate will be assigned a bedroom with a bed, chest, and a Bulk storage bin. upon joining they will be shown efficient techniques for grinding experience and learn to truly hone their skills. From a great architect to a master of martial arts, our goal is to grow as a whole, and not just leave our initiates fend for themselves. Through this modality of cooperation and coordination that we have managed to maintain, we have managed to make much progress on the soon-to-be monk temple. with the courtyard, cook-house, tailor, stables, a high Ql quard tower and a fully functional farm, we have everything we need to accommodate new comers. upon completion of the monk temple there will also be a blacksmith, barracks, dojo, shipyard, and of course, the temple itself! our long-term goal is to build a strong and profitable commonwealth with our kingdom allies to the east. Apart from such international endeavours, we also hope to unify the kingdoms surrounding the lake that our great temple is located on known as "serpent lake" under one banner! we hope you will become a part of our community and I hope to hear from you soon! i can be found In-game as Scninja. See you guys on Xanadu!
  15. So, since I'm unable to post in chaos forums, I'm hoping this is the best place to put this, if not can someone please move it to the correct section? Have you ever wanted chaos to be a bit more "clean?" Less drama? More players? More...Alive? Well, we may share something. I'm thinking about creating a new PMK on chaos, though not your standard PMK. One that's focused On being neutral/allied with all (yes, all) kingdoms. And isn't exactly "at war" with them. I want it to be focused on bringing and training new players, and pve players, how to survive on chaos. There are many things on it that don't exist on Pve servers that are quiet fun. (Valrei mobs for example) The PMK will be aimed more towards helping each other out, surviving, and (maybe if possible) once respected & trusted by each kingdom a "trade" hub (if possible, it would be nice to be at-peace with each kingdom. Not sure if that will ever be possible) overall, were here to let people come to chaos, have a safe place to live, and see what chaos has to offer, before they decide what kingdom/PMK they want to join for the war efforts. (If they ever do, if they wish to stay in the PMK and help out, or just to have fun on chaos, that's great!) It will be our goal to make people want to play on chaos, and to hopefully make the server in general more interesting to everyone. Pvp can be had, and fun, without griefing, blaming, arguments, and drama. What are my personal goal of this? Overall, I want to live on chaos, have that adrenaline you get walking into the wild knowing you could be attacked. But that's not enough, I want to actually be apart of something. I want to be able to craft weapons, armour , tools, and see people using them to defend our kingdom. If you know me from Deli, you know I've made many items, and have only sold once in my entire time crafting. I like crafting for others and making friends with it, not silver. And I'd rather see what my crafting does (defending/assisting the kingdom, watching players raise there skills ect) in short, I want to see what I make actually being used to do something. I also want to be apart of a kingdom that is respected for being helpful to the pvp community as a whole, instead of what everyone "thinks" about the current ones. I know it's a lot to ask for a pvp game, but It's been done before. A long term goal would be to have every kingdom consider us a "ally" though I'm not to sure that would be possible. If we could manage to train players to live on chaos, and then they go to a kingdom of there choosing (or wish to stay in ours and help with what direction we choose) that would be great, and my "overall" goal. I guess would be to create the perfect "safe" environment for players wishing to play on chaos. We of course will most likely need pure pvpers too for this, I doubt every kingdom would leave us alone even if we're not wanting to fight them in any way. So we'll need defenders and if peace is ever broken, attackers to fight back. (Though the PMK initially would try to "ally" everyone in every kingdom/PMK, it most likely won't be plausible to fully do this. I'm sure someone would wish to attempt destroying us) For that reason, we will most likely need a few pvpers that know what there doing, and someone/multiple people that know how to control a few groups of pvpers. (Though we could also use these people for other reasons: teaching people how to pvp, how everything in chaos works, ect) If, we get forced to start raiding someone, there would be a rule. No griefing, take what you thinks valuable if you wish, but screwing things up "just for fun" wouldn't be allowed. (There MAY be exceptions in the future if someone really try's to mess with our own PMK, it could be discussed on trying to fight back and this may be needed, otherwise I don't want to see people purposely making others gameplay miserable) And a overall rule (even if we're at war with them) No arguing with other kingdoms. By this, I mean the forum pvp we always see, and I'm sure it also happens on the game. I'd love for this to be a respected PMK from all other kingdoms/pmks. There won't be any "X just wants it so they can be more powerful" or "X just wants it to screw us over" you get the idea. If someone outside our PMK makes a suggestion, think of how it would benefit ALL of chaos, not just us or another kingdom. The goal of are PMK is to make life better for everyone in the pvp community, not ruin it for others. Anyone and everyone would be welcome to join, as long as they understand we're working for a friendlier community on chaos. And respects that and works for it. As for the PMK itself, there are still many things I need to learn before going through with this. Mostly what it takes to run, and the mechanics. And obviously where we'd put it. But for now I'm just seeing if people think this is a good idea in general, if they think it would work. And if anyone's interested In helping out with it. Edit: Also, I will be paying for the PMK to start it, so no trust issues will go on. (Though, I'm pretty sure by now every knows me for character buying ) but just so everyone knows. And would be nice for every kingdoms POV on this also... Do you think you could work with a "neutral" PMK that is trying to help everyone, while at the same time enjoying chaos? Or would you see us more of a "helping my enemy" type deal? I'd try making it as neutral as possible (can a kingdom even be friendly to both WL and BL though?) and try to make it as fair to everyone as possible. It would be pretty cool to see it become a trusted trade place between all kingdoms instead of having to travel to a freedom server Imo! and if possible to sell services to all kingdoms (if that's even possible) So, what does everyone think? Can it be done?!?! Once I get to a computer I'll try fixing up spelling errors/formatting. Can't tell on a phone ;P Thanks for any help! And I hope this can go somewhere!
  16. The Chaotic Brotherhood Hello all, and welcome. My name is Vinzen - also known as Priest, and I am leader of this multi-gaming community called The Chaotic Brotherhood. Before I begin I would like to make it clear that we do not currently own a deed (subject to change), but we are a multi-gaming community that has now expanded to Wurm and has made Jenn-Kellon it's home. The Chaotic Brotherhood is a multi-gaming community dedicated to making it's mark on the gaming world. We come from an ocean of different games searching for that one keeper that we can play any day, and all day long. We believe Wurm to be that keeper, and we need your help to find out. Our leaders come from a variety of different communites, and in their time with those communities they have gained a series of leadership skills. Unfortunately most of those communities now lie dead, however everything must one day die, as it begins it's life. Therefore we are hoping to make this community last throughout the years, and we have every ounce of dedication to do it. Rules Constant disrespect towards the community or any of its members is not toleratedWhile there are no activity requirements, all we ask is that you log in at least once every 7 daysTeamspeak 3 is essential for important tasks - (raids, defending our base, group exploring, etc..)We will never ask you to donate in-game or out-of-game money to the community, however we will ask for you to contribute in some wayYou cannot make any major changes to the land we build on or the surrounding land unless you inform a leader of your intentionYou will not slander our name while you represent us (This means do not be an annoying troll or mean soul in any form a chat towards other wurm players)You must be able to work in a team and follow instructions if given (Lone wolf's don't make it far with the Brotherhood)Do not attempt to unlock anyone's chest without their permission or take any other contents from itDo not repeatidly ask The Brotherhood and it's members for money (We take care of our own here, and if we can pay for your premium we will, however do not beg)If you are caught stealing from us you will be removed instantlyIf you are caught attempting to kill any one of us you will be removed instantly (We don't tolerate the whole "I was just playing around" speech)Do not be a sore winner (If you've got something to say to someone, use your weapon, not your text)Be loyal to us as we are to you*Defend the brothers and sisters of the Brotherhood Gaming Essentials Chaotic Brotherhood Website Teamspeak 3 Address: Steam Community Registration For more information on joining our community, and the community itself.. Please contact Vinzen, Miztu, or Giddyod and we will respond to you as soon as possible.
  17. Hey i'm just getting back into Wurm, its been 6+ months since i've played because i've had a busy year but I think i'm ready to play again. I'm just looking for a deed, settlement or even just a home to work with a small or large group of people in this great game i'm willing to play on every PVE server but I may try PVP but I have never played on a PVP. Anyway i'm not to picky just looking for a more casual, easygoing group to join. Hoping for lots of replys! PS. I've never gone premuim so i will have basic skills. If i find a group that sticks I'm willing to go Prem.
  18. i have 52 blacksmithing , 41 chainsmithing , 36 shipbuilding ,and 55 carpentry. i am willing to make just about anything you want at a negotiable and reasonable rate. i don't do Large burn out jobs. my limit is 1k of 1action items per job for the time being . i'm located at Red Mountian Trade Port in the south at 59y 46x and am on the community map. please pm me any orders you might have or /tell ingame to "dedri" . thank you everyone and have a good day
  19. Looking for serious players to help mine and dig a large area on my deed! Noob players are welcomed! Requirements! BSBs Keys/locks Pickaxes/shovels Food What will i supply? Water barrels only! Job status? Diggers: [font color=red]Not Hiring Miners: [font color=red]Not Hiring Job Description: Diggers: You will simply remove all the dirt from the area I have marked. Level the area down to rock. Simply as that! I will pay you per BSB filled plus cost for the BSB and lock/key! Miners: You will simply mine the rock surfaces down to flat level. This will take some time so i am offering 1.25 times the normal rate of a full BSB of rock shards! Pay: Dirt: 1s per 1k Rock Shards: Price negotiable! Location: Bad Company, On Goblin Pen. Need more info? Look at my Signature! Questions? Contact me in game. Either Getsome (new main acct) or WantSome (alt acct) Other info! You will need to supply your own transportation to Bad Company! I am way too busy to be picking players up to bring them to my deed! You want the job? You work for it! xD [update] I am currently not hiring anyone as of right now due to internet and Client problems with Wurm Online. last week my area got hit with a bad storm which knocked out my power and caused internet problems. I am also having problems connecting with Wurm =/ I will keep this post updated whenever i get this stuff fixed!
  20. i am mayor of thila deed in deliverance server. i'm currently looking for a new member or 2 who could live in my house if needed and help with upkeep and jobs around deed. willing to pay for help with jobs. pm me ingame for details. we are a helpful group kind to new members. i think thats it...any other info just post or pm in game. located at 19.5x to mookton...and tabula rose