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Found 5 results

  1. The Steam Wurm Online page says Wurm is Free to Play but I've seen complaints saying this is misleading and doesn't mention about needing a subscription to progress past 20 skill cap. I had a look at other Free to Play games on Steam that also use subscriptions. One is Star Wars - The Old Republic which is listed as Free to Play but underneath the Play Game button you can clearly see it says "Optional Subscription" and gives the option to purchase premium time and game coins right there. Showing this on the Wurm page would make it clearer that Wurm has a subscription model and hopefully reduce complaints.
  2. As many of you have noticed, wurm is currently at an all time low for player numbers, the hoped for steam influx never occuring. Whether this number will continue to decline or stabilise is anyone's guess, hopefully there will be a summer influx as usual each year. To better improve the odds a change in tactics might be in order for wurm. Currently wurm is a subscription based game with a free play option, a very limited free play option which cannot compete with other games in the genre as it stands. What I am proposing is a fundamental change in the way free to play works that allows wurm to maintain its premium options: 1. All players start with 24 hours of premium time (this time only goes down while the player is online and does not qualify the player for event items) 2. Players with premium time recieve a 25% reduction in timers with a corresponding 33% increase in skillgain (thus allowing premium players faster growth than the current norm). 3. Free players recieve a 50% increase in timer duration with a corresponding 50% decrease in skillgain (thus making them gain skill at a slower rate compared to the current norm). 3a. A note more than a change, this would mean that a free to play priest would have a MUCH slower mana regen rate than existing priests (which are already horrifically slow). 4. All players recieve an increased sleep bonus buffer (10 hours total). 2.5 hours of this is stored in a "free" buffer, the other 7.5 is stored in a "premium" buffer. The premium buffer fills after the free buffer. 5. Free players may only ever use sleep bonus in the "free" buffer and their sleep bonus fills at half speed. 6. Remove the skill level cap entirely 7. NO other changes to premium/free play barrier (so no free alt sermons, no free player dragon blood farms etc) The aim with these changes is to open up the free play experience of wurm to encourage new players to join and stick around, but provide additional incentives to "prem up" to ensure that the premium population does not drop as a result of this. The theory being that wurm skillgain is already slow at later levels, insanely so. Players who reach this noticably slow phase are likely to be much more invested in the game and much more likely to invest in premium, especially after their initial 24 hours taster. Thoughts?
  3. I was wondering is this a subscription based game like world of warcraft or a buy once game like Minecraft or a Free to play model Like Dungeons and dragons online? I was also wondering what is the best PVE server and why and what is the Best PVP server and why. Also, the PVP servers are towns safe zones like in Minecraft or is there no safe zones like some Minecraft servers.
  4. Make Wurm Free To Play I believe if you made it free to play more people would play and you could still make money off Land Deeds.
  5. Currently we have a writ system in place for player owned structures. An option to set one of these as "home" forms the core of the idea. A structure set as a home does the following :- 1. Allows respawning "at home" to allow newer players to branch out into the wilderness more easily. 2. Generates a "protected" (see below) area of 2 tiles around the structure (so it will grow as the player does over time but is capped for free players by their carpentry skill) The "protected" area is essentially a place where other players cannot bash, but can do anything else (as in it will protect walls built in that area). The protection only lasts if the player has logged in during the last week. Any "guests" of the house will have full rights to bash. Overlapping properties : The oldest property has priority on bashing rights. Home area overlapping with perimeter : Oldest (perimeter or home area) has priority. Home can only be set once per real time week to prevent abuse (maybe allow unlimited setting in the first 24 hours?). If the structure loses a wall (and is no longer a valid structure) the home status is removed. What does this do : It offers new players a protected enclosure, but in no way the level offered by deeds. It prevents large land grabs without using a LOT of alts (easily traceable), It also helps the new player population out by giving them somewhere to respawn safely instead of hiking across the map. An experienced player could landgrab using this but it would be a LOT harder to do so and require constant work to upkeep. It would also be a LOT more noticeable.