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Found 132 results

  1. Sold close plz

    Selling an alt Fo, that's no longer needed. Premium until the 11th of Feb.
  2. Hello all, First off sorry about slingAspell not happening. Further plans are to be made at a later date to have something really special for next year. Location: South Xanadu NW corner of U17 in game map: I'll be holding a large sermon for some time open 24/7 come anytime you like. You can bring supplies of your own or order some to here. All three altars will be provided along with several different locations. There are a few fun things to do and as always I'll try and be the best host possible. Thanks Zalifear. Ps PM me in game on Zaz or Zalifear for any info.
  3. Got an idea for a new Fo spell (don't kill me for this, I don't know much about spells): Domesticate - Would allow a Fo priest to make certain aggro animals neutral to all players while on a deed. RESTRICTIONS! - the animal must be tamable (no trolls, lava fiends, goblins, etc), must be on deed, and must be either tamed or charmed at the time of casting. Only young or adolescent animals can be domesticated (older animals have been wild too long to be domesticated). The purpose of the spell is to allow players the ability to keep aggro animals on deed and possibly remove the Guard attack exploit that some griefers use to kill animals on deeds. This gives the players the ability to feed/ breed their captured animals without risking attack, and also keeps the animals from attacking each other (Basically, they would be treated as if they were like dogs). The spell would be permanent while the animal is on deed. If the deed falls or is disbanded, or the animal is off deed for a specified amount of time (and not tame), then the animal will return to wild/aggro status as before. Any newborn animals created from breeding would start off wild, and must be tamed and domesticated as per above.
  4. close sorted thanks
  5. I'm looking for a Fo Priest that is available to enchant two spirit castles, as well as convert a spare alt into a follower and bless an altar. I'm located in central Xanadu (Sanctuary and Sanctuary Market on the map) and we are accessible to the coast via canals. Send me a PM with your fees and time frame and we'll chat. Thanks!
  6. Require the services of a Fo priest near 8H on Xanadu to cast courier on a mailbox and bless an altar Please contact me either on the forums or ingame (Kasumi) Much Thanks
  7. This could be a spell of Fo deity and high level of path of love. Target must be an overaged tree (not bush), the tree become an elder tree and never go shriveled. That could be used like ornamental trees... An elder tree tile counts like a flower tile to make a special tile for meditation. Optionally only could be chopped with skill and tool 90+
  8. Don't really know why my other topic was locked... Selling ~3400 pieces of cloth @60ql which comes out to 10k favor (20k for fo). I am willing to deliver anywhere on the coast of Deli if you buy all of it. I am located at 6x 13y on Deli (Oak Grove). Price is 1.75s/k or 15s for all.
  9. Selling ~1200 pieces of cloth @61ql which comes out to 5k favor (10k for fo). I will not deliver. I am located at 6x 13y on Deli (Oak Grove). Price is 2s/1k
  10. Female character, name of Aryna. Has an unused referral. Will come with a rowboat for transport. Level 7 on Path of Knowledge Love (can enchant grass and refresh) Skills: Skills dumped at 29-Oct-2014 ----- Religion: 0.0 Alignment: 98.07185 Faith: 83.34224 Favor: 71.40107 Skills: 0.0 Paving: 1.0 Tracking: 1.0 Milling: 1.0 Coal-making: 1.0 Prospecting: 6.164067 Thatching: 1.0 Polearms: 1.0 Halberd: 1.0 Long spear: 1.0 Staff: 1.0 Hammers: 1.0 Warhammer: 1.0 Religion: 24.549871 Prayer: 35.43746 Channeling: 27.571548 Preaching: 7.5755043 Exorcism: 1.0 Artifacts: 1.0 Clubs: 1.0 Huge club: 1.0 Healing: 4.57559 First aid: 13.671251 Archery: 1.0 Long bow: 1.0 Medium bow: 1.0 * Short bow: 1.0 War machines: 1.0 Catapults: 1.0 Thievery: 1.0 Traps: 1.0 Stealing: 1.0 Lock picking: 1.0 Climbing: 3.2048345 Shields: 1.0 Large wooden shield: 1.0 Medium wooden shield: 1.0 Large metal shield: 1.0 Small metal shield: 1.0 Small wooden shield: 1.0 Medium metal shield: 1.0 Axes: 11.84152 Huge axe: 20.813686 Large axe: 1.0 Hatchet: 1.0 Small Axe: 1.0 Swords: 1.0 Two handed sword: 1.0 Shortsword: 1.0 Longsword: 1.0 Knives: 5.015016 Butchering knife: 6.708161 Carving knife: 4.888739 Woodcutting: 6.4989543 Mauls: 1.0 Small maul: 1.0 Medium maul: 1.0 Large maul: 1.0 Carpentry: 2.1841028 Fine carpentry: 1.0 Ship building: 1.0 Fletching: 1.0 Bowyery: 1.0 Toy making: 1.0 Nature: 35.37756 Gardening: 20.820726 Fishing: 4.7477 Papyrusmaking: 1.0 Animal husbandry: 66.84934 Meditating: 30.127188 Milking: 1.0 Farming: 33.939507 Forestry: 16.938196 Botanizing: 12.516876 Animal taming: 1.0 Foraging: 12.300663 Cooking: 6.4156604 Dairy food making: 1.0 Hot food cooking: 12.4805155 Baking: 1.0 Beverages: 1.0 Butchering: 10.349893 Fighting: 6.9549503 Shield bashing: 1.0 Taunting: 1.0 Normal fighting: 13.303064 Defensive fighting: 1.8943865 Aggressive fighting: 1.0 Weaponless fighting: 20.040417 Toys: 1.0 Puppeteering: 1.0 Yoyo: 1.0 Alchemy: 1.0 Natural substances: 1.0 Miscellaneous items: 22.132072 Stone chisel: 1.9129415 Hammer: 1.0 Sickle: 14.790333 Scythe: 1.0 Repairing: 23.00183 Saw: 1.3634864 Pickaxe: 8.708711 Rake: 23.87154 Shovel: 19.758696 Pottery: 1.0 Firemaking: 8.676574 Digging: 28.409588 Mining: 8.827495 Smithing: 1.0 Metallurgy: 1.0 Jewelry smithing: 1.0 Locksmithing: 1.0 Blacksmithing: 1.0 Armour smithing: 1.0 Shield smithing: 1.0 Chain armour smithing: 1.0 Plate armour smithing: 1.0 Weapon smithing: 1.0 Blades smithing: 1.0 Weapon heads smithing: 1.0 Ropemaking: 1.0 Masonry: 3.8386066 Stone cutting: 3.3873656 Tailoring: 1.0 Leatherworking: 1.0 Cloth tailoring: 1.0 Characteristics: 0.0 Soul: 21.26381 Soul strength: 21.140503 Soul depth: 23.744097 Mind: 10.843498 Mind speed: 19.834074 Mind logic: 20.942242 Body: 11.078367 Body stamina: 20.233963 Body strength: 20.778837 Body control: 19.687866 Starting bid: 40s/euro Increments: 1s/euro No reserve No buyout 1hour sniper protection - bids in the last hour extend the auction by 1hour each time. Auction ends after 1 hour has passed with no further bids.
  11. 100 Faith Fo, with decent enough skills to do all your healing for those tough wounds, Genesis for horses and Courier your mailbox. Casted plenty of 90+ couriers on my own spirit castles. WIth 100 faith, you won't need a big battery to cast LT on your weapons. Have better Fo already? No better battery than one with 100 faith and some moderate SD/channel to back it up. Praying sucks. It is all done for you. Comes with statuette and compass. Located T10 Pristine in-game map. Asking 95 s or e. Skills Religion: 29.578018 Prayer: 39.738415 Channeling: 35.83313 Preaching: 5.820993 Exorcism: 1 Artifacts: 1 Hammers: 1 Warhammer: 1 Healing: 8.30334 First aid: 19.507418 Clubs: 5.2542872 Huge club: 9.035182 Archery: 7.1500216 Short bow: 5.0115004 Medium bow: 3.082397 Long bow: 1 Thievery: 1 Stealing: 1 Lock picking: 1 Traps: 1 War machines: 2.1109178 Catapults: 4.0684557 Polearms: 1 Staff: 1 Long spear: 1 Halberd: 1 Prospecting: 7.020164 Coal-making: 6.342082 Milling: 13.856118 Tracking: 1.7779176 Paving: 28.363167 Climbing: 7.9197855 Thatching: 1 Firemaking: 9.952433 Pottery: 8.988658 Mining: 24.843252 Digging: 73.4992 Ropemaking: 8.46839 Smithing: 7.305129 Blacksmithing: 15.595513 Locksmithing: 3.9199452 Jewelry smithing: 2.391609 Metallurgy: 1.2305579 Weapon smithing: 2.0659277 Blades smithing: 2.3651829 Weapon heads smithing: 1.9613632 Armour smithing: 1.166361 Shield smithing: 1.178806 Chain armour smithing: 1 Plate armour smithing: 1 Tailoring: 2.4378002 Cloth tailoring: 4.862339 Leatherworking: 1 Masonry: 43.568993 Stone cutting: 20.595823 Cooking*: 15.28931 Hot food cooking: 27.803917 Baking: 1.34386 Dairy food making: 7.264988 Butchering: 13.755113 Beverages: 1 Nature: 28.32456 Fishing: 3.6448448 Gardening: 25.402676 Foraging: 12.490681 Botanizing: 13.681955 Animal taming: 11.677113 Forestry: 19.521091 Farming: 45.613922 Milking: 8.201071 Meditating: 20.09483 Animal husbandry: 20.726786 Papyrusmaking: 1 Toys: 1 Yoyo: 1 Puppeteering: 1 Fighting: 29.346334 Defensive fighting: 4.7837563 Normal fighting: 34.96334 Weaponless fighting: 2.3743036 Aggressive fighting: 5.2001176 Shield bashing: 1.6559612 Taunting: 1 Miscellaneous items: 47.93097 Shovel: 55.389057 Rake: 30.220621 Saw: 15.755921 Pickaxe: 26.880516 Repairing: 24.336813 Sickle: 15.364027 Scythe: 3.9007218 Hammer: 46.34489 Stone chisel: 10.77331 Alchemy: 3.2928107 Natural substances: 7.7268715 Shields: 2.2782583 Medium metal shield: 1.7120357 Small wooden shield: 1 Small metal shield: 1 Large metal shield: 1 Medium wooden shield: 1.9413941 Large wooden shield: 1 Axes: 10.649838 Hatchet: 14.666696 Small Axe: 1 Large axe: 1 Huge axe: 1 Swords: 15.213381 Longsword: 11.340928 Shortsword: 6.6494975 Two handed sword: 22.02944 Knives: 12.786976 Carving knife: 9.316609 Butchering knife: 18.640997 Woodcutting: 22.996555 Mauls: 6.0965075 Medium maul: 1 Small maul: 1 Large maul: 9.433863 Carpentry: 45.02491 Bowyery: 1 Fletching: 3.1559792 Fine carpentry: 16.313261 Toy making: 1 Ship building: 5.6462283 Characteristics Mind: 23.729109 Mind logic: 27.865337 Mind speed: 20.445314 Soul: 22.285141 Soul depth: 24.049757 Soul strength: 22.776718 Body: 25.574326 Body strength: 26.19925 Body stamina: 23.863142 Body control: 21.686636 Religion Faith: 100 Favor: 100 Alignment: 91 Miscellaneous Affinities: 1
  12. Pls Lock

    Pls lock
  13. I'm looking for Fo Priest H17, Maes Knoll, to cast courier Please leave message here or contact in game (same nick) as well as we got small problem with small abandoned mine....we start building cave canal between h17 and g17, but other side of tunnel where supposed to be an opening to small lake was deeded by someone, now is mine there as well, we can turn but at the top is small abandoned mine and going around it will be terrible pain and we stopped mining, so if there is any mag priest who could come and help would be great, we cant pay as it will be about 10-15 tiles to collapse (as part collapsed already and we got no money like it, but we can secure all resources required for it as we will be able
  14. WTB Courier cast 80+ in central Xanadu, L17 to be exact. I know this is probably out of the way for most, so I'd be willing to purchase 2 courier casts from you - I have two deeds in the area. I do not currently have a Fo altar available but with advance notice I can have one made and ready for blessing. Please PM me if interested. Thanks!
  15. WTB Courier cast 80+ Xanadu SW - S14 PM here or PM Huser in game. Thanks
  16. Squirrelnutz and Bonefly are here to serve your needs ! Smithing items: Blacksmithing: Ql 50 - 10c Ql 60 - 15c Ql 70 - 25c Ql 80 - 60c Ql 85 - 85c Ql 90 - 1s Ql 92 - 3 s needs personal agreement before ordering, not taking simultaneous 90+orders but only 1 at a time Items : Hammer, File, Needle, Awl, Trowel, Stone Chisel, Rake, Shovel, Pickaxe, Leather knife, Hatchet, Scissors, Saw, Small anvil, Frying pan, etc Large anvils + 15c to the above prices Max Ql is 90 for Large Anvils Horseshoes (set of 4) Ql 50 - 40c Ql 60 - 60c Ql 70 - 1s Ql 80 - 2.4s Blade type tools (sickle/knives/scythe etc) Ql 50 - 40c Weapons: Ql 50 - 40c Chain armor: Iron Ql 50 - 80c a set or 10c/piece (Jacket+10c/Leg+5c) Ql 60 - 1.5s a set or 20c/piece (Jacket+10c/Leg+5c) Ql 70 - 2s a set or 30c/piece (Jacket+10c/Leg+5c) Ql 80 - 3s a set Gold Ql 50 - 3.5s a set Ql 60 - 4s a set Ql 70 - 6s a set Ql 80 - 8s a set Barding (chain) Ql 60 - 1.5s Ql 70 - 2s Ql 80 - 3s Large metal shield : Ql 50 - 30c Ql 60 - 40c Ql 70 - 60c Ql 80 - 80c Ql 85 - 1.2s Jewelsmithing : Golden Rings/bracelets/necklaces Ql 50 - 20c Ql 60 - 30c Ql 70 - 40c Ql 80 - 50c Altars: (Silver of Gold lumps supplied by you) Ql 30 - 2.5s Ql 50 - 3s Ql 60 - 3.5s Ql 70 - 4s Ql 80 - 4.5s Altars: (Lumps supplied by me) Ql 30 - 3.5s (Silver/Gold) Ql 50 - 4s (Silver/Gold) Ql 60 - 4.5s (Silver/Gold) Ql 70 - 5s (Silver only) Ql 80 - 6s (Silver only) On request i can Bless the altar to Fo for an extra 30c charge. If the altar is on Celebration or Deliverance, the travel fee is 1s, if its on Independence its 2s. Other items: Whetstone: Ql 90+ - 20c Work: Mining up to ql 90 / 12i / action Digging 10i/action Flatrising up to 246 slope - to be discussed Enchants and Enchanted stuff: Vynora casts Not available at the moment. Magranon casts Can be discussed. Plz see Squirrelnutz. Fo casts Courier makes your mailbox work and lowers the delivery time according to the cast power. Price : 3s for 10 casts. (no specified power) Bulk items: Average ql70 iron lumps : 100kg/1s Average ql80 iron lumps : 100kg/2s - Average ql85 iron lumps : 100kg/2.5s Average ql90 iron lumps : 10kg/35c Average ql70 silver lumps : 10kg/2s Average ql70 tin lumps : 50kg/1s Clay : 1000 kg/1s (please be aware that 500 clay is 1000 kg) To place your order : Reply this topic Forum-pm PM squirrelnutz or bonefly in-game
  17. Hi all, I have a Fo priest who lives at 11Q that can take care of all your animal needs. I won't travel crazy distances without a travel fee, message me if you have questions. Courier cast: 70+ cast for 1s 80+ cast for 1.5s Genesis: 10c per cast Message Harvest or Solara in game.
  18. Selling 45,000 favor for Fo (22500 favor for vynora and magranon) - 55s Delivered! Will deliver anywhere on freedom (excludes chaos). You're welcome to buy smaller amounts at 1.5s/1k if you pickup at L25 Xanadu.
  19. Starting Bid: 6s Minimum Bid Increments: 50c Buyout: 12s Reserve: Hidden Can be picked up at Black Dog Island, Independance, or mailed COD.
  21. WTB Fo cast Genesis on Xanadu i20 Whitefay (70c for 1 cast) I want that at least 5 horses get this cast. So its at least 3,50 silver. I would like to have more casts but thats up to the cast giver. You can post here or Pm me ingame. /tell Ephelant
  22. Hello, AS the title says. Min req are atleast 45 faith, 21 body controll and 20,5 ML. Pm me with offers!
  23. As the title says - paypal verified - pm me with skilldump and we can discuss. Body Controll 21 is minimum. Should be atleast 60+ Faith.