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Found 43 results

  1. Greetings! For auction I have a very nice longsword, from iron. QL 91 [18:45:54] Nimbleness has been cast on it, so it increase the chance to hit. [99] [18:45:54] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [96] [18:45:54] Mind stealer has been cast on it, so it will steal knowledge from non-players. [80] [18:46:25] Flaming Aura has been cast on it, so it will burn targets hit with it. [90] sword has no demise, but can be casted as the winner wishes. start: 5s increments:1s reserve:nope buyout: 20s free delivery to deli,indy,exo
  2. I am looking for a new player who wants to build his/her skills in a safe and fun environment. I am part of a strong, close alliance here on Deli. We have all the resources you need to build your skills and experiment so you can decide what you want to be and do in Wurm. Brandville is located around 35y 4.5x. I can come and pick you up if you need help getting here. Skills you can build include, but not limited to: Nature-Gardening, Farming, Foraging, Botany, and Forestry. Animals-Animal Husbandry, Animal Taming. Fighting-choose your weapon and we will hunt! Cooking-Butchering, Hot Food Cooking Fishing Carpentry, fine Carpentry Smithing, Black Smithing, Weapons Smithing Masonry Mining Digging Pottery Leather Working Ship Building Body and mind skills Wood Cutting Tailoring And much much more Please PM me so we can talk.
  3. Got a great offer, can close Sorry Rosedragon I'll be back though, can never escape wurm
  4. Hello, I know this is yet another thread about the same old fighting system however I am trying to shed some new light to the problem. I will not make any concrete suggestion yet since I am waiting for yours first. Here are a few problems that PvP has and need to be adressed. I formed these idea mostly from this thread and my own experience in attempting to PvP. 1. I think the most fundamental problem with getting new people in PvP are the high prerequisites before entering the battefield, You basically have to do everything except PvP to prepare for it. 2. The combat mechanics are not rewarding by themselves, it depends too much on stats and the knowledge on how to juggle the system. 3. Wurm is a Medieval Fantasy world, yet PvP tactics have no solid corespondence with the real World, instead gatehopping/champtroll. 4. Battle Outcomes can be very predictable, Why fight if you know you are going to lose or achive nothing if you sacrifice youself. Wurm has an Intense PvP experience. You enter the fight with everything to lose and you can't simply respawn after you are defeated. Fighting is only the end result of a bigger system that involves resource gathering, crafting, politics and planning. This is in my opinion one of the strongest points that make Wurm different from other games and it should be exploited. So do you think these points are accurate? Is Wurm PvP forever doomed to be unsuccessfull due to its sandbox nature or things can change?
  5. Hear ye Warriors of Wurm! We have received some interesting feedback on fighting from our awesome player base. This was implemented on the test server and we are now eager to hear your opinions. So we ask you to please try some of the fighting tweaks and leave feedback in the comments. Some are for PvP and some will affect fighting in general. Aggressive style damage dealt was tweaked upwards. Defensive style damage dealt was tweaked upwards. You should now receive noticeable CR bonus for attacking while aggressive. You should now receive noticeable CR penalty for defending while aggressive. Players now receive inverted gank CR bonus so you'll be harder to hit (due to congestion). Mounts should now be targeted more seldom by guards. Off-deed mine doors will now work like other doors and should stay open to enemies 2 minutes after being passed while fighting. Battle camps now take 10 minutes to conquer. Battle camps now have 60 tiles radius influence. Tower guards were made slower. Armor Stats All armor types have different movement speed. Splint, Ring and ordinary Scale armor is not yet ingame, so they are still work in progress names. Armor still has varying damage reduction once a hit is landed, where plate and dragon armor reduces it the most. In PVE, remember that creatures have certain standard and elemental attacks. The odds of blocking were changed so that different armors has bigger advantages against certain attack types. This only affect your chance to evade blows. The numbers are percent chance of glancing(armor negates damage) at 100 ql armor (modified by ex: rarity and epic curve). You can download the test client by clicking this text Knock yourself out! /Or preferably someone else.
  6. sold

    i'm really sad of selling this account but i need the money to pay for mandates i hope i back to game one day Nick in game is Lezer. Account hasnt warning. You have premium time until 30 Jan 2014 12:02:24 GMT. Its Rock of the Path of Love, so he can refresh and enchanted grass. Account going with Corbita and some tools. Account has 22 titles. Affinity on Repairing. Skills dumped at 2014-01-21 ----- Religion: 0.0 Alignment: 96.600006 Faith: 30.0 Favor: 30.0 Skills: 0.0 Paving: 12.588258 Tracking: 7.0942545 Coal-making: 37.09591 Prospecting: 23.690084 Religion: 2.7733092 Prayer: 5.95517 Preaching: 3.0 Clubs: 1.7263079 Huge club: 2.0517402 Healing: 13.052881 First aid: 28.35841 War machines: 1.1673449 Catapults: 1.0 Thievery: 1.0 Traps: 1.0 Lock picking: 1.0 Climbing: 7.915028 Shields: 10.312566 Medium wooden shield: 1.0 Large metal shield: 12.626803 Axes: 32.252533 Huge axe: 55.174465 Large axe: 4.182704 Hatchet: 27.909851 Small Axe: 2.507266 Swords: 18.85795 Shortsword: 1.7676128 Longsword: 36.167168 Knives: 22.66382 Butchering knife: 32.032513 Carving knife: 12.592542 Woodcutting: 56.841637 Carpentry: 48.18036 Fine carpentry: 20.654469 Ship building: 25.811916 Toy making: 1.1965778 Nature: 30.741919 Gardening: 20.154009 Fishing: 10.747891 Animal husbandry: 10.52588 Meditating: 31.995468 Milking: 5.149877 Farming: 52.753372 Forestry: 33.57177 Botanizing: 10.670325 Animal taming: 8.629012 Foraging: 13.796292 Cooking: 22.452673 Dairy food making: 5.632763 Hot food cooking: 43.800846 Baking: 1.7756433 Beverages: 2.3565376 Butchering: 25.36538 Fighting: 72.84571 Shield bashing: 1.0 Taunting: 1.0 Normal fighting: 38.72638 Defensive fighting: 9.254017 Aggressive fighting: 28.823698 Weaponless fighting: 3.6415815 Toys: 3.8811562 Yoyo: 4.5861526 Alchemy: 6.4915705 Natural substances: 15.87173 Miscellaneous items: 59.81147 Stone chisel: 24.825722 Hammer: 60.795944 Sickle: 28.014006 Repairing: 51.282936 * Saw: 17.023043 Pickaxe: 74.759834 Rake: 41.201912 Shovel: 43.72106 Pottery: 6.1118712 Firemaking: 17.407217 Digging: 58.488823 Mining: 71.73431 Smithing: 48.55834 Metallurgy: 26.280481 Jewelry smithing: 50.00225 Locksmithing: 8.8231125 Blacksmithing: 80.530396 Armour smithing: 19.420378 Shield smithing: 10.216869 Chain armour smithing: 9.508064 Plate armour smithing: 50.30785 Weapon smithing: 25.256886 Blades smithing: 25.608847 Weapon heads smithing: 11.182083 Ropemaking: 54.91776 Masonry: 65.349464 Stone cutting: 31.969925 Tailoring: 41.75965 Leatherworking: 95.14736 Cloth tailoring: 50.058453 Characteristics: 0.0 Soul: 25.26924 Soul strength: 27.240889 Soul depth: 23.212723 Mind: 31.409315 Mind speed: 21.122252 Mind logic: 36.572598 Body: 38.640728 Body stamina: 29.334091 Body strength: 35.303528 Body control: 29.411491 Starting bid: 130e 110e! min incremts: 5e sniper protction: 2hours Open for private offerts.
  7. Today we are shedding some light on Plate Armor, showing the pros and cons or this sometimes, misconceived armor. Wurm Online videos Playlist
  8. I hadn't uploaded this one yet. So here we go. Come on a small hunting trip, we'll talk about fighting, things to look out for and things to do. Milosanx Wurm Online videos
  9. Just wondering if my mind is playing tricks on me or do i really see green blood splattering from spider each time i hit them? I only see this when killing spiders, not other animals. Were the devs sneaky in this addition or is this old news?
  10. We are selling/giving away some horses. We are located at Blackbird, 37y 34x Deliverance. You can pick-up, or we can deliver to Greendog or Puzzle Plaza for free. Currently we have: War horses - 70c each 5-speed horses - 50c each Free Horses. Limit of 3 per person. Leave a message here, contact us on Lizabeth, Priestwood, or Blackstone in-game, or leave me a msg on the forums. Thanks
  11. Hi, I happened to make a newbie account recently for general messing around. Obviously starting a newbie account you are given a shortsword and wooden medium shield. I decided to take up some combat skilling anyway and remembered how awful skilling shields is at the inital starting phase. The shield you are given is 10QL, when going into combat with anything, whether you're in defensive or not - blocking anything with your puny 10ql wooden shield is a rarity. The only way you can really get some skill is to constantly shieldbash weak animals, which give much less skill than blocking a hit, due to the shieldbashing nerf you're unable to shieldbash constantly for skill. When you do manage to land a shieldbash you'll likely get a 0.06 increase at 1.00 shield skill. I got hold of a 30ql shield and found this was just as bad, there's literally no point in handing a newbie a shield as they can't effectively use it. My suggestion is: Allow practice dolls to fight back and allow you to block hits with your shield up to a maximum of 20 shieldskill of any shield type & give a small bonus to shields when under 20 skill like mining timers (this bonus is NOT effective in PVP) Back when i first trained shield skill on my main account, i worked out shield skill didn't help too much until you got into the 20's, so this would be fantastic for starting with. This will encourage the use of shields rather than relying on dual weilding when starting out. Shields prolong life for newbies (should they be able to use their shield), thus less deaths of newbies, which might prevent fustraited early quitters = More players!
  12. So i wonder, is the threshold for fighting skill -> combat rating 5 or 10? By that i mean, do you get an extra CR for every 5 or 10 skill? I've asked a number of people with both answers.
  13. - We have 3 silver altars above 70 QL built, but yet to be blessed. - We can smith pretty good tools of you want to practice your channeling. If you blow a tool up, its no biggie. We have and will have plenty - Lots of fun prem players around to chat around with, preach to, hunt with. - We have a 4-star kitchen with pans being made daily. - We have pan loaders for hire. - We're right in the center of Chaos, Exodus and Indy - We're working on lots of meat and veggies. We'll have to figure out a way to divvy it up though. If you want to park your priest, this would probably be a good place to do it. Sermons daily I suppose? Beds can be made. Also, if you are just looking for a village, Feel free to come on by... Assuming you're a good, fun player that doesn't grief. We have plenty of housing and beds around. We have a fighting academy and take several trips to Chaos to further skill our FS. Any questions, feel free to message MrRabbit, or Nahem or myself.
  14. Greetings there. I would like to suggest a idea for a quickswap item as to make swapping between melee weapons and ranged weapons easier. The problem is most fighters and pvpers have is switching beween their bow and melee equipment fast in hectic combat. Instead of making it a interface feature, why not make it a item, like the toolbelt, that is a addition to your interface? I was thinking of three items that can be used for such a occasion and can be crafted and would give another addition to leatherworking and tailoring: a.) A sword scabard that can be equipped on the legs to sheathe in your sword, have it as a container to store in either a longsword or a short sword. b.) A sash made either out of cloth or leather where you can place in your shield or bow and interchange them. The sash could as well be used to store a 2h sword. c.) A bandolier which stores all weapons for interchanging, shield+sword and a bow, or a 2h and bow. It is made with a mixture of cloth tailoring and leatherworking, like the toolbelt, it would be improved by leatherworking or cloth tailoring. There can be a keybind that can be used to quick change between weapons/bow or the item can be put on the toolbelt and used. Quality of the item would depend how fast it switches between your weapons, low ql being almost as fast as how a player would interchange manualy, higher quality of these items would make switching faster. Rare or superiour items of that quality would improve weapon switching even more. This can as well have visual representations if the graphics team is willing. A shield and 2h on the back or shield on back and sword sheathed in the scabard or the bow over someone's torso. Uploaded with Here is as well a fast scetch to visualy represent how that would look like.
  15. Hi there! A small suggestion in a short post, cause my english isn't good enough to write elaborations: Freedomers can get Karma from Source Salt (10 karma per one, so we need to eat 100x source salt to get the ability to summon our corpses), source spring and source fountain (10 karma for 0.1 kg of liquid source). Epic player can get 1000 karma for completing missions. It's little unfair IMO, that epic players can enjoy new feature easier. I don't know single freedomer who ever had 1000 karma points (not saying they doesn't exist). My idea is very simple. You should get Karma after killing a champion mob. It can be automatic (you kill a champion scorpion and you get for example 100 karma instantly) or "the source" could be one of the butchering item (it would spice up PvE even more, cause some people could hunt champions not only for FS gain, but for profit aswell - free market would determine the price). I don't care about epic, so it may works only for Freedom if it "destroys pvp completely" or whatever...
  16. The first rays of dazzling sunlight pierce through a hole in the wall that calls itself a window. My head thumps with some forgotten song and the sound of hammer on anvil, repeated a thousand fold, constantly echoing. A ray of light stretches out across my sleeping quarters, which is bed and a wooden chest. I also see a rough-shod table in one corner of a square dwelling no bigger than 2"x2". I guess it's better than some of the places I have slept.. After a quick meal consisting of potato, corn and cooked meat, I throw myself into a nearby pool to wash. I find myself pierced by many needles, a sharp chill gnawing at my bones that sends a slight shiver down my spine. I wrap an old fur around my skinny frame and feel a little better. Once dressed and ready, I grab a horse from the pens and set out. The beast is fairly laden, what with a barrel of water, some iron ores, lumps of iron, pelt, a finely- polished whetstone, hammer and some other tools. I look back at the village as it slowly becomes a fading image in my eyes. The people who inhabit it, though, are always in my thoughts. The road is long to the sea, and my mind begins to drift as the gale that blows through the trees surrounding me. Suddenly my weapon clangs against something,. I look down and see a Spider, its legs yearning, its eyes fixed upon me. It bites me and I cry in pain, but muster all my strength to push the assailant over. While it is legs akimbo on the ground, I smash it with my maul in the stomach, sending a sprey of crimson upwards. A shooting, agonising throb travels up my right leg and a drop of blood squeezes itself out from under my armour close to my ankle. I lean on the horse but it moves off away from the fight, so the spider seems to sense my precarious position and bites me again, this time rising high on its legs and nipping me in the neck. I'm on the deck, the thing on top of me, and I move my left arm to raise my shield to block its fury. i'm lucky this time, as I block a powerful onslaught from my foe and swiftly counter with a damaging blow to its underbelly. The spider reels back and I drag myself up to my feet, my right lower leg pumping blood. I look deep into the eyes of my assailant and then fleetingly look upwards to the heavens, a thick cloud now blights the sun. The spider lunges forward again, hoping for a kill, but I raise my tired limbs and block its attack with my shield, then turning slightly, lunge at it with my maul striking in its midriff. Then again, this one lands in its front right leg, and the spider is a somewhat sorry sight writhing on the ground in its death throes. He lunges at me once more, but I finish him off with a blow to the head and stomach. I ready my butchering knife and peel some skin from him, taking whatever I can. The smell of sea salt tells me I'm almost at the coast and, as I look up, I see the veil of yellow stunned by the blue green of the sea sparkling before me. I swim out to my vessel, a Cog, and haul in the anchor, setting a course due south.
  17. Selling my GV account Aenya, auction will last 1 week (ends on August 15th). Fairly fresh account, Aggressive Fighting affinity. Has all of the no-drop starter tools as well. Bid starts at 1 Silver. I can come pick up the payment anywhere. Buyout: 1 trader contract, and I will throw in a second GV account named Theira I was not originally planning to sell if you buy this out The auction will be ending at 00:00 GMT at the end of August 15th. However, if there are people bidding around that time, the auction will not end until the last person's bid is uncontested for 5 min.