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Found 3 results

  1. A great chance to construct a fantastic smelter, or some fantastic mortar if you so desire! Starting bid: 5 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Buyout: n/a Sniper Protection: 30 minutes Private Bids: Accepted - not reported
  2. Not leaving the game, but selling off a lot of the excess that isn't necessary to keep. Feel free to offer something you're comfortable with, only a few items that i've a very firm price on. I'll not sell the scale for less than 2.9g, and the sleep powder is 1s per/38s if all are bought. Disclaimer: Do not contact the DrSatan account in-game, it's not me. The remaining items:
  3. My Long Term Campaign is geared towards helping new players make a steady income from items I have on my list, as a new player finding ways to make silver to put towards premium and upkeep can be difficult, and in tern new players don't stick around Wurm very long because of this. After Many years of buying items from everyone, I have decided to update my list as I am overflowing with items at this time so a change has been implenented, until future notice I have narrowed my list down to specifics. Thank you for your continued support. on the positive side since I narrowed the options it gave me the opportunity to up some prices --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- = Rare's = Paper 25c Bricks 25c Nails 25c Lead Lumps 15c Shafts 25c Planks 25c Wooden Beams 25c Logs 25c ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------- = Supremes = Paper 40c Bricks 40c Nails 40c Lead Lumps 40c Planks 40c Shafts 40c Wooden Beams 40c Logs 40c ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- = Fantastic = Anything Message me I have other mats to swap ! ------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How To use Mail system open this Link ! Chaos Virgin COD ( Rioja ) Otherwise just Directly to ( Vortexxx ) Requirements And my Reserved Rights. Max Weight is Required I reserve the right to return / refuse any item(s) at any time for any reason(s) Please Do not mail none max weight items I accept Any Quality With Any Damage at this time ! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------