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Found 57 results

  1. WTA Fantastic Iron torch lamp

    Starting Bid 20s Increments 1s Buy out PM me first auction so lets give this a go, and greetings to old friends
  2. Starting Bid : 12s Min Increases : 1s Buyout : 25s sniper : 30mins Item as in picture : Good Luck : )
  3. Fantastic Champagne

    This champagne is at least 10 years old. This is a fantastic example of the item, with fascinating design details and perfect ideas for functionality. The bottle has something like 10 drinks left. The champagne can be drunk, which temporarily makes your character glow with the same colour as the rarity of the Champagne. It was given to premium players as a 10 Year Anniversary gift. Starting bid: 5s Min increase: 50c Private bids: No. Snipe Protection: 1 hour
  4. Hello, I have a one-of-a-kind Fantastic Glimmersteel lump that is 89.94 QL. I was curious how much will this be worth. Would say this could potentially be the only one in Wurm atm(Maybe :P) Please give me a Price Check on it, Thanks. Will sell if the price is right! PS, I've been told the statistics for a Fantastic lump is quite neat Notes below is from what I've heard. Fantastic Lump chance is 1/27,000 to obtain, and it's Glimmersteel. Imping with a Fantastic Lump gives 1/100 chance to make an item go Fantastic by transfer. -SomebodyX
  5. Wanting to sell a fantastic long bow! Blank bow with crap QL, but hey! its fantastic! Im looking to get around 2-4g worth for the item, accepting dragon/drake armours, silvers etc! Be creative, just dont get trolling, trolls smells bad and are disliked No paypal offers!! Why ? i have trust issues Mostly wanting lots of silvers but accepting various offers!
  6. As the title say WTS, send me an price in-game or private message her on the forum. Ingame: name Nachtiti or Voorheezz Black drake Leather armor QL80 with Cap SOLD If you wonder how it looks, i send a link from wurmpedia hole set is Black Drake Hide jacket , Leather QL80 Black Drake Hide Cap, Leather QL80 Black Drake Hide sleeve, Leather Ql 80 Black Drake Hide sleeve, Leather QL80 Black Drake Hide Gloves, Leather QL80 Black Drake Hide Gloves, Leather QL80 Black Drake Hide Boot, Leather QL80 Black Drake Hide Boot, Leather QL80 Black Drake Hide Pants, Leather QL80 Fantastic Knapsack Tin SOLD rare Knapsack cherrywood SOLD 3X Spyglass 17x Sleeping powder SOLD to platinumteef 49x Yellow Potion rare Large Padlock, Iron Ql 16.41 SOLD Rare Twenty Coin, copper QL70

    Your bidding on An Fantastic Knapsack, Tin @ 99.99 QL Starting Bid: 25s Min Increments: 1s Reserve 30s Buyout : 50s Snipe Protection: 1 Hour
  8. WTA Fantastic Plank

    [11:59:10] A three steps long wooden plank that could be used to build something. This is a fantastic example of the item, with fascinating design details and perfect ideas for functionality. It is made from maplewood. Starting Bid: 1s Min Increment: 10c Reserve: None Snipe Protection: 1 hour Free delivery to any coastal deed/area on freedom.
  9. I can't see the rare glimmer of objects. I can read the "rare" prefix on items in and out of inventory, but their models do not glimmer and shine like they used to. I'm pretty sure they stopped after the ".wom" file change, but I never found a fix. Is there a setting I can change that affects the shine quality of rares?
  10. Fantastic copper 5 coin [20:22:02] A round copper coin with five crowns on it. This is a fantastic example of the item, with fascinating design details and perfect ideas for functionality. Starting Bid: 10s Min Increase: 1s Reserve: None Snipe Protection: 1 Hour
  11. Fantastic Iron Lamp - 60ql

    5 day auction Starting bid: 75 silver. EEBuy out: 2 gold. Min increase: 1 silver. Sniper Protection: 1 hour. First auction, please be patient with corrections. Edit: Xanadu, Summerholt, pick up only

    I have one 43 QL Fantastic Rock Shard to auction, it is one of a kind, on the ground it glows golden! Starting bid 2s No buyout, this is a auction 1 hour sniper protection, meaning bidding continues for one hour if someone bids at the last hour, until an hour passes from last bid.
  13. WTB Clay & Bricks

    I am looking for rare, supreme, or fantastic Clay and bricks. Comment below or pm me with prices and ql and rarity. Thanks sooo much!
  14. Fantastic Pick Auction

    I would like to auction off my Fantastic Pick i got around a year ago. I know that there are only a few of these in the game. It is blank so any one can try their luck to cast what ever they want on it. Starting bid is 1 Gold or value 1s/1e 7days from post Auction ENDS. 3h snipe protection for ACTIVE bidders at end to avoid sniping. NO private bids, but private Buyout Offers are allowed. note: preferred currency is USD where i got it from currency converter I use
  15. PC Fantastic Longsword

    Hey I just got my first Fantastic. I want to use it for now as it makes me smile alot but I'm just curious to see offers/PC.
  16. Fantastic one of a kind item!

    Today, I bring to you a one of a kind item. Yes, you hear right. Not everyone has one of these in their collection. By buying one of these, you'll fulfill your dreams and make your inventory pretty. This wonderful artifact doesn't come out of nowhere. It was created on the ever lasting Chaos server, by the finest of people living in a neat fortress called Ravenholm. The bidding will begin at: 1s You will have to increase it by: 35c You may offer a buyout. You may not. Snipers will have to wait: 1 hour. But now let's get serious:
  17. RARE BSB

    What do rare BSB's do besides decay slower? Not really a big deal to make one, more of a novelty and a pain just like rare sand or rock shards except who wants to sacrifice a rare BSB after putting all that creation effort into it? Maybe nice to display, but probably not as nice to decorate with as say a flag or statue of a horse . . . I recommend that Rare BSB's be able to hold rare resources - rare clay, rare logs etc - nothing that you couldn't put in a normal BSB only it has to be rare to go in it. If co-mingling of regular items is a coding issue then don't let it be able to hold regular items. Similarly a Supreme or Fantastic BSB would hold Supreme or Fantastic items respectively.
  18. Rare Steel Breastplate

    WTB Rare Steel Breastplate 80+ QL preferred but any QL will work... pm Vortexxx in game. PURCHASED
  19. Still looking, any ql, with or without enchants...please pm me!
  20. I've been saving my rare arrows... They are maplewood so they take less damage and are less likely to break. Starting bid: 10s bid inc: 1s buyout: pm me
  21. I made something fantastic

    Almost fell out of my chair. This is my first fantastic item and it's only semi-useless. What should I do with it?
  22. WTB rare bridle, saddle, horse shoes. Or of course, supreme, or of course fantastic. PM me with your products and prices please. Thanks!!
  23. PC Fantastic pickaxe

    Moved to auction:
  24. WTB supreme rowboat

    Offering very good price please pm me if you have one you may want to part with for the right price. Thanks!