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Found 9 results

  1. I went through and branded all of my sheep so I could name them, then started naming them with manage animal. I noticed that after hitting apply changes, a large number of them got the fluffier texture (literally watched it happen over and over the moment I hit apply changes). It did not happen every time. I had a halter rope equipped. I noticed it more on white sheep than black, both rams and sheep, varying ages but primarily mature, aged, and old. I realize it's not a huge issue, but seeing the AH gain and wool from shearing, I don't want to further test and be accused of exploiting.
  2. While a kingdom member and I were at an enemy deed, we were blocking the enemy player from catapulting outside their mine by having them targetted. Said mine was on their deed, with a mine door. They tried something new, by having one account drag the catapult out of the mine, and a second account walking out and firing it (I'm assuming it was winched inside the mine). This worked the first few times, as I had the player dragging the catapult targetted and they could not fire while I did so. I had my kingdom member come up and target the one that was firing it after it was dragged out, and for a short time that stopped the catapult, since both were in combat when they stepped out. Seems the next thing that was either tried, or happened by coincidence, is the one to fire the catapult stepped back into the mine and it was fired when they broke combat with my friend. This worked several times, and I talked with the enemy players in local that I believed this was an exploit being used, and they agreed it likely was. They said they put in a ticket, and I imagine they were told to post here. I'm not trying to get anyone in trouble, I just want to make sure this gets fixed, or we are told that it's fine to catapult from mines. I did not want to make a forum post at all, since I believe it's an exploit, but I was informed myself several times to make it a forum post, so here it is. In addition, the player firing was an ally of the deed, not a member, so when the templars we killed respawned, he became kos'd to the deed as well. I don't know for sure if a villager with the right permissions would have become kos'd from this, as I'm not really interested in testing it from our deeds, tbh.
  3. TL;DR version first: candelabras can be heated in any heat source that they fit in until they read as lit, then planted hot and they stay lit forever without ever using candles Specifics: I made 2 copper candelabras and noticed that when hot in the forge for imping they read as "lit" but if I pulled both out of the forge (for tempering) they instantly cooled and snuffed automatically. but when I pulled only one out it stayed hot and lit. I was able to run one of them from the forge to its destination and plant it before it cooled or snuffed. the second one was out too quickly when i ran it there so to further test this I lit a campfire outside the building it was going in. threw the candelabra in there and waited for it to light. again it worked and I was able to pull it hot and lit from the camp fire and plant it in the building. they've both been lit and burning no problem now without ever having seen a candle, just straight from copper lump to planted and staying lit. Kaide, Pristine
  4. So not too long ago a player managed to jump through the epic portal and land in chaos still bearing the rome kingdom flag. This person then proceeded to create nifty banners to sell on freedom. I want to get my alt into this fictional kingdom so I too can reap the profits from selling special banners. If this was done by a bug or exploit I feel the banners should not exist on chaos or freedom, there is no other incident where this has happened before, that I am aware of. This is no different than removing fountain pans from the game, or those fancy casted weapons for that matter, as those items were created due to a bug and were thus removed do to being a bugged item.
  5. Situation: Targeting, killing, and then burying a tower guard on a PvE server. Expected behavior: Negative alignment for murdering a dude to offset the positive alignment from burying a dude, or possibly no alignment for burying a dude you had just murdered. Actual behavior: Killing guards does not get you negative alignment(!!!), but burying one gives you +2 positive alignment, so the character gets a pretty nice alignment boost in exchange for murdering someone and disposing of the corpse. Suggested fix: Negative alignment for killing same-kingdom tower guards. I'm posting this in bug reports because it seems like unintended and exploit-like behavior that you can get alignment with a white light god by murdering someone. I have no idea how much this applies to PvP servers.
  6. with under 20str you cant dig on/adjacent to roads, yet attempting to still runs the action timer, and gives all the skillgains.. body, bodystrength, bodystamina, mind, mindlogic, digging, misc items, shovel ...exploit? I cant see that there are that many benefits apart from not having to drop the dirt, which is annoying and marginally time consuming. but is does allow someone with a keybind to hammer away on the keyboard every 10-15 seconds while doing something else. it's a quick way to get you to the skills needed to be a follower, or to 20str for griefing pavement, and of course because roads are often flat and level you can get a decent headstart on the digging skill without the hassle of the slopes being too steep to dig. over all i know it's not a major exploit, so may not even need rectifying, that's your call not mine.
  7. Last night there was a post about a possible exploit that was being used when raiding a deed that made it imposable to repair or even shoot a bow on their deed I guess. Well I come online this morning and went and looked to see the outcome and it is gone now not like the post was locked it was deleted all together or moved to a privet forums section. What is the deal with that? Why was it removed? It was in the server bug list but I can not find it at all now. Does this happen a lot? I know I have seen people talk about it before but it is the first time I have seen it first hand. Are there people protecting the exploits from being fixed so they can use them for their own gain? The post sid that a GM was one of the people there using the possible exploit to keep them form fighting back or repairing the structures so they can get in to raid. Is it the same GM that is covering up things? Idk..just seems odd to me know even more then it was before.
  8. Hello! I yesterday created a Tall Stone Wall on 18slope (on hill, onto grass tile border). I built it next to Maple Tree (as seen on picture). When I went against Maple Tree and Tall Stone Wall I got into the Tall Stone Wall, very easily. If someone would do more research about it I'm sure it could be used as exploit to get onto other peoples land what is surrounded by Tall Stone Walls and are on slopes and next to trees. It should be fixed - it happens on every time I try to do it. Picture: Note: I haven't found yet way to get out on other side but I'm sure it's possible. Regards, Tambre (Release).
  9. Hi, I just noticed this interesting error message on wurm console. This may means my client is not clean from blackhole even after reinstalling?