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Found 33 results

  1. Ok this is simple lets have a vote on does wurm need to change. Yes or No
  2. Originally I had only planned to ask a few people here and there in-game about the topic at hand, however that wouldn't be fair to anyone else who has an opinion or a suggestion and would like to contribute. I intend this thread only to be as a check-in for those of you in the community who wish to talk seriously about the game economy. I do not intend this thread to be a place to debate opinions and facts. This thread is intended to remain friendly and free of bias. This thread should remain clean and void of any aggression or derailment. Following these guidelines, if you'd like to be part of a private group discussion concerning the current economy in Wurm, please leave a post here saying "Add me" All of those who ask to be added to the discussion will be added to a message group. Any of those who don't care to talk about the topic can pass this thread and move along. See you all during the discussion! As a reminder, please only respond to this thread by asking to be added to the personal-message-discussion. If the message group fills up (and it should) we will either start several message groups over the topic or use an outside source to host the conversation.
  3. I'll start with criticism, remember i don't want to insult anybody this is just my point of view. PROBLEMS: Despite the potential of game and the possiblities it offers, servers i've seen are like big ghost towns, Maybe i will give some examples: We have tons of houses with beds that stays empty and owner use them for hour per week - but finding a bed for rent is like win in lottery. We have maaany ports and ships built - but no organized naval transport. The devs give us possibility of using carts for transport - but there is no possibility to transport your goods from point A to B, other than pulling your cart by yourself. ( transport service is perfectly possible with game engine but still nobody offers it) Allmost all settlements have access to mine - but there is no chance you could buy iron from them. There is tons of farms but still its almost impossible to buy food anywhere. There are many skilled players who working together would create marvelous items, but since trade is rare and settlements are sooo dispersed (and sparsly inhabited) the chance you meet somone helpfull are small This situation is basically against any economic rules - its just waste of space resources and time. Despite of tons developed settlements each and every new player start as poor beggar and has to walk the same boring path as everyone else before in aim to be self-sufficient (which is imho to large extent waste of time). If you don't belong to settlement there is no way you can interact with them - this makes gameworld one big uncivlised graveyard. What is the point of creating a new settlement which does exactly the same thing as every settlement before it? The things would SOOOO much easier especially for new players if there would be some real trade. Why all the settlements are closed enclaves which doesn't provide outside world with any usefull goods or services? I don't know the answer maybe the rest of players like that situation - not me. SOLUTION So i propose an idea to solve it: "Open Economy Project" The aim of project is to create a set of basic services for all players of Desortion server. Something that will resemble real medieval economy. Our aim is not to build new things but use modified existing infrastructure to provide services. Transporting network - renting a carts and boats, for travelling from post/port A to post/port B. Mines - with all needed eqipment to start mining, well lit and eventually guarded. Charcal stations - for fueling blacksmiths Workshops and blacksmiths - for basic tool creation. Inns - with beds for rent an kitchens for hungry travellers, The locations of all of those will be known to everyone even to raiders (they also form player community). All elements of OEP will be connected by trade network and will exchange goods between them (thats the point). Every player will be able to: buy goods from OEP for fair price or get them as reward for work some of OEP venture or just take them for free if the good is not that valuable The aim of project its to provide player community with the greatest amount of goods and tools using the minimal possible amount of resources and buildings. Well i will start with mine as I think it will be the most useful for new players If anybody is interested in helping the project pm me: my ingame nick is Petre. I will report about the progress (if there will be any) in this thread.
  4. One of my biggest problems with Wurm is: there is absolutely no economy whatsoever. The biggest perk of the game is that you can be anything and do anything. But nothing really sells, because everyone can make it. So, I suggest introducing resources that are unique to a certain server. For example, Adamantium veins on Deliverance, Dragon Scales (only an example) on Exodus, etc, etc. People would either have to travel servers to mine it themselves, if they could find a mine that hasn't been claimed, or would have to buy from someone who owns a deeded mine area, etc. I don't think existing ores should be taken off servers, but maybe add some.
  5. Problem #1 (NPC traders): Publicly accessible traders are difficult to find any more. When you do find one, it has no money and requires exact change to trade. Traders in this state won't allow a trade unless change is exact. Solution: Add a "keep the change" checkbox to the trading dialog. If I want to trade 11 iron worth of cotton for a 10 iron spindle that the trader has, I should be allowed to. Problem #2 (NPC merchants): Although their new models are great, merchants largely all look the same and it's miserable trying to find one that's well stocked, never knowing which have been abandoned. Solution: The merchant should vanish or somehow visually "close shop" when they are empty/abandoned/poorly updated/poorly stocked. Problem #3 (NPC merchants): Areas with many merchants (freedom market, etc.) or poorly located merchants waste a lot of players' time to locate what they are looking to buy. Solution: Merchants could be linked within a 20 tile radius so in places where there are dozens of them the player doesn't have spend all day locating them all and going back and forth trying to compare prices. A column could be shown in the merchant's interface identifying the name of the merchant the particular goods are on (so the seller still gets represented to the buyer). Solution2: A different spin on this is that the merchant interface becomes available to players within a certain distance of a merchant. Essentially you could ride into the center of town and launch the interface via a button on your screen, it would let you cycle through the wares of nearby merchants, buy what you want, and ride off into the sunset. Problem #4 (NPC traders): All traders in my area are inaccessible to the public. Solution: Traders should be publicly accessible. See Problem #3 Solution#2 - allow a GUI-accessible interface to become available whenever the player is within a certain distance of a trader.
  6. Hi! So, I have been playing Wurm for quite a while now and I've learned a lot about many parts of it, but one thing that has always completely escaped me is trade, merchants, and the economy. I have heard a lot of people say there is an economy out there and things can be made and bartered or sold, but I just have never been able to have any luck at it. Whenever I have tried asking around everyone seems to be completely self sufficient and to not really need anything. I would love to be able to find something to produce that is needed and put the work in to become very good at it, I just can't seem to figure out what my options are. I also seem to be having a really hard time understanding how the merchant system works. Probably the biggest thing that gives me trouble though is that even if I do find someone interested in something I can make, I have absolutely no idea how to price things fairly. I have heard a lot of people talk about 1 silver for 1,000 actions. That's fine for things like stone and dirt, but I'm completely at a loss for things like horses, charcoal/steel, weapons, tools, boats, etc. If anyone has any advice or links to recent (or timeless) blogs/guildes I might not have seen yet, I would really appreciate it. What I would really love is if someone would be willing to take a little time and chat with me about it and help me answer some of my questions. I am located on epic. Thank you! ~Bree
  7. Yunia's thread on optional starter packs and the ensuing discussion set me to thinking about a couple of things. 1) The current starter equipment is a pretty good selection for a generalist, everyone's got a different play-style and different in-game goals, and some items may not be used much if at all in the first couple of in-game weeks. 2) It's currently really, really hard to get rid of middling-quality tools and other items because the absolute beginners who might have some use for them don't have any money; by the time you get your hands on any coin (or decide to go premium) you've probably skilled up past the point where a 8-12ql mallet or pickaxe is any good to you, even at a handful of iron. So, why not solve both these problems by letting newcomers select their starting equipment from Wurm's economy? The way I would go about doing this is as follows. On completing the tutorial, every player receives a non-transferable voucher for... well, whatever the current starter equipment would cost on the open market I guess; three to five copper, I think? When purchased with a voucher, this equipment cannot then be sold or traded to another player; the in-game description could mention something about it having the owner's name carved deeply into it or painted on with tar or something. Improving it by a lot, ie at least fifteen levels or so, would be the only way to remove this restriction.
  8. This one is for the devs, via MIT Technology Review. Article on autocatalytic sets: http://www.technolog...origin-of-life/