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Found 61 results

  1. As the title says, I would prefer delivery unless it can be CoD(i do not think it can). But I can arrange a pick up. Pm me prices or list prices below either is fine with me. also List your QL higher the better.
  2. Need 10kg Black 50+ql, Need 10kg Blue 50+ql, Need 10kg Pink pm me in game or on here
  3. One thing that i've wondered, how do you make different dye colors. I know using, and Dye's RGB values can be changed using the base material. Lower ql base material lowers RGB values Higher ql base material hightens RGB values To change the red value use a cochineal To change the green value use a copper lump To change the blue value use woad Do I start with a low ql black? say 20 something, and then add higher ql Red/Green to get yellow? I have discussed this with some, but I'm looking for numbers here, what skills people had for what ql, produced what numbers,
  4. So I have been playing around with paint a little bit and it is very difficult to get a color that you want because of the quality issue of the ingredients. Also, it is difficult to repeat a desired color. So it got me thinking about how to accomplish this. Suggestion: As your Alchemy/Natural Substances Skill increases, you should get a color pallet slider tool that allows you to pick the desired color that you want, from the type of ingredients you are working with. So say at 20 Alchemy the slider is available but your color spectrum range is very narrow. As your skill increase, the color scale widens so you have a broader range to choose. Any thoughts on this? I think it would make the Wurm world like a lot nicer, and also make Paint a better market product to sell as well. Shunt
  5. Cloth Barding should be a means to decorate ones horse without a speed penalty. When visible armour comes out, I'm hoping that you'll be able to at least dye the barding different colours, with a possible further enhancement of being able to make Kingdom-themed bardings. In another game I used to play, everyone from my group would use blue barding so we could easily identify who was who without having to worry about shooting or killing a horse that was actually ours. I think if this were to be implemented alongside of Kingdom styled cloth barding, it would allow for a more user-friendly experience, as well as eye candy. How can a red and black cloth barding not look nice on a black horse? An image below is kind of what I'm looking towards seeing, but perhaps without the head-guard. This kind of barding should have little to no impact at all on a horse's speed to allow for use on Freedom without complaints. Perhaps armour like the above could be customized by changing the emblems on parts of the armour, or having a different base colour per Kingdom. Mol-Rehan would get a red, black, and yellow barding (fire based) of some sorts while Jenn-Kellon's barding would be more geared towards a blue and green colour (water and landscape based). HoTS's barding would be primarily black. What are your opinions on the matter?
  6. It would be nice if we had a way to paint items using multiple colors for different parts. I envision basically that large objects be divided up internally in such a way that different pre-defined sections can be dyed different colors. As an example, I will use a cog. To paint part of the Cog, you activate your dye of choice, right click the cog, and move to the "Paint >" option, which opens another menu with the different pre-defined sections that can be painted. The cog could be broken down into: Upper Hull Lower Hull Railing Mast Sail Crow's Nest Other large paintable items would have their own defined sections. For instance a large cart might be able to have the wheels and the cart body painted separately. Smaller objects would most likely just be a single paintable object, unless some kind of decision made sense to the art team.
  7. Offering 300x 20.79 QL cochineals for 1 silver. These can be used to make red dye (R=175, G=80, B=80) or mix into existing dyes to gradually increase the red tint. Pick up at 51x 33y Independence.
  8. Needful Things is located in stall 32 right off the docks in Amish Paradise! Freshly stocked up with 40ql lanterns dyed with 40ql+ dye, 15c each! Undyed 10c Bedsheets and satchels for 3c each, and lots of cheap pelts and gems, come check us out!
  9. Wtb Orange Dye

    Looking for 1-2 kg of orange dye, around 50 or so ql. I'm on Exo so pick up from Deli or Cele is preferred, but if needed I may be able to pay shipping fees from Indy. Leave a message here or PM me, or find me in-game as Moxie. <3
  10. Dyes: 1. Make dye accessible through gathering the variety of flowers we are supplied with in game. This would give gardening much more meaning. It would open up the possibility of grinding up just one skill that would give us the raw materials for creation rather than butchering, mining, foraging/botanizing, and would give more reliable quality levels than hunting for that elusive 80+ zinc vein. 2. Make the flowers that dye would be derived from grow and reproduce just the same as reed and grass tiles to make skilling a little easier AND to keep things realistic. 3. Making dye available through flowers would open up the possibility of new and lighter tinted colors since we already have purple, pink, white, blue, and yellow flowers available. 4. Just to keep things a little closer to realistic, creating dyes from flowers should probably be done through a specific dye-making skill. This would both open up a new trade between players and crafting dyes is not quite the same as creating healing items. Natural dyes are still made today from a variety of flowers and have been made from flowers for centuries, so for those seeking authenticity in Wurm, this idea holds that too. Wreaths and Garlands: On the line of thought that while we do have a few ways to make our deeds and homes our own through statues, dyes, and even snowmen, wreaths and garlands would add in another stationary, festive, individual decoration. These too should be made from the flowers already supplied in game. Flower tiles at full height should yield a number based off of gardening skill. Garlands and wreaths should take a specific number of flowers per item, with a finalized ql and decay rate. As a suggestion, garlands should be able to be applied to walls and gates, wreaths to statues and house walls? Types of flowers making a difference in the look of garlands and wreaths would also be nice (blue and yellow, pink and white, etc).
  11. can we get a new pottery item that holds 1.0kg of fluid please? pain in the tuckus to keep using a flask to fill the jar to 1.0kg all the time.