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Found 320 results

  1. All of the following items are for sale :- To be auctioned for Euro black drake +ASOP ~80E green drake (no cap) ~75E Green Dragon skull ~30E Farwalker Amulet (56ql) ~56E Farwalker Amulet (70ql) ~70E Bag of Keeping ~100E Seryll lumps (5x 80ql, 3x 90ql, 5x 93+ql) ~ 40E To be sold Individually (euro prefered) Seryll plate sabaton 30ql ~ 3E plate leggings 30ql ~ 3E (sold) plate leggings 90ql ~ 5E plate gauntlet 30ql (x2) ~ 3E open helm 30ql ~ 3E open helm 90ql ~ 5E great helm 30ql ~ 3E chain jacket 90ql ~ 5E Green drake Hide ~ 1E Soft cap ~2E Gnome x4 ~4E (each) Fireworks x4 ~3E (each) Easter Egg x2 ~2E (each) Snow lantern ~5E Small magical chest ~20E Transmutation Fluid x2 ~5E (each) SpyGlass (sold) Hand mirror ~1E Scuplting wand (60charge) ~25E Scuplting wand (23charge) ~10E Scuplting wand (1charge) (sold) Rod of transmutation x3 ~ 30E (each) Images Item 1 - Black Drake with AoSP Item 2 - Green Drake (no cap) Item 3 - Seryll Miscellaneouse Items
  2. Ends in Three days. Buyer pays COD from chaos server. Will accept silver or euro as currency with 1s=1e. Private bids accepted. Opening bid:75s Reserve: None Sniper Protection: 1 Hour Min Increasement: 1s Buyout: 130s/e EDIT: Forgot to add the picture!
  3. WTS white drake armor set: Price: 95s (I can only take silver, not euro/usd) Send me a PM here or in game.
  4. Hey all! It's news time once more! But before we begin... I have to tell you about a little investigation I conducted. Every week, developers are sent an e-mail asking them if they've got anything to share with players for the week. Normally, almost all devs e-mail back with a week's hard work and things to show off... but for over a month now, certain devs haven't said anything at all! I'm a volunteer not based in the Motala office, so I can't walk over to their computer and look over their shoulder to figure out what they're up to. Are they wasting time with confused verbs and playing Wurm at work instead of developing Wurm at work, or is there something secret going on? I had to talk to a contact on the inside. The contact couldn't say much, but apprently, a few devs have been working on "something big" for a few weeks now already. We don't know what it is, or why they're working on it... will Code Club AB soon become a political party in Sweden? Or, back in-game, is Wurm finally going to get the rainbow-coloured unicorns it has needed so desperately for years? All we know is that they're busy, and might have some information to share within the next few weeks! A while ago, we mentioned that we'd focus on bigger features come fall. Well, the leaves are falling; we're now in a bit of a transition phase between a summer of little things and the coming months which will focus on bigger stuff. Keep an eye out for news posts, we'll be elaborating on our next big plans for the game! But don't forget that bugfixing never really ends too, and things like client engine upgrades that we're currently working on (and haven't discussed much) ought to help to improve things further. The Week In Patch Notes There were a few small fixes and additions this week, the most notable of which is the new trade chat. The dedicated trade chat window ought to help clear up other channels while also enhancing trade. 07/09/15 Fighting creatures on another floor level is now blocked inside structures and on bridges due to a blocking glitch which occurred in certain circumstances.The time stamp which was set when dechamping that blocked changing religion was removed.08/09/15Fix so Rams can breed.Added Trade tab.Added kingdom chat hide/show to profile.Added global kingdom chat hide/show to profile.Added Corpse Loot options to profile. New Scale and Drake Sets Hit the Catwalk The new dragon armour variants were recently spotted at an exclusive fashion show on the test server. Although they're already in-game, we haven't shown you what they look like until now - thanks to Saroman for making these pictures for us! The new sets look awesome. DeedPlanner Although it's a community project, we'd like to start featuring more on Warlander's DeedPlanner tool. As far as I know, it's intended that it'll remain as an open-source community project; and development on the tool has recently been ramped up (bridge reference not intended) ahead of the release of the in-game village plan viewer & exporter, and to also add bridges to the tool. Last week, Warlander told me that bridges would take "quite a while" to add to DeedPlanner. Look below, and tell me if you agree that he was lying! You can find out more about DeedPlanner here. Planning a bridge: The bridge displayed in the program: Screenshot of the Week This week's screenshot comes from Huntar. A perfectly timed rainbow complements the quaint deed in the picture. That concludes this week's news! It was a little shorter than normal, and future news posts probably will be until we do a bumper issue on the big stuff devs will be working on for the months to come.
  5. Hey Everyone! This week, devs have continued working on a variety of things. There's less to show this week as most of it was behind the scenes, including some code cleanup and management improvements to the server code, and we hence didn't roll out any client patches this week. Before you read this week's first article, we also have to warn you that this weeks' news may spontaneously combust and/or be quite warm. New Dragon & Drake Types In light of the success of semi-recent changes to unique spawning (meaning that new uniques spawn on all servers at regular intervals, with reduced drops) we've decided to expand the functionality of dragons and drakes. There will be a red, black, white, green and a new blue version of both drakes and dragons, each with their own drake or scale type of armour material drop. It'll be quite the challenge at first to make one of the new armour sets with how small the drops are, but we hope it'll be one that adds both more variety to armour and more late-game things to try and do. Steel Items Looks This week, the art team have also been working on giving steel items and armour their own look. The darker tint in the screenshot below shows what we're going for, and will eventually end up on most steel items ranging from horse armour to plate armour, differentiating the stronger metal from its iron counterpart. Village Planner Progress Last week we told you about the new village plan export system that we're working on, that will allow you to export a plan of a deed to a 3rd party planning program like Warlander's Deed Planner 2. It's looking good, and below is a picture of a Wurmian hillside that was successfully exported from the game to the program, with 3D terrain and trees! Eventually, it will even export all floors and design features of buildings. Permissions Tich is still working away on her permissions overhaul, and this week asked for feedback on the permissions associated with vehicles. Screenshot of the Week This week's screenshot is of Devily's Wyvern Castle. We love its design and how it's nestled away in a secret-looking valley! That concludes this week's news. I would stay to chat, but I'm really worried that the new blue dragon is going to take advantage of what's a very rare summer's day here in the UK and swoop from the sky with its camoflage to steal my cheese. No chance! *scurries away to hide all the cheddar*
  6. WTB Drake Set, paying $ to verified paypal.
  7. Not sure if I should start the topic on WTB or WTS forums, but I have 3 satchels full of gems(total 8712.6ql of mostly 10+ql gems), which I would like to trade for drake set (with cap). Armor quality is not important, can be even at creation quality. Black/white would be preferred, but that is not dealbreaking, when it isn't. Considering also purchase offers for the gems, although trade is preferred. Bag 1 = 2046.59ql Bag 2 = 3801.53ql Bag 3 = 2864.48ql ----------------- Total = 8712.6 ql
  8. Dragon Hide Armour Sets: We sell custom-made drake sets for 120s each. You can choose the colour you prefer, and your set will be made just for you - no second hand clothing here! The armour set can be improved to 90 ql and enchanted with 70+ AoSP on every piece for free. Armour sets are sold for 120s per set and do not include the headpiece. The headpiece can be bought together with a set for a discounted 12s. Wonder what the colours on drake hide armour look like? Blown up a glove while casting? Can't find your pants back? Perhaps going with one colour is too boring and you want your armour in multiple colours! We sell individual drake hide armour pieces! Check the spoiler below for pricing: Drake Glove - 10s Drake Sleeve - 15s Drake Boot - 17.5s Drake Jacket - 30s Drake Pants - 25s Drake Cap - 15s Defeat and behead all thyne foes! Lifetransfer, Venom, Rotting Touch and other weapons: Custom Weapon Enchants Rare, supreme or other special weapons sometimes call for custom enchantments. We offer to enchant weapons with Fo and Vynora spells for set prices. Availability is limited, so please message Alyeska before sending your weapons. Enchants are classed and priced into two categories; Exclusive and Common. You may order enchants starting at 70 power and above. We only enchant weapons and high value armour, not tools! Exclusive class enchantments: Life transfer, Mindstealer, Venom 70-79 power - 3s 80-89 power - 4s 90+ power - 5s Common class enchantments: WoA, CoC, Nimbleness, AoSP, Frostbrand 70-79 power - 1,5s 80-89 power - 2s 90+ power - 2,5s You order your cast in the price category you desire, and that is the set price. I you order a 70-79 power enchant and the cast comes out higher, you don't need to pay extra. Dragon Armour Improvement Services: Drake Armour Improving - (Set by Set basis. For piece by piece, please leave a message.) 00QL -> 70QL: 1s 70QL -> 80QL: 2s 80QL -> 85QL: 1s 85QL -> 90QL: 2s 90QL -> 95QL: Pm me! Discounted price for imping from 00QL to 90QL: 5s Scale Armour Improving - (Set by Set basis. For piece by piece, please leave a message.) 00QL -> 70QL: 2s 70QL -> 80QL: 3s 80QL -> 85QL: 2s 85QL -> 90QL: 5s 90QL -> 95QL: Pm me! Leather, Plate, and Chainsmithing. Armour sets and Improvement Services: Leather Armour Improving - (Set by Set basis. For piece by piece, please leave a message.) 00QL -> 70QL: 1s 70QL -> 80QL: 2s 80QL -> 85QL: 1s 85QL -> 90QL: 2s 90QL -> 95QL: 4s Discounted price for imping from 00QL to 90QL: 5s Chain Armour sets: Butchering Services and Butchered Products: We sell 100ql butchered items. Pelts, cochineal, furs, hides and anything else you may be looking for. 100 ql pelts cost 75c each and we have dozens in stock, so order one today! Send us a message for more information about other butchered products. You can also hire me as a personal butcher for any livestock, uniques or other animals that need processing. We have over 90 butchering skill and use a 98.5 ql supreme knife to guarantee the best outcome possible. Send Alyeska a PM for more information! Special Offers! Get 'em while they last: Enchanted tools, rares, and oddities: We are currently working on getting some new odds and ends for this section. Stay tuned! Mailing with a 1 minute delivery time is standard for all mailable items unless otherwise requested. Please add a 10c mailing fee per item for the Independence server, and a 20c mailing fee for other servers. Non-mailable items may be picked up at my deed, Muspellsheimr Kastali. It is found at 8x 55y on the community map, 9R ingame, or see the map below. Delivery is an option for orders 10s and above, pricing negotiable. Is my order done yet?? Check here for status on existing orders and requests! (opens a .pdf file)
  9. so, this is my new armor compilation Seryll plate Helm Chest Gloves Boots Drake Skin Sleeves Pants all at minimum 70+ with AOSP
  10. I have all three colors to choose from. Jacket - 24s pants - 20s shoe - 16s hat - 12s sleeve - 12s glove - 9s Imped to 80 QL or left at low QL if you want the imping experience. I expect about 90 hat orders, once i post this, lol. PM me your order, specify low QL or 80 QL and who to COD it to. If you are traveling between servers, let me know so we can coordinate for a time to mail, when you are NOT traveling. COD has some bugs when the recipient is crossing servers, or so I have been told by GMs in the past. Thank you!
  11. Looking to get 1 gold. chest has 89a rest has above 90a + enchants
  12. This auction is part of a series of auctions for charity. Please read the following thread for more details: Up for auction is an 85-90QL White Drake Set w/ Cap. There is no signature on this Drake Set. It will be replaced by whoever examines it in their inventory. Auction ends Saturday, August 1st, at 14:00 Central US. Starting Bid: 60s Minimum Increment: 1s Buyout: Public Offers Considered No Reserve, No Private Bidding 1hr Sniper Protection Will be CoD'ed from Independence
  13. As the title says I am looking for all Drake leather pieces/scraps! Pm me here or ingame to work out the details. Regards, -=Jakeii=-
  14. Want to sell, Red dragon skull. 62ql 10s thanks.
  15. Hello. I am looking to buy A white drake cap to match my white drake set. Please post below or PM me ingame if you have one. Thanks, Crusty
  16. Found what I needed. Thank you!
  17. Auctioning Black drake set with rare chest, AND Seryll Great Helm All the stuff has been enchanted with Web Armour. Starting bid for drake set: 110 silver/euro Minimum increment: 1 silver/euro Buyout: PM offer Snipe Protection: 2 Hours Starting bid for seryll great helm: 8 silver/euro Minimum increment: 1silver/euro Buyout: PM offer Snipe protection: 2 Hours
  18. Imped to QL 80. No enchants and never been worn. Cut from the hide of an old timer about a week ago. Here is a link to see what it looks like equipped. http://forum.wurmonl...gon-armor-pics/ Available: 1 full green set with hat + a spare green hat Price: 100s/e set with hat. 90s/e without hat 12s for just the hat
  19. These are imped to QL 80. No enchants and never been worn. Cut from the hide of an old timer a couple days ago. Here is a link to see what it looks like equipped. Available: 2 full green sets with hat & 1 white without hat. Price: 100s/e each with hat. 90s/e without. Also have a spare black hat for 12s, or you can add to the white above for a complete set at 100s
  20. Just thought I'd post this, as I was unable to find Kegan's nice modeling from about a year or so ago, but then I'm not great at searching I think. Had some people recently ask me what the armors look like, so made up some sets and put on a couple alts.