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Found 320 results

  1. Hello, Would like to buy drake hide. Send me pm what you got Buying any color you have, even without color dont care if you have only 0.01 - just let me know
  2. Looking for 80 silver.
  3. WTB black drake set without cap Write me offer (ql, enchant) and prices here or ingame (Pepejot).
  4. Everything pictured for sale. EUROS PREFERRED as I am attempting to get away from the game, but will accept silver at 1s/1€ ratio for smaller items. No trades. Prices listed in red in picture. Prices are not firm, feel free to make offers. Lowballers will simply be ignored. Some additional information; I have confirmed the 1.5KG Hatchet does NOT fit inside a regular BOK, might still fit in an MBOK (untested) UPDATE: Drake set and Rare Large Anvil sold.
  5. Looking to pick up a blue drake set, any ql, any/no chants, no cap. ...or enough hide (any color) to put one together. Can pay in silver or euro, PST
  6. Looking for a drake set, no cap needed any quality or color. Message me with price the quality and the color.
  7. Hi am looking for a blue or a black drake armor without the cap. The ql dosent matter bur the lower the better. Willing to pay 80-85 s for it. PM me what u have.
  8. No, this does not endorse being able to armor dragons... though, that would be fun Rather being able to craft horse barding out of dragon scales and drake. Perhaps even some functionality for recycling scales and hide from existing dragon armor. Granted some mounts are powerful enough they don't need such an armor boost. For those people who have found themselves with a vast surplus of dragon armors.
  9. I just want what i paid for it.. 13 silvers will do it.. please let me know if interested.. thanks.
  10. Looking to spend around 80s for set (including the helm), but price can be negotiable. PM me with what you have please.
  11. Hiho, i'm looking for a drake hide set. PM me with offers and details. Cap isn't really needed but i would take one with a cap too. Preferably green or black, but will consider other colors aswell. Paying in silvers btw. Got anything i needed, thanks.
  12. There's steel great helm instead of cap. 90 euro, Paypal
  13. Hey I got a 46 QL White Drake boot, Looking for offers Just post them here. Thanks, TheRedReaper Current offer: 5s
  14. 75 euros - 80-85ql
  15. As title states im looking to sell a white drake set. mouse cursor covered photo a bit but pants are at just under 88ql Asking 90 Euros OBO Edit: Cast on the drake set are all WA
  16. Hi, I would like to sell my White Drake set, no cap included. I'm asking 75s. QL ranges from 69.44 to 79.88.
  17. As the title states I would like to buy a black drake set. I do not want the cap included, if I must to accept the set then ok.. PM offers.
  18. As the title says looking for all and any scraps of Dragon Scale and Drake Hide! Price: Scale - 50c/0.01kg Hide - 40c/0.01kg
  19. The below for 95s/e Just found this drake set in storage that I apparently don't need. High AoSP will bloody up your attacker while you take a nap (afk). ..
  20. BOUGHT, This topic can be closed. Looking for a black drake set. QL should be around 85-90+ql. No enchants required. I'll pay with in game silver only. Offering 100s. PM here in the forum or in game (Acrisius).
  21. QL and enchant doesn't matter, with or without hat. Silvers only.