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Found 320 results

  1. I am willing to trade 2g, and a 90ql Drake Set (No Cap, Unenchanted) for any quality full Scale Set. This is up to a ~180e or ~3g value and meets more than the highest standard price for a Scale Set. It is an overkill offer, quite honestly. Keep in mind you can resell the Drake Set for up to 1g, or hold onto it and sell it for even more later. I am located in Exodus (Arcanum), and you can PM me on the forums if you're interested in this trade.
  2. Well now that we have seen what the armor is going to be i have picked the white drake set to keep so i no longer need this set and with the new server i could use the euro. It comes with both the drake cap and the steel helm it will be sent to the buyer in the mail after the money is on my PayPal. (I will pay the cost to mail the set) Black Drake set with High AoSP: 60 euro (PayPal Verified) Note: Xallo is the maker of this me for more information.
  3. As topic says, I am Looking to buy a Low Ql white drake set, Hopefuly purchaseable with Usd/ Euros as opposed to silver. Please meassge me back on here, or find me ingame or on th Irc with the same name.
  4. Currently closed. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  5. Happy biding! U can inprove that set any time with normal leather. without enchants Start bid: 50s Increments: 2s Ends: 48 hours from started topic Sniper protection: 1 hour Delivery: Thru mail + cod on winer Reserve: -- Buyout: 90s Looks like that
  6. Forgot to mention! I pay shipping ! Will Deliver to places i cant ship to. Starting bid: 7s minimum increments: 1s --->Reserve: Free to withdraw at will. Don't be afraid to bid because of that. <--- Buy out: 1 Gold Just because. No PMing please, all offers must be public. Ends in/on: Cancelled Sniper protection: 1 hour
  7. sold please close
  8. I was wondering if there was any interest for the set of scale below, and for about how much I could expect to get for it? If there's enough interest, I may be selling it. You could always tempt me with a buyout via PM, preferably in Euro/USD as well. (I suppose this could be moved to WTS, my mistake...)
  9. This is not your typical auction. I really need to get away from Wurm and would like to auction all of my stuff together. I know it's not the best way, but I want to be sure to sell everything so I don't come back. There are eight auctions: auction 0: everything auction 1: Character "Alistar" auction 2: QL 80 black drake set auction 3: QL 85 rare butchering knife with low QL 74coc skiller butchering knife auction 4: 2x merchant contracts auction 5: deed "Elwynn Forest" auction 6: Other items auction 7: 1 gold coin Winning Bids/Bidders: auction cancelled. I will accept either the bid for my entire account or the highest bids from each of my sub auctions. I reserve the right to cancel the auction. Please keep bids to a minimum of 1s increments. You may bid in either silver or euros on all auctions except for auction 7 which is euros only. I will use a conversion rate of 1e = 2s. I will list bids in both silvers/euros but you can pay in either. It's not exactly the going rate of silvers to euros, but if I accept silver coins I will have to then liquidate the silvers for euros. Auctions begin at the time of the post. Auctions end on Friday September 28th @ 23:00 GMT. Any bids in the final 15 minutes will extend ALL auctions by 15 minutes to prevent sniping. Public bids only to keep the auctions transparent to everyone. You can reply here with your bids or bid in game. Earliest bids accept first. If you wish to bid again please reply instead of updating your old post as I might miss the change. I'll keep the bid totals updated in this post. Euro payments via verified paypal only. Auction 1: Alistar, located on Celebration, spent no time on epic, played 75+ days, premium until september 29th, no warnings/mutes/bans. Alistar is primarily a miner and excellent fighter. I've had 30 faith for Mag for some time. Alistar would make for an excellent mag priest. Primary skills: 84.47 mining 72.10 fighting 71.37 digging 58.93 masonry 53.64 jewelry smithing 46.36 wood cutting 37.21 plate armor smithing Affinity is in Axes. I typically fight in normal mode with 2x medium mauls or medium maul + large shield. Alternately I use aggressive mode with a large maul. Stuff dies quickly. Auction 2: QL80 black drake set Auction 3: Rare QL85 rare butchering knife with QL3 coc74 skiller knife Auction 4: 2x Merchant Contracts Auction 5: Elwynn Forest deed. Elwynn Forest is a 23x23 deed located just south of AP (Amish Paradise) on the Stigg/AP highway. IT's 100% level deed with a 50-tile farm, a 3x3 animal pen, a 4x3 main house, and a nicely done mine. The mine currently has lead in it. There are triple altars near the token, there's an unblessed gold altar in the mine. The forges/ovens are all QL60 and there's a QL80 rare forge in the main house. barrels/fsbs/bsbs/chests/bed are all done in very nice red cherrywood. Silver lamps adorn the streets. The east/west entrances to the deed are lined with cherry trees. Although this is a landlocked deed, AP is just north with their very nice harbor. The southern ocean is also very close. You can get to either easily be the very nice Stigg/AP highway which is just east of the property. There is 2.2s in the coffers and upkeep is 1.05s/month. Auction 6: Misc Items Other items include QL80 small/large anvils. 2x bison, a white 3-speed horse and a blonde 2-speed horse. Also includes 3x rare QL50 gold rings, a rare QL50 gold lib statuette, a rare torch lamp, merchant inventories, high QL lumps, and more! Think of this auction as a 'grab bag' auction. Lots of random goodies. Auction 7: 1 gold coin If you have other questions or would like to see the items in game please contact Alistar on celebration. I can also join IRC if you have questions. regards and good luck bidding! ~Alistar
  10. My drake has my signature. Quality: 90 AOSP total: 747 In black. buyout was done for 66e
  11. As title states. I have a 90-92QL set of Black Drake with High AoSP I'm auctioning off. Most of the casts are 80+. If you're interested in the back story, this is the first set of Drake I've ever made. It was made while I was in Kyara. I casted on it with Elamor, who at the time, was Kyara's most prominent Champion of Vynora. Bids can be placed either in the form of in-game currency, or Euro/USD. Current Bid: 75s Starting Bid: 60s (36€/$46USD) Minimum Increment: 5s (3€) Buyout: 1.4g (84€/$108USD) Reserve: Hidden Auction Ends: Tuesday, September 18th - 8PM GMT. Sniper Protection: 1 Hour Winner will receive it either via COD or can pick up the set at Northern Sanctuary, Celebration. Happy bidding!
  12. I currently have a drake set available. Each set is sold as is but will include a 70ql steel great helm at no extra charge. I am located at 15x, 20y, "The Weald" on the Deli server.
  13. I'm auctioning off a 90ql white drake set. It is unenchanted currently. Does not come with cap but I'll supply a 50ql+ steel great helm or basinet helm of your choice. Starting bid is 40s. Reserve is 50s. Snipe protection is enabled. Buyout is 75s. Auction will run until 8/26 or buyout. Set is currently at 8y27x on Indi. Quite possibly I've forgotten something so feel free to let me know GL on the bidding!
  14. Hey all, I want to buy a high ql high enchant drake set or two, 1 x spyglass, and 1 x BoK. PM me on the forums for more details. Thanks!
  15. A 100QL White Drake Hide for sell. It is 15kg, full. You can create your own signatured sets, or just hang onto it for future investment. Can make nearly 5 (4.7 to be exact) sets of armour. Each set sells for roughly 60s, meaning you could potentially sell all the sets for about 2.6-3g. I have the Buyout set for higher than this amount because I believe people will value their own signatured sets more than the silver amount (and the 100QL is just win). Included in this lot is a 90QL needle and 5 pieces of 90QL leather free of charge. You essentially have your own Drake creation kit. If you're curious about what your percentages are before bidding, please don't be afraid to ask me about it. Starting Bid: 1g/60 euros Minimum Increment: 10s/6euros Buyout: 3.3g/200 euros Hidden Reserve: Met (2g/120e) Current Bid: 2g/120e End Date: August 15, Wednesday - 6PM GMT Verified PayPal only please for Euro bids.
  16. Sold, can close this topic.
  17. I am selling White Drake leather armor sets, they are full sets without a helm, low QL so they can be imped for skill. Looking for euros only, not interested in in-game silver or items. Please PM with offers in EURO/USD/CAD only, thanks. Pickup only on Deliverance, I can meet you at Greendog or I can mail your set to you COD. Note: These sets are from the white drake that was killed on Deli, the hides have been sitting in my bank for months.