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Found 4 results

  1. <DO NOT REPLY TO THIS THREAD>I am selling my deed for personal reasons, there are no land conflicts or expansion problems. It's a lovely settlement, 1600 hours has gone into it and very many floorboards. I apologize if there are too many images, the alternative would have been a video. 90% of the deed is accessible to the public (80% can be locked) so my presence isn't `necessary` but send me a pm and i'll be happy to login to show you around. Images of settlement / Album - (I have hand picked 5 images from the album and pasted them at the bottom of this page) Images of settlement / Album - The deed has one trader on its north side and has an income of between 6-7 silver, i will gladly teach you all you need to know to maximise profit. It is a stonesthrow from the border, crossing it lands you at Xanadu < H > West Deliverance map with search function (Y15 / Indigus) What comes with the deed; 1 Trader Sailboat (cherrywood) Rowing boat (cherrywood) 1 mooring anchor Food ; 1.3k cooked meat245 pumpkin74 strawberries150 potatoes120 corn106 eyesall other ingredients in FSB , less than 60 items per. Trader Coffin - over 6 months of high quality items to sell to the trader found while exploring Mailbox - q55 enchantment 77 Stock - 9 BSB's with assorted stock and enough animals parts to grind for an entire day. 7 rare mats, mostly rock shards 80 Cotton, 2nd floor workshop along with enough wemp to start a full crop. q78 forgeq44 forgeq48 ovenq54 forgeq79 forge (I can imp the low ones to q70 upon demand) 1 Obelisk 1 Colossus of Vynora Q74 1 Loom Q75 8 large braziers, a large number of small braziers, HQ Brass lamps & Iron Lamps5 five speed horses mostly 7 trait 1 Rare small cart Freedom isle wagon and a cart, transferable ownership. 1 Harbour, 3 docks.. obelisk dock has 1 tile off deed for easy trading. EXPANSION OPTIONS North - 22 tiles - Belleau Wood (Hillgrinder, good man) East - Sea South - Nil - Bachus's Vineyard (Bachus, hibernating player, sound fella) West - 100+ tiles Closest City ; Sloppy Hollow 100 tiles On-deed space available to build if you keep the buildings currently there; 10x5 / 12x4 / 5x6 / 5x4 / 10x5 - comprising of empty space, a courtyard, parks and a barely started build between the farmhouses and the harbour. Buildings present;Twinview Manor 2 Observation Towers1 Workshop4 Farmhouses cradling 2 fields (NW NE SW SE) Painted RGB & PurpleTrader boathouseMarina2 floor merchant hut on highway(all buildings present in the image catalogue above) ORE; Entire spectrum of Iron (from LQ to utmost) inside the deed mine.Public Gold silver and marble mines very closeby (2 mins)Other ores exist in the new haven mine network, i will gladly guide you to them all. BEDS - currently 6 in Twinview Manor and 1 in the SE farmhouse. Trees - miniature fir & birch farm on deedoak farm behind deed and on mountain 100+ Maple bordering the public sandbank highway that leads to Sloppy Hollow. SELLING PRICE - E120 --Please do not reply to this thread-- send offers or inquiries via PM(click on my name, select message)£ is my desire but I would, consider, silver as payment (100) or a Black Drake set. ​-Thank you for reading! - happy hunting 5 of 25 View from North side trader in sight South side, view from Marina South East Farmhouse, token in centre of 4 buildings with farmland x2 Workshop, storeroom, entrance to mine. Traders boat shed, north side
  2. If you have a great harbour please post some pics here. I am looking for inspiration for a brand new harbour where I can park my ships or have friends park theirs. Thanks!!
  3. Located on the Independence Server, The northern Islands just outside of Colossos Lake Deed Size: 9X11 Upkeep 1s monthly (time left 57 days) Amenities include: Boat docking area Cove like entryway Population: Minimal Available Fight: Hell horses,Hell hounds, Mountain lions, Wildcats, hardened Crocs, occassional champ crocs Available Animals: Diseased deers, Champ deers, Regular deers, Fierce dogs Bonus: Octopus fishing spot and open seas Mines: Silver, Iron, Rock(duh!) Protection: Guard Tower --Equipped with 5 active guards (images of deed) Asking price 10s
  4. Soul Society is now an ideal location for new players who wish to build ships or specialise in skills which support ship builders. We currently have in our village/alliance multiple ship builders you can ask advice from, a Sail maker, Rope maker, Tree farmers and many other people who can help in different ways. We are looking for people who are new to the game, ideally between one and four weeks experience with the game with an intrest in the naval/trading side of the game. We are also happy to accept people with more or less experience or different interests into our other alliance villages. Assistance and some training provided, as well as access to resources, loan horses and eventually, your own area to build as you wish, within some small limitations for village aesthetics. Soul Society is a sea-side deed of a six village alliance with plans for three docks, a Guard Tower and more direct road link to Green Dog and our alliance. Our Alliance emphasises personal freedom and helping each other to acheive our goals. No specific skills are required, and village chores or alliance projects are purely voluntary. If you are interested in joining, or if you would like more information, PM Qyrti either in game or in this forum. Alliance Website: How to find Soul Society using exisitng roads: