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Found 1 result

  1. A server with a new action packed, competitive version of Wurm! Challenge is a very different platform where we will host competitive games with different themes and goals. Each challenge ends in a Scoreboard of all participants, winners of prizes and a total reset of both World and Skills. So each challenge we start will be unique and everyone starts with the same stats. The only thing you keep between rounds is titles earned, any remaining currency you have and what you are refunded from deeds etc. We will announce that, prizes and competitive categories later. The aim with this very new take on Wurm is to have a place for those who want as little grind as possible and focus on fun and competitive play. Keeping this in mind let me list some of the core features in the initial Challenge. New Raid functionality which will include things like more siege weapons, defensive turrets and expanded functionality for the guard towers. Ultra fast skilling even on failed actions. Super short timers. No repair for walls and fences while in combat. Strategic Resource spawn points which gives the kingdom that controls them an abundance of building and crafting materials. The first challenge will last one month and we’ll see how it feels //Added response and information Challenge is something that is needed for several reasons and by being separate it does not need to follow the same rules. Ideally it could serve as a gateway to wurm pvp benefiting the epic cluster long term by providing a platform with a much lower threshold and plain leveled playing field for those interested in trying Wurm. Because in reality, we would never get epics player base to agree to server cross wipes on both skills and land right? What this also does is limit anything we want to drastically change to alter the recipe for skillgain etc as it affects the value and time investment in characters etc. On challenge however with a clear mindset of initially having at least a monthly server wipe, we have the freedom to change anything to fit the specific challenge making things very interesting from both gameplay and gamedesign perspective. Also, we can find an interesting dynamic formula for a more quick paced Wurm online experience to offer. Talking about recipes and such, I see some are talking about having to grind from 0 each restart. This is easily addressed and planned into the initial release. Firstly, when I said ultra fast skill gain I truly mean it. You will not need to grind much at all. Secondly, we can start out Challenge characters with a pre set skill level to already be sufficient to create ok armor and weapons etc. I know it is not for everyone, but at least for me personally I have always wanted to try Wurm in such a game mode. Knowing how it feels from the perspective of someone who has built allot with a dev character where you can build quickly and without much limitations. It is a very interesting concept to truly unlock all that Wurm has to offer and letting loose a truly creative chaos in an MMO environment. The thought here is also that even with a player population that does not come close to the freedom cluster it will still feel highly populated. We are going to start out with having a pretty small and intimate environment where territorial control and struggle becomes more tangible. Where travel distance/ time does not count much into the equation. And the loss for dying in a raid is not bad enough to make you feel you have to prepare for days before trying again Where emphasis shift from grinding and gear to going into action and just having fun. Why not try and help us make this into a truly fun experience? Because player input will be much easier to include both on a scenario and gameplay level now that we will have a platform that is agile and not set in stone. //More updated information It is completely separate from all other servers but we will try to enable you to teleport there. It would work pretty much like the separation between epic and freedom, separate skills and inventory. So either you create a new account specifically for the challenge server or play with your main but with nothing other then your name and look transfered. To clarify, you character would only be wiped regularly on the challenge server. Once you go back to your original server you will still have the same stats and inventory as when you left. Unaffected by the transfer in either direction. Currency would be transferable between the servers with your account and any refunds etc you get on Challenge can be carried back. If you have premium time on you account it will however stay on the same timer even if Challenge is on free premium.