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Found 63 results

  1. I just started watching the latest factional fight video and they started talking about crafting and it gave me an idea. I have not took the time to think about it very much and it is not really a suggestion yet but wanted to start a discussion on crafting and see what could be done to make it more diverse. The way it is now we craft tools and every one is the same the only variance is the ql of the tool then it goes on to be cast with coc or woa. Now what if we had more options or chance to craft special traits to tools like +1 to speed, +1 to ql or better wear things like that. This would give everyone an opportunity to have something different every time they craft kind of like rare tools but even more so... I don't know exactly what would be the most interesting way to do this that is why i just wanted to start the discussion. What do you think would work well?
  2. So i'm curious about what my account could be worth, I don't plan on selling but don't let that stop anyone from making offers. It is level 12 on the path of insanity, which means it has 50% damage reduction and its a mag priest currently. Religion: 0.0 Alignment: 100.0 Faith: 91.598045 Favor: 91.598045 Skills: 0.0 Paving: 33.638405 Tracking: 22.662687 Milling: 37.49157 Coal-making: 66.65216 Prospecting: 70.01348 Thatching: 21.268866 Polearms: 12.728792 Halberd: 20.020979 Staff: 1.0 Hammers: 8.2295065 Warhammer: 22.489492 Religion: 39.4286 * Prayer: 45.210503 Channeling: 66.161156 Preaching: 8.418799 Exorcism: 5.0491805 Clubs: 1.0036924 Huge club: 2.1129324 Healing: 31.0833 First aid: 51.100807 Archery: 70.24186 Long bow: 58.926968 Medium bow: 18.859446 Short bow: 1.0 War machines: 13.645163 Catapults: 21.696913 Thievery: 33.494465 Traps: 1.099 Stealing: 2.3940117 Lock picking: 43.460285 Climbing: 22.235903 Shields: 78.072876 Large wooden shield: 40.914055 Medium wooden shield: 2.077366 Large metal shield: 93.17809 Small metal shield: 50.0088 Medium metal shield: 50.079506 Axes: 71.60027 Huge axe: 22.432034 Large axe: 73.412766 Hatchet: 91.32687 * Small Axe: 20.114391 Swords: 36.574047 Two handed sword: 42.405106 Shortsword: 34.19784 Longsword: 50.35788 Knives: 58.08914 Butchering knife: 62.665787 Carving knife: 84.33291 Woodcutting: 99.04611 Mauls: 63.66466 Small maul: 81.32705 * Medium maul: 80.21068 Large maul: 71.84408 * Carpentry: 99.92301 Fine carpentry: 98.158966 Ship building: 91.65447 Fletching: 80.0102 Bowyery: 92.5196 Toy making: 51.003582 Nature: 66.27108 Gardening: 43.449516 * Fishing: 71.00673 Papyrusmaking: 1.4701868 Animal husbandry: 50.57072 Meditating: 84.43282 Milking: 31.195936 Farming: 87.64759 Forestry: 54.840294 Botanizing: 20.870241 Animal taming: 70.38566 Foraging: 16.831038 Cooking: 76.46979 Dairy food making: 24.561758 Hot food cooking: 98.76985 Baking: 50.0019 Beverages: 31.135342 Butchering: 54.21709 Fighting: 93.25667 Shield bashing: 54.359325 Taunting: 50.303967 Normal fighting: 81.35419 Defensive fighting: 63.127598 Aggressive fighting: 33.223297 Weaponless fighting: 14.119104 Toys: 23.256098 Puppeteering: 50.144524 Yoyo: 38.200798 Alchemy: 34.45648 * Natural substances: 62.303158 Miscellaneous items: 87.75025 Stone chisel: 55.767353 Hammer: 91.59414 Sickle: 49.54647 Scythe: 20.060108 Repairing: 76.50523 Saw: 26.933794 Pickaxe: 99.42634 Rake: 76.85347 Shovel: 78.49468 Pottery: 21.665155 Firemaking: 30.600628 Digging: 93.08273 Mining: 99.00131 Smithing: 66.544075 Metallurgy: 50.014217 Jewelry smithing: 38.72226 Locksmithing: 42.62292 Blacksmithing: 97.71686 Armour smithing: 29.614374 Shield smithing: 54.580624 Chain armour smithing: 53.749744 Plate armour smithing: 50.22299 Weapon smithing: 32.266045 Blades smithing: 50.139297 Weapon heads smithing: 50.731274 Ropemaking: 51.84927 * Masonry: 76.57041 Stone cutting: 59.561428 Tailoring: 34.537395 Leatherworking: 91.70661 Cloth tailoring: 62.40219 ** Characteristics: 0.0 Soul: 49.528507 * Soul strength: 48.42087 Soul depth: 45.503998 * Mind: 59.111057 * Mind speed: 35.075645 Mind logic: 66.84401 Body: 67.288635 Body stamina: 55.066204 * Body strength: 62.198914 Body control: 47.563545
  3. Fireflies And Jars

    Today I was playing Wurm when I saw fireflies in the grass at night. This gave me the idea of what if you gather them. Now for this to work we would need a glass jar which would be made in this order... Dig Sand > Put sand in forge > The forge heats up the sand making "Raw Glass" > You use the file (which would add more uses to this tool) to shape the glass while it is "Glowing from heat" > You would than have a glass jar that can be improved by Fileing it, or polising it with fur. There could also be a "Glassmaking" skill with this and you could etch you name into the jar. After you make this glass you can gather these fireflies and store them in the jar. Now the jar could be used with a shaft/staff with string to make it accually useable. You would equip this either to the backpack slot or your hand. Thats all I have to say for today and I bid you farewell
  4. Creation Menu

    1. Alphabetize the menu's order. With the direction the new crafting UI is going is time remove that randomized order mechanic. The original purpose of randomizing was an attempt to stop bots. Today's bots can look for words anywhere on screen so all its doing now is imposing a hardship on users. 2. Let us customize how things are grouped. It should be possible to add a text file to our configuration folder that we can edit. There should be a default setup.
  5. Workbench

    The Workbench: Now i know this has been brought up in other threads but i think the good of it is getting lost in all the automation talk. No one is talking about taking it all the way to automation just adding things like a hopper so you don't have to move loads of items in and out of your inventory while also reducing the searching and clicking is what we need. This is what i am suggesting here not anything to do with automation. With the workbench you can just load it up with materials just like a bsb and you then select say "planks" from the drop down menu. Now with the right tool activated in your inventory just right click the workbench and select create in the menu. Now this new "create" action would also have its own key bind so you can just hit the key and queue up as many actions as you would be able to normally like with mining. It will still use the same tools, timers, stamina and everything as before to calculate everything and when it makes the planks it drops the planks and the waste back into the same bin as the raw materials come from. All this does Is stops all the pointless loading, unloading of materials from your inventory along with all the searching and clicking to create bulk goods. The way it is now i have to stand at a bsb, drag shards to my inventory, select the amount i want to get out, click the pile in my inventory. select the item i want to create, wait for the items to be created ,put the bricks and shards back in the bsb and repeat a few hundred times to make even a small house. With the amount of bulk goods we are using up now we just need a better and more efficient way of doing this and that is what the workbench does. Will it save time...sure. Not from the creation timers or anything but it does stop all the crap you have to do between and this is where you get your time savings. This is the stuff that drives me crazy i am fine with waiting for the queue/timers to run and stop for stamina breaks it is all the load/unload and click/find that i am trying to eliminate. Nothing here about automation just a better more efficient way to make bulk goods.
  6. Small Anvil Crafting Fix

    Anybody ever notice that when u craft with an anvil you"re also crafting with a block of wood under, or if you are me at the moment, the only thing i see is a block of wood in my view when i craft, wouldn't it be nice to actually craft with an avil and not just imagine it there? Hopefully the skin is redone
  7. I am taking orders for and selling crafting supplies. I will list prices below here. I am on Celebration and live south of the Great Plains. Stock will vary depending on quantity. Send me a pm in game if you have any questions. PLEASE NOTE: Prices are subject to change OFTEN, and may be lower than what was is posted. 1K = 1000 S = Silver C = Copper 1K Cooked meat - 2S 1K Onions - 80C 1K Pumpkins - 1S 1K cotton - 1S 1K stone bricks - 2S 1k mortar - 2s 1K dirt -1S 1k planks - 1S 80C Will be updating regularly.
  8. I would like to suggest a item which would be using carpentry to make and can be placed as a decorative item in villages as well as making it useful to spread information around the village or deed. Due to the inclussion of papyrus, we can write messages, thing is, we can really only store them in mailboxes or other containers or leave em on the ground for someone to notice, and calling a large chest "newsboard" seems kinda silly. The newsboard would only be able to store papyrus in it and you could write notices and messages that way and leave em for people to read or take, it could as well be used as a information or task hub for the whole village. That way we would give papyrus another use.
  9. Lf Worker (Celebration)

    Hi, I am currently looking for someone who can do some Surface Mining/Terraforming for me as well as make some things around my place (Nova Port, cords. are P-40). Some of those things include ( Bsb's, floor boards, Fsb's, forges, ovens, Beds) and things of that nature also may be looking for someone who can make bulk items that will be good sacrificing like gold rings i have a gold vein on site. If you are interested PM me! Thanks, Novaflash
  10. Eden . Welcome to Eden. We live on the far west of the Chaos server and have resided there for almost two years now. Some of the most down to earth, friendly, insane and awesome people live here and we are opening our doors once again to players of all shapes and sizes, new players and old players alike. Do you enjoy hunting? The amount of mobs here will make you cry for joy. Do you enjoy crafting? We have the finest facilities and tools at your disposal. Do you like to sit in a cave and mine all day? We have every resource and TONS of rock for you to pick your way through. Do you like to PVP? We can help get you PVP ready in record time! (0-70 fight skill in a weeks time... been there.... done that!) Do you like to farm or breed animals? Tons of horses and wide open fields are available. Do you like to do a little bit of everything? Join the club! Eden has literally every resource anyone would ever need and our members have the skills to create any item at any quality (Yes, over 90 even). We are pretty laid back and we don't require anybody to fit into 'roles'. People come and go and help out with town projects as they see fit. Our only requirement is to treat everyone with respect and just chill out and have fun. Here are a few pictures that don't even begin to give this deed the justice it deserves: If you are interested in joining, post a reply here or give me a PM. Thanks for reading. Rolf wants YOU to join Eden.
  11. Wtb High Ended Account

    As the title says i'm looking for a highly skilled account. Looking for 70+ Mining, Digging, Woodcutting (or close to) High overall smithing If the account is right I will pay UP TO 450Euro. Please PM me skilldumps & details. Thanks, Buliwyf