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Found 45 results

  1. Hello Im looking for to buy 1k zinc and 1k copper at 2.5s. Im located in Deli server. I will only buy them as a set. Will pay for delivery at reasonable price.
  2. As many higher level players are finding, life with a new toon and no magical high level support is quite brutal Thus I'd like to propose a change to an existing mechanic that would help solve a problem somewhat, namely the iron shortage. Currently rummaging tiles is quite popular for finding iron and I think it would be nice to extend this in the following ways :- 1. Give rummage its own skill (maybe create another skill named "geology" and place mining, prospecting and rummage under it) and keybind 2. Allow rummaging inside caves with a mining action next to a tile having a chance to restore the rummage chance on that tile. 3. Expand the kind of materials you can find using rummage, maybe unlocking different "rocks" at different levels (Iron L0 (0.2 yield), Copper L20 (0.2 yield), Lead L26 (0.2 yield), Tin L32 (0.1 yield), Zinc L38 (0.2 yield), Silver L50 (0.02 yield), Gold L70 (0.02 yield)) with targeted rummaging unlocking at level 30 and double find rummaging at level 60. 4. Optional extra - give gems a rare chance to be found while rummaging (levels akin to mining)
  3. How many druids out there dream of a golden sickle? How many would be romans dream of a bronze shortsword? A silver bell for those priests wishing to exorcise evil spirits. Stone tools for those primitive cultures. Essentially I think a wider variety of possible uses for each material would be very nice, even if some of those uses are a bit strange. Just allowing existing components to be made with a larger variety of metals. This could open up interesting crafting options requiring unusual components (think of a silver sword, doing higher damage against spirit templars but reduced damage to everything else). Thoughts on this?
  4. Auctioning this item Starting bid- 1s Min increase- 10c Buyout- 2s Thanks and happy bidding!
  5. Hello, here im today with my first ADs want add this items for sell if anyone is interested price cant be changed here is the list: 1k planks 24ql - 2s SOLD 1k copper lump 15-32ql - 1s 1k bricks up 38ql - 2s SOLD 2k dirt - 2s SOLD 1k shards 50ql - 1s ORDERS: Tools 70ql no enchant - 40c Weapons 50ql no enchant - 25c Forniture and storage 50ql - 25c SPECIAL STORAGE: BSB - 10c FSB - 10c Small Crate - 10c Large Crate - 15c Market is located at Uloa (x17y46) South Exodus if need delivery price is 1s and 50c same server
  6. 1kg Supreme Copper Lump 50ql Will be COD to winner or can be picked up at Hidden Cove on Celebration Starting bid: 1s Bid Increments: 10c Time: 2 Days
  7. ~Welcome~ I sell mostly Chain Armor and Shields but I also offer these other services. I am based in the southwest of Inde but will also deliver to Deli. PM KyleBooze on the forums or /t Kylebooze ingame. -Iron Chain- 70ql - 1s 80ql - 2s 90ql - 5s (other chain types upon special request) -Blacksmithing- 50ql - 10c 60ql - 15c 70ql - 25c 80ql - 50c 90ql - 1s Bulk items: Nails - 10c per 100 Ribbons - 30c per 100 -Shield smithing- 70ql - 30c 80ql - 50c 90ql - 1s -Jewelry Smithing- Silver ONLY unless gold is provided (I do not do bulk items for sacrificing) 50ql - 10c 60ql - 30c 70ql - 50c -Mining- (Prices are per 100 ores) Iron Silver Copper Zinc 70ql - 50c 50c 50c 50c 80ql - 75c 1s 75c 75c 90ql - 1s N/A 1s 1s -Masonry Improving- anything below 80ql - 50c up to 80ql - 75c Merchant Located on the North Side of Freedom Market
  8. Rare Candelabra made from copper with 70ql. Starting bid : 1.5s Minimum increment : 25c Reserve : No Buyout : 4s Sniper protection : No Location : Exodus x17,y23 The buyer pay CoD fee.
  9. Arrows

    Anyone on Pristine who is selling many cheap Arrows (QL ablout 4-5)? Pls PM me
  10. Want to sell these in a bundle of 15. Bidding starts at 3 silver Min. increment 20 copper Buyout in PM
  11. 33,38 QL Rare small metal shield Starting bid 1s Min. increment 20c Buyout 4s Sold~
  12. Hilltop Constructional Sales We are located at 24x , 45y (Just abit South of Defessus Corner Port) Masonr​y Bricks - 50c per 250, 1s per 500, 2s per 1k Mortar - 75c per 250, 1.5s per 500, 3s per 1k Carpentry ​Planks - 75 per 250, 1.5s per 1k Smithing Small/Large Nails - 75c per 500 Iron Ribbons - 1s per 100 Blacksmithing Tools 10ql - 10c 15ql - 15c 20ql - 30c NOTE Contact Zztopplerzz, Mattlucky or Remcobomhof for items that you wish to buy any of the items above. or If there is something that you would like and is not mentioned please PM us and we will get back to you.
  13. so im looking at some posts for deeds and some say they have traders some say merchants. whats the diffrence between them?
  14. This has probably been suggested before, but I couldn't see it so Sorry if this is a repeat request. Anyway... Basically what the title says, I'd love to have the option to make a colossus from Copper/bronze as well as stone. The size and shape wouldn't need to change at all, just a different skin on the current model to make it look more like plates of metal riveted together over a frame. Requirements could be 2000kg of copper/bronze 1000-2000 rivets and perhaps 1000 rock shards, since the real colossus was filled with rubble on the inside. It could use the global smithing skill? This makes it harder to make, instead of just using a subskill such as Blacksmithing. Anyway this is all just rambling, comment on what you think.
  15. Like the title says, I'm looking to buy 2,000 copper lumps, 60+ QL delivered to 15x 45y (south coast) of Deliverance, reply here with price or PM me in game, can be found as Stargrace or Arysh on Deliverance. Thanks! ** found a seller, please close! **
  16. Here is a list or things i want to buy: 20K grass Any QL. Needs Delivered** Buying any and all chicken eggs you have! 2s for every 100 eggs! (OBO, must be delivered. Delivery paid: 1s for Exo, 2s for Celeb and Deliverance, and 3s for Independence) More to come soon! Orders Filled: Unfinished BSBs (Finished to the last piece, WITH last piece included!) Delivery ONLY! NO MAILING! 1-3 Gold Coins (price is in USD PM me to talk about this. NO POSTS Order Filled Enchanted Saw low ql with COC 60+ (needs mailed, ill pay COD) Order Filled Breeding pair of horses (Prefer Bad traits and low trait counts) Needs Delivered** Order Filled Cow/Bull (again low trait count and bad traits) Needs Delivered** Order Filled Enchanted Hatchet low ql with COC 60+ (Needs mailed, ill pay COD) Enchanted Sickle low ql with COC 60+ (Needs mailed, ill pay COD) 500 low QL lumps of copper (1-20QL, price will differ from AVG QL) I will pick up Order Filled 10k Dirt (need delivered, 1s for deliver (if you do live on Golbin Pen then it is 50c delivery Order Filled 500 low lumps of Gold (1-20 QL, price will differ from AVG QL) I will pick up Order Filled Breeding pair of pigs Needs Delivered. Added 1s for delivery (if you are not on Goblin Pen.) 50c for players on Goblin Pen if you deliver ) Order Filled If you are on diff map then exo. ill need them delivered! PM me for delivery prices! More items might be added as the week progresses. So keep checking! I am on Exo at 17x 39y. Village deed is called Bad Company. PM wantsome my main or GetSome my alt. **Delivery Cost is 1s Exo, 2s Celeb and Deliv, and 3s Indy.** *INFO* - All items will be paid in Silver! NOT USD!
  17. I need to grind some locksmithing so I'm trying to find a copper key with high coc. low ql key preferred but not totally necessary. and maybe 70-80 coc on it
  18. I'm looking for a copper key with a high coc, if it can be low ql key 70+ coc that would be cool but will think about other offers for items. I live on celebration not sure if you can mail keys or not...