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Found 36 results

  1. Unless I have missed a way to activate it, the target distance indicator is only visible when you have autofight turned off. This would be a very useful tool for autofight. I understand hiding all of the actual fight options while using autofight, but why the target distance indicator?
  2. While the mind wanders through the endless grind of bricks, mortar, mining etc.. I caught myself wondering who the best fighter in Wurm is? Is it completely gear based or is there some underlying skill that I have yet to discover rather than standing in one spot bashing the targets head to the consistency of red kimchee? Could an archer win solo against a swordsman? A spell caster versus an axeman? A perfect opportunity for a veritable Roman spectacle... Would be cool if there was a way or place, a coliseum or steel cage where 2 people enter and only 1 comes out alive... or just barely. Entree fee's, side bets, cash prizes to the victors... oh the mob would love it.
  3. So a troll was on my deed this morning. I have like 70 fs, and the attack options for the troll were all red. This was just a normal aged troll, mind you. Is this a bug, or?
  4. So I participated in some of the "unique" killing this evening. 70.31 Fight Skill 44 Medium Maul 26.25 Maul Parent Category (I have an affinity in this skill hence, why I am using mauls at all) QL50 maul with 32 Nimbleness In both the Troll King and Goblin leader fight, I landed 0 blows that did damage, missed 90% of the time and the remaining "hits" were glancing. Is this even worth continuing or should I go back to swords. Alliance mates with lesser skills did many more damage causing hits with longswords. Or am I just using too low of a QL weapon Thanks in advance.
  5. I am an old player, on and off for 6 years or so. I have been absent from Wurm for a few months now because, well, the game is very dull. I like combat, and not the text-based, watch-it-scroll-up-the-window style you have now. Its not interactive at all. I also love pvp, but Wurm isn't pvp right now (that means player vs player), its cvc (character vs character). You target, walk up into range text. Wooo. Rolf stated he wanted to overhaul combat, make it more interactive, Mount and Blade-like. How's that coming?
  6. Hi, I happened to make a newbie account recently for general messing around. Obviously starting a newbie account you are given a shortsword and wooden medium shield. I decided to take up some combat skilling anyway and remembered how awful skilling shields is at the inital starting phase. The shield you are given is 10QL, when going into combat with anything, whether you're in defensive or not - blocking anything with your puny 10ql wooden shield is a rarity. The only way you can really get some skill is to constantly shieldbash weak animals, which give much less skill than blocking a hit, due to the shieldbashing nerf you're unable to shieldbash constantly for skill. When you do manage to land a shieldbash you'll likely get a 0.06 increase at 1.00 shield skill. I got hold of a 30ql shield and found this was just as bad, there's literally no point in handing a newbie a shield as they can't effectively use it. My suggestion is: Allow practice dolls to fight back and allow you to block hits with your shield up to a maximum of 20 shieldskill of any shield type & give a small bonus to shields when under 20 skill like mining timers (this bonus is NOT effective in PVP) Back when i first trained shield skill on my main account, i worked out shield skill didn't help too much until you got into the 20's, so this would be fantastic for starting with. This will encourage the use of shields rather than relying on dual weilding when starting out. Shields prolong life for newbies (should they be able to use their shield), thus less deaths of newbies, which might prevent fustraited early quitters = More players!
  7. Polearms Staves Quarterstaff Half-Staff Full-Staff Damage quickly when used to parry. Metal more durable, higher damage, slightly lower parrying rates. Quarterstaff - Blunt damage substantially lower than mauls, Parry rate moderately higher than even longswords, One-handed (equippable with shield). Half-Staff - Blunt weapon damage on par with mauls, Highest parrying rate in game, Cannot be wielded with a shield equipped. Full-Staff - Blunt weapon damage moderately higher than mauls, Higher parrying rate than large swords and quarterstaff. Cannot be wielded with shield equipped.
  8. Hey there! Question is in the title, really. I was wondering if short swords are in fact fast enough to make up for their lack of damage.
  9. So as I watch mobs hit me for irritates and minor hurts I'm boggled as to why this causes me to lose "focus levels", surely a 2 or 3 wound isn't enough to break focus? Can we get it changed so it takes a strike of 10dmg+ to cause a drop in a focus level?
  10. Is there a way to implement a system that simulates the human body, along with it's muscles, tendons, arteries and veins? Like in Dwarf Fortress, where you can target a specific body part, and the damage done to that part have X effect, like, a sword slashing at an arm could cut the muscle, a slash to the neck could cut a major artery open, stabbing the torso could hit an organ, etc. That way we could increase the realism of combat in the game.
  11. this is going to be a long list of ideas some I read in the rest of this forum: I like the game but it lacks some action like what you will read in this thread.I think these idea will be worth adding. I think in both PVE and PVP servers that a idea that would be cool is more defense structures such as better wall that player can walk on and other different defences such as different towers and a area that you can have milita and knights and such could spawn from also gates that have iron bars should be buildable this I have pulled from different threads plus any other diffences you can think of from midevil times. another more animal to hunt that will not murder newbs 3 factions in both PVP and PVE that you can work with a evil faction a neutrul faction and a good faction that player can chose from the good and evil factions are for the players who like combat but do not want to fight in the PVP server because of all the high combat lvl players and the neutral for the people who want to make a peaceful life for themselve making and selling wepons and tools to the other factions more choices of rocks and stones to build statues and other structures that are made of stone The ability to hitch a horse to a small cart more NPC's more skills like a actual hunting skill and grave stone crafting etc. etc. more ships and ways to use a ship like cannons grapaling hooks also a cannoe etc. being able to put smaller items on tables flowers candals small statues etc. easyer to find animals like cows and pigs and chickens more wepons tools clothing armour and buildings such as wind mills etc. more rivers and a bigger map