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Found 13 results

  1. Gingeko's Pigmentation Association ! Selling Dye's Feel Free to stop by at Q16 Swamplands on Cadence to see it in person! Red: 15c/kg Orange: 25c/kg Yellow: 40c/kg Chartreuse: 15c/kg Green: 10c/kg Aquamarine: 15c/kg Cyan: 25c/kg Azure: 40c/kg Blue: 15c/kg Violet: 40c/kg Magenta: 50c/kg Rose: 20c/kg White: 10c/kg Black: 30c/kg (around 48/48/48) Mid-grade black: 40c/kg (around 26/26/26) High Grade black: 1s/kg (around 10/10/10) Orders under 2kg only Currently 90.33 Natural Substances and 55.91 Alchemy! Special thanks to Xloff, Dreavoun, Camomile, and Griffy for the support to get me to 90 Nat Subs! ****Make to order color dye with custom R G B numbers 40c per Kg**** follow the link to get the RGB number you want me to make for you. Color Picker — HTML Color Codes Note: Leather and wood, change slightly the hues of the dye and distorts the color.
  2. It's been 20 years or so since first emoji's and and better late than never. Can we please have Emoji's in chat. Also the option to color text with like CSS, BB code, or something similar. Bring Wurm chat to the 2020's level of tech. . (even if it was strictly PM's, alliance, or village locked)
  3. This suggestion starts with a disclaimer: I made this suggestion today in Freedom chat as a light hearted joke, but it has generated some interest and someone asked me if it was true. I just want to say none of this is currently implemented in game. Ore Sniffing Horses The basic idea is that horses with keen senses should be able to 'sniff' ores and veins when in a mine or on the surface. Different horse colours are able to 'sniff' different veins: Gold horses can sniff out gold veins Grey horses can sniff out flint Brown horses can sniff out iron Black horses can sniff out lead White horses - zinc Chestnuts - copper Black Silver - silver veins Ebony Blacks - slate Gold Buckskins - sandstone Piebalds - marble Skewbalds - rocksalt and so on.. When standing next to (or on a matching ore tile), the following message would appear: [09:06:41] The aged fat SilverHunting neighs loudly. If the Ore is 2 tiles away: [09:06:41] The old fat IronMan whinnies softly. If the Ore is 3 tiles away: [09:06:41] The adolescent fat FastGold sniffs inquisitively. This idea might also serve to regenerate horse sales - including finding a use for the older, or less popular colours I hope this has brought you all some amusement, I just want to clear up any confusion and reiterate: This is not implemented in game currently! xD
  4. Just a reminder we still don't have all the pretties in game. This is a tragedy. They have been designed by the lovely Malena already! Not much else to do but add them asap! Pretty please add prancing ponies!
  5. Everyone* is desperate for the new foal colours, with foals due in a few days - it's so exciting! What colours will they be? I thought I would set up this thread so that everyone can post screenshots of their new foals when they are born (whatever colours they come out!) Whilst we are waiting for the new foals, feel free to post ANY cute images of foals (in game or real life) as we'd love to see them. ? Muse * [edit] except Mr Gary [/edit]
  6. I wanted to make a red cloth suit for the holidays but I am having a problem. I went to make a cloth jacket into a red jacket following directions. First I added water and have an unfinished red jacket. Then I went to add a cochineal. It would not give me the continue option. Turns out the assembly in the crafting window is asking for 1 conch, not 1 cochineal. You gotta spell the words right every time guys. These darned computers do exactly what you tell them to do, not what you meant to tell them.
  7. Since it seems I am not the only one curios about the rainbow animal colors (animals with conditions), I am starting this post as to share screens of our rainbow animals. I went on a trip and found a bunch myself and figured I would share screenshots of the ones I did find. Feel free to add more. Lets help complete the list Alert: Diseased: Fierce: Greenish: Hardened: Lurking: Raging: Scared: Slow: Sly:
  8. I only sell 1kg or more i donf devide up it to 1,2kg becouse u need it, if u need 1,2kg u buy 2kg, or find another dye maker, theese dyes is are for out for sale atm and first to write in thread gets it. Price on theese dyes are 20c/kg remeber when u see this picture the barrel it self is 2kg so remove it and u have the dye. to use for help on RGB ( ReeD, Green, Blue ) i always used this site to get a good aim for my dyes I checked armour takes totale 0,38kg to dye. Large cart 15kg Sailboat wood 5kg - sail 1,5kg All theese dyes are atleast 50ql+ but mixed higher then ql. Use the site to look on the colors pls
  9. It would be nice to be able to change the current carpets colors to match the other furniture, especially the beds. Even better would be to be able to make a variety of colors/textures, but anything would be better than the current carpet color choices. Thanks!
  10. Hello, Legios here with some nice veiny virile horses for sale, pumped with Fight Milk since the day they were born, ready to accompany you in ANY adventure. nothing sexual. Here is a picture of my current stock (click to enlarge or use the link below): We are located here (H23):
  11. This mod bring back the old mobs coloured depending of its mood. You can change each color in the config file with RGB format. Source: Release: Colors by default: colorAlert=255,0,255 colorAngry=0,100,0 colorChampion=190,255,0 colorDiseased=255,255,0 colorFierce=0,255,255 colorGreenish=0,255,0 colorHardened=255,100,0 colorLurking=150,0,150 colorRaging=255,0,0 colorScared=150,150,0 colorSlow=0,0,150 colorSly=0,150,150 Note: Colors by default are not the best, feel free to contribute.
  12. A while ago we got three more horse colours, and it really got a lot of people enthusiastic about horses again. PLEASE add all the rest too? All the options were great, makes the game more immersive and brings more interest and fun to the game. As a reminder, here are the options we got from Malena a while ago on this forum thread: Edit: As requested before, please make bred hellhorses non aggro on Freedom:
  13. It would be nice to have the Event text change color for successes and for failures when players are building. The game code already needs to sort failure text and success text, it seems it would be a quick easy fix to add in a color change for that text so that successes stick out in maybe Ohgie creates mortar and failure might be You almost made it, but the mortar is useless. If you are concerned about color blind people, you might use green for success and blue for failure. This addition to the player feedback would help newer players get more of a feeling of how their crafting is going. Compared to introducing sounds and animations that highlight the success/failure, changing text in the Event window seems a quick easy and efficient way to bolster efforts to give players feedback.