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Found 1 result

  1. No Winter Removes the winter season entirely from the game. Fall textures and settings will be used instead. Download and source code: Improved Compass Compass always display heading (even when moving) Compass mouse over will show exact coordinates, heading angle and height. Download and source code: Better Tooltips Shows all ground tooltips regardless of active tool, skill level and/or distance Tiles always show type and if they are flat, in addition the following will be shown: Trees/bushes - age, sprout presence and harvestability Fields - type, stage, tended status Grass - flower type Animals will show their sex, and for horses also color in the tooltip. Tile borders will always show slope Tile corners show their absolute height (above sea level) Download and source code: Custom Actions Allows keybinding pretty much any action See here for explanation Download and source code: Max Toolbelt Shows a 10 slot toolbelt regardless of it's QL and existence. Download and source code: Time Lock Locks the time of day to a given time In console type "timelock 12" to make it always noon or "timelock 12:34" to make it 12:34 (= 1:34 pm) In console type "timelock off" to disable Download and source code: Skill Gain Tracker Adds a new window that automatically tracks skill gain and shows Current skill Gain since beginning of session Expected gain per hour (calculated from average gain in a moving window of up to 5 minutes) Average gain tick (over last 5 minutes) Toggle the window using the options menu, or bind it to a key with bind <key> "toggle_gain_tracker" (quotes are mandatory) Download and source code: Archeology Groups Makes archeology fragment grouping in inventory slightly saner. Download and source code: Privacy Mod This mod hides you from the steam "players" page that shows all players on a server, even if you aren't friends in steam. This is somewhat experimental, and unless you really care about being incognito is not recommended for general use. See here for more details Download and sources: Scanner An alternative to ESP that's super configurable but with a somewhat complex way to configure it. Read the original post for full explanation Download and sources: FishBuddy Automates most things related to fishing For rod/pole fishing just start a fishing action and it will keep casting and pulling in fish automatically until you stop it or your inventory fills up or you run out of fishing gear. For now it relies on vanilla mechanics to replace baits/floats/etc. so you need the right skill level. In the future i might add an automated replace system too. For spear fishing just start a fishing action and it will keep looking for fish, striking and restarting the action until you stop it or your inventory fills up. Net fishing isn't well supported for now, it will restart the action but unless you have other means to clear the fish from the net it will stop once anything is caught. This will be improved in the future. Your rod/pole/spear/net will be kept repaired automatically (but not anything inside them - this will be added in the future) Downloads and sources: Installation Install Ago's Client Mod Loader Download zip file Extract zip file to your client folder Disclaimer All mods are for use with Wurm Unlimited only. Attempting to use with Wurm Online will not work and possibly lead to a ban. All mods are open source and are licensed under LGPLv3 Want to support my modding? Consider throwing some money my way!