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Found 86 results

  1. Tellen Harbour Xanadu E24 What do we do, we selling bulk stuff and another things and doing jobs. We delivery to all servers that have a harbour for a small fee, if u order is big u can get it for free. time for orders can be up to 6 days, if u are in a hurry pm us and see if we have it in stock if u whant to come and pick up stuff its Tellen Harbour at xanadu E24 Bulk stuff Briks: 1k - 1s 50c Mortar: 1k - 2s 50c plank: 1k - 1s clay: 1k - 1s tar: 1k - 1s we do digging jobs,mining jobs on your place only to pm us. digging: 1s - 1k mining: 1s - 1k you can also lay an order for ships too. rowing boat: 1s small sailing boat: 1s 50c corbita: 6s knarr: ******* Caravel:***** status: open (temorary closed) message: for the moment digging jobs and mining jobs will be delayed got a job for a few days with it but otherthings its only to order if u whant to contact us its Nachtiti or Axizon and we are on GMT +2 SWE EU
  2. Xanadu has some rather large areas of clay and some might say excessively large, but, afaik, none of them appear in-land, they're always coastal or under-water. Despite being on the edges of the habitable land they still get in the way of the construction of buildings, docks, roads etc. So I'm suggesting that any clay tile should be treated as dirt/sand for digging purposes and can be packed and built upon, maybe minimum 20 paving skill to pack. I can hear the uproar already as people want clay for so many things. So if clay was to become a finite resource that can be dug or mined, there could be some sort of structure that could be constructed enabling open cast mining/digging on large areas of clay tiles. This could be planned in the same way that a house is and expanded in the same way. This could involve moving large areas of clay onto dry land (iron veins were recently re-jigged so this should be possible) Large areas of clay could be "prospected" by experienced diggers to estimate quality and how much clay can be dug. Differing qualities of clay could then be incorporated to the game, instead of it being dependant on just digging skill and shovel quality. Once a clay pit/mine has been constructed it would give access to clay of higher quality, with quality of clay dug from undeveloped clay tiles being capped. Could also increase yield per action on clay dug from pits/mines.
  3. (this could possibly be a Xanadu-only feature) On Xanadu clay patches are extremely common, yet they are often as large, if not larger than clay patches on the older servers. While it's definitely a great thing that clay is easier to find, the ubiquitous nature of it is a significant issue on Xanadu. Several times a day we get questions in CA HELP from players wanting to know how to get rid of clay tiles. In my opinion one of the biggest issues with so much clay is that it makes good coastal roads impossible - something that is a real shame when Xanadu has so much shoreline. If you want to make a coastal road you either have to go inland around the clay (which can be a significant detour and takes a way from the "coastal" part) or you have to leave a gap in the road - the last option being very dangerous to people on foot. My suggestion is to make it possible to convert the clay tiles with an action that takes both significant resources and skill. An example could be that with moderately high paving skill you could use 5-10 concrete on a tile to turn it into a stone slab. This would make it difficult enough to discourage griefers and it would make it a huge effort to remove all clay from an area. Remember that it's already easy to "remove" clay from public use by simply deeding over it.
  4. [POLL] Xanadu Clay

    Disclaimer: So I dont influence your vote, I dont type what i think in first post. And im not trying to get a change in the map, It's more of a first thread I try how Poll works on forum. And if I messed this poll up I blame it on me playing too much wurm to reach title over my head Potter.
  5. Garden gnome clay

    garden gnome,clay QL 13,90 Starting at 4s Min. increments: 20c Pick up or cod (cod cost covered by buyer) (Deliverance, Zbuczyn 38x 7y)
  6. Looking to buy 1k mixed grass, 2k clay, and 500 wooden beams with shipping. Located on west coast of FM area at Elarial. Please post or /tell Yggdrasil me in game. Thank you for your time. Yggdrasil King of Time, Elarial Consortium
  7. Hi all Long ago i spotted some clay in the sea around Port Alure but lost the location of it again. About half a year ago i relocated it and decided to raise it from the sea so it could be used. A landbridge was build out to the clay wich was +300 down. Then tons of dirt was dumped into the sea (clay cant be raised by flat/level ) and in the end 2 clay tiles are now above the water. So come around and dig away if you need clay. Landbridge is located just south of Waterdeep : 42x 35y . I'd like to thank all my good neighbors who made this project possible with dirt donations and the last work of dumping. Deathlemming, Hells Forge
  8. WTB 1k Clay delivered Pristine

    Hi, I am looking at buying 1k of clay and delivered y13, x18. Please PM with price.
  9. The Muspellsheimr Armoury

    We also sell Drake Hide Armour and Butchering Produce. For more information, check this thread: All orders and inquiries can either be posted in this thread, or PM'ed to Xallo / Alyeska either in-game or on the forums. Purchased items will be COD'ed to buyer. Bulk items will be available for pick-up at my deed unless otherwise discussed. - Deed Location (Independence) - (9,R) Ingame & (8x,55y) Community *NOTE - You will be responsible for delivering or mailing your goods unless otherwise specified. Not responsible for items lost due to bugs.
  10. Nil Trading

    Nil is located on the east coast of Exodus. 38x 21y. Easy access through land or water. These goods are priced at pickup prices. Currently only taking pickup orders. Delivery coming soon. Taking requests on what you would like grown. Accepting Dirt for trade Sprouts 1c Each Oleanderwood 48QL- 401 Maplewood 63QL - 192 Applewood 60QL - 60 Chestnut 61QL- 65 Grapewood 55QL - 379 Crops 50c per 1000 Wheat 52QL - 1000 Cotton 65QL - 5000 Corn 63QL - 2000 Building Resources 50c per 1000 Clay 44QL - 5000 Rock Shards 50QL - 1000 Building Resources 2s per 1000 Bricks 28QL - 1000 Lumps 1s per 1000 Iron 51QL - 1000 Carpentry Planks - 1s per 1000 Logs - 1s per 100 Inquire about higher level ore up to 78QL for the following - Iron, Silver, Gold, Zinc, Copper. Gems of all qualities are available as well. Qualities marked down are estimated. Accepting comments regarding pricing, and may be subject to change. Also recruiting traders. And thank you for shopping here at Nil.
  11. Fantastic Clay 8ql

    Hello, I have fantastic clay for sale, percect for sacrificing or making fantastic items [22:34:00] Grey sticky clay that could be easily formed into items. This is a fantastic example of the item, with fascinating design details and perfect ideas for functionality. starting bid: 5s snipe protection: 1h min increment: 50c no buyout. Pickup Exo Sarmatian Stronghold x45y37 or COD. Good luck
  12. Goods can be picked up from Montcastra (X32, Y15) or Montcastra docks(X31, Y13) We offer a variety of goods including bulk supplies, rope making, leveling and building contracts. KNARR DELIVERY NOW AVAILABLE Bulk 1000 bricks - 2s 500 in stock 1000 mortar - 3s 500 in stock 1000 planks - 1s 1000 dirt - 1s 10 support beams - 75c 10 bsb - 90c 500 nails 1s 500 small nails in stock Fence package 300 planks 300 shafts 150 nails 1s Ropes Thick rope 30c Cordage rope 10c mooring rope 5c Ship yard Sail boat 1s 2 in stock Corbita 5s Orders over 2k get additional 10% value *So an order of 2k bricks will get you 2200 bricks PM Alfred/quilles
  13. I would ask to PLEASE change clay so we can dig it down and continue to lower it under water, back to levels it was at under the water. From all our experiments it seems that once clay has been raised, the raised clay tile is raised forever as the clay cannot be dug down (by someone with 70+ mining only) further than how deep you can dig with a shovel under water, then you cannot lower it any further. So for clay: 1. You cannot dig it further than shovel deep under water 2. You cannot dredge it to make it deeper. 3. You cannot pack it 4. You cannot pave it 5. You cannot build on it If you can raise clay, I suggest you should be able to lower it as well. I don't mind it being difficult or need high skills (like I said 70+ digging just to get it below water level again), but please allow for the people with the skills to be able to dredge it then as well. In a sandbox game we should be able to terraform all terrain types, even clay, and in this case, both by raising it AND lowering it as low as we would like it to go.
  14. WTB Supreme and Fantastic clay

    Just as the title said, I'm looking to buy supreme and fantastic clay. Please pm your offer. thank you
  15. Dirt 1k = 1s (13k stock) Clay 1k = 1s (16k stock) Stone bricks 1k = 2s (5k stock) also Pottery bricks 100 = 30c (100 stock) Pottery shingles 100 = 20c (700 stock) FREE DELIVERY on Indy to the shore line Deliver on all non PvP Freedom servers
  16. Selling Unlimited Clay

    Basically, I am selling Unlimited clay, I heard the going price is 500 clay for 1 silver, But I am willing to negotiate on prices. Just Send me a PM, I will deliver for free if it isn't too far.
  17. Anyone want to sell me some clay for a sleep powder or two or four? PM me here or in-game (Monday) and let's work something out. Please close, got enough coming in now.
  18. looking to buy 4000 rock shards and 4000 clay with delivery to 7x 7.5y in deilverance. paying 10s total.
  19. (Close) Wtb 70+ Woa Clay X2

    WTB 2x 70+ woa clay willing to pay up to to 1s each + cod.
  20. Support Beams for sale 3.5s per 50 missing one ribbon, ribbons are included Chain armour, Iron 80ql Jackets and Pants 70c each All other pieces 50c each Chain Armour, iron 70ql Jackets and Pants 55c each All other pieces 35c each Mortar 3S per 1000 1S per 300 50c per 120 PM me here or in game.
  21. Few Pottery Ideas.

    Large & Medium flower pots Usage Medium - bon sai trees - mini versions of trees need to be tended to look good. Large - Fruit trees in a house. Yes, i know what i wrote. I remember that in my kindergarden we had a lemon tree in the "classroom" and it even got fruits. Pottery oven + bed. Usage Cooking and sleeping. Info - till the end of II world war, many pesant homes had, beds on the oven especially in the central europe and further east.. It was special construcion, that allows to use heat from the oven to praveil harsh winter / fall conditions. Amphoras - (i bet it was mentioned before). - Usage - to keep wine and olive. - this would add immersion. Since we can make columns so we can have more mediterrenian style liquid containers. Tiles (Wall tiles) Usage - To decorate internal walls of stone buildings. Need clay or mortar to attach to the wall. QL of a file should determine the overall quality of a picture. Better pottery skill more atractive picture. It can be chosen from few patterns like shopsigns and banners. Or using dyes we could change color of the tile, and have option to choose chess pattern or lines vertical and horizontal. Possible "colored" options Half on half (need 10 red tiles and 10 blue per wall) -sub option chess pattern. Stripes 1 - 2 red tiles 18 blue (colors are just example, it could be 2 red and 18 uncolored) 2 - 4 red 16 blue 3 - 6 + 14 and so on. Glazed pottery products. Info- Adding sand glaze maby with lye ? to all pottery products. Efect "durability" of a finished stuff is increased by 10-20%. and visual effect. Decay rate of food and liquids decreased by 50-70%. Pottery lamps. Crude lamp pottery flask + oil/tar/animal fat. + cotton string or bowstring. Light radiuous - QL/10 Light duration 10-20 mins per QL Lamp - decorative version, rest is the same. Amounts of clay should be determined yet. ! Crude lamp could be used as a weapon. When you throw lit crude lamp you have 70% chance to inflict burns equal to lamp ql additionaly you have chances to inflict burn in neighbouring tiles equal to lamp ql. Damage is reduced at least by 50% Similar possibility should be made with pottery flasks and lye (since its a caustic substance, it should make acid wounds). To be precise it shoud bypass most of animal "armor" Of course high end creatures like trolls dragons, hell hounds / hell horses/ hell scorpions/ lava spiders and lava fiends should be restistant to fire. Spiders / goblins / scorpions / should be resistant to acid. I belive it will add a depth to game and combat itself. Moreover it would increase or to be honest, make pottery skill useful, and make market for such products. Pottery figures - Purely decorative. Pottery whistle / flute Music making - increasing game depth. Urns Usage - as gravestones. decorative / informative. ---Curiosity--- Pottery sicle & knife - According to the archeology book, very first sickle was made of finely crafted clay and fired to pottery state. Not as durable as iron or metal one, but still functional. In terms of wurmlogic it cant be repaired. Similar could be done to butchering knife. --> Additional method for crude tools. Pottery jewellery - Finely crafted, fragile pottery trinket.
  22. Currently not buying, might buy more later on. _____________________________________ As title says, i'm buying bricks and clay. The materials need to be delivered to X37Y40 on this map; The amount i need is: Bricks - 3k Paying 2s/1k (ql preferably 20-25+) Supplier has been found for this! Clay - 2k Paying 1s/1k (ql preferably 30+) Supplier has been found for this! If you're able to only do part of it, that is acceptable as well. But minimum i'll accept is 500 at a time. Timeframe on this is preferably within 1 week from posting. Prices are including delivery, but a fee can be discussed depending on speed and amount delivered. Reply here, via PM on forum or PM ingame (same name) if you're able to fulfill this order or part of it.
  23. bulk products: 2k mortar ---- 1k for 2,5s 4k clay ---- 1k for 1s 1k planks ---- 1k for 1,5s Sold Free pickup (x 23, y 43). Deliver for extra fee We are located in the southern part of the server Exodus Please pm me here or ingame, my nick: Archentar
  24. Wtb Woa Clay

    Hi! I would like to buy WoA clay. WoA 70+ would be perfect, ql doesn't matter.