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Found 679 results

  1. I would like to buy Rake and Fishing Pole with 80+ coc. I am on Celebration
  2. Good day Wurmians! I'm not playing as much as I would like to and so I've decided to downsize to a smaller deed with a secondary character. My main can be found here if you're interested in purchasing a decent character: The deed for sale today is Twilight Vale (y17x18) on Celebration. Highlights: -Large coastal deed 57x15 -2 Trader citizens for draining -1000's of materials I don't have time to sell -6x2x2 Farmhouse with 24 2x1 breeding pens -Tons of storage 3 x FSB 10+ x BSB 2 x Chests -Large mine with Iron, Slate, Zinc, Tin. All other ores nearby. -Close to clay and tar. -2 other out buildings for general use (Currently housing traders) -Bulk flattened areas unused and ready to build you vision upon -Potential for boat cave -Amazing neighbours, best I've ever had. -Reasonably close proximity to all freedom servers using Chaos shortcut in SW Exodus. Deed Photos: Most Materials: If you're interested please feel free to come by the deed and walk around. There is one section of moss on deed that would need to be wood floored to get it back to dirt but that's really the only setback plus there are already materials set aside to make them so that helps. Please feel free to leave offers in topic or by PM. Thanks, OMD
  3. North Shore. Main site Current Members is * 8 * Players this does not include alts and these are active players. Deed size is roughly 35x60 with huge area to expand Location Is North Celebration Y8 x43 or D23 We are Chatting on TeamSpeak 3 We have a Facebook setup to share in game help tips, photo and more We are recruiting new and experienced players Nice Hunting area, Farming Animals Husbandry, Close to Exoduses zone line, On deed Mining, Shipping, Much more We do have rules and Player perspiration expected.
  4. We are having a mini impalong with an opportunity to improve your skills and a chance to win a prize or two. time; May 10th and 11th place; New Haven take part in A cart race round New Haven boat race fishing competition plus more.... 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes will be handed out beds for sleep-overs you can place a merchant on one of our new market stalls. Come to New Haven for the skill and stay for the fun. cords on Celebration X38, Y19,
  5. Originally I had only planned to ask a few people here and there in-game about the topic at hand, however that wouldn't be fair to anyone else who has an opinion or a suggestion and would like to contribute. I intend this thread only to be as a check-in for those of you in the community who wish to talk seriously about the game economy. I do not intend this thread to be a place to debate opinions and facts. This thread is intended to remain friendly and free of bias. This thread should remain clean and void of any aggression or derailment. Following these guidelines, if you'd like to be part of a private group discussion concerning the current economy in Wurm, please leave a post here saying "Add me" All of those who ask to be added to the discussion will be added to a message group. Any of those who don't care to talk about the topic can pass this thread and move along. See you all during the discussion! As a reminder, please only respond to this thread by asking to be added to the personal-message-discussion. If the message group fills up (and it should) we will either start several message groups over the topic or use an outside source to host the conversation.
  6. close

    close please
  7. Hello Wurmians o/ This time a Chainmail armor. Free from casts. Starting bid: 20s Bid incr: 1s No reserve, No private bids Buy out: Make me an private offer Sniper Protection: 1hour Buyer pays cod or i could deliver for fee. Good Luck
  8. Lemosa Docks We are always pleased to offer invites for new players. FORUM PM me You are welcome to come, to learn, and to play. Privacy and Security We have individual plots for each player with a secure yard for farming and animals, a forage and botany farm, great mines, tree farms, ironworks building, and town hall. Everything you need to learn is here, and we have a Templar and Tower guards to protect you while you do. Independence Though we offer a helping hand, each player has tasks before them just as they would in the wild (minus the constantly getting murdered part). Duty These task in include such things as felling trees, making planks, mining iron, smithing nails, and building your own home. You have farming areas, hunting, fishing and cooking supplies available. Courage Venture just off deed or explore the deeper mines for an immediate taste of the wilds. Hunting and fighting will come find you in short order. Support You can ask in Alliance chat if you need help. Just send me a forum message to get me by private email most days 6 AM to 10 PM US Pacific time. Once joined, you have my private email posted every day as the village welcome message, with important news and new member welcome posts. Welcome to Wurm!
  9. 5k ql 66 Wemp - 3.5 Silver for the lot (Or 80 copper per 1k) 2x Hots flags - 50 copper each 4x Hots Banners - 50 copper each 4x Fireworks - 20 copper each 1x HOTA Stag statue - 10 silver Sold Set of Gold chain Armour ranging from ql 70-80 - 2 silver SOLD Rare pinewood shortbow ql29 - 1.5 Silver (non mailable) Ql 40 Oak Caravel with lock and anchor - 20 silver (optional 100 rafts for 2 silver extra) Ql 10 steel pickaxe with 56 coc cast - 40 copper 2x Ql 80 Longswords - 60 copper each (non mailable) 4x Ql 56 Butchering knifes - 10 copper each Ql 75 medium maul - 40 copper Ql 13 steel carving knife with coc 42 cast - 20 copper All items are located in the middle of the Celebration server. More goods to come so check back soon
  10. Good day Wurmians! I'm not playing as much as I would like to and so I've decided to downsize to a smaller deed with a secondary character. The deed for auction today is Twilight Vale (y17x18) on Celebration. Starting Bid: 60s Buyout: 90s Increment: 5s Sniper Protection: 1h Reserve: No Accepting Euro bids at 1:1 Highlights: -Large coastal deed 57x15 -2 Trader citizens for draining -1000's of materials I don't have time to sell -6x2x2 Farmhouse with 24 2x1 breeding pens -Tons of storage 3 x FSB 10+ x BSB 2 x Chests -Large reinforced mine with Iron, Slate, Zinc, Tin. All other ores in nearby community mine. -Close to clay and tar. -2 other out buildings for general use (Currently housing traders) -Bulk flattened areas unused and ready to build you vision upon -Potential for boat cave -Amazing neighbors, best I've ever had. -Reasonably close proximity to all freedom servers using Chaos shortcut in SW Exodus. Note: There is a medium sized section of moss on deed that would need to be wood floored to get it back to dirt but there are already materials set aside to make them so that helps. Traders are located in perimeter buildings on E and W sides of the deed, buildings require repair but have only taken 5dmg over 3 months to give you an idea of the decay rate. Deed Photos: Most Materials: If you're interested please feel free to come by the deed and walk around. Thanks, OMD
  11. Scrap this for now sorry. It clashes severely with existing events on other servers. I'll find a better date next week. Dear Residents of Celebration, I write to you inform you that an abomination lurks in the south. Earlier this week, a false epiphany of the Avatar of Magranon was seen lumbering around the southern steppe, consuming livestock and terrorizing local hunters. In light of the sudden appearance of this monstrous apparition, I am calling upon all good hearted citizens of Celebration to rise up, take up arms and join me on a crusade to slay this demonic behemoth. My name is RomaN, I am a veteran unique slayer who has been involved in the slaying deaths of half of the unique creatures on the entire Freedom Isles. My service record has seen me responsible for the deaths of many dragons through to Goblin Leaders, Troll Kings, Kyklops's and even Avatars. Follow me and together we will rid the world of monsters. I am looking for at least 10 fighters. We also need healers and priests (Magranon and Fo). I will welcome any help I can get. I have a deed nearby and can ally with villages for respawning purposes if necessary. Recommended requirements for a Fighter: Bravery50+ FightingTwo Handed Weapon, preferably Huge Axe of at least 70QLProposed time for slaying: 10.00 PM GMT - Friday the 18th April, 2014 How to register your interest: Post your name, approximate fighting level and weapon. example: MonsterEater 90+ FS Huge Axe
  12. Welcome to Fjalkes Forgeworks. We do blacksmithing, jewelry smithing and shieldsmithing for now - and can spice things up with some enchants Blacksmithing QL50: 15c QL60: 25c QL70: 35c QL80: 60c QL90: 150c * Large anvils are +50% to prices above Iron Lamps & Lanterns QL50: 15c QL60: 25c QL70: 35c QL80: 60c Copper Lamps & Small Braziers QL50: 25c QL60: 35c QL70: 50c QL80: 80c Statuettes QL50, silver: 35c QL50, gold: 50c Shields QL50: 15c QL60: 25c QL70: 35c QL80: 60c (iron only) Enchanted Items I have a selection of pre-enchanted items. For custom enchanting orders, PM me Enchants I do some enchanting on the stuff I make and then sell it on my merchants. Due to the randomness of enchanting, I do not take enchanting orders Ordering Post a reply here, send me a PM on the forums or PM Fjalke in-game. Delivery The mailable items can be sent COD. Items can also be picked up at Fyrkat deed on Celebration (X31 Y34) - I have two merchants in the harbor for when I'm not online. Delivery can also be arranged for a fee.
  13. All these goodies! PM Bluemoonn in game for any questions! Prices for enchant points: CoC or WoA 1 - 69 - 1c/power 70 - 79 - 1c/power + 15c 80 - 89 - 2c/power 90 - 94 - 3c/power 95 - 99 - 4c/power 100+ - 7c/power Blacksmithing prices [For tools being sold] 50QL - 10c 60QL - 20c 70QL - 30c 80QL - 60c 85QL - 80c 90QL - 1s 30c Weaponsmithing prices [For weapons being sold] 40QL - 15c 50QL - 20c 60QL - 25c 70QL - 50c 75QL - 60c 57QL Needle [CoC73] 77QL Hatchet (iron) [WoA77] - 1s 15c 52QL spindle (cedarwood) [CoC53] - 70c 78QL spindle (birchwood) [WoA20 CoC53] - 1s 5c 68QL Scythe (iron) [WoA50 CoC62] 70QL Saw (iron) [WoA66] - 90c 78QL Saw (iron) [WoA76] - 1s 10c 19QL Stone Chisel [CoC69] - 80c 25QL Stone Chisel [CoC52] - 65c 72QL Stone Chisel [WoA54] - 65c 66QL Stone Chisel [CoC63] - 75c 27QL Carving Knife (iron) [CoC53] - 60c 37QL Carving Knife (iron) [CoC62] - 70c 86QL Carving Knife (iron) [WoA56 CoC72] - 2s 79QL Chain coif [AOSP 67] - 1s 71QL Shovel (iron) [WoA88] - 1s 90c 47QL Trowel (iron) [CoC75] - 90c 68QL Trowel (iron) [WoA55] - 70c 31QL Trowel (iron) [WoA41] - 45c 80QL Hammer (iron) [WoA84] - 2s 80QL Hammer (iron) [WoA79] - 1s 40c 79QL Hammer (iron) [CoC63] - 90c 35QL Pickaxe (iron) [CoC56] - 60c 75QL Pickaxe (iron) [WoA60] - 80c 75QL Pickaxe (iron) [WoA56] - 65c 40QL Grooming Brush (applewood) [CoC59] - 70c 68QL Butchering Knife (iron) [WoA86 CoC64] - 2s 50c 69QL Butchering Knife (iron) [WoA65 CoC68] - 1s 50c 32QL File (iron) [CoC69] - 75c 70QL Fruit Press (oakenwood) [WoA81 CoC78] - 3s
  14. North Star Is a 41x41 Sized fortress deed located on the North Coast of the Celebration server. The deed is fully walled with decorative towers and has its own two tiles wide Canal to the North Ocean and to under the middle of the deed. Its a great deed and id love to keep it however we're pretty damn busy with other projects so cant give it the love it needs It is located at D21 on the in-game Celebration map. The deed comes with a deed holder alt called Coalition who is currently not premium. The deed is not completely finished so its prefect for someone who is looking to make thier own mark on it, however the bulk of the work is done and it is fully teraformed. There is a tar pit right outside its South Gate and a clay pit located right on the coast a 2 minute walk away. Hunting on the desert is pretty good and it is easy to sail from the deed across to exodus and you'll find you come out right on the south exodus steppe so its perfect for budding hunters. There's Lead, Zinc, Iron, Silver and A lot of Marble within the Deed's mines (the majority of the area is still not mined) Pictures of the deed and further info: Bidding starts at 25 silver Buyout (Theres no set buyout but if you make a good offer im happy to consider it) Each bid must be 1 silver higher than the last. Im not massive fussed if it doesnt sell, like i said its an amazing deed and im happy to just throw more money into the upkeep and keep it however if i can find a new owner who will give it some love that would be awesome Happy to show people around and if you have any questions feel free to contact me.
  15. North Star industries is now open, all goods are made to order in a timely fashion. Construction Materials: 500 small/large Nails - 1 Silver 1k planks - 1 Silver 1k Dirt - 1 Silver 1k Bricks - 2 Silver 1k Mortar - 2.5 Silver 1k Marble Shards (minimum ql50) - 1.25 Silver 1k stone shards - (minimum ql50) -1 Silver Delivery costs (One time fee): 10 Copper - anywhere on the North coast of Celebration 20 Copper - anywhere on the South coast of Celebration 50 Copper - anywhere coastal on Exodus 1 Silver - anywhere coastal on Deliverance (Delivery costs are negotiable depending on proximity to us, orders over 3k are free) All items are free to pick up from North Star located on the Celebration Server at coords C/22 on the in-game map Blacksmithing: Tools: Ql 50 - 10 Copper Ql 60 - 20 Copper Ql 70 - 40 Copper Q 75 - 50 Copper Street Lamps (x10): Ql 40 - 1.10 Silver Ql 50 - 1.5 Silver Ql 60 - 2 Silver ​(For imping please PM or contact Dyf ingame) Anvils: (Currently unavailable) Weaponsmithing: Ql 50 - 30 Copper Ql 60 - 40 Copper Ql 70 - 70 Copper Ql 75 - 80 Copper Ql 80 - 1 Silver ​(For imping please PM or contact Dyf ingame) For delivery on weaponsmithing goods that are not mailable please contact me via PM Misc: Marble Braziers: Ql 30 - 2 silver (2 In Stock) Ql 50 - 2.5 silver Ql 70 - 4 silver Crates: 10 copper per crate (minimum Ql 30) Bulk Storage bins: 25 copper per bin (minimum Ql 20) Food Storage bins: 25 copper per bin (minimum Ql 20) Mailbox casts: Available for 10 copper per cast, plus a travelling fee if not located on Celebration (If the cast on the box is not power 70 or higher after 3 casts we will cast for free till it is) (For Delivery on Misc items please refer to the delivery fee section) Services: Digging - 1 silver per 1k actions Mining - 1.2 silver per 1k actions (One time traveling charge may be required depending on location) Any Queries please don't hesitate to PM me
  16. As above, want to sell referral and 4x Sleep Powder. Based on Celebration. Referral 6S (SOLD) Sleep Powder 1.5S each Whole pack for 10S
  17. I've recently come back from several months of inactivity and I'd like to move to Epic, but I have a lot of stuff in Celebration which I'd like to sell first. Items for sale: [updated screenshot April 5, 2014] Bids for individual items, groups/bundles of items, or anything and everything are welcomed. I've further discounted prices and resorted the items into new groups: [NOTE]: THESE PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE. Feel free to send me a tell All gems: 2s 65ql Chain set: 1s Surplus armor: 50c Low Tools Bundle: 1s All other items together: ~3s EVERYTHING all at once: 5s because of the convenience of it You may post in this thread, message me on the forums, or send me a tell in-game if interested. Thank you.
  18. Looking to buy a 70-80 cast of CoC on an iron lump (minmum of 70QL). PM me with prices/offers.
  19. Also now looking villagers to join on my deed! See more: Gem selling thread, I get stocks to sell about weekly: I mainly take bulk orders, but smaller orders are possible too. Delivery is mainly for larger orders, although I can deliver smaller amounts for a higher delivery fee. Upon delivery, I can move the items to containers on shore specified by you, or I can do crate / raft trades one for one (Please let me know in advance!). Pick up is also a possibility. I am at 11D in the ingame map or x13 y6 I specialize in Carpentry, Masonry and Blacksmithing and will be happy to complete any order I can, if I have the resources. Payment I accept Sleep Powder as payment at the rate of 1 Sleep Powder for 1 silver. I'm also open to item offers, for example i'm looking for a Life Transfer enchanted Small Axe or Small Maul. Additional services Conversion to priesthood 60c anywhere in Celebration. Preferably meet me at shore. Vynora only. Stone brick, pottery brick, stone slab and slate slab flooring for houses. I can also bring my own materials, pm for price estimate. Delivery fees Southern Exodus - 25c Western / Eastern Exodus - 50c Northern Exodus - 1s Northern / Western Celebration - 25c Southern / Eastern Celebration - 50c Inner Celebration (Middle sea) - 25 - 50c depending on your location Small order fee - 15c Materials currently up for order Bricks - 2s / 1k Mortar - 2,5s / 1k Small & Large Nails - 15c / 100 Fence Bars - 1,25s / 10 Wood Shingle - 25c / 100 Small Chest - 3c each Floorboards - 10c each Tools All that blacksmithing will allow. All tools can be attempted to enchanted with WoA and/or CoC, but my priest casts are still very unreliable and most of the time results to 1-30 casts. ( I just recently made it to cast them and i'm daily getting Channeling up) Enchants: 1c / power in addition to the tools original price. 30QL - 1c 40QL - 2,5c 50QL - 5c Horseshoes 50QL - 5c All are not listed, ask for more or throw me an offer for a custom order! Items for sale 72QL Shovel (w56, c44) - 1,1s 66QL Pickaxe (w65) - 1s 83QL Rake (w64) - 1,2s Statistics Orders completed: 12 Bricks sold: 5,000 Horseshoes sold: 8 Mortar sold: 2,000 Fence Bars sold: 100 Small nails sold: 100 Large nails sold: 100 Floorboards sold: 18 Iron (>50QL) sold: 500kg
  20. Please PM me with offers. Thanks!
  21. Hello and Greetings, New Port Benden has 6000 dirt that is already loaded and awaiting a destination. We are looking for 6s + delivery (subject to crossings traveled). We would be willing to negotiate trade for bricks/mortar and coin as well. We are located on Awesome Isle (formerly Union Island) in the southeast of Celebration. Please Contact via forum PM, reply, or Nomadikhan/Lockehalfblood ingame. Thanks, -New Port Benden Residents
  22. Looking to buy a few hundred iron lumps at 70-ish QL. What's the going rate on iron around that QL?
  23. Selling rare rope tool,. 30.63 QL, birch. 4s cod to buyer, or free delivery on celebration. [16:06:51] A rope making tool, a small handheld spinning wheel with three large nails. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It is made from birchwood. You will want to polish the rope tool with a pelt to improve it. [16:06:51] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'El.i.t..p'.