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Found 674 results

  1. WTS Sleeping Powder x14

    Fourteen Sleeping Powders for sale, selling as single lot 21s for all 14. Reply here, can deliver to Tap Dance, or along the coast of Celebration server if needed.
  2. WTS: Sleeping Powder

    Items: 6 x Sleeping Powder Price: 1.5s/each Location: Celebration (West) Please PM if you're interested.
  3. Prices negotiable. Buyer pays CoD or picks up near Amish Paradise on the Celebration server. Mallet - 65.44ql 75WOA - 60c Med rug - 2.99ql 56COC - 45c Med rug - 3.28ql 58COC - 48c Med rug - 1.99ql 49COC - 40c Pine ropetool - 54.21ql WoA49 COC33 - 50c Pickaxe 23.76ql 43CoC - 40c Oak ropetool - 79.78ql 51WOA - 80c Small anvil - 50.28 ql 64WOA - 50c Longsword 60.33ql 49OC - 50c Spindle - 69.79ql - 20c Trowel - 67.47ql - 20c 2x Snow Lantern - 1s each 118 frying pans - 1s 10x Source Crystal - 50c Silver pendulum 12ql - 5c Iron pendulum 16ql - 5c 70 backpacks - 50c Fireworks (x2) - 80c Dredge (28ql) - 10c Dredge (43ql) - 15c Seryl lump 80ql - 1s Seryl breastplate 29ql - 80c 4x yellow potion - 50c each 50ql tools (8c each) Large maul Rope tools Butchering knives Clay shaper Trowel Saw Shovel File Huge Axe Rafts: 33 (two rare) - 3s I also have a fair selection of horses available on south cele:
  4. WTB Referral

    Please pm me if you have one!
  5. WTS Legacy Items

    Here are the items I have for sale: yellow potion x1 - 50 QL, 0 dmg easter egg x1 - 99 QL, 0 dmg birchwood fireworks x1 - 80 QL, 0 dmg Please make offers; I will consider discounted offers on the whole lot. If mailed C.O.D., buyer pays shipping cost of 10c on-server for each item. Prices would probably be higher for another server. Or pick up in northeast Celebration. Best to send mail here on the forums to reach me, or in game message Atheline. Thanks!
  6. Hi, wtb 2-3K dirt and I need it to be delivered. Celebration x12 y35 right next to Lemosa Docks. I have waterfront access with 3 bsb's ready to be filled up. Post qty and price with delivery included pls. Thanks a lot,
  7. Rare Chain Set 90ql No casts

    Hello Wurmians, This time i've this shiny rare chain set, which has many uses. You can use it in battle and like a decoration item. Starting bid: 25s Min increment: 1s Buyout: may consider offers via pm Sniper protection: 1h No hidden reserve Enjoy the auction!
  8. 2 RT Longswords

    #1 83ql RT85,N86,C75,MS67 [15:17:15] Rotting Touch has been cast on it, so it will hurt more, but be more brittle. [85] [15:17:15] Nimbleness has been cast on it, so it increase the chance to hit. [86] [15:17:15] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [75] [15:17:15] Mind stealer has been cast on it, so it will steal knowledge from non-players. [67] Starting bid-4s #2 81ql RT93,N86,C63,MS60 [15:20:03] Rotting Touch has been cast on it, so it will hurt more, but be more brittle. [93] [15:20:03] Nimbleness has been cast on it, so it increase the chance to hit. [83] [15:20:03] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [62] [15:20:03] Mind stealer has been cast on it, so it will steal knowledge from non-players. [60] Starting bid-5s
  9. WTB rare planks - Celebration

    Price depends on how many you will sell me and which server you are on =p
  10. WTS 70ql saw with WoA90 and CoC61

    [14:41:45] Wind of ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [90] [14:41:45] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [61] Please PM any offers or reply here as I may accept!
  11. [14:42:58] A soft leather glove covered on the top with red dragon scales. Colors: R=215, G=40, B=40. The red dragon scale glove needs some holes punched with an awl. [14:42:58] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Bluemoonn'. [14:42:58] Aura of shared pain has been cast on it, so it may hurt creatures hitting the wearer. [99] Starting Bid: 5s Minimum increment: 1s Buyout: 19s Reserve: Hidden Snipe protection: 10mins PM any offers! I may accept
  12. Sold- please close

    I know it's not a large haul, but they're cheap. If I went by the 'going price' of 2c per QL, it'd come out to 4s 34c, but I'm in a bind so if someone buys them all for 2s I'll deliver to any coast on celebration
  13. Looking for work (Celebration)

    Hullo folks! I've just returned from a fairly long hiatus, and seeing as I can't afford premium right now, am looking for some low-skill labor to earn some coin! Preferably on-site, and will do pretty much anything except pan loading. Digging, brick cutting, making planks, etc, you name it! If you've got the material, I've got the time!
  14. Location: Celebration Reply here with a offer! Can CoD!
  15. Close

  16. Every item on the list is 50c. I'm on Celebration server and can either COD the items or they can be picked up at Fyrkat (X31, Y34)
  17. WTB referral

    WTB 1 more referral for 6.5s. Please pm me if you have one for sale, or you can message me in game on Guenivere or Erysia (Celebration server). Peace.
  18. I'm selling my deed named Trelleborg. I'm just tired of having two deeds. Location: X36 Y30 on Celebration. See this map of Celebration. It has: About 100 days of upkeep Trader in a closed building Spirit templar Utmost gold vein Copper and Zinc vein - at least 88+ ql 2 x very good iron veins, one is around ql 86 other around ql 93 Rare ql 80 forge Impalong site with large harbour 3 x ql 50 gold altars The deed will come without a mayor. The deed was built as a personal mining deed and an impalong site for the alliance. It has successfully hosted an impalong with about 30 participants. It has all the workstations needed and ql 50 gold altars for each god - all in one building for easier sermons. Impalong building Smithing stations, there is one more to the left of the screenshot Altars for sermons Other imping stations for cloth, leather and wood Beds for participants at impalongs Harbour viewed from the west Tunnel to upper levels Mine entrance from upper levels Picture of the trader The deed will come without any lamps or ships. Minimum bid: 50s Increments: min 1s and only bids in whole silver (or gold ) Buyout: 90s - or make me an offer in a pm Sniper protection: 1 hour I will unfortunately be out of town Sunday, Monday and Tuesday - but will try and respond to messages on the forum. If anyone wants a tour of the facilities, contact me on the forums or PM Fjalke ingame I am a bit saddened to let the deed go, but it served me well and two deeds are too many for me at the moment. Edit: On request i added a picture of the trader :-)
  19. We are recruiting new and old players alike at the seaside village of Deutron. Send tells or message on the forums for more information.
  20. WTS Legacy Loyalty Bonus items

    1x Easter Egg - 99ql 1x Fireworks - 80ql 1x Great Helm - 30ql Mailed 1x Yellow potion - 50ql Offers here, in PM or in game to Bluemoonn
  21. New To Celebration Misfit Market

    Hello everyone. We have started a new Alliance Market here on Celebration, coordinates are x35 y41 . Please feel welcome to come by & browse, several members have traders up with items for sale & will be posting on them soon! Water access available. Sorry but no one outside alliance can put trader here at this time. Thank you , Chelebone The Misfits
  22. Currently got far too many things i never use lying around, so its time to offload them All items are currently located on the north coast of the Celebration server, I am happy to mail anything mailable but pickup will be required on items that are not mailable unless you are buying multiple items then we can work something out im sure. Weaponsmithing: 2x ql 73 Maul - 50 copper each 1x ql 70 Butchering knife - 50 copper 1x ql 70 Carving knife (Woa42 Coc70) - 1.20 Silver 1x ql 13 steel Carving knife (Coc42) - 30 copper 1x ql 14 steel carving knife (Coc72) - 1.50 Silver 1x ql 70 small maul - 40 copper 1x ql 71 Steel two handed sword - 85 copper 1x ql 70 short sword - 40 copper 2x ql 50 longsword - 15 copper each 2x ql 56 sickles - 25 copper each 1x ql 67 steel spear - 50 copper 5x ql 56 butcher knife - 25 copper each 1x ql75 Rare halberd - 3.5 silver 1x ql 70 (Life transfer 76) Large Maul - 3.5 silver Blacksmithing/Tools: 4x ql 84 Mallets - 15 copper each 1x ql 70 (woa60) Shovel - 80 Copper 1x ql 70 Pickaxe (woa47 Coc28) - 50 copper MISC: Oak Caravel Ql 43 (Been with me for years) Comes with anchor and lock and free delivery to anywhere on freedom cluster - 20 Silver Bulk Gems - - price 8 Silver 2x Fireworks - 1.5 silver each Thank You
  23. WTS 1 k cooked meat

    ..for 1.5 silver, no delivery. PM please for details
  24. 90Ql Toolbelts 1S

    Title pretty much says it all. I'm grinding LW & while I am I'll have 90ql toolbelts available for 1s each. Reply here or pm Ambersummers in game.