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Found 678 results

  1. Hello everyone. We have started a new Alliance Market here on Celebration, coordinates are x35 y41 . Please feel welcome to come by & browse, several members have traders up with items for sale & will be posting on them soon! Water access available. Sorry but no one outside alliance can put trader here at this time. Thank you , Chelebone The Misfits
  2. Currently got far too many things i never use lying around, so its time to offload them All items are currently located on the north coast of the Celebration server, I am happy to mail anything mailable but pickup will be required on items that are not mailable unless you are buying multiple items then we can work something out im sure. Weaponsmithing: 2x ql 73 Maul - 50 copper each 1x ql 70 Butchering knife - 50 copper 1x ql 70 Carving knife (Woa42 Coc70) - 1.20 Silver 1x ql 13 steel Carving knife (Coc42) - 30 copper 1x ql 14 steel carving knife (Coc72) - 1.50 Silver 1x ql 70 small maul - 40 copper 1x ql 71 Steel two handed sword - 85 copper 1x ql 70 short sword - 40 copper 2x ql 50 longsword - 15 copper each 2x ql 56 sickles - 25 copper each 1x ql 67 steel spear - 50 copper 5x ql 56 butcher knife - 25 copper each 1x ql75 Rare halberd - 3.5 silver 1x ql 70 (Life transfer 76) Large Maul - 3.5 silver Blacksmithing/Tools: 4x ql 84 Mallets - 15 copper each 1x ql 70 (woa60) Shovel - 80 Copper 1x ql 70 Pickaxe (woa47 Coc28) - 50 copper MISC: Oak Caravel Ql 43 (Been with me for years) Comes with anchor and lock and free delivery to anywhere on freedom cluster - 20 Silver Bulk Gems - - price 8 Silver 2x Fireworks - 1.5 silver each Thank You
  3. ..for 1.5 silver, no delivery. PM please for details
  4. Title pretty much says it all. I'm grinding LW & while I am I'll have 90ql toolbelts available for 1s each. Reply here or pm Ambersummers in game.
  5. Sold

    I want to sell a Settlement form for 9s, reply here or pm Bluemoonn in game for offers
  6. hello,im looking to retire from updating the celebration map,so i need someone to continue avoid some of the problems some people had last time i will provide either a full psd file with all the layers i use or just a simplified psd with 4 layers(the map dump,roads and canals,permanent markers and deeds) i will also provide a small psd file with the layers used for adding items from the legend. if u are interested pm me or reply here.
  7. I have a few gems for sale [i'll update this as I get more] Alt is: Bluemoonn Post here or pm Bluemoonn in game if you want to buy one Emeralds: QL: 47.37 - 94c QL: 17.95 - 34c QL: 18.39 - 36c QL: 40.29 - 80c QL: 13.61 - 26c QL: 20 - 40c QL: 12.6 - 24c QL: 30 - 60c QL: 20 - 40c Sapphires: QL: 2.31 - 3c QL: 1 - 3c QL: 17.77 - 34c QL: 44.29 - 88c QL: 18.5 - 36c QL: 20 - 40c QL: 13.35 - 26c Diamonds: 6.88 - 7c Rubys: QL: 22.2 - 44c QL: 41.97 - 82c QL: 29.57 - 58c QL: 29.12 - 58c Opals: QL: 8.89 - 10c QL: 20 - 40c QL: 20 - 40c QL: 35.75 - 70c
  8. I'm looking for offers for my Vynora Priest currently located on Celebration He has Premium Time until 26 October 2014 so virtually 11 months (worth roughly 70 Euros on its own) Needs some work but I am open to sensible offers, please PM me Here is the skilldump:- Religion: 0.0 Alignment: 98.048454 Faith: 70.1254 Favor: 46.249302 Skills: 0.0 Paving: 1.5204295 Tracking: 1.0 Prospecting: 13.082949 Religion: 26.466887 Prayer: 37.58973 Channeling: 34.853703 Preaching: 7.203956 Clubs: 1.0 Huge club: 1.0 Healing: 3.5804024 First aid: 8.42866 Archery: 1.7103394 Long bow: 1.614905 Thievery: 1.0 Traps: 1.0 Climbing: 4.997979 Shields: 4.1575594 Medium wooden shield: 3.8385494 Large metal shield: 4.153096 Axes: 9.199738 Large axe: 2.6905317 Hatchet: 11.377679 Swords: 10.53708 Shortsword: 1.1409699 Longsword: 16.359783 Knives: 10.595173 Butchering knife: 16.513172 Carving knife: 4.7415533 Woodcutting: 20.383253 Carpentry: 21.106218 Fine carpentry: 1.7784606 Ship building: 1.0 Fletching: 1.297 Bowyery: 1.0 Toy making: 3.7416437 Nature: 29.958454 Gardening: 2.9026055 Fishing: 35.115482 Animal husbandry: 19.514776 Meditating: 2.0 Farming: 52.917458 Forestry: 6.794042 Botanizing: 9.415443 Animal taming: 13.098696 Foraging: 7.677257 Cooking: 8.285456 Hot food cooking: 12.822987 Butchering: 15.757921 Fighting: 5.4652877 Shield bashing: 1.3077232 Normal fighting: 18.21259 Aggressive fighting: 13.872794 Weaponless fighting: 2.0587487 Alchemy: 3.0630372 Natural substances: 7.1780863 Miscellaneous items: 28.474321 Stone chisel: 1.677347 Hammer: 18.021929 Sickle: 4.962576 Scythe: 5.5411186 Repairing: 19.101389 Saw: 5.9313893 Pickaxe: 16.746456 Rake: 37.711662 Shovel: 15.30577 Pottery: 1.0 Firemaking: 4.963756 Digging: 27.0891 Mining: 16.043642 Smithing: 5.987171 Locksmithing: 6.4457183 Blacksmithing: 8.734376 Armour smithing: 3.123707 Shield smithing: 1.1448905 Chain armour smithing: 7.935101 Weapon smithing: 2.3744876 Blades smithing: 2.6918764 Ropemaking: 25.388153 Masonry: 10.7900715 Stone cutting: 2.7795422 Tailoring: 3.161487 Leatherworking: 5.346941 Cloth tailoring: 3.789506 Characteristics: 0.0 Soul: 19.037811 Soul strength: 21.585604 Soul depth: 23.477596 Mind: 11.938489 Mind speed: 20.07031 Mind logic: 21.825016 Body: 12.497831 Body stamina: 20.227991 Body strength: 21.662699 Body control: 20.145687
  9. Double post, please delete
  10. Howdy folks, Have 1k bricks and 1k mortar made up and ready to go on Celebration. 6s includes delivery to any coastal deed on Celebration that is knarr accessible! Also have 8 sleep powder, 1.5s each! I normally would like to do a larger order than 1k/1k when shipping cross server, but for these I am willing, but at +50c per server border - excluding the southern coast of Exo. I can make more bricks & mortar if needed, just not accepting huge orders at this time.
  11. North Star Weapon Smithing for all your weaponsmithing needs. North Star Weaponsmithing is located at North Star 38X 6Y on the Celebration server Imping services: 1-70 Costs 1 copper per Ql 70-75 Costs 2 copper per Ql 75-80 Costs 3 copper per Ql Weaponsmithing made to order: Ql 50 - 20 Copper Ql 60 - 40 Copper Ql 70 - 60 Copper Ql 80 - 1 Silver Pickup on non mailable items preferred but delivery can be arranged for an addition charge (Deliveries to Cele and southern Exodus are free) For any queries please PM me or contact me in-game on Dyf
  12. Anyone looking to sell Bulk foodstuff, please PM me, looking for Garlic and Onions but will consider most stuff
  13. [13:18:16] A tool for digging. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. It could be improved with a lump. [13:18:16] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Mikegu.ver'. [13:18:16] Wind of ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [69] 73.22 QL Starting bid: 10s Minimum increase: 1s No reserve Buyout offers will be considered depending on interest Shovels can't be mailed unfortunately, so this is for pick-up on Celebration near Amish Paradise, or I'll deliver as far as Exo to a coastal location for a fee. Thank you for your time and attention!
  14. Pick-up or local delivery only, I'm located on south central Celebration near Amish Paradise. Can message me here or in game on Cele on Erysia or Guenivere.
  15. I'm cleaning up my merchant. Every item on the list is 50c. I'm on Celebration server and can either COD them or they can be picked up at Fyrkat (X31, Y34)
  16. [22:17:30] A large heavy sword almost as tall as a ten year old child. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It is glowing from the heat. It could be improved with a lump. QL: 60.35 Starting bid: 5s Bid increments: 50c Sniper protection: 1 hr No reserve or buyout. It's located on Celebration server, Gurrington X20Y18. Buyer will have to pickup. Auction ends in:
  17. Have a few o these (plain, no enchants) - price 90c + COD
  18. I've moved onto a new spot on celebration, and don't have the time or money to keep 2 deeds running. I am there for auctioning off my deed Vanaheimr. It is located at X37Y40 on this map: The size of Vanaheimr is 33 by 33. The perimeter is 5 and it has 1 guards hired. The settlement has 9 silver, 88 copper and 18 iron left in its coffers. Upkeep per month is 3 silver, 17 copper and 80 iron. This means that the upkeep should last for about 87.064316 days. Pics can be found here: Deedplanner map can be found here: Off noteworthy stuff on deed there is: 80ql Rare stone altar Vyn 51ql Gold altar vyn Mailbox with 91 power 75ql Forge 74ql Oak Loom 70ql guard tower 2 Obelisks placed on the docks. Several animalpens with a total of 42 enchanted grass tiles including a good variety of 5 speed horses ready for breeding. Mine with access to iron, incl. utmost vein and 1 Tin vein. Several stone buildings incl. shipbuilding area. Fsb filled with loads of veggies and meat (see screenshots) Starting bid: 15s Bid increments: 1s Buyout: 25s No reserve or sniper protection Auction ends in 1 week from now. Any questions feel free to contact me on forum or ingame. Happy bidding!
  19. 1k 1s, will not deliver to pvp servers, delivery can be arranged otherwise for a fee.please leave message & where you want delivered too. Thank you!
  20. Summers Bulk Services (delivery possible to Deli/Exo/Cele) Summers Bulk Services offers the following bulk items to order: Bricks 1 silver per 500 Mortar 1.5 silver per 500 Slate Shards 75 copper per 500 Slate Shingles 1.25 silver per 500 (prices subject to change) Order by forum pm to Amber, or by ingame pm to Ambersummers. 0.25 silver delivery costs to Celebration and Exodus. 0.50 silver delivery costs to Deliverance. Delivery only to the coastal areas with Knarr access. 10% discount when picked up from Summers Haven (x43,y8) on Celebration. Free delivery to Celebration, Deliverance and Exodus on orders of 2 silver and up.
  21. Vanaheimr Current open slots: 0 Location: X37Y40 on this map; So I've decided to turn a part of my deed into an area for villagers. I'd prefer Premium players or at least you're going premium in the near future. Also as i'm doing this to get a bit more life on my deed and i'm EU based, I'll only consider EU players, or at least players that play on the same times as i do (usually from CET 4pm->) You'll get a lot that is yours to do with what you want, well almost.* We do need a few groundrules. First off; I'll be holding writs to any buildings you build. (In case you go MIA i need to be able to knock down the building) Secondly; I'll enforce a 2 floor height limit plus roof. (don't want any eyesore towers spoiling the nice look of the deed) Thirdly; Respect your fellow villagers and their belongings, and be friendly. And yes that's all there is to it. What can I offer? You will... ..have complete freedom to do whatever you want. No expectations of paying rent or having to build huge projects. You're ofc more than welcome to do/help with these things. ..get a fenced off private area to do whatever you like. ..have access to a mine with iron/tin and loads of rockshards to be mined ..get the opportunity to work with just about anything you can imagine. (Huge farming area is possible offdeed) a part of a very friendly deed and alliance. on a coastal deed with great hunting around the deed. ..have a safe haven to live at, with both templar and guardtower on deed. ..get a free 5 speed horse if/when you have the skill to ride it. If this sounds interesting, please feel free to contact me here or ingame (Guruen) for further questions/details and/or a tour of the deed. I've just cleared the area, so not all the fences around the lots have been finished yet. *Due to the nature of this setup, you can expect to have to clean up a bit after previous tenants. (some things might be reusable and save you build time) Overview of the villager area:
  22. Horses u can buy from me in TDM, Blackflame and Ravens Bluff. Or msg me for any orders or horse colors to look at my Deed from time to time i have also to sell 5 speed bisons
  23. ...on my rug QL 23. PM me here please.
  24. [Sold]

    This auction is for rare Unfinished forge. I can mail this item to the winner from 95power mailbox, I'll pay for COD. Or i can deliver to any of the main freedom cluster( except chaos) to places accessible from the water. Opening the auction @ 5 silver Minimum increments of 50 copper Buyout @ 15 silver Sniper protection: 1 hour
  25. Selling chicken eggs in NE Cele; 20 eggs for 1s, and this is the minimum amt. for any order. I offer free delivery anywhere on this server. Thanks!