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Found 675 results

  1. Kami Services And Goods

    Magic services Mend 10c each cast repairs almost any item by 20 damage ql goes down by 2 lurker of the deep 25c allows to find rare fishing spots Opulence 2.50c makes food feed more Corps or player locating 50c an hour will add more when my channeling is better i can do others upon request but some spells I may have higher fail rate also not responsible for any shatters and will not charge unless enchant is 10 or above Labor services animal traits check 1c per animal may charge a traveling fee can check the following traits 20 skill: "It will fight fiercely." (High fighting skill?) 21 skill: "It has fleeter movement than normal." (Minor speed boost) 22 skill: "It is a tough bugger." (Withstands more damage) 23 skill: "It has a strong body." (Improved body strength?) 24 skill: "It has lightning movement." (Randomly increases speed for a short duration) 25 skill: "It can carry more than average." (Less penalty to speed due to high load) 26 skill: "It has very strong leg muscles." (Less penalty to speed due to slope? Does not currently do this.) 27 skill: "It has keen senses." (Increased agro range or possibly harder to tame?) 28 skill: "It has malformed hindlegs." (Minor speed penalty)* 29 skill: "The legs are of different length." (Major speed penalty)* 30 skill: "It seems overly aggressive." (Goes into frenzy when attacked)* 31 skill: "It looks very unmotivated." (Seldom uses speed boosts?)* 32 skill: "It is unusually strong willed." (Randomly refuses to follow)* sell horses with traits not yet available Digging 1k dirt 1s or if you offer me better price Selling crops later once i have larger supply stocked up Crop contract Will grow any crop on request may take some time for me to get some crops growing in large numbers must order at least 2k crops will not be delivered in one go but in waves of 250, 500, 750, or 1000 depending on what you want pm for more info transportation price depends on distance will eventually work out a copper km ratio floor boards 10s per 100 will be built on request may take some time locating rare fishing spot 25c
  2. Respond here, or PM Rekker on Cele.
  3. 58 Miner/32 Mason On Cele

    Looking for work. PM me here or in game (character name is Rekker).
  4. Wts Corbita

    Pretty straight forward. Willing to deliver to Celbration, Exodus, or Deliverence no delivery fee. 8s locked and anchored of course.
  5. Want To Buy Stuff?

    Hello and my name is Nicholas, or known on Wurm, princeofperiabyte. I have recenetly decided to start making items for people, but they are not free. Normally the price will not be much unless depending on the product. To place an order, simply PM me. Please note, that if you order a large quanity of items, it may take me much longer than average to complete. If you request an order and I do not have it fulfilled in the said time, your product will be completely free! -princeofperiabyte
  6. Wtb Meat And Fish

    Hi, I am currently on celebration looking to buy meat and Fish. PM if interested in selling. Thanks, Edvin
  7. We have a Merchant set up on the Celebration Server at the North West corner 12x,6y Blacksmithing Ql 50 - 20c Ql 60 - 30c Ql 70 - 45c Large Anvil QL 50 35c, QL 60 45c, QL 70 70c Jewelsmithing (Silver only) Statuettes: 50ql 60c Candelabras:50ql 75c Leatherworking Complete Studded Sets 50QL: 80c 60QL: 1.25s 70QL: 3s 80QL: 5s Toolbelts 60QL: 80c 70QL: 1s 80QL: 2s 90QL: 3s Cloth Tailoring 50ql Meditation Rug = 50c 50ql Fine Meditation Rug = 80c Satchels = 5c per satchel Sheets- 1 sheet = 10c , 2 sheets = 20c Triangular Sail = 50c Square sail = 1s Small Square Sail = 30c Kingdom Flag - 25c Kingdom Banner - 25c Ropes Cordage Rope - 10c Mooring Rope - 5c Rope - 1c Thick Rope - 20c Spells Strongwall: 1s per wall Mole Senses: 75c per cast CoC/Woa- 1-69 1c Per enchant power 70-79 1c Per enchant power, +10c In Stock Enchanted Tools- Leather knife 70ql 45 CoC 80c Awl 70ql 70c File 70ql 53 CoC 90c " " 44 CoC 80c " " 46 CoC 80c " " 37 CoC 70c Saw 70ql 51 CoC 90c " " 50 WoA 90c
  8. Wts Rowboat

    A small rowing boat that will accommodate three people. It is made from cedarwood. Ql: 23.400867, Dam: 0.0. Price without ancor and lock: 80c add 10c for lock or ancor only pick up Server: Cele Location:Ridgepoint 34x 7y Pm me reflexx in game or here to buy it
  9. [Closed]

    Wtb small Sailing Boat with anchor. Dilivery to TD would be fine. Please contact me here in the Forums or per PM ingame (joulesadan)
  10. I've almost gotten enough money to buy premium, and would like to offer my services to the general public. Please bear in mind the following: As a freeloader my skill cap is 20, which most of my gathering skills are. I only have a row boat, so I cannot deliver bulk supplies (I will make them if you wish but you will have to pick them up, or let me use your supplies at your deed) I will only work one job at a time. I only work in Celebration. I only need 2s for my first month of premium, please be generous Kalaii is my username, I'm located at the island at northeast Celebration My work experiance includes making rafts (in bulk), building a guard tower, and digging down dirt to make a mine.
  11. Please Close

    Wtb 2 Horses, some Cows with delivery to Vanyar (near TD / Ashwood) .PM here or Ingame (between 22.00 - 1.00 and 8.00 - 11.00 GMT) to joulesadan
  12. Please Close

    Due to complete munty-flumpness please close this thread.
  13. Posted this in the wrong section, please delete or let die
  14. [Close]

    I need a Worker with very good Digging Skills on Celebration - located @ 16y30x. The Deed is called "Vanyar" about 1 min from TD. you have to dig very deep till you found rock - that`s all. For further informations on pricing etc.just PM me here or contact "joulesadan" ingame. Job done ! thx
  15. [Close]

    Wtb Corbita with Anchor + delivery to Celebration - Tab Dance Harbour. Respond / PM here in the Forum please. thx to everyone - i just bought it
  16. Hey guys.. Want to buy 10k Dirt, paying 10i per dirt. If you deliver you'll get 50c extra. If you deliver the whole 10k Dirt you get 1s extra! Deliver it to Lion's Arch. Contact - Quicktor, Sualafey
  17. Looking to buy a Courier cast on a mailbox at the very north coast of Celebration (deed is Semper Ubi Sub Ubi). QL does not matter. Done, thanks Darkmalice!
  18. Sickle Of Awakening (Made By Rolf)

    I have now gotten the Sickle Of Awakening from Rolf. See here for more info. I was the first person on Celebration, so I got it. (I am Garff) it is QL 50, And adamantine. It takes VERY LITTLE DAMAGE (two prunings = less than 0.01 damage) I will sell it to the highest bidder. It also has the signature of Rolf. I'm running this auction till atleast sometime next week.
  19. I am looking for a boat ride preferably from indy all the way to cele but i dont mind if you can only take me across one single border. i know this is a big ask but it would be a great help especially if you are going yourself. please pm me if you are able to do this, i may also be able to pay you in gems if you could help me.
  20. (Closed)

    I am looking for someone to do a courier cast i am on the SE of the server by the steppe across from the island. I would like to get 90+ on it PM me here or in-game for more info.
  21. 500 Bricks And 500 Mortar North/northeast Coast Of Celebration. Offering 6 silver for above items. I am willing to pay a premium for fast delivery. Same name in game.
  22. Bought

    I want to buy: 3k Dirt (1s per 1k dirt, delivery included) I'm located on the north side of Celebration south of Putzghanistan (On Exodus).
  23. Just a very simple poll to see how many are planning to make the move. (Ps: this isnt a thread about if its a good or bad idea, there are other threads for that.)
  24. I recently settled on Celebration and would like to buy a rowing boat or a small sailing boat. As we have no map yet, I'm not sure where I am but probably in the southwest - south of Tap Dance (not too far). Please PM me.
  25. I have the option to enchant grass (rank 7 path of love, meditation) but when I click it nothing happens, no timer, etc. Not sure if I'm the only one with this issue, there's no grass that needs to be cut, and the option is on my menu, but just doesn't respond. Only on celebration server. ** edit ** no longer have this issue since the server came down this morning