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Found 676 results

  1. Explorer's Landing is a new village, settled on an island in the Celebration server. It is now being run by only one person, me, but I'm looking for other players who would like to join me on my goal to create a beautiful village with a "decent" income. I am, and always will be, accepting players from any skill level. Even if you just started playing the game, I'd be glad to teach you the do's and dont's of this game. We are currently located on the Celebration server, on the island around 6x, 31y. Our main goal for the moment is to generate a small income and slowly expand the village. Current facilities are, but not limited to: - One spirit guard - Enough space, both on- and off-deed. - A mine, with currently 1 iron vein and more to locate, less than a minute sail of our island. - Some livestock, containing bulls and cows. - A small tree farm. - A great location where a lot sailers cross. If you are interested in joining the village, please don't hesitate to leave a reply on this thread, or send me a message ingame. My character is also called Thandruil. Have fun, and play safe!
  2. Enchanted Oaks on the Celebration server is looking to recruit a few villagers. Like Farming? We have a gigantic farm. Like Mining? We're surrounded by mountains. Iron, Silver, Copper nearby with Zinc, Tin, and Lead farther away(though there is lots of mining room available, no telling what will be uncovered) Like Grooming Horses? Yeah we have plenty of them too. Though I would prefer not to have a zoo. We have ocean access and can expand our dock if you wish to build ships. We are looking to recruit 1-3 villagers who are experienced with Wurm and already have a few titles under their belt. We have two(2) troll mounds within our local as well as a lot of other wildlife so you should be able to handle yourself in combat. We currently have free 55ql meals but I expect the QL to increase soon Villagers get their own houses and personal pens and access to a large workshop where they can pursue whichever trade they are interested in. If you are or have a priest alt we would be happy to provide you with an altar of your choosing, I would like to have enough villagers that sermons will be able to be held regularly. We are laid back so if you want a quiet place to do your thing without drama, this is it. Enchanted Oaks is located at V24 on the map Contact Tryfaen in game or in IRC or PM me on the forums if you are interested.
  3. [Closed] Wts 1K Wemp 65 Ql

    1s + delivery if needed Reply or PM Corwen here or on celeb
  4. Wtb Coc Meditation Rug

    Looking to buy: 1x Exquisite Meditation Rug - 50 QL or higher, Coc 70 or higher. Please PM me your offer. Willing to accept COD offers.
  5. Sadly because of college I have very little free time I'm selling my accounts They are a bundle you have to buy them both The accounts have decent tools many enchanted 16s in bank ,own a personal merchant and corb named VastoLord there are located at Korner Grove. as is the boat the server is celebration the personal merchant and 16s are on blackstar there are no warnings that Im aware of im not sure where you get the little message box that says that Okamixxx Skills dumped at Aug 11, 2012 ----- Religion: 0.0 Alignment: 100.0 Faith: 15.201834 Favor: 15.201834 Skills: 0.0 Paving: 4.9894094 Tracking: 3.630069 Milling: 1.7706959 Coal-making: 12.578167 Prospecting: 8.4129925 Religion: 1.6848139 Prayer: 3.7420454 Healing: 2.1746798 First aid: 4.2218122 Archery: 16.188284 Medium bow: 8.797024 Short bow: 6.5797377 War machines: 1.3999978 Catapults: 1.3780887 Thievery: 1.0 Traps: 1.0 Climbing: 4.2548585 Shields: 3.0907743 Large metal shield: 3.16325 Axes: 18.17783 Hatchet: 21.71199 Small Axe: 7.754511 Swords: 7.114834 Shortsword: 1.6913773 Longsword: 13.351557 Knives: 9.131075 Butchering knife: 11.170666 Carving knife: 10.121329 Woodcutting: 34.631374 Mauls: 1.2149495 Large maul: 1.5102328 Carpentry: 43.982994 Fine carpentry: 15.513019 Ship building: 8.467173 Fletching: 20.818695 Bowyery: 15.452536 Toy making: 1.1794809 Nature: 23.266165 Gardening: 11.043804 Fishing: 14.24303 Animal husbandry: 4.359412 Meditating: 11.273921 Milking: 2.3313668 Farming: 48.105053 Forestry: 14.251288 Botanizing: 12.040388 Animal taming: 6.678061 Foraging: 9.434149 Cooking: 7.2503257 Dairy food making: 1.6516713 Hot food cooking: 14.623518 Baking: 2.1408978 Beverages: 2.615851 Butchering: 7.4364004 Fighting: 8.113891 Normal fighting: 20.731068 Defensive fighting: 2.2565994 Aggressive fighting: 2.2597277 Weaponless fighting: 1.6349374 Toys: 1.0 Yoyo: 1.0 Alchemy: 3.6446066 Natural substances: 8.266088 Miscellaneous items: 37.556053 Stone chisel: 12.253221 Hammer: 33.389137 Sickle: 11.009418 Scythe: 3.1665173 Repairing: 10.1164465 Saw: 10.679154 Pickaxe: 40.560123 Rake: 35.42432 Shovel: 36.608715 Pottery: 3.6914659 Firemaking: 8.172168 Digging: 50.006477 Mining: 38.343475 Smithing: 14.62067 Metallurgy: 1.5387056 Jewelry smithing: 3.8889632 Locksmithing: 3.135047 Blacksmithing: 24.376326 Armour smithing: 1.0 Chain armour smithing: 1.168655 Weapon smithing: 10.23209 Blades smithing: 11.714449 Weapon heads smithing: 5.7579823 Ropemaking: 2.5540485 Masonry: 34.410698 Stone cutting: 21.48533 Tailoring: 5.703125 Leatherworking: 6.2997355 Cloth tailoring: 13.907208 Characteristics: 0.0 Soul: 15.52622 Soul strength: 21.125378 Soul depth: 21.105133 Mind: 21.005474 Mind speed: 20.097551 Mind logic: 24.657978 Body: 23.533169 Body stamina: 22.48829 Body strength: 24.288305 Body control: 21.673262 Blackstar vynora preist Skills dumped at Aug 11, 2012 ----- Religion: 0.0 Alignment: 52.376186 Faith: 57.763947 Favor: 44.57582 Skills: 0.0 Paving: 1.6490093 Tracking: 1.5237774 Shields: 2.3832026 Medium wooden shield: 2.8605752 Axes: 16.534157 Hatchet: 22.272554 Swords: 3.2589047 Shortsword: 4.0208073 Longsword: 2.9139135 Knives: 8.467986 Butchering knife: 8.184566 Carving knife: 9.400287 Woodcutting: 33.960102 Carpentry: 38.25838 Fine carpentry: 5.796102 Ship building: 7.831748 Fletching: 20.856886 Nature: 29.222366 Gardening: 12.43083 Fishing: 15.782503 Papyrusmaking: 1.2655119 Animal husbandry: 33.56882 Meditating: 15.398237 Farming: 50.609386 Forestry: 12.047879 Botanizing: 10.270433 Animal taming: 5.801145 Foraging: 6.0766897 Cooking: 6.6836796 Hot food cooking: 13.927898 Butchering: 5.1155834 Fighting: 2.2136075 Normal fighting: 6.8319683 Defensive fighting: 4.1138225 Weaponless fighting: 1.0 Alchemy: 1.1909714 Natural substances: 1.1959205 Miscellaneous items: 29.745955 Stone chisel: 2.607508 Hammer: 8.7065935 Sickle: 9.316317 Repairing: 8.081673 Saw: 17.787027 Pickaxe: 16.947079 Rake: 36.91929 Shovel: 27.98024 Pottery: 1.8022844 Firemaking: 4.221696 Religion: 18.066282 Prayer: 18.12725 Channeling: 33.424263 Preaching: 5.9133444 Digging: 43.329723 Mining: 16.232285 Healing: 1.9482929 First aid: 4.3225126 Smithing: 15.554829 Locksmithing: 1.6106266 Blacksmithing: 35.293087 Ropemaking: 23.198368 Archery: 1.7280235 Long bow: 1.0 Masonry: 13.555373 Stone cutting: 14.119611 Thievery: 1.0 Traps: 1.0 Climbing: 3.3759854 Characteristics: 0.0 Soul: 18.718348 Soul strength: 20.73418 Soul depth: 22.51101 Mind: 17.163572 Mind speed: 19.611433 Mind logic: 22.821869 Body: 21.497063 Body stamina: 21.258516 Body strength: 23.17255 Body control: 21.189934 [16:28:24] You have premium time until 29 Aug 2012 20:16:40 GMT please post offer starting bid 50e hidden buyout if the offer is good ill just stop auction and sell to you as I want the money fast but at the right price ends 8/18/2012 if you need proof of content in bank or inventrory let me know and ill post picture
  6. Wtb 3K Meat

    WTB 3k Meat cooked or not, any QL. I will pick up on Celeb or pay for delivery from other servers. PM Corwen here or in game with your price.
  7. Wtb Dirt

    Paying 1s per 1k dirt plus delivery to Dragon Heim deed at D35 on http://noizeviolatio...wurm/CelebH.png map. I am looking for 10k dirt total but will buy in 1k increments if needed. Reply or PM here, or Corwen in game.
  8. Looking For Work

    Looking for work in Celebration server. Any work will do. Must be paid. Decent pay appreciated.
  9. Looking For 1 Laborer

    Looking for 1 laborer to do odd jobs including mining, brick making, digging, loading frying pans and other tasks. I pay well and will pay half up front before each assigned task and half when complete. Skill does not matter to me. Housing, food, and a bed are provided. PM Corwen on here, or on Celebration.
  10. Looking For A Village

    Hey I am looking for a good village preferably new that I can join near Tapdance. I am kind of a noob but I can work for whoever needs help in it. I am good at basic tasks and can make stuff or bring in supplies. Anything you need I will do my best to accomplish. If this helps in my recruitment I can speak decent Russian and Armenian and English. So please pm me in game my IGN is (Nashspinaice).
  11. Like the title says, I'm looking to buy a grooming brush w/ CoC on celebration, let me know if you have one and how much it'll be. Thank you.
  12. Tried refreshing the console, some walls i cant run through and when i examine them it says that its there but appear as a building plan, while others have actually reverted to a planned stone wall. One is not amused :/
  13. Moria 47. 33 http://noizeviolatio.../wurm/celeb.png is a new village on Celebration, nothing here at the moment except grass, rock, sea and a templar. If you are new to the game and would like to see a new village grow, then you are wellcome to join. Euro Time zone, I can pick you up from Tap Dance reply here or in game /t Gimli
  14. Amish Paradise Market

    ~Amish Paradise Market~ We hope you will visit us soon! If you can't find it here, we will try to order it in for you!!! Until you visit us in person, please check out the screen shots and information below. Located at O40 on the south side of "Deadnoob Sea" on Celebration server. Community Map Links http://noizeviolatio...wurm/CelebH.png If coming from the north, sail straight south of Tap Dance. If coming from the south, there is a highway at Stiggmatta nation that leads directly to us. They are currently working on "Stigg-Amish Dock & Drive". (Please contact Kidknie or Danyce for this service information) Picture below is the road to Stiggmatta from AP. There is currently 30/60 Market Stalls in the main market & 2/5 on the Bay3 Dock (near guard tower). We have room to expand to our max upon need of the community. Many merchants are already in place and ready to sell to you today, but are currently looking for more well stocked tenants. You will find 2 Fountains on our property. One is located near the Market itself, and the other is close to the token south of market marked by signs.There is also Vynora, Fo and Magranon altars and a 99 Courier Spirit Castle at our token. If you wish to go the path of love, visit our meditation rug near the trader to embark on your journey. We are currently working on the Knowledge meditation spot as well as Insanity. You will find an Epic portal near the B1 Dock at west side of Market area. Our trader is open to the public via request for purchase, she is however drained of silver daily.. so there will be no sales to her at this time. We now have 2 breeders on premises, selling cattle & horses. A majority of the time there will be at least one of us on to help you with any needs. Contacts for Amish Paradise Aniceset - Owner & Breeder Alistar - Village Liason Ditters - Breeder Overhead view of Amish Paradise Market: ~Please stay tuned for vendor list in the works~ Under construction: Another Inn, Boating houses,Increased guest houses, More dock space, Additional pens, Tree Orchard
  15. Wtb Gold Coin [Closed]

    I got the gold I needed, thank you!
  16. Wtb 100+ Floorboards

    Hello, I am trying to find the lowest price I can to buy as many floorboards as I can. There is a gigantic marsh near my area that needs to be eliminated. I heard rumor of someone on celebration selling completed floorboards for 3c each but I wanted to see what kind of offers I could see here (not necessarily looking for 3c or less as I know that's a great deal, but I do want to see what I can find). Also, I will probably need them delivered if possible. Thank you.
  17. Close Please

    As the title states. Reply here or pm me.
  18. Wts 2K Meat

    sold plz close
  19. Trader Contract

    Hello all, I'm buying a Trader Contract on Mid-North Celebration or South Exo for 40s. Please send me a PM in-game (same name), here or just post below. Thank you and have a good day! Thor
  20. Isilinde Market & Waystation

    Located at 25x, 11y We invite to public to place your merchants at our stalls - rent-free for early comers! We've got 3 market stalls left, with more planned as space fills up. Currently Available Items: Assorted Ropes Hatchet - 30ql Saw - 29ql Assorted Pelts 100 cooked meat (bin) - ~16ql Horses! GOLDENJOLLY Young Adult Male Black No traits [*]ECKERMAX Adolescent Foal Male White It can carry more than average It is a tough bugger Amenities: Mailbox (48cc) Low-rent bed 40ql Carpentry Items (by request) 30ql BS items (by request) Public Oven Public Loom Delivery & Prices negotiable, just send forum/in-game PM.
  21. Wts Meat

    Hello, I'm selling cooked, FSB'ed meat on Celebration. Going rate is 2S/1000 + delivery costs. Lowest amount that I will sell : 100 meat. Delivery costs are color coded in this pic: Green - 5c Yellow - 10c Red - 25c Purple - 40c Nothing - will not deliver there (i can consider delivering to south exo as well, just PM me for pricing on delivery) You can post here or PM me in-game (Thorakkanath) Thor
  22. Wtb Meditation Rug[Closed]

    WTB a meditation rug. I'm new at this so I don't need anything special, please pm me here or send me a tell in game to Tetun with your offer.
  23. [Closed] Wtb Dirt

    Paying 1s per 1k dirt plus delivery to Dragon Heim deed at D35 on http://noizeviolatio...wurm/CelebH.png map. I am looking for 10k dirt total but will buy in 1k increments if needed. Reply or PM here, or Corwen in game.
  24. [Closed] Wtb 400 Frying Pans

    I will pick them up. PM Corwen in game or reply here.