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Found 676 results

  1. Lf Worker (Celebration)

    Hi, I am currently looking for someone who can do some Surface Mining/Terraforming for me as well as make some things around my place (Nova Port, cords. are P-40). Some of those things include ( Bsb's, floor boards, Fsb's, forges, ovens, Beds) and things of that nature also may be looking for someone who can make bulk items that will be good sacrificing like gold rings i have a gold vein on site. If you are interested PM me! Thanks, Novaflash
  2. Hey, you! Are you new to this fabulous game we call Wurm? If so, are you sick and tired of living in your 1x1 shack in the middle of the frontier? Can't stand the fact that you keep having to rebuild that one wall of your house because the trolls break into it every day? Want to live in a place where your food doesn't keep killing you? Or maybe you're an experienced player and you're sick and tired of living on your own in that 25x25 deed with your collection of multicolored crocodiles? Well, we have good news! Westbrook needs YOU for cheap labour to become respected members of our society! Westbrook is a small city-state ruled by a dictator village in Celebration (10x, 20y) on a wonderful island full of resources, including both iron and silver veins, plus some tin and possibly other veins in our troll country cower-in-fear "frontier vacation" cottage. We have quite a few boats (mostly rowboats) and horses that you can use to escape the iron fisht of El Presidente or go hunting. Our small collective is very friendly and will help you along the way, whether it be with armor, food, weaponry, escape, or to help build your house, whatever you need. We also have very friendly neighbors as well that can help you, too! We cannot supply you with food, water, shelter, and other essentials. The deed is still under a degree of construction at the moment, but we'll have it up and running away in no time! We don't have any prerequisites (except loving bison) for joining, so if you're green-as-grass or have been playing since Gold 1, we'll accept you so long as you sign over your soul. We can also pick you up from anywhere. Living in the upper Independence coast? In the starting cities in all the servers? Maybe you live in troll country in some backwards corner of Freedom? We will crash at your place until El Presidente thinks we're dead pick you up! At the moment, we are accepting only four new slaves recruits, but that number might increase at some point in the future! So, PM me on the forums, ingame (Delex), or post in this here thread; come on down; and we'll set you up in the middle of hell paradise! Please god help us Sincerely, Delex El Presidente's Most Trustworthy Advisor
  3. Wts 2K Cooked Meat

    2,000 cooked meat of 31ql (1.5s per 1,000 meat) pick-up only (Trinity 22G) or can deliver to Amish Paradise
  4. Close

    Delievered to black widow (celebration) by 4-8pm EST. paying 1.3 silver for 1k to 2.6 silver for 2k I am heading to work now. ill be home in 11 hours exactly
  5. Wtb Knarr

    Wtb Knarr, need delivery to Celebration if bought name price/woodtype/ql
  6. Wtb Floorboards

    I'm looking to purchase 66 floorboards on Celebration. I am willing to pay 8s for the lot, or roughly ~12c per floorboard. Get in touch via PM or post here and we can work out the details.
  7. hello im Nume/Tpikol and im looking for an active village to join,or an alliance i can join with my own small deed,so what i want,is nice people to talk to and work with in projects. my skills worth mentioning are 77 carpentry,76 woodcutting,4x mining,4x masonry,59 digging and 80 lagging reply here, or contact tpikol ingame
  8. Contact me, Thrundar (one R) in game. Thrundar Cove-PTL -Deed Located at CELEBRATION AP 19 on map link. Two sailboats for sale on Celebration, QL 40+. Sailboats have lock and anchor on each. Price is 2 silver. You pick up unless other arrangements made. Olive finish and Cherry finish sailboats are the current choices. Gems for sale: 48 ql Ruby -96 copper 48 ql Opal- 96 copper Anchors for 30 copper. (All sails/ cloth currently under 20ql, hence the temporary cheap price for now.) Triangular sails for 25 copper Square sails 50 copper Small square sails 15 copper Sheets 10 copper Logs: Pine or Birch up to 55ql. 50 copper per 100 logs. I can deliver, or you pick up. Delivery fee may apply. Unfinshished masts and keels also available. 5 copper per keel or mast. (Unfinished so they can be loaded in a boat or large cart.) Lamps .75 copper per ql Imperial lamps 1 copper per QL (Lamps from 20 to 40 QL)
  9. Wtb Enchant Grass

    the number of enchants i need depends upon the price, post/pm me price im at Trinity, 22G
  10. As the title reads, I'd like to buy a low QL, high CoC small anvil for skilling. Preferably with a cast of at least 85. PM or post here with your prices. Also, if you're able I'd like to have the anvil CoD'ed to Laiwyn in-game.
  11. Close

    WTS 913.18 ql gems 16 Silver or best offer Pick up at Black Widow Celebration
  12. Name: Green Valley Coord: 28x, 29y (Celebration) 2012.Aug.20.: The size of Green Valley is 15 by 31. The perimeter is 10 and it has 1 guards hired. The village has 3 silver, 18 copper and 16 iron in its coffers. The monthly cost is 2 silver and 31 copper. The upkeep will last approximately 38 days, 13 hours and 33 minutes more. Buildings: 2x 3*3 (8tile) stone house 2x 2*2 (5 tile) stone house. Farm&Trees: 122 tile at upper region, 97 at horse pounds, 101 reed at the lake Olive, Apple, few Grape Cherry and Mapple. Animals: 30 horse, 31 cattle. Resouces: An utmost iron mine near to the deed, clay also near at the coast, massive birch forest around the village. Furnitures: Storage: 5 bsb mostly with logs around 45ql, chest, fsb. Workshop: 3 bsb, forge, loom, barrel, chest. Motel: 3 bed, bsb, oven. etc: Mailbox (64), Fo altar, ~30 iron lamp, catapult, carts 3 wild animal pound out of deed with 4 hell horse. History & Note: The deed is laying on a valley rounded by hills. I've found this area with this natural lake, Im just reformed to make nicer (6 sloop deep). Sorrounded area is mostly massive birch forest. Fishing is posible on the lake. A road connection to the north coast and another road to south-east (clay). Posible to rise up tha lake for more area to build or watever. One of the horse pound miss a low wall. Contact: Post&pm for me here or pm to "IceTrias" ingame. Price check and Offer also welcome here. Village map Pictures: View from North side Upper left side farm Upper right side farm Downer farm crossroad Farm left side Farm right side Token Left side of the lake Right side of the lake Total view from south
  13. 87 Or Higher Woa Pick

    If anyone has an iron Pick with WoA 87 or higher and 85 ql or less that they would like to sell please pm me. No reasonable price will be refused. I need it for testing the new mining timer fix.
  14. Sunrise Bay is recruiting on Celebration. Now 41x41 deed in the SE area, between a steppe and a large tundra. Village on small lake, within walking distance of both the Eastern Coast and the Inner Sea. Send tells on the forums or ingame if interested!
  15. Wts: Spyglass [Sold]

    I am looking to sell a spyglass i am asking 30s for it and can be picked up at Brookhaven (55M) Celebration pm me for more info..thanks
  16. Looking to buy healing cover ingredients on Celebration. Link to list of all ingredients here. Higher the potency the better, but I will accept any ingredients. PM me here or post with what you have available and total cost and I'll get back to you.
  17. Paying well for multiple casts, please respond here on the forums or pm Oikoor in game
  18. [Closed] Wts 1K Wemp 68 Ql

    1s , delivery available for a price. Due to the last 3 deliveries being a total cluster F^&*, i will only deliver if the following criteria are met: 1.) You pay up front before off load 2.) You live on coast with bsb available for drop off 3.) You live off coast but will meet me on the coast with the ability to take delivery of all the product in 1 off load If criteria 2 or 3 are not met, your product will be dumped along the coast line on my way back home. Sorry to be so harsh but the last 3 deliveries literally took a total of 6 hours of my game time. PM Corwen here or on Celeb if intersted
  19. I'm looking to buy 2x bears to pull my large cart. I'm looking for fast ones preferably. PM Shyunea on Celebration with a price and will talk.
  20. [Closed] Wtb Rafts

    I'd like to buy 40 rafts and I'm willing to pay 4s for the lot at 10c each. If you are on Celebration I am willing to pick them up myself, but if you are on another server then I'd pay for delivery if you're interested in doing that. Quality of the rafts isn't terribly important to me, but I'd prefer at least 20+ql. If you can do higher than that then I'd be stoked. Just get in contact via forum PM on here or post below. I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible.
  21. [Closed] Wts Pumpkins

    WTS 2500 QL 71 pumpkins for 2s Delivery available for a price. PM Corwen here or on Celeb
  22. Up for Auction is a rare chain gauntlet and a rare leather glove. Rare chain gauntlet (QL56.90) Starting bid 1s Minimum increments 50c No reserve No buyout Rare Leather glove (QL36.20) Starting bid 1s Minimum increments 50c No reserve No buyout Auction will run for 48 hours from time posted. If anything is missing don't hesitate to let me know. Happy bidding!
  23. Wtb 1K Wemp Delivered

    Looking to pay for a shipment of 1k Wemp delivered to Irongate deed on Celebration which is immediately north of Kami. QL not really important - in fact maybe lower is better since Im trying to skill on ropemaking. Please PM me
  24. Wtb Garlic

    WTB up to 1k Garlic. Will purchase in 100 increments if needed. I will pick up. Reply here or pm Corwen on Celeb