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Found 676 results

  1. Key Colony Seeks Colonist! !Location is at AE30 just south of Tapdance! I am a player of 2 years of Wurm Online, and am starting all over in Celebration. I am looking for 2 to 3 dedicated, at least somewhat mature teamates. I have large plans in the making and have established the first deed which will act as our landhold for the two islands.... My plan is to extend a one lane landbridge highway to connect to two small island deeds. Similiar to the Florida Keys (On a small scale.) The first deed will be the homesite of the future pawn shop (More details comming soon). I prefer someone I do not have to train, and someone who plays at least three days a week. Any skill set is fine. I have a fair level priest of Vynora that is my main, a chain armor smith/mason and a blacksmith, also enjoy horse breeding. I am willing to accomodate to whatever it is you enjoy, and even willing to listen to any idea! Current projects include: *Raising the first 11x11 island *Finishing the mainland deed *Establishing a mine and horse breeding stock I am currently only seeking premium players or players that are considering premium... Please leave a response here or try rolandthian, mikelpolak or rolandt in game!
  2. Rafts And Corbita

    1s for 11 rafts minimum of 30-40ql, 77 available 6.5s Corbita 55ql with lock anchor cedarwood Pick up Moria, East coast of Celebration
  3. Tenderwolf's Leathers

    For all your 50,60,70, 80ql items leather needs come vist us at AP on celebration, special orders by request on any leather item cod's extra stock prices are: tool belts 50ql - 30c 60ql - 40c 70ql - 50c 80ql - 70c bridles 50ql - 25c 70ql - 50c bardings 70ql - 1s studded armor(jackets, pants, sleeves, gloves, boots, caps) 50ql - 15c per piece 60ql - 20c per piece 70ql - 30c per piece saddles 50ql - 75c 60ql - 1s 70ql - 1.50s
  4. KAMI MARKET After a long construction period we are pleased to announce that the Kami Market is open for business once again! Feel free to drop by for all of your shopping needs or to place your very own merchant to sell goods! After further consideration and feedback from the community we have closed the cave canal that was constructed and returned the old canal back to a passable spot right through the center of the market. We have kept a 1 tile landbridge for animal crossing; so large ships will have to push/pull over the 1 tile. Once bridges are placed in game we will change again to full boat access and a bridge for foot traffic. The new market has many great features and more to come as we continue our work. Currently there are stalls in place for 124 merchants, with more room to expand if needed. Some additional features to the market include: - Public Trader, open to all! No need to ask for access - Plenty of docking space from both sides - 124 market stalls - Two mailboxes - Two Inns - Space for bulk sales - Land crossing between North and South of map (1 tile in old canal, 9 deep) - Love tile - Guard Tower to keep you safe! Also a templar! - Chapel with Fo, Vyn and Mag altar Coming Soon! - Ship sales - Live auctions - Raffles and contests! -Animal Pens for Animal Sales ... and more Located at AC52 Contacts: Ishymitsukai (Owner/Contact) Tek (PR/Contact) (Topdog in-game) Reply 2 - Screenshots Reply 3 - Market Overview, Layout, Merchants
  5. << The Sword Coast Smithy >> We are located on the far north side of Celebration at BH,25 on the new map (20x,5y on old map). Tired of walking your deed or area in the dark? Well DON'T!! We make lamps! Below is our current price list. We usually have some lamps in stock but if not, we can custom make your order in a snap. You an send me a PM here or or message me in game on Kruggan or Rhazul and I will be happy to oblige. Delivery is also available for 25c anywhere on Celebration. Lamp Prices: FALL SPECIAL!! Order 20 Lamps and get 1 FREE! Iron Lamps & Copper Hanging Lamps (priced per lamp) 30Q - 15c 40QL - 20c 50QL- 25c Gold/Silver Hanging Lamps (priced per lamp) 30QL - 20c 40QL - 25c 50QL - 30c Enchanted Grass & Strongwall Services Now enchanting your grass and doing Strongwall casts. Post a reply here, or contact Kruggan/Rhazul in game with where your deed is located and we will get you taken care of. Enchanted Grass Tile - 50c per tile Strongwall Casts - 50c per tile Thanks! Post your orders here or PM me. Kruggan
  6. Twilight Sanctuary merchant @ Amish Paradis Is stocked with: 1 K Cotton ql 86 Welcome by and shop. Maiya
  7. New Merchant at AP right by the guard tower. Current plans are to stock corn, planks and charcoal, maybe some wemp in the future.
  8. This is not your typical auction. I really need to get away from Wurm and would like to auction all of my stuff together. I know it's not the best way, but I want to be sure to sell everything so I don't come back. There are eight auctions: auction 0: everything auction 1: Character "Alistar" auction 2: QL 80 black drake set auction 3: QL 85 rare butchering knife with low QL 74coc skiller butchering knife auction 4: 2x merchant contracts auction 5: deed "Elwynn Forest" auction 6: Other items auction 7: 1 gold coin Winning Bids/Bidders: auction cancelled. I will accept either the bid for my entire account or the highest bids from each of my sub auctions. I reserve the right to cancel the auction. Please keep bids to a minimum of 1s increments. You may bid in either silver or euros on all auctions except for auction 7 which is euros only. I will use a conversion rate of 1e = 2s. I will list bids in both silvers/euros but you can pay in either. It's not exactly the going rate of silvers to euros, but if I accept silver coins I will have to then liquidate the silvers for euros. Auctions begin at the time of the post. Auctions end on Friday September 28th @ 23:00 GMT. Any bids in the final 15 minutes will extend ALL auctions by 15 minutes to prevent sniping. Public bids only to keep the auctions transparent to everyone. You can reply here with your bids or bid in game. Earliest bids accept first. If you wish to bid again please reply instead of updating your old post as I might miss the change. I'll keep the bid totals updated in this post. Euro payments via verified paypal only. Auction 1: Alistar, located on Celebration, spent no time on epic, played 75+ days, premium until september 29th, no warnings/mutes/bans. Alistar is primarily a miner and excellent fighter. I've had 30 faith for Mag for some time. Alistar would make for an excellent mag priest. Primary skills: 84.47 mining 72.10 fighting 71.37 digging 58.93 masonry 53.64 jewelry smithing 46.36 wood cutting 37.21 plate armor smithing Affinity is in Axes. I typically fight in normal mode with 2x medium mauls or medium maul + large shield. Alternately I use aggressive mode with a large maul. Stuff dies quickly. Auction 2: QL80 black drake set Auction 3: Rare QL85 rare butchering knife with QL3 coc74 skiller knife Auction 4: 2x Merchant Contracts Auction 5: Elwynn Forest deed. Elwynn Forest is a 23x23 deed located just south of AP (Amish Paradise) on the Stigg/AP highway. IT's 100% level deed with a 50-tile farm, a 3x3 animal pen, a 4x3 main house, and a nicely done mine. The mine currently has lead in it. There are triple altars near the token, there's an unblessed gold altar in the mine. The forges/ovens are all QL60 and there's a QL80 rare forge in the main house. barrels/fsbs/bsbs/chests/bed are all done in very nice red cherrywood. Silver lamps adorn the streets. The east/west entrances to the deed are lined with cherry trees. Although this is a landlocked deed, AP is just north with their very nice harbor. The southern ocean is also very close. You can get to either easily be the very nice Stigg/AP highway which is just east of the property. There is 2.2s in the coffers and upkeep is 1.05s/month. Auction 6: Misc Items Other items include QL80 small/large anvils. 2x bison, a white 3-speed horse and a blonde 2-speed horse. Also includes 3x rare QL50 gold rings, a rare QL50 gold lib statuette, a rare torch lamp, merchant inventories, high QL lumps, and more! Think of this auction as a 'grab bag' auction. Lots of random goodies. Auction 7: 1 gold coin If you have other questions or would like to see the items in game please contact Alistar on celebration. I can also join IRC if you have questions. regards and good luck bidding! ~Alistar
  9. I have a job for a mag priest collapsing 6 (possibly 7 tiles), location is 5 min south of AP on celebration (just west of Valley of Hope). The pay is 8s (+1 for speedy service). Contact me on celebration or via PM if you're interested and we can discuss details..
  10. Black Diamond Stables

    Black Diamond Stables Located on Celebration! X42, Y32 on Nume's map. Or 52Z on Darkmalice's map. http://noizeviolatio...wurm/CelebH.png Will update as more livestock are born and up for sale. Post here, or PM Ragnarok on the forums or in game. (Same name in game) Horses: Wardream (Male, Grey): Adolescent horse, It has a strong body. It can carry more than average. 50c Hardgolden (Male, Grey): Adolescent horse, It has fleeter movement than normal. It can carry more than average. 50c Hell Horses: Copperlady (Female): Mature, It has a strong body. It can carry more than average. It looks feeble and unhealthy. 65c Clipsilver (Male): Adolescent, It will fight fiercely. It has a strong body. 40c Faithgolden (Male): Adolescent, It will fight fiercely. It can carry more than average. It has keen senses. 50c Briskgrey (Male): Mature, It will fight fiercely. It has a strong body. It looks unusually strong and healthy. 55c Cattle: Coming soon! Deer: Coming soon!
  11. Northern Sanctuary Stables

    Northern Sanctuary has a small, yet fine market. We strive to provide nothing but high ql products. While the actual marketplace is not stocked up entirely yet, the stables section is now open to the public! Also open are the lanterns merchant (click here!), the carpentry merchant, the leatherworking merchant and the weaponry merchant. There is a public trader at the market, silver altars for each god for all your religious needs, a 100 power courier mailbox (that's only a 1-minute sending timer!) and a 10-iron inn to sleep at. Also view our Hota-statues gallery (yes, they are for sale!) at the market! We are located at Northern Sanctuary, which can be found at BH 48 on Darkmalice's (http://noizeviolatio...wurm/CelebH.png) map. We sell horses both in person and through the use of a merchant. A small selection of fine horses is set in small pens which you can buy the key to in order to get your horse. Every pen gate is given a number to the corresponding key number on the merchant (examine the gate to the horse to see which key you have to buy). Additionally, each pen has a sign with the pen number, the horse name, gender, and traits written on it. This allows the sale of said horses while no one is online. If you feel more comfortable buying straight from the breeder, or would like to see the extended horse-stock, don't hestitate to pm me, or Xallo on the forums. The horses currently in the stables; Pen 1 Haltrage (brown male) - It has fleeter movement than normal. It has lightning movement. It has very strong leg muscles. It looks unusually strong and healthy. - 3 silver Pen 2 Wartpot (white male) - It has fleeter movement than normal. It is a tough bugger. It has lightning movement. It has very strong leg muscles. It looks unusually strong and healthy. - 3 silver Pen 3 Paddymountain (brown male) - It has fleeter movement than normal. It has lightning movement. It can carry more than average. It has keen senses. It looks unusually strong and healthy. . - 3 silver Pen 4 Unitywar (white female) - It has fleeter movement than normal. It is a tough bugger. It has lightning movement. It has very strong leg muscles. It looks unusually strong and healthy. - 3 silver Pen 5 Goldenally (brown male) - It has fleeter movement than normal. It has lightning movement. It has very strong leg muscles. It has keen senses. - 2 silver Pen 6 Cloudwest (brown male foal) - It has fleeter movement than normal. It has a strong body. It has lightning movement. It has very strong leg muscles. It looks unusually strong and healthy. - 4 silver Horses will be restocked quickly after being bought, hopefully the stables will not run dry. I will update this post regularly so you can check before visiting the market. Happy shopping!
  12. Chain Set, Iron

  13. Close

    As the title states I need dirt. 3k to start, maybe more later. PM me to discuss price as I will pay above the standard.
  14. Sold (Close)

    WTS: Cedarwood Knarr 60ql 18s lock and anchor. Pick up from Hidden Cove AE-27 (Celebration) or deliver to AP SOLD
  15. Deed Auction (Sold)

    the deed is 15x23 tiles and is located in the north of celebration map at BJ 34 it sits on a area rich in iron veins, it has 6 animal pens with 6 enchanted grass tiles, 2 main areas for farming one of which has a few apple tree's from a plan to turn it into an orchard, and a 3x5 L shaped house with archwalls,1 forge,2 bsb,1 fsb,1 coffin, here's some screenshots: ) there are 25 iron lamps planted all 50 ql no dye on them. this is not a big deed, actually the written upkeep is below the minimum of 1 s and no room for expansion, so this is only for ppl that like a nice crosserver/map outpost for hunting trips or woodcuting/mining . there's a tar place few tiles from deed, clay spot about 70-80 tiles away and ,around 30 tiles to water line and behind the deed is a preety nice forest area(although it might get thiner over time since is mostly flat and lots of deeds pop in local) "The village has 4 silver, 71 copper and 35 iron in its coffers." "The upkeep will last approximately 131 days, 23 hours and 28 minutes more." starting price is 13s. min increase 50c. buyout 20s.(estimated price for planting,enchanted grass,lamps,and teraforming/building the stuff on it) no hidden reserve. auction ends 4 days from edit time.
  16. Auction is for 4 deeds in the South West of Celebration server. Most are completely undeveloped. When bidding please list which deed/s you are bidding on by number. 1 - 2 - 3(4). Each deed has its own seperate auction, but I will entertain offers for all together(they all connect). Will also entertain USD/Euro Buyout offers. Bids are accepted here, via forum messages, or in-game pms. Private bidding is allowed. I reserve the right to cancel auctions at anytime. Happy Bidding! <3 http://noizeviolatio...wurm/CelebH.png 1.) Tranquility Lake Reserve - Size 73x43 Coastal Deed (Upkeep - 7s27c80i) Includes 3s39c42i in coffers. Has a clay pit just off the deed line that is open to the public. TONS of olive trees! Cost to place - 62s78c Starting Bid: 45 Minimum Increment: 1s Buyout: 62s SOLD Reserve: Hidden Auction Ends: Monday September 24th, 2012 @ 11pm EST Sniper Protection: 1 Hour 2.) Tranquility Lake Resort - Size 53x79 Inland with private sandy beach Lake. Small farm house with fenced in farm space & animal pens. TONS of Olives. (Upkeep - 9s37c40i) Includes 17s44c40i in coffers. Cost to place - 83s74c Starting Bid: 50s Minimum Increment: 1s Buyout: 83s SOLD Reserve: Hidden Auction Ends: Monday September 24th, 2012 @ 11pm EST Sniper Protection: 1 Hour 3.) Tranquility Mines - Size 59x43 Mountain/Lake side. A few small shops with 50ql Forge & Oven. Large cart, random tools etc. (Upkeep - 6s7c40i) Includes 5s22c81i in coffers. Cost to place - 50s74c Mines include : iron: normal QL, normal QL, Very good QL, Good QL/flint, Normal QL, Good QL,Good QL, normal QL, Very good QL, Zinc: Good QL, Good QL, Normal QL, Starting Bid: 35s Minimum Increment: 1s Buyout: 50s SOLD Reserve: Hidden Auction Ends: Monday September 24th, 2012 @ 11pm EST Sniper Protection: 1 Hour 4.) Sulfur Springs - Size 13x21 Mountainside/Southern Steppe. (Upkeep - 1s54c60i) Includes 1s54c37i in coffers. Cost to place - 5s46c Deeds 3 & 4 are connected by a tunnel through the mountains, so deed 4 is just an add on. SOLD
  17. Close

  18. Looking to buy some animals at Serenity Flats (AD23 on - Horses: Males and Females; no bad traits; White, Black, Brown, Yellow (No Grey) - Cows: Male and Females Delivery to Serenity Flats is needed, contact only if you have and can deliver to this location. Paying well. PM here on the forums or in-game to Topdog with what you have and your price.
  19. I am looking to buy a few bison looking for two females for sure but might buy males too. I know you can't breed them but i am hoping that changes someday. I live in the SE of the map at Brookhaven 55M just pm me what you have and we will go from there...thanks
  20. Whispering Glade Market is now open for business on the Celebration server. We are located at 27, AO on Darkmalice’s map and x22,y19 on Tpikol’s map. We currently have 8 merchant spots (3 filled and 5 vacant), which are placed on the dock for your convenience. Instead of merchant stalls, we have provided arched buildings for a different look from the standard marketplace and to provide the sellers the opportunity to decorate and customize their spot. We also have a trader open to the public, 2 mailboxes with 95 & 82 courier enchants, and off deed spots to place BSB’s and FSB’s for bulk items. There are currently plans for 26 merchant spots. However, 26 is not necessarily the limit. If there is a demand, accommodations can be made to fit more merchants. Current merchants: Merchant Dawnshroud ironworks –lamps and metal tools Merchant Tallowyn - Misc. sprouts Merchant Ayala- Maple and Lavender Sprouts Merchant Joseph – BSB’s, FSB’s, wood tools, fine carpentry items, and bulk wood items We need more merchants. If you wish to place a merchant please send me a PM here or in game. Hope to see you soon!!! -Uian
  21. well after seeing two failed attempts to make a new dump based map i think i could make and update a good one,but i wonder if people really wants or its just me and the people i talk to. this is how my map would look like
  22. As the title says PM me or post on here how big and how much. thanks
  23. The Sword Coast Market

    The Sword Coast Market We are proud to announce that The Sword Coast Market is now open on the Celebration Server! We are a mini-market located at BH,25 on the map, at the far northern coast of Celebration, We are currently looking for more well-stocked merchants. For a Limited Time - Discount Merchant Contracts available for 8.5s - PM Kruggan for info! Here are some of the amenities we currently offer: - A completed church with gold/silver altars for Vynora/Fo/Magnaron - Guest beds for weary travellers (free of charge) - Free food for our merchants - Path of Love & Path of Knowledge tiles - Mailbox (89 courier) - BSBs for Bulk Sales available upon request - Templars and Guard Tower for your safety - Currently enough room for 20+ merchants with more to come. Currently Under Construction: - Public Crafting Area for our guests! (loom, forges, etc.) - Even more guesting housing/beds - Additional dock space Priest Services Available: We also have Vynora and Magnaron priests available for your enchanting and/or Strongwall needs. Discounts available for merchants! We also provide Enchanted Grass services at very reasonable prices! Additional Screenshots: Dock and market stalls. A place to pray and sleep! PM Kruggan or Rhazul with questions or to arrange Merchant placement. We sell Merchant Contracts!
  24. Wtb 70Ql Chain Armor Set

    the title says it all i want a 70ql set of chain armor and im on celebration.
  25. Hello! I'm selling some items and animals from my deed located in Exodus (north side)! Some information: Horses (45AH): With low cost horses and 3-4 speed traits (no inbreeded) Cattle: Cows and bulls, good for carts and for breeding (no inbreeded) Olives (2000+): from 20 to 93 ql! Enchanted grass: Only Exodus (with landpath) and south coast of deliverance, price depend on quantity! Rafts and Floor boards: Comes with a nail off, just for transport purpose Sprouts: Grape, maple and willow! If you need a specific kind just ask! All items can be delivered in Exodus, Celebration, Deliverance and (not always) to Independence! For more information about pricing and delivery send me a PM or contact me in-game (Rajan)! Thanks!