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Found 676 results

  1. Want To Buy 45 Silver

    Want to buy 45 silver will pay 28 euro I am on celebration
  2. Close

    Looking to buy 1 gold coin, 60E. pm me on here or in game as Ragnarok, on celebration. Thank you, Ragnarok
  3. I'm looking for these items used for BS'ing with only CoC enchants of at least 65, but will pay for any enchant level you cast above that (higher the better). - Pelt (lower QL preferred, i.e. 30 or below) - Whetstone (lower QL preferred, i.e. 30 or below) - Iron Lump (any QL) Post or PM me with prices. Mail deliveries only and I will pay the mailing fees.
  4. ok im working on a deed in southern cele and am curious what it would cost me to knock a section of my deeds walls out that i want at 300ish slope. while i would love 300 i have a strange feeling i wont find anyone that wants to come down. this is mostly to get ideas for what im doing and get names so i can contact once i have everything planned out. off the top my head it would be around 20 tiles as a guess. i can provide the dirt of course. let me know thx
  5. Cedarwood Sailboat, lock & anchor QL 37, (but I can take it to 50): 2 silver Cherrywood Cog, lock & anchor QL 50: 8 silver Both boats are currently located on the north coast of Celebration at The Hermitage (coords 35AZ). Delivery may be possible for an additional fee depending on distance and timezones. To purchase contact Tiggin via forums, or Tiggin / Shanti or Cymmy in game.
  6. Wtb Mail Box Enchant

    Looking to buy a mailbox enchant on Celebration at the town of Enlightenment - (H21 on the map) Would prefer a 90+ enchant
  7. Wtb Floor Boards

    I'm looking to buy 100 floor boards on Celebration at the village of Enlightenment
  8. I am selling my deed Whispering Glade, located at X22,Y19 on the new map - about 2 minutes walk west of Golden Market. I have too many deeds currently and need to trim down. It is conveniently located in one of the major waterways and near the middle of the server. Size: 31x79 Perim: 5 Guards: 1 Upkeep: 5s, 89c 80i Existing upkeep: 32 days The deed also comes with a Trader (private in a 3x3 building) and a dock area covered i floorboards. There is also 1 small wooden house with forge/oven, FSB, etc. The deed also has a starter "tree farm" area with many oaks, lavender, etc for you tree huggers. It has two mailboxes as well (Courier: 95 and 82). Auction Start: 20s Bid Increment: 5s Buyout: 40s Auction Duration: 48 hours. I will also take private offers if you wish to PM me. Thanks!
  9. Hello, shyunea here looking for citizens to aid in building a kingdom large scale to house and feed a army of players new and old. We are small and active. looking to grow not so much as rapid. but quickly to assist the work to be done. If you need a village, town or community to join and help learn at your own pace, but be online actively. PM Shyunea Kuntur Brillbillbo Any questions just ask ingame. Shyunea, Mayor of Aedgon,Celebration.
  10. Wtb Gold Coin [Closed]

    I'm willing to pay 60e for one gold, deliverable to Celebration. If you're interested in selling then please send me a PM and we will discuss this matter further.
  11. Can Be Closed

    Price check of this Vynora priest please Name = Khadon [13:23:42] You have played 10 days, 14 hours and 17 minutes. [13:23:42] You have not paid for premium time. [13:24:54] You have no free transfer [13:31:20] You have 5 hours left of your sleep bonus, which is frozen. Can ride horse and command all boats. Level 7 in path of love ( Can do enchanted grass ) Skills dumped at 13.10.2012 ----- Religion: 0.0 Alignment: 100.0 Faith: 66.01514 Favor: 20.0 Skills: 0.0 Paving: 1.891 Tracking: 2.3068614 Coal-making: 2.451765 Shields: 2.6930425 Large metal shield: 3.4011624 Axes: 2.8913293 Hatchet: 4.6506047 Swords: 6.1548753 Two handed sword: 1.5730244 Longsword: 9.887912 Knives: 30.477182 Butchering knife: 44.30242 Carving knife: 1.4119476 Woodcutting: 8.185589 Carpentry: 4.3423843 Fine carpentry: 2.0138326 Bowyery: 1.0 Nature: 26.609587 Gardening: 13.943297 Fishing: 1.0 Papyrusmaking: 4.188631 Animal husbandry: 41.004284 Meditating: 24.615852 Farming: 43.88076 Forestry: 10.9387865 Botanizing: 1.705375 Animal taming: 1.0 Foraging: 2.5029125 Cooking: 44.550392 Hot food cooking: 76.674835 Butchering: 32.85966 Fighting: 9.939465 Shield bashing: 1.0 Normal fighting: 14.261408 Weaponless fighting: 1.3103005 Alchemy: 3.1463323 Natural substances: 7.0183687 Miscellaneous items: 18.305798 Sickle: 9.487481 Scythe: 8.446554 Repairing: 7.4257665 Saw: 1.2657577 Pickaxe: 2.525893 Rake: 33.57876 Shovel: 1.0 Pottery: 1.0 Firemaking: 11.316747 Religion: 21.711428 Prayer: 27.97738 Channeling: 40.05835 Preaching: 3.5147703 Digging: 10.243512 Mining: 2.1890662 Healing: 6.0887904 First aid: 13.691558 Smithing: 1.0 Jewelry smithing: 1.2763293 Blacksmithing: 1.1225125 Ropemaking: 37.686996 Archery: 9.211716 Long bow: 7.015631 Short bow: 2.4586315 Masonry: 3.1069648 Tailoring: 1.3151407 Leatherworking: 1.875812 Cloth tailoring: 1.7337188 Thievery: 1.0 Traps: 1.0 Climbing: 3.5182114 Characteristics: 0.0 Soul: 22.833364 Soul strength: 20.883383 Soul depth: 26.567968 Mind: 21.220636 Mind speed: 19.876793 Mind logic: 25.599352 Body: 15.050644 Body stamina: 19.69754 Body strength: 20.95092 Body control: 21.041983
  12. Close Please

    Can be closed
  13. I have a Rare Large Cart for auction on Celebration: [20:21:21] A fairly large two wheel cart designed to be dragged by an animal. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It is made from birchwood. It could be improved with a log. Ql: 20.102196, Dam: 0.0. According to the wiki, rare carts move faster. Starting bid: 1s. Increment: 1s. Buyout: 20s. Duration: 72 hours. The cart is currently located near Golden Market (AO,29). I will work with the winner of the auction to meet you with the cart depending upon your location on the server. Otherwise, we can arrange a small discount for your picking it up. Happy bidding! Kruggan
  14. I'm looking to buy: 1000 Bricks 1000 Clay 1000 Mortar 2 Shovels - both at 80+ql with 80+woa Pickaxe - 80ql with 80+woa Delivery to Enlightenment H21 on the Cele map.
  15. Wtb Black Drake Hide Cap Closed

    post here your offer, i don't care about ql, can trade in red dragon scale gloves.
  16. Hello folks, im Selva, i'm 22, i started playing Wurm Online since the end of July. One week after i've started playing, i met some good guys who were recruiting ppl to their villages. However, all the 5 villagers, including the mayor and co-mayor, went away at the beginning of August, moren than 2 away months now. So , im alone, in a ghost deed, with lots of buildings locked and about to get off deed, since the upkeep money is almost gone. Why i dont put more money at the deed's bank?! Well, im almost sure they will not come back, unfortunelly, and i have no interest in feeding a ghost deed which i wouldn't have, at least, the minimum control of even my house. So, cut to the point, im looking for a new deed at Celebration, who has a nice place, decent people and recruit me as a free villager, not a slave or a second class citizen. -My location is near TapDance -Not premium at the moment, but, obviously i have plans to be -Have some stuff that might help the recruiter, if not a super advanced wealthy deed. - I'm a good villager, you can check about me with the players : Reyaa, Pepeford, Hooter, Harvest, Feasd pr Maiya.
  17. Today, on behalf of the Northmere Alliance, I built a highway connection across the tundra, joining the Northeastern highway networks to those running north from Tap Dance. As a result, there is finally a continuous highway system connecting the lands east of the Northmere, as well as the northern deserts, to Tap Dance. I'm sensitive to the fragile nature of the tundra, and took care not to destroy more tiles than necessary during this process. Hopefully a completed and well designed highway grid will discourage future slipshod road construction in the area, and allow us to get some Vynora Priests out there and replace some of the tundra grass. No one deserves to get lost and die for lack of good roads. A couple of generous souls have offered me small tokens of gratitude, but I ask instead for all soldiers and hunters who use these highways to please be generous and kind to any on these roads who are weaker than they, or in need of help. How the new tundra highway connection fits into the existing highway grids of the NE is shown here: /salute.
  18. Annuminas P-24 DM's map I need someone to dredge me some dirts, i have a dredge and rowboat for the job. I also need someone to help me surface mine a road from the bottom to the top of my mountain. My deed is inland in the great steppes, i offer food and safety + salary. PM me in game "Zahl" or leave a reply if interested.
  19. Got 2, 8 silver each Pick up at Black Widow, Celebration
  20. Deed for Sale: Yoitsu SOLD Asking Price: 40s, or best offer Location: 44.5T on Darkmalice Map Size: 21x21 Perimeter: 6 Templars Hired: 0 Monthly Upkeep: 1s Coffers: 2s, 19c, 42i as of 10/2/12 leaving 61 days, 10 hrs 30 min upkeep Description: This is a coastal deed conveniently located in in the center of the map. Moderately near Tap Dance and very close to Amish Paradise. It is in the Deadnoob Sea. Room to expand: There is some area to the south and east that is available at the moment but with the way new people are coming to the server this may not last. Buildings: 4x6 Stone House, with 2-2x2 wings Mining Gate Dock Gate 4 Other Gatehouses for ease of Access Farm & Trees: 2 Oak 5 Willow Mix of Pine, Cedar, Birch, Apple, Lemon Animals: none Resources: Iron mine with 5 exposed veins within property. Clay to the north. 2 Public tar to the southwest. Public Moss to the southwest. Furniture & Fixtures: 3 Beds Rare Sm Cart, Sm Cart 4, 50+ ql forges 1, 50+ql oven 52 ql Guard Towerl 52 ql Vynorian Altar 13 Lamps Bulk Storage Bin Food Storage Bin Weapon Rack 3 Coffins 2 Small Bins Misc. & Notes: There is an unfinished Corbita on the deed that comes with the sale of the property. Pictures: This info was taken on 10/02/12 Here is the front of the property at 3am with the lanters still lit. As you can see it's two levels. And full day so you can see the unfinished boat. The lower gardens with a Willow and Oak. Between them you can see the gate around the mine. It was fenced because there used to be multiple villagers and this was to keep people out who were not intended to mine. The entrance to the mine. Nicely done, not tacky at all. You can tear this down if you don't have fellow villagers. Upper gardens. Opposite view of upper gardens. Here you can see the house and guard tower. Above view of house, Guard Tower, upper gardens and trees. All the trees you see are deeded. The area I am standing on is also deeded. There is a coral behind me with another cart in it but I did not take a photo. There is also another heavily wooded area behind me. This is how the Guard Tower connects to the house. Coming into the house you see the altar and the door to the Guard Tower. Behind the door, inside the tower, is the deed token. To the immediate left is where the oven and FSB resides. Currently the rare cart is there also. If you make a right at the kitchen you will find the forges and one of the coffins, along with the rack. Here are a couple of other views to give you a complete look: To the right of the altar is the bedroom. Under two of the beds are small chests for your personal belongings. For those of you who are spoiled and need to be assured you have the best view in do. You have a splendid view from any window in the house. The gatehouses and main house are unlocked and you can go view the place at any time. Please make an offer, no serious offer will go unconsidered. If you have any questions please feel free to send myself (Harvest) or Lucard a message in game. I will try to check on here as often as I can for messages but it's best to send something in the game. We are usually available between 3pm-2am CST (-6 GMT). Thank you for your time.
  21. I'm looking to buy a 2-4 wild horses, 1-2 male & 1-2 females on Celebration. Can pick up in the area around AP. Age preferable around Mature/aged. PM on forum/in game if you have some you'd like to sell. price is negotiable.
  22. Celebration 500 meat - 1 silver 1k pumpkins 1 silver 1k oats 1 silver You pick up, Black Widow, Celebration
  23. Wts: Chain Armour Sets Ql 50

    Hello there I am locatet at Germania, this town is located on Celebration at http://forum.wurmonl...salpha-edition/ AB31 http://forum.wurmonl...elebration-map/ X25/Y29-30 For requests, send me a mail in the forums, a PM ingame or a letter over the mail system or simply reply to this topic. Due to the nature of the mailing system i wouldnt like to sell it via cod, it just is far to expensive for such a low quality armour. i will deliver if you are located 10-15 minutes near us with a sailing boat. Chain Armour Set 1x Chain Coif 1x Chain Jacket 1x Chain Pants 2x Chain Sleeves 2x Chain Gauntlets 2x Chain Boots QL50 - 1s Chain Armour Parts Chain Coif QL 50 - 10c Chain Jacket QL 50 - 32c Chain Pants QL 50 - 32c Chain Sleeves QL 50 - 12c Chain Gauntlets QL 50 - 10c Chain Boots QL 50 - 12c