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Found 676 results

  1. Looking for a place to rest your head and wash the blood off your armor? Looking for a temporary residence while you learn the way of the Wurm? Looking for a dedicated (and probably insane) group to call your friends? Do you just want to learn the way of the samurai? Maybe you just want to hug trees and plant flowers? If you answered yes to any of the above then Fortress of Death is the village for you! *Disclaimer: if you answered yes to the last one we will laugh at you for several days What do we have? that answer is easy... 200+ 1x1 cells with bsbs full of rockshards so you can make bricks! or maybe not... you'll never know until you get here!! Kidding aside, there is no requirements to join us or stay with us We do have a barracks for 'Fresh Meat' (newest members) and plots for permanent villagers to build on! fully stocked warehouse will lots of... junk that you can make various doohickeys and thing-a-ma-jigs with! a dock with lots of.... seals (and maybe a boat or twenty) the usual bs: archery targets and horses and cart parking lots and some fields to grow useless garbage in the important stuff: Our village is located on O18 Celebration (the island that's almost... kinda connected to the mainland) If your still interested in joining us then send me a message ingame: Reaping or on discord: Evilreaper#2308 thanks for visiting our village recruitment board Reaping
  2. So, i am a returning player, after a long long break, (so consider me as a new player ) i am now looking for a village where i can settle and spend my time, preferably a village with lots of social interactions, but smaller ones are okay as well. i am currently located on celebration, and if i could be transported to another server, then it doesn't matter to me where the village i would be joining would be located.
  3. Celebration Map

    Celebration Community Map I will handle future updates to the map. I will try to update every one to two weeks on the progress of the map. Click on this link for the updated map. Last updated 10-March-2019  General Instructions: Just post the following information. Do not PM your update requests. Thanks Settlement name Location (x,y) If posting new roads then please include an image with your post. Use an image hosting service such as and enclose the image link in [img.][/img.] (remove the periods). It is still my goal to have Celebration added to JackJones site - for a temporary solution i will be maintaining the current map
  4. I’m always on the lookout for a deed mate either long or short term. I’ve had a few villagers in the past, but I just moved my deed to a new spot on Cele (O22) and would love for some company for as long or as short as you want to stay. Many of my past villagers have joined up as a temp spot to get oriented to the area, and then venture out on their own. Here’s what I have to offer: - a new deed on the waterfront, with space for you to build your own house. - enough space for farms and animals - workshops for leather working, smithing, and cloth crafts, with option for more - stocked kitchen - current upkeep of 97c to give you a sense of the size. With the right, dedicated partner, there’s an option for expansion. - general freedom to do as you like on deed and use any materials (as long as you are not disrespectful).  About me: - I am in the US central time zone and usually play in the evenings a few times a week and most weekends. - I enjoy sharing with and helping other players - I’m not super high skilled, but I’m self sufficient - I like to be communicative and interact with other players - I’m not particularly competitive - I’m in my mid 30s About you: - Are you looking for a home base to grind your skills but don’t want to pay for your own deed? I won’t be asking you to contribute to upkeep unless you feel like it. - Are you a newer player who is dedicated to learning the game and wants a spot to get your ‘feet wet’ before you go off and start your own deed? - are you respectful, communicative, friendly, and ok with sharing? - are you online generally the same time I am? i have a few ideas for how I’d like to design the deed. Maybe you have some too! With each deed I build I like to go above and beyond what I did before. The main buildings are already started, but there is space for you to build your own home. You can respond here, PM me, or message Belacane or Sarai ingame. I look forward to hearing from you! 
  5. Skyforge Enchanting Services To contact us, leave a message on this page, or pm one of us in game or in forums. IGN contacts: Movu Raistlinmajere Galigan Forum names: 5p34k3r Phennexion Please note that prices are subject to change if need arises Prices are as listed: Current stock: If you don't see what your looking for, we are more than willing to do a custom order!
  6. Hello Fellow Wurmians! Do you love designing a new village, but don't want to have to deal with the responsibilities of your own deed? Are you interested in playing on Celebration as part of a very active, quirky, and fun alliance? Do you like collaborating with others? I have a new land claim (Carcassone), and I am looking for a dedicated player (new or veteran) who is interested in working together to make a beautiful new deed. The location is M12 on Celebration. It has coastal access, and a mine (which I have yet to explore). There is no guard tower at the deed, but there is one not too far away. The size of the area is not huge. I'm trying to keep it to 1s upkeep for now. However, since nothing is built yet, there is a lot of room for your imagination and mine. A little about you: You are self directed, but communicative. The ability to collaborate, communicate, and act maturely is a must. Hopefully you will stick with the deed for a while and play often. Your skills and interests don't matter to me. This deed and what you grind is an open book!. A little about me: I am pretty non-competitive on PvE, and don't grind much just for the sake of grinding. I enjoy taking my time in wurm, and meeting and helping other players. I also enjoy exploring and hunting, and am skilling up to play PvP in the future. I've been playing Wurm for about 2 years on and off, and consider myself a mid level player. My real life location is in the central US time zone (UTC -6:00). I play some evenings during the week and most weekends. message me here or in game @ sarai / belacane if you are interested in joining me!
  7. This page this tag Celebration Map Tpikol Map continued by Kristof. Forum Thread here is the actual link that works and doesnt give a 403 or 404 error thank you.
  8. Hello every1. After looking for a bit of time, we managed to spot that green funky looking cow head in the woods of Cele. We decided to make it public for bloods, Stone cutting potions if Im not wrong. Fight will be at D 15. Just North of the small lake there. Deed is called Zaptojas. Due to start in Have fun yall
  9. WTS: Corbita, Cog

    I am looking for offers for 2 Corbita's and a Cog located at Bunker Hill (L-18) not far from the Celebration spawn point of Tap Dance. All 3 boats have anchors and are circa 40ql Please PM me if you are interested
  10. WTS Deed Clogwyn, celebration

    Hello everybody, I want to sell my deed on the server Celebration. It is north of the market of TDM. It's a nice small deed with citywalls that are connected by bridges. With this system you almost can walk around on the walls except where the workshop is. It has more than 290days upkeep and upkeepcosts are very low. The deed is included with all materials and stuff that is stored there. All kinds of lumps from ql1 to ql90+. Also under the deed is a mine with some veins. Also an enchanted horse area with horses (with all kinds of traits) + horsegear. Workshop has storage too from dirt to logs and tools to work with. Only the 3 rare forges were sold. Here are some pictures to get an impression. ] Always feel free to walk and look on deed, the gates are open. Give me an offer and we can negotiate about. Any questions can be asked in pm of this forum. Kind regards, tc
  11. I'm back, everyone!

    Hey all, been a while! Some of you ingame on cele already know, but for those that haven't been around I used to use the account Ellietrap. It's been like 1.5-2 years since I was really active, and after so much time I don't really like my old account name and kind of am going for a fresh start. I didn't quite intend to be gone for nearly this long. I really missed the community. Also, so much has changed, but also I've seen some things never change TD looks so different, but Waar still has his stranglehold around it. And the area I used to live looks virtually the same, it's kind of weird still knowing my way around. Hope to see you all ingame! Now, if you'll excuse me.... I've got to get back to grinding to earn some coin -Ellie
  12. Seasonal harvest report

    Please report when harvestable plants (tree, bush, trellis) are in season. Simply copy two lines from event. The first is the examine line of a tree/bush. Second, is the time line.
  13. Can i get this page updated on the wiki it is showing a 404 error to this link please it would be most appreciated. thank you
  14. For the rest of 2016, I'm offering a free 70 ql weapon of your choice to any new players on Celebration. Send me a message on the forum or shoot me an in game message for pickup.
  15. Please close

    Not needed anymore
  16. Goblin Leader Slaying

    Goblin Leader Slaying 20 September 2016 at 6PM GMT Come and get your mining potion blood! Location: Northeast corner of the island at S25 (Celebration)
  17. Here is a link for a updated map with alot of changes to deeds and roads. This is a continuation of Tpikol Map continued by Akaryd. Updated by Kristof 2016/09/04. Celebration Map
  18. Celebration Map

    Celebration Map I will be handling future updates to the map. I will try to update every week to two weeks on the progress of the map. Click on this link for the updated map. (updated 16-October-2017) General Instructions: Just post the following information. Please only post settlement locations that you own. And do not PM your update requests. Thanks Settlement name Location (x,y) If posting new roads then please include an image with your post. Use an image hosting service such as and enclose the image link in [img.][/img.] (remove the periods). This is the new link to the map I have worked on, so it should be able to be saved now.
  19. Hello i am looking for a friendly village to join. pm or message me in game thanks.
  20. I prefer south coast deeds, PM me, any deed will work if the price and location is good
  21. For the holidays, I'm offering a free 70 QL weapon (on the weekends) for new players on Celebration. Please send a reply on this public form saying you are new, what weapon you want, and we'll set up a time on the weekend to meet. I'll also offer 70QL weapons to anyone on Celebration for 10 copper (limit 1 per toon) during this time. Enjoy the holidays and Wurm on.... Anyone wanting a little higher quality weapon or from another server send me a PM and we can discuss the fees.
  22. [Close Please] [Cele] 4000 Bricks

    Looking to purchase and have delivered, 4000 bricks. Quality does not matter. Order filled, thanks!
  23. Fountain Pack changes and WU are making me reconsider wurm as a whole, so I'm taking a step and selling off some of my extra junk.
  24. I'm looking for premium villagers for my new deed at F11 Celebration. It has almost all natural resources(Clay, tar, iron, lead, copper, slate, marble, moss, sand, etc.) It's on a small mountain, but it's coastal as well. It's a large area for building and has nobody in sight, but we do have neighbors so we can trade/socialize. If you like a kind of secluded feeling and you like to "survive in the wilderness" this deed is a good one to choose. PM Dragonslayer if you're interested.

    WTS 12k mortar 2.5s / 1k AND 4k bricks 2s / 1k AND Large Crates 20c each DELIVERY is possible, price depends on amount and distance. PICKUP at Celebration h10 (in game map) for free PM Larom in game