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Found 8 results

  1. Issue #1: I placed cats and now trying to remove, on deed, with full permissions, but it is treating it like someone else placed one off deed. Have to bash it out with multiple hits. Issue #2: When attempting to do work in a catseye protection tile, nothing happens and no errors in event to let you know why. Please put in some event messages. This particular challenge was an attempt to strongwall collapse a tile.
  2. Right now, we have: Wondering if it would be possible to make a mod that replaces them with something less bright, flatter, generally not so tempting to the eye. Maybe like: minus the band of the ring, just the top part. I'd make it client-side if 1) I could actually make it at all, and 2) at all possible. That way we could switch out the graphics without having to ask/bother an admin? Thought I'd throw it out there if anyone is interested. Thanks! ps. if that's not possible, is it possible to make a server-side mod that disables their existence entirely?
  3. Hi When I pry a catseye that has been planted by myself, shouldn't it return in my inventory (with some applied damage perhaps) instead of completely "falling apart with a crash"? It's a crowbar, you sqeak things out of other things with it.. you don't bash them into oblivion
  4. The blue part of this map has a fairly extensive catseye highway route network now: Starting at Crystal Bay (top right corner of the blue area), I am willing to build out catseyes into the Grand Steppe. Does anyone in the Grand Steppe, north of it, or south of it want to meet me there and connect our road networks? I haven't started laying out that route of catseyes because I have no one to connect to.
  5. Planting catseyes on bridges prevents subsequent preparation with mortar for paving. I suggest notes be added to these pages warning that paving must be done before catseyes. In the Bridge paving paragraph and to these pages as necessary thanks
  6. Yesterday and today I've been laying a line of catseyes to connect my waystone to the main central Indy network. In my path are two 2x3 bridges -- 2 tiles wide, 3 tiles in length. For each bridge, to lay catseyes, I've had to: 1) Stand on bridge for planting the first catseye(which makes sense here). 2) Stand on bridge and plant the second catseyeon the EDGE corner of the bridge (so the horizontal edge corner of one side of the junction between the 1st and 2nd tile of the bridge's length). Second catseyethen does NOT show visible anywhere. 3) Stand on bridge and plant the third catseye at the BOTTOM center tile of the bridge (which is super messed up because that's not the tile that's being planted on). At that point, the second and third catseye show up in their proper corners in the center of the bridge. 4) Stand off bridge and plant the fourth catseye at the same bottom center tile of the bridge (which makes sense here). No other method produces planted catseye. Totally messed up.
  7. I don't know about you guys, but my first approach to the new highways was a real mess and now I have to spend so much time to bash and replace waystones and catseyes in the right way. I know they are so hard to bash just because they have to protect the highways; because of this I would like if they were more easy to bash at least for the one who planted them, to clean faster the mistakes