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Found 6 results

  1. Milosanx on a rare trip down to water level Hey everyone! This week saw the changes to conversion come live, and the positive feedback has been noticed! We're working on a few things and will have more to share as they flesh out, but one thing is coming to the test server this weekend! but first... Patch Notes The Cowtapult! Those of you who follow us on Facebook may have already seen this, but we've been hard at work improving siege weapon mechanics, and first up is the catapult and trebuchet! Catapults and trebuchets should damage creatures, houses, fences, bridges and items that the projectile hits Clarification: It will hit ALL walls if it hits multiple. It will only hit one non wall item on the tile it lands on The new mechanics for them operate similarly to how they currently work, with focus on improving how the physics calculations are performed and remove those weird cases where they don't hit anything. We'll be setting up some testing scenarios such as house on a tall dirt wall and such over the weekend for you to check out, but we'd also like to know what scenarios you want to check out, so feel free to share ideas that you'd like us to setup for you to test. Our priority is getting all of them tested with different projectiles, distances and skill levels in PvP and PvE Scenarios both on and off deed to ensure they're balanced when they go live, so stay tuned for the test thread opening some time this weekend Variety is the spice of life Not one to rest on their laurels, the devs have been working hard on a long desired addition to the building, new house walls! This is a huge addition, with six new building types: Rendered wall Marble wall Pottery brick wall Round brick wall Sandstone brick wall Slate brick wall Pottery and sandstone Round stone and Rendered Marble and Slate That's not all though, there's new fence types to match the housing types, as well as a few additions and changes the paving! there will be a few new paving types, as well as a few changes to existing ones: Round cobble will use a new item round stone (same as round brick housing) Rough cobble will use Colossus bricks Slate slabs will be created by a chisel on combined slate shards like other slabs and some new pavement types you'll have to wait and see! The basics are up (without graphics) for internal testing, we'll have more info on the new types and a full list in next weeks news, this was far too exciting not to share though! Community Content This weeks community content is about a lost horse! Poor Rageed traveled off on his own one fateful night, and sparked fear for his safety in the heart of Ayuna, who cared for him. Luckily though, he was recovered safe and sound! Have you had a favourite pet? That's it from us this week, I'll see some of you on test, but until then, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
  2. Eight years have passed since this idea was first proposed by Klaa. It was then ahead of its time, but with PvP changes afoot I feel the moment has arrived.
  3. So I have several deeds I want to work on, some I have been using non-prem alts as mayors, some have been prem once before. My latest deed I need to remove fences and want to use a catapult as it takes too long otherwise. With a non-prem alt you can not invite someone to the deed to do this work. I prem'd the alt up and joined the deed with my main, even with full permissions I still could not damage the fence with the catapult. I finally changed the writ over to my main and he can now do this. This is a bothersome problem with the permissions, as my other deeds the mayors are no longer prem and so I can not trade the deed writ back and forth to get the work done on these projects.
  4. make it so that a menu comes up (like when taking items out of a bsb) that lets you type in how many winches you want on a catapult (up to the max of 50) also if possible allow us to see how many winches is on a catapult by examining it this would make things less tedious
  5. Catapult displays it is fired, when priest is too weak to fire catapult, nothing happens -but priest still loses -0.1 faith. I had my main character load and winch the catapult, then had my weak priest premium alt fire the catapult. The weak alt can fire it many times, but the ammo is never used, and no skills are gained nor unlocked. I was trying to unlock the warmachine and catapult skills, as a last chance to find the alt's affinity. I would think that since the priest gains no skill, and the catapult is actually not fired, that the priest would not lose faith. So... there are several bugs: 1. Priest loses faith when they don't actually preform the action. They gain no skill either. 2. The animated action sounds and looks as if the catapult is firing, does not launch the ammo, and this msg is displayed: "[11:19:34] You are too weak to handle the heavy small catapult." And the catapult is still ready to fire. Steps to reproduce: 1. Use main char to load and winch catapult. 2. Use priest of 31 faith to fire. Be sure to go "unfaithful". 3. Note that no skills are gained, but faith is lost.
  6. simple right? just add a function that lets you tie 1 or 2 horses to a catapult and have them pull it. and have 1 person sit on the catapuld and control it like a cart. it would make siege warfare alot easier hit and run tatics and stuff. besides they've had animals pulling siege wepons for thousands of years. like in lord of the rings