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Found 73 results

  1. I often do cleanup rounds but some kinds of mobs cannot be placed in the rafts and need to be in the inventory. I am not sure how this works but I think it is the hardened and perhaps some other kind. It does not make sense that you could place a troll body into a raft but not a cavebug or cat body. They also all weigh the same, so should have the same volume? Is it possible to change this so all mob bodies can be loaded into the rafts? Thanks.
  2. WTS rare small chestnut cart Price: 2s Exodus server Port Tanelorn X29 / Y37 Here or pm in game: Lumi
  3. From here: Quick copy out of IRC Jenshae: The wagons aren't exactly useful. Faster, great. Jenshae: What about being able to sleep in a wagon so you get sleep bonus? How does a wagon help to make a mobile home? Jenshae: It is terrible Noizhead - if I ever get to log on Jenshae: Wagons are also counter intuitive. They had more animals pulling them because they had bigger loads. Jenshae: Trucks and trailers don't go faster than sports cars. Jenshae: Chariots were faster than carriages (like a cart) and those were quicker than wagons. Now if it were slow but you could: Carry a type of small stove / forge on it and only it.Put a brake on off deed so that it can't be moved.Spawn a temporary 2x2 fence for your animals around it with a lock when you stop.Carry a rowing boat to go fishing. Then it would be a worthy addition to the game. Want four animals and speed? Make a chariot like that. -------------------- Want a ship equivalent? Make a freight cart. Appears to be full of crates, barrels and such.1.5 times longer.High sides.Bit slower.1 passenger.Same storage as a ship.
  4. Whilst sitting as a passenger in a large cart your 'Client Statistics > Player > Falls' increments every second. Free internet points!
  5. Set vehicle orientation to either: north, northeast, east, southeast, south, southwest, west, northwest. This makes it easier to afk travel and is an advantage. We could balance this by requiring mind logic skills to use it. If a player has the skill and is willing to accept the risk there is no reason we shouldn't let someone afk travel. I predict certain people will reply here with their normal response of telling others how to play. I simply remind you folks that you have the option of ping-ponging between "a" and "d" keys if you want.
  6. Does anyone know how many bricks fit in a large cart with 6 rafts and how many fit in a sail boat?
  7. So, I read in patch notes that the invisible fences should be fixed. Version 3.23-5108 ------2013-06-28------- * Fix for invisible stuff Well that's not true, at least not for me anyways. As you can see below I still have invisible fences and bugged doors. When riding a cart the outline for the doors rotate. (same happens for a catapult)
  8. I spoke to a CM last night about my cart/horses acting strange in my mine we waited for a GM but no one showed up to look at it. The CM had thought that maybe it was something on my end but today i am at work on a different pc with a different Internet provider and i am still getting the same issue. It must also be noted that i found one of those "epic mission items?" a few days ago in this same mine. At the time it had no decay damage and i don't remember seeing it the day before so it seems like it might have spawned in the mine somehow. I found this strange because it is on an island on pristine. I am not sure if that is what has caused the mine to be bugged or not but i would like a GM to come have a look at it. I have tried to send a /support in-game but seems like no one is on right now. Here are a few screenshots of what is going on but when i turn my cart in that mine the horses don't track with the motion and even shake at times while you are turning the cart. If a GM can PM me and come look at this for me to see if we can get it fixed that would be great..thanks (the deed name is Silverwood and is on a small island on the SE corner of the map 37x 9y, Pristine)
  9. Hello fellow wurmians (wurmans? wurmonians?), On behalf of our city-to-be, me and my pal Pawelski are looking for players who are doing some terraforming, are flattening a road, or are busy doing any action where you have excess dirt, and who are willing to bring it to us. We are expanding our island in the middle of the lake near the starting point and could use every bit of dirt available. You are very welcome to stop by with a boatload full of dirt (or just to say hi, we love company ), and if you cant get to us by boat we can come pick you (and your dirt piles) up with our Mighty Fleet of, you won't believe it, no less than two row boats! So if you have dirt to spare, or know someone who does, it would be extremely kind of you to get in touch with us and to help us make our island city flourish Thanks in advance for your help and your overall kindness, LordOfAwesomnia
  10. Was in a cave and was dragging a cart. The cart dissappeared and i could not select it. Still under the effects of the slowing of the cart and could hear it following me. Reappeared when exiting the cave and was still there on reentry.
  11. Anyone interested? How much can I get for it? All ~44 QL. Pickup in Celebration near TD.
  12. Auction for Rare Unfinished Large Cart. It goes faster than other large carts! I can't find out how much exactly because I would have to finish it for that, but it is confirmed that they go faster If anyone knows how much exactly, please tell me. Thanks! Starting bid: 1s No reserve Minimum increase:25c Auctions ends: 3/2/13 at 8:00 pm US Mountain Time Sniper protection: 1 hour Edit: It can be mailed to any Freedom server I'm sure, and I am on Celebration Edit: It does not glow, according to replies.
  13. #1 I stored 6 items (foot board, head board, bed frame; 2 each, each set on separate tiles) on the first floor level a few days ago, without assembling the beds. Decay hasn't set in yet, but after a server restart 3 items were missing. I thought it would be a single occation, but at todays server restart, when I was building the walls up there and had 4 piles of 38 stone bricks and mortar each, all piles vanished, leaving only 2 bricks where the whole pile stood. Instead they reappeared on the ground floor, bare the two items from the first floor. The bed parts reappeared too, but only on 1st floor when nothing else was occupying the tile. So, it seems as follows: Server restarts now teleport items from first floor level (and maybe above) to ground level, if there's more than 2 items on one tile. In addition some objects can't be reclaimed if there's a proper floor on ground, as they sink in (but this is a graphical/client bug mostly). This is annoying, to say the least... #2 Stand on the first floor, commander a large cart with hitched horses standing on the ground floor -> the cart teleports to first floor level, with you embarked. You are able to drive up there, unencumbered by the walls below, so you are on 1st floor actually. Disembark the cart, and you glitch through the floor, dropping on the ground (and being hurt). #3 Leave said cart on the 1st floor, climb up again, plan your walls. If one of the walls goes through the cart, it can't be accessed any longer, from no tile nor floor, even if you remove the walls. This may be even true if you don't plan walls at all, but just embark (for teleport) and disembark again. Relog, and the cart is on the ground floor again. This might as well be a communication error between client and server, as you're not obstructed by any walls below when driving the cart around on the 1st floor, which shows it's not entirely client side (as the relog would suggest). #4 Plan stone walls on top, which have no other stone wall underneath - it looks horrible. Haven't tried that with wooden walls as of now...
  14. Basically my idea is to add a new cart to the game, a carriage. Much in the same fashion as the Stagecoaches that wealthy people used to hire/own for personal transport. See The Carriage would be a high end Fine carpentry item, a similar goal to Fine carpenters as the caravel is to boat makers in terms of skill. It would be able to hold 4 passengers + 1 driver. Passengers gain immunity to attack from creatures while riding, while driver is still open to attack. Cart would have the same storage as a small cart, so it is purely a vanity item as it holds little to no advantage over the large cart. Could be fitted with 2 hanging lanterns for added light source? Rough idea for items required: 1 small wheel axle 1 large wheel axle (requiring roughly double the materials of a small one, and large wheels take iron ribbons) Yoke 40 planks 6 large nails 16 small nails 4 iron ribbons 1 door lock or padlock (whichever is easiest to code for, either way, the cart is built 'locked') 2 lanterns 15kg square bits of cloth 10kg leather 2 rope Something of that order of materials, with an expected fine carp level of 30-40+ to start and continue. Comments?
  15. Hi,I was passing through Freedom Harbor when my internet connection went for a ball of crap.When I managed to log back in several hours later, my horse and cart was still there, only in someone's backyard.Could the owner of Freedom Harbor / Cottage please contact me?Thanks!
  16. You should be able to "lead" large cart (by leading hitched horses). There are many things you can't do if you command a cart (like harvesting) and sometimes you're stuck with cart in a tree (and you have to unhitch horses and pull a cart - try to do this with 280x dirt inside). Make it possible only for premium players to prevent alt abusing. "Leading" hitched carts is posibble in real, so I can't see why we shouldn't be able to do this ingame. I know - we have small carts, and we can pull a large cart, but it slows you down a lot.
  17. Do you all think it might be a good idea to have a 'Spurr' option while riding a horse(or other animal) or animal drawn cart to get a great boost of speed for a short time, with a cool-down of something like 12 RL hours or some such? This would be for those moments when you're being chased, not able to outrun your pursuers, maybe are on your last bit of health. Also it could have a chance to fail when you do try to activate it, failure still causing the cool-down to activate. Your thoughts?
  18. I embarked my cart and wasn't able to move. Knowing this problem for a few days I tried to relog, which normally used to solve it. Not this time though. I log in finding myself behind my cart, not embarked, and not able to move. A great deal of environment textures (landscape) are not loading, right-click menus are not showing options. I even can't call a GM because nothing of what I enter in the chat line is really sent - seems I am isolated in a time loop . I relogged several times, used both clients - but nothing works. What can I do? Edit: After waiting for a couple of minutes (>5) I was able to move again. Still, this is very annoying. (Not sure if it's a client or server bug, though.)
  19. Seems this was removed. Could we have it back? I have several large carts for different uses and the name would help me choose quickly which one I need. edit: im not reffering just renaming but how it used to show the name with mouse over without right clicking on them
  20. I have ready 15 (unfinished -1 large nail, included) rafts and will be making more. They should all become cedarwood when completed. Pickup only. Price 10c each. Pickup point: CelebL AR 35, oreimo/arnshire, a mere ten minutes' walk north of TD.
  21. My forum search has not found anything such as this, so here goes. Dirt dug is thrown directly into cart (think wheel barrow). Steps: 1. Target cart (game checks: see if cart in range, permissions, is accessible (not through a wall/fence)) 2. Dig - Dirt goes directly into cart (if cart full or no cart targeted dig fails or goes to player inventory dirt drops to ground on tile you are standing on as a pile) - Player inventory is not accessed, dirt does not cycle through inventory on its way to the cart. I would think that current in game code should be able to be used for most of this.
  22. I have a lot of ideas for ships, tell me what you think: We should be able to move around in the ship instead of just being fixed in place behind the helm or standing as crew, you should also be able to use a gangplank to load carts catapults and another addition idea cannons, it would also be cool if the ship hand multiple floors where you can have deck, bedrooms etc and cargo hold, there should also be ship v ship combat but requires at least two crew including the commander, these are just a few but the only decent ones.
  23. These days a few people on Celebration had an unpleasant surprise: they were dragging a large cart across a distance, passing through other deeds on their way. At some point, the player who was dragging the cart stopped dragging, on a deed. And he could not drag it anymore. Even though he had 'dropped' it there. They were not the owners of the cart, but had friend permissions, to drag it and use it, from the owner. This behavior is inconsistent: you can drag a small cart, on a deed, let it there, then drag it again, out from it. If you drop an item on a deed, you can take it back. You happened to be on a deed with the item, you can take your item back. But not for large carts owned by your friend, even though you have all permissions to use it, drag it, steer it, whichever.