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Found 3 results

  1. Tents, the wonderful portable respawn that any traveler adores. Great for when on unique hunts and amazing if you are a priest wandering inland on Xanadu. Trouble is they're irrepairable and un-impable. Now I can understand why they are not repairable, otherwise everyone would just keep their tent at 1 QL and be done with it. The first change I propose is that tents can be repaired using square cloth on them (rather how one must use water to repair potted plants) and can also be improved when fully repaired (cloth tailoring seems a good skill). The only reason I suggest this is my OCD attacks me every time I see "damage 5.3" next to an item in my inventory that I cannot repair! The second change is to do with tents on deeds. Again I can understand why they are not currently droppable on deeds, otherwise you could house hundreds of alts in one village, giving them the benefit of a non-decaying spawn point without the completely unfair double upkeep. So I propose something a little different, namely a new permission "drop tent" that allows usergroups to place a tent on the deed. While someone's tent is on the deed they count towards the population of that village for the purpose of upkeep (to preventing the 100 alts scenario) and giving deed owners the option of letting players camp or not. Optional Extra : Mayors can set a price for "camping" (akin to beds) so that anyone dropping a tent will be warned and, if they accept, the tent drops and the camper will be charged the fee mentioned. Lets make a bit of cash
  2. Military Tent | Explorer Tent ** 25QL Guide Quality ** 1.0S Explorer Tent 1.5S Military Tent As of 30th January all tents are made to order. Any tents created above or below the stated guide quality will be placed into a list below with an adjusted price which may be bought outright. If you place an order for a tent at the price above, you will receive a product of no less than the guide quality stated. Orders may take up to 24 hours initially, once the production line has begun more may be available on demand. I'm located near Kinoss Bay Canal for those who wish to collect, however postage for one of these fine items is 10c on Independence. This will need to be covered by the buyer. Happy camping!
  3. Currently being a wanderer is a bit of a pain in wurm, so people tend to throw up 1x1 shacks around the place, swiftly abandoning them once they are strong enough. I'm thinking the following items/mechanics are for players who want to wander the world a bit without settling down quite yet. Fire Ring Takes 10 stone fragments to build, acts as a campfire when fueled. Lit like an oven. Gives the same penalties as a campfire when used for cooking/smealting. Not movable. Can be improved using masonry. Fur Bed Takes 5kg of furs and 0.3 thread is crafted with a needle. Liftable, not repairable/imrpovable. Quality is based on fur quality alone? Must be placed on the ground to use. When in use cannot be moved/destroyed like beds, otherwise can be taken as per normal. If the person using does not log in for 3 days decays away within a further 24 hours. Acts like a bed in all other respects. Mass wise will fit inside a backpack? No rental prices can be set. Traveller's Pack (Backpack upgrades) A backpack over 30ql can hold a fur bed without it couting towards the total mass in the pack. (Weight still counts) A backpack over 50ql can hold a hatchet or a pickaxe without it counting towards total mass in the pack. (Weight still counts) A backpack over 80ql can hold both a hatchet and a pickaxe (or 2 hatches or 2 pickaxes) without it counting towards total mass in the pack. (Weight still counts)