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Found 57 results

  1. Hello I've recently established a new settlement (Storm's End) on Independence with my brother and we are looking to recruit new citizens and builders to help grow our village/castle. We've cleared out much of the land, with many trees to go. In the process of planning tall stone walls and a guard tower. If anyone is interested just apply here with your: In-game name Affinity Highest building skill (name and skill level) Highest crafting skill (name and skill level) How often you play per week (estimated hours) Reputation rating P.S. - If you are interested in joining the village as a permanent or full-time citizen, then you MUST have or be willing to go premium and contribute to upkeep in the near future.
  2. Was building wooden shingle roofs I completed one then went to the next and clicked "Continue Building" it used my shingle and nails even though it wasn't a planned wooden shingle roof yet just a roof plan. It didn't count towards the 10 shingles you need to build a wooden shingle roof.
  3. Sodijo Ledena Jama (Falling Ice Cave) is Recruiting! Village Planning, Construction, and Community Creation Underway The deed of Sodijo Ledena Jama has been established, and a rough village plan is sketched Anyone on Pristine who would like to join this fresh growing community should make contact with 'SheridanWashburn' on Pristine Some high level 'bird's eye view' plans include - - active Tavern with scheduled events - sporting Arena with sparring, riding, and other skill based competitions - destination Trading Center for the surrounding area - large multi-faith Cathedral for priest progression - originate NPC-style quests starting at Sodijo Ledena Jama - traditional Narrow Street design like popularized middle age villages - modest Buildings featuring multistory, multiroom, multipurpose planning - established Guilds of village based crafters, masons, weaponsmiths, alchemists, so on... - small private Guild Halls with private location for Guild Initiation Rites and other training Overall the central location offers a wonderful centralized meeting place for Supply and Trade, Faith and Magic, Community Activity, and Regional Exploration YOUR ideas are what will make Sodijo Ledena Jama really shine among the villages and cities of Pristine YOUR plans for unique and attractive buildings that function as well as they look The plan for Sodijo Ledena Jama is not to become massive - but rather to become relevant in Pristine economy and history! A relevant and meaningful place filled with stories, memories, and activity that is player generated and player consumed. What are YOUR ideas? Please contact SheridanWashburn in Pristine or Aendi on the Wurm Forum - and let's get started building a fresh take on community in Wurm!
  4. Under some circumstances, it isn't possible to plan deeded structures on cobblestone or similar "road" tiles– Instead, you're met with this line: "You are not allowed to build structures on roads outside of settlements." Whether or not you can build seems to depend on where you are in relation to the tile being planned on. Standing on the tile in question seems to always work, but adjacent tiles are either inconsistent or don't work at all. Tested under these conditions: Attempting to plan on deeded cobblestone tiles (other tiles such as floorboards and grass were unaffected) Playing as the deed mayor (no building limitations) Not near deed borders Not touching other walls or structures Not near any "monolithic" structures such as colossi or guard towers All ground and its surroundings were flat Plenty of carpentry skill Zero other work-in-progress structures
  5. I'm having a problem putting a second floor onto a stronghold sized building (8x4 - 32 tiles). It is stone walled, pre-existing 1.0 (at least 6 month) and all walls are completed. It had stone slab paving on all florrs. My carpentry is 71.49, my masonry 70.56, my paving 24.20. I have more than 10 other buildings of various sizes (shack, cottage, villa, mansion, estate), all pre-existing, with which I have no problem making multi-storey. If I start a new stronghold size building (6x6 - 36 tiles) i have no problem planning floor below and floor above even before a single nail or brick is added. For the problem building when I plan a floor below the option to plan anything additional on the tile, except interior walls when rt clicking on the borders, dissapears. I've tried completly building the floor on the tile, planning additional internal walls, removing the slab paving, planning all floor tiles, all to not effect. Any help out there?
  6. There should be like a Windmill in the game with a like the thing that makes wheat into flour. The windmill should be added as a wall attachment on any 3rd story wall but just 1 per story. When you are going to put wheat in the Windmill the activate the wheat and right click the chute so it can go into the grinder ( On second Floor ). On the Second floor will be the Grinder where you will have to turn a big pole around it to Grind the wheat. In the First Floor will be the collection area where you will collect the flour. There should also be like Bags, or Flour sacks where you can store the flour. Well I hope you like my Idea, and I hope it gets considered. Bye -Rele
  7. I got this idea while reading this thread: /> The idea is basically that in addition to the structure itself a writ could control an attached yard as well. It's basically a mechanic similar to the enclosure rule, just that it is enforced automatically by the game. That would give free players, new players and other hermit types actual security instead of the fake security of the enclosure rule, without reducing the need for premium or deeds. It would work by having a "plan yard" option next to the "plan building" that gives sufficient room of freedom. It could be limited by saying the yard can't be larger then twice(?) the building, otherwise you can't finish the plan. It could also be extended for deed owners to be able to plan yards on their deeds without any buildings to give to a citizen. This would both improve the Mayor ability to restrict the citizen and give the citizen more freedom of action in their area. So what do you think?