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Found 57 results

  1. I am suddenly unable to build any floors on the 4th height, I have 42 paving and 78 masonry, I have build hundereds of floors on the 4th and 5th levels on the same structure but recently it says I am unable to build any floors, I have tried building on the floor above, the 4th floor in a seperate building from the one in question and relogging, This has persisted since before the server had restarted for the bridge update so it was certainly not caused by that, I do not have any injuries or skill loss on paving from death. It's not just 1 building, i destroyed a floor on another building to try and rebuild and it still would not allow me.
  2. log cabins, having new wall textures. keeping the normal grand door(double door) single door, window, grand window (large window), arched wall. would look like whole logs stacked ontop of eachother with clay/dirt and nails holding it toghter with smaller logs acting as trim for windows and doors. (built irl) to build would require 5 or soo logs, 10 clay/dirt, 5-10 large nails Log Decor, log chairs, a huge log with a L cut out to sit on, or a grand chair with small log legs, half logs for the seat and back along with a arm rest.. log bench, 2 half logs spaning about a tile held together with (go figure) more logs with a arm rest (built irl) have anything else to add? since bridges are done, put them back to work....
  3. Hello, I am posting this for one of my citizens who would like to offer the following services: His offers: Generally building, mining, terraforming, or anything else that you need done in your settlement. Custom prices depending on what you need done can be discussed via PM ingame or via Xala on the forums. I do anything, but listing the most common requests here. Prices can be negotiated. Carpentry Items Quality always 80+ Brick: 2S / 1000 Mortar: 3S / 1000 Colossus Brick: 4S / 1000 Floor Boards: 30C Guard Tower: 10S Colossus: 30S Raw Materials Prices per 1000 Dirt: 1S Sand: 1S Clay: 1S Tar: 1S Rock Shards: 1S Boats Quality always 70+, as high as you wish on request. Rowboat: 1S Small Sailboat: 2S Corbita: 5S Cog: 10S Knarr: 15S Caravel: 20S His skills: Work Skills: Carpentry: 93 Fine Carpentry: 20 Ship Building: 50 Woodcutting: 71 Mining: 87 Digging: 91 Masonry: 76 Stone cutting: 50 Prospecting: 60 Smithing Skills: Smithing: 62 Weapon Smithing. 34 Chain Armor Smithing: 78 Blacksmithing: 93 Locksmithing: 32 If you are interested in any of the services above, please pass me a PM or message Birdwatcher ingame. Thanks for reading!
  4. I apologize if this has been suggested before, but might perhaps we have alder trees introduced to the game? They would be a unique tree with special abilities, similar to the cedar and how it resists decay. In the same family as the Birch, traditionally Alder has been renowned as a Faery tree, one to use as a portal to the Fae realm. Flutes carved from the Alder were said to be more efficient in attracting the attention of Air Elementals. It would be interesting to work some of these aspects into the game through the use of Alder logs and/or planks. Furthermore, on a practical level the alder is used in underwater construction. Something to do with the way it hardens up and "steels" itself when in contact with water. The majority of the city of Venice is built upon pilings of alder wood for this very reason. In game Alder would be most beneficial for underwater constructions. I.e. docks of some sort, bridges, and more I'm sure. Just posting my thoughts as they come up. Maybe they are random or maybe they would be beneficial to others as well. Let me know your thoughts and how you might improve/expand on the idea!
  5. Before I put work into one, I figured I would ask first is this idea is even possible. I.e. dig down through a hill, build a structure of some sort, and then be able to fill over top with more dirt? Essentially having the building inside the hill. Or if not enclosed, then planned just right that the next floor would coincide with hilltop on each side enabling to continue building up with more levels. If that even makes sense.
  6. So i was skimming around the forum and didnt really see this suggestion. I did see some sorta liek this but not exzactly. Here is my idea. I think we should get door management perms for house doors, very similiar to mine doors. I know of a few people who are working on specail projects like INNs and community town hallls. But cant really manage it as they would like. As it stands right now the only think people can do is be added to a Writ of a building. Which gives them access. My idea would be to make them not be able to enter cetin rooms of that building unless they have their name added to the door. Very similar to the mine door. This could help people make single writ buildings and still be able to assign players parts of that building. In fact take this as an example. My current deed has a town hall. In fron of my town hall there is a 2x3 area of nothing but arches. and inside those arches are fences. I use this area for community storage. The only roblem wit this is i have to add them access to my writ to use the items in the arch section of the building. Doing this allows them access to the inside of the house as well, (even if locked) and this i do not want. I could see giving access tio a door by using keys like a gate. But i feel that could get a tad annoying with people losing their keys. So id suggest using thee same System as the Mine door, where u can actually assign a name. Also perhaps adjust the current Writ system so insead of needing them on your friends list. You could just add their name to the writ, like the mine door. In conclusion I feel this would open so many more possibilities for players to customize their deeds more freely and create more creative builds. Maybe even possibilities for like Player owned Rooms of an INN, or whatever. I can see how making it so they control a room can be difficult to adjust. seeing as the writ gives currently access to whole house and not sub sections of it. But allowing door management liek mine doors, You could give as many people access to your writ as you want. BUt certin rooms still wont be able to enter because of the Door lock. I havent played on any PVP server to know how this would affect Lock picking and stuff. But im sure it could be adjusted to allow lock picking to bypass the doors or something. So what are your opinions on this? Give a +1 If you agree. Maybe Devs and GMs will read this and add it soon. Please keep this post flame free.
  7. Selling this character privately if the price is right. If you choose to buy I will contact you with my other forum account. Character is male, has premium time until Aug 20th. Priest of Liblia on Chaos of the HOTS kingdom with 50+ Faith Comes with a deed, location can be discussed if this is added interest. I have a general idea of what I want for it, but good PCs are welcome. Skills dumped at Aug 4, 2014 ----- Religion: 0.0 Alignment: 0.0 Faith: 20.685614 Favor: 20.685614 Skills: 0.0 Paving: 17.963434 Tracking: 4.210349 Milling: 12.865 Coal-making: 1.0 Prospecting: 15.234638 Thatching: 1.0 Polearms: 1.0 Halberd: 1.0 Long spear: 1.0 Staff: 1.0 Hammers: 1.0 Warhammer: 1.0 Religion: 19.18143 Prayer: 20.89234 Channeling: 42.33101 Preaching: 5.14638 Exorcism: 1.0 Artifacts: 1.0 Clubs: 1.0 Huge club: 1.0 Healing: 15.743488 First aid: 31.0835 Archery: 42.702824 Long bow: 33.68845 Medium bow: 1.0 Short bow: 12.540505 War machines: 1.0 Catapults: 1.0 Thievery: 7.8050084 Traps: 1.0 Stealing: 1.0 Lock picking: 11.925739 Climbing: 9.4115095 Shields: 27.22532 Large wooden shield: 1.0 Medium wooden shield: 1.6496817 Large metal shield: 37.761044 Small metal shield: 3.5638905 Small wooden shield: 1.0 Medium metal shield: 1.0 Axes: 44.008194 Huge axe: 1.0 Large axe: 1.9880167 Hatchet: 59.324043 Small Axe: 3.3225582 Swords: 24.137674 Two handed sword: 6.829032 Shortsword: 6.8122025 Longsword: 45.698177 Knives: 35.697525 Butchering knife: 42.229126 Carving knife: 43.906944 Woodcutting: 70.15744 Mauls: 18.262005 Small maul: 25.84935 Medium maul: 5.316579 Large maul: 22.432678 Carpentry: 71.15976 Fine carpentry: 26.206297 Ship building: 14.8517275 Fletching: 53.521908 Bowyery: 57.452312 Toy making: 1.0 Nature: 33.75662 Gardening: 27.631233 Fishing: 6.7773542 Papyrusmaking: 2.1829288 Animal husbandry: 50.29406 Meditating: 28.782583 Milking: 14.212747 Farming: 43.17256 Forestry: 28.566 Botanizing: 16.073732 Animal taming: 10.651627 Foraging: 18.379505 Cooking: 25.965628 Dairy food making: 11.36375 Hot food cooking: 44.47085 Baking: 10.440954 Beverages: 5.000187 Butchering: 31.529648 Fighting: 71.6494 Shield bashing: 5.798753 Taunting: 1.6639383 Normal fighting: 44.485172 Defensive fighting: 26.517447 Aggressive fighting: 22.182703 Weaponless fighting: 20.568203 Toys: 1.0 Puppeteering: 1.0 Yoyo: 1.0 Alchemy: 7.228803 Natural substances: 17.971556 Miscellaneous items: 45.726414 Stone chisel: 14.58679 Hammer: 49.927044 Sickle: 25.045029 Scythe: 8.377489 Repairing: 32.96563 Saw: 26.196215 Pickaxe: 45.993725 Rake: 30.662634 Shovel: 36.03404 Pottery: 21.709074 Firemaking: 11.771853 Digging: 51.749508 Mining: 44.127777 Smithing: 15.346769 Metallurgy: 1.0 Jewelry smithing: 10.159267 Locksmithing: 9.097684 Blacksmithing: 23.114908 Armour smithing: 5.6181283 Shield smithing: 4.284871 Chain armour smithing: 4.3736987 Plate armour smithing: 11.778017 Weapon smithing: 7.9428787 Blades smithing: 6.0526733 Weapon heads smithing: 14.96398 Ropemaking: 23.21911 Masonry: 54.971165 Stone cutting: 29.33468 Tailoring: 6.4415846 Leatherworking: 4.820926 Cloth tailoring: 16.389738 Characteristics: 0.0 Soul: 22.854973 Soul strength: 22.686985 Soul depth: 25.039856 Mind: 26.899483 Mind speed: 21.662819 Mind logic: 30.785538 Body: 31.273918 Body stamina: 25.010418 Body strength: 29.30244 Body control: 26.697481
  8. I have thought of it to be a bit strange that you would build houses and all the wall take the same amount of materials to build each kind of wall. • Wall: ○Stone- 20 bricks, 20 mortar ○Wood- 20 planks, 20 large nails ( i know that is more nails then it is now but 1 nail 20 planks? makes no sense) ○Timber Frame- 5 Wooden beams, 20 Clay, 10 mixed grass • Window: Need to make the "Window" part of the Window) (4 Shaft, 4 small nails= Window) ○Stone- 10 Bricks, 10 Mortar, 1 Window ○Wood- 10 Planks, 10 large nails, 1 Window ○Timber Framed- 3 Wooden Beams, 10 Clay, 5 Mixed grass, 1 Window • Door (Need to make the "Door" part of the door) (3 Planks, 3 Small Nails= Door) ○Stone- 8 Bricks, 8 Mortar, 1 Door ○Wood- 8 Planks, 8 large nails, 1 Door ○Timber Framed- 3 Wooden Beams, 10 Clay, 5 Mixed grass, 1 Door • Double Door (Need to make the "Door" part of the door) (3 Planks, 3 Small Nails= Door) ○Stone- 6 Bricks, 6 Mortar, 2 Doors ○Wood- 6 Planks, 6 Large nails, 2 Doors ○Timber Framed- 3 Wooden Beam, 5 Clay, 3 Mixed grass, 2 Doors • Arched Wall ○Stone- 4 Bricks, 4 Mortar ○Wood- 4 Planks, 4 Large Nails ○ Timber Framed- 2 Wooden Beams, 3 Clay, 3 Mixed Grass Just a thought, don't know if anyone else has thought about this or posted about it.
  9. I know many of us use DeedPlanner quite a bit when planning our buildings or deed locations, and many of those creation ideas are quite inspirational. This thread exists for people to post and link their DeedPlanner designs and creations. Anything ranging from an actual plan for a deed, to a map of an already built deed, to a landscape produced purely from your imagination! DeedPlanner is a very useful 3D tool and I encourage all who use it to post your designs and ideas here! I'll kick it off with one of my own designs that I had entered into a contest...
  10. I was about to create a roof for my house when I was wondering: Why can't we position our roofs? The top of the roof is always in the middle of the tile when you create it. This way when you have a wall on the tile next to you there is no option to connect it to the wall. Sometimes a house will look pretty weird because of that. It would be nice if there was an option to either position the roof or build different shapes of them. When positioning the roof you would first have to plan one. Next thing you do is right click the unfinished roof, click connect, right click a wall and click connect roof. You can do this multiple times. Once on every wall next to the roof. To seperate them right click a connected wall and click seperate. When the wall is finished it will be connected to the selected walls. Example: 3, roofs as they are now. 4, new type of roofs.
  11. Hey everyone! I know a lot of folks generally don't enjoy grinding up their Thatching skill, but I've had need to lately and so I have. With that being said I'm offering my services for thatched roofing. Since I'll be taking jobs that require me to build roofs, I figured I might as well offer to build the other roof types as well. This might seem a little odd, offering to build the other roofs that only take masonry skill, however I know there are some players out there who can build their own houses out of wood, but don't have the masonry required to put on a specific type of roof if they are looking for something other than wooden shingles. I of course will supply the materials to build the roof sections. In addition to roofing I can also build your houses for you if you supply the materials. Below is a list of prices. Comment here if you need any work done or pm me if you have questions or would like to negotiate or trade for work done. I'll travel anywhere in Independence to work for a small traveling fee and only ask that you supply me with a bed and food if I need it. Roofing* Thatch = 50c traveling fee + 10c per tile Pottery Shingle = 50c traveling fee + 5c per tile Slate = 50c traveling fee + 5c per tile Paving** Stone brick = 50c traveling fee + 2c per tile Stone slab = 50c traveling fee + 5c per tile Marble slab = 50c traveling fee + 5c per tile Construction*** Wooden building = 50c traveling fee + 5c per wall + 2c per floor/ceiling tile Stone building = 50c traveling fee + 6c per wall + 3c per floor/ceiling tile If you'd like to purchase any carpentry made tools (fine fishing rod, fishing rod, grooming brush, mallet, wooden spindle, wooden spatula, or wooden clay shaper) pm me for details. *Roofing costs only apply to jobs where you hire me solely for roofing without the construction of the buildings themselves. **Paving is only for outside use as all other paving falls under house construction. I will also provide the materials for such outside paving. ***Buildings that mix wood and stone walls will still be priced according to each wall type and floor/ceiling type. Cheers, Slickshot
  12. Long time ago some people suggested adding mill. Wind mill actually. I came into an idea of "small replacment" Usage : Grind to flour bulk amounts of grains - straight away. Grind pottery stuff into dust after adding water it would turn into clay. Theoretically can be connected to a 2 man saw.
  13. I've thought this many times before but you just adapt don't you.. However, after 6 months i'm now making a shoreside hacienda with an arched wall border around it, the intention is to allow ships to dismount onto the graveled border... but because it's technically inside the building this will not be possible and you'll have to climb up a 60 slope to get to the building's border ground. Due to frequent stamina loss at sea, this may prove to be ridiculous. Just one example amongst many. i've redesigned to compromise but as usual it's `less than what it could have been` and has totally screwed up the 2nd floor. I still figured it might be a good time to make this suggestion. My suggestion is to enable dismounting within a building, the writ would require an option to allow it. cheers
  14. I'm looking for work to make some coins. I'm willing to do almost any kind of work that I can, e.g. digging, terraforming, low level mining, building walls and fences, making bricks, planks, mortar, nails and other low level blacksmithing products, medium level carpentry products including large crates. I won't do pan filling though. I live on Exodus but I can travel to other continents in the Freedom Isles as well, except Chaos. However, I don't have a ship so I can deliver bulk product on Exodus only. Please reply here or pm Lbnb in game.
  15. Hey guys, a friend and I are looking for anyone needed a building planned and constructed on the Independence server. We are two carpenters, one of us also with masonry skill ( 60 ) and will be able to plan and construct buildings charged on a per-action basis. We are able to supply our own materials if required at additional costs. We provide: Terra-forming Clear-cutting Construction of stone and wooden structures Construction of fencing Construction of containers and misc items Instant quote Our costs of labor for structures are 10 iron per action, a wall costing in total 2 copper ( 20 actions ) and a roof costing 1 copper ( 10 actions ). All additional constructions are charged this way ( Fences, gates, barrels ) Resources that we supply are charged as following per unit: Quality will vary. Clay: 10 iron Clay Bricks (Pottery bricks): 20 iron Mortar: 30 iron Plank: 10 iron Ribbon: 1 copper Pottery Shingles: 20 iron Wood Shingles: 15 iron Large Nails: 15 iron Small Nails: 10 iron Stone Brick: 20 iron Thatching: 10 iron Wire: 20 iron Dirt: 10 iron If you are able to supply materials, only labor will be charged. Terra-forming is charged on a per-action basis. Each action will cost 10 iron. Dug dirt will be the clients property. Clear-cutting is charged at 10 iron per tree irrespective of tree age Stump removal is charged at 10 iron per stump If the trees are required to be cut into logs, it is charged on a per action basis of 5 iron an action. The resources from the trees are left to the client. All payments will require a 50% payment upfront and 50% upon completion of the job. We are open to barter on charges. Some exclusions to the aforementioned prices occur and some objects are not supplied, these including: Large crate - Not available If you wish to contact us, please leave a response in this forum or PM Angharrad or Rossumond in game for details.
  16. About housebuilding, i got idea to make it a bit more realistic and logistic. I simply suggest that there would be more (or less) materials per type of wall. Example: - arched wall (it's not 70% wall) would only need under 10 planks to finish - windows would need couple of shafts to finish them, and less planks. - doors reguires couple of shafts too, 20planks and two or four (doubledoors) hinges, made from iron. - normal walls is cool at 20 planks and one large nails. About stone walls it's same, with bricks of course. Hinges can go with chests and fence gates too.
  17. Suggestion for new wall type. fireplace/hearth wooden, requires 20 planks, 1 lg nail, 20 stone bricks, 20 motar. stone wall - requires 40 bricks and 40 motar. 2nd new wall type chimney - for above fireplaces to move the smoke up same as above but half the extra stone and motar. new item types for use in hearth spit - iron rod for rotating meat for cooking hanging cauldron - for cooking stews and caseroles in the hearth discuss
  18. Thought it was time to build a guard tower. Here are the ins and out''s of doing so. Wurm Video playlist
  19. I run Wurm Online with 2 fps. I have played wurm on and off for 5 years. I am done always in caves or looking at the ground to keep my fps above 5. I am looking to build a computer. I just don't know how to pick the parts. I am on a small budget of 320 dollars. I could spend an extra 30 bucks, but I am sure shipping will round that up. If a few of you guys have some spare time. Could you surf the web and link me to all the parts I will need to build a computer. I am only going to play Wurm with this computer nothing more nothing less. Please and thank you.
  20. What should be balanced. Archery - I used hunting arrows & willow bow on a pig, (both of above 20ql) and scored 2,5-3,4 DMG changing to war arrows(>20ql) made dmg 3,0-3,5. Shouldynt it be more damaging ? Morover when i used longspear 18ql i scored 6,2 dmg minimal. It seems that bows / arrows are cute addition but rather useless, especially that "shooting" time takes as long as 10s compared to 4s of atack timer of spear. Fences - Crude fence takes same amount of planks shafts and nails, only differnce is visual apearance, make it craftable with pegs instead of nails. add new fence - low palisade use logs instead of felled trees, since palisade vary in height from 5-15feet. Craftable logs, shafts and pegs. Roundpole fence both low and high roundpole uses same amount of materials...strange. Houses - it was mentioned before, a log cabin would be nice to see. It can be made like a palisade. & crude lock made of peg, and holes.(visual effect). Trash bin - make it fuctional not only to get rid of stuff. While filled with organic material it should yled fertilizer (yup mentioned before). Rare tools - should yeld a rare chance apart from increased QL Yet therefore QL raise should be equal to 1+ 1/10 of rare tool ql. (to make it more balanced - less skill gain while using rare tools) supreme 2+1/10(t ql) legendary 3+1/10(t QL) Other - New trees Walnut - nuts and good amount of decent wood. Chestnut - nuts and yet therefore best wood for fishing rods and bows. (yes... willow is a fragile wood due to short wood fibres - i studied landscape architecture and actually never slept on dendrology classes. Lindenwood - linden flower tea (harvestable) soft and easy to carve wood + it would require wood sculpting (totems and statues and other decorations attachable to walls /altars and so on. Fir tree - good construction wood, and fir cones - sprout replacment and fuel especially good for ovens. Moss - Moss instead of marsh should expand quickly. Marsh should apear onlny on tiles partially sumbergeged (unattended reed farrms) Moreover peat shoud also player made, dropping dirt on moss, it should turn to peat after some time. Affinity - i must admit i got worst affinity ever - gardening. It would be nice to have affinity allow f2p players extend their skill above 20. let say 10 points per one star(yet therefore only one star of affinity should be avaiable per skill).
  21. Right click an unfinished item > Add to building list. Open the list to see all the mats required for a project. I have a row of fences and a few walls to complete but want to know how many bricks and nails I need to make.
  22. This sounds like a good idea particularly for PvP to create stronger buildings but it would also be good for PvE for making a beefier looking wooden wall. I also like the idea of iron rimmed windows, iron for floors and visible iron floor supports for upper floors to give a different look to ceilings. Then to top it off an iron enforced door maybe with a + look of iron bars and then on the borders of the door. I think this would make wooden buildings look nicer.
  23. According to the wiki: "30 carpentry skill is needed to plan inner walls..." My character has 20 carpentry skill. I'm a free user so there's no way I can ever have 30 skill. But I was still able to plan indoor walls in my house. I planned and finished 4 walls already. Also according to the wiki: "Note: Only the owner of the house writ can add inner walls," I don't have the writ. My deed's mayor does. And like I said earlier, I can still plan it.
  24. HURRAY FOR PROJECTS! The plan... Level all the dirtBuild the palisades at the perimetermine down the mountain facebuild stone walls on inner perimeterBuild castle on leveled mountain facePROFIT This deed is a friend of mine's, and I agreed to move in and help. Skills skills skills. And where the tunnel is up there is right before where the deed ends. -UPDATE 5/17/2013- I have decided that the perimeter thing will go, this is what i have so far. going to to the outside in all stone walls and the dip to the right in the stone walls I am going to make a completely seperate section off deed for my taming animals and such. Only way to access it will be through the deed itself though.