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Found 394 results

  1. I have a severe wound that I am purposely keeping high for various reasons. For some reason the past few days it has been healing through a 10 power HC. I have had this wound for about three weeks and it has only just started doing this. Were HC's rebalanced or is this a bug? Or am I an idiot and I need a 9 power HC?
  2. Not critical, but maybe easy to fix bug, that make logging of server activity a bit..hard : i put level of logging to FINE and FINE com.wurmonline.server.items.Materials: Returning Birch for unexpected material type: server.log filled with this id , 0, 11, 15 ,17 ,19 , 22,27, 53 and in com.wurmonline.server.items.Materials public static TreeData.TreeType getTreeTypeForWood(final byte wood) { switch (wood) { case 14: { return TreeData.TreeType.BIRCH; } case 37: { return TreeData.TreeType.PINE; } case 38: { return TreeData.TreeType.OAK; } case 39: { return TreeData.TreeType.CEDAR; } case 40: { return TreeData.TreeType.WILLOW; } case 41: { return TreeData.TreeType.MAPLE; } case 42: { return TreeData.TreeType.APPLE; } case 43: { return TreeData.TreeType.LEMON; } case 44: { return TreeData.TreeType.OLIVE; } case 45: { return TreeData.TreeType.CHERRY; } case 63: { return TreeData.TreeType.CHESTNUT; } case 64: { return TreeData.TreeType.WALNUT; } case 65: { return TreeData.TreeType.FIR; } case 66: { return TreeData.TreeType.LINDEN; } default: { if (Materials.logger.isLoggable(Level.FINER)) { Materials.logger.fine("Returning Birch for unexpected material type: " + wood); } return null; } } } as you see different types identifiers expected so problem in this method or in definition of items. upd : it not connected to gm actions as i even not logged in . It not connected to character creation. it happen every other moment UPD2 : this method have only 3 uses : chop from com.wurmonline.server.behaviours.MethodsItems plantSprout from com.wurmonline.server.behaviours.Terraforming getSizeMod from com.wurmonline.server.items.Item for what and when getSizeMod used i dont know.
  3. Crafting bug Carving knives.

    01:10:44 PM] WARNING com.wurmonline.server.behaviours.ItemBehaviour: Murtak:No creation entry found for objectSource=126, objectTarget=46, objectCreated=8 com.wurmonline.server.NoSuchEntryException: No creation entry found for objectSource=126, objectTarget=46, objectCreated=8 at com.wurmonline.server.items.CreationMatrix.getCreationEntry( at com.wurmonline.server.behaviours.ItemBehaviour.action( at com.wurmonline.server.behaviours.Action.poll( at com.wurmonline.server.behaviours.ActionStack.poll( at com.wurmonline.server.players.Player.pollActions( at com.wurmonline.server.Players.pollPlayers( at at java.util.TimerThread.mainLoop(Unknown Source) at Source)
  4. Lag detect loops

    Anyone seen this type of activity before? server uptime: 63903 seconds. Unanswered questions:0 [02:24:43 PM] INFO com.wurmonline.server.Server: Lag detected at Zones.pollnextzones (0.5): 12.184 seconds [02:24:43 PM] INFO com.wurmonline.server.Server: Elapsed time (12200ms) for this loop was more than 1 second so adding it to the lag count, which is now: 984 [02:24:58 PM] INFO com.wurmonline.server.zones.Zone: Zone at 2304, 1344 polled 54 tiles. That took 6510.884 millis. [02:24:58 PM] INFO com.wurmonline.server.Server: Lag detected at Zones.pollnextzones (0.5): 6.521 seconds [02:24:58 PM] INFO com.wurmonline.server.Server: Elapsed time (6521ms) for this loop was more than 1 second so adding it to the lag count, which is now: 990 [02:25:15 PM] INFO com.wurmonline.server.zones.Zone: Zone at 2240, 2624 polled 61 tiles. That took 7092.5317 millis. [02:25:15 PM] INFO com.wurmonline.server.Server: Lag detected at Zones.pollnextzones (0.5): 7.098 seconds [02:25:15 PM] INFO com.wurmonline.server.structures.Blocking: Razor checking 3.0 meters failed. Checks=62 [02:25:15 PM] INFO com.wurmonline.server.Server: Elapsed time (7098ms) for this loop was more than 1 second so adding it to the lag count, which is now: 997 [02:25:33 PM] INFO com.wurmonline.server.zones.Zone: Zone at 3840, 2368 polled 132 tiles. That took 6711.432 millis. [02:25:33 PM] INFO com.wurmonline.server.Server: Lag detected at Zones.pollnextzones (0.5): 6.724 seconds [02:25:33 PM] INFO com.wurmonline.server.Server: Elapsed time (6724ms) for this loop was more than 1 second so adding it to the lag count, which is now: 1003 [02:25:50 PM] INFO com.wurmonline.server.Server: Lag detected at Zones.pollnextzones (0.5): 6.911 seconds [02:25:50 PM] INFO com.wurmonline.server.Server: Elapsed time (6911ms) for this loop was more than 1 second so adding it to the lag count, which is now: 1009
  5. Holy Speed trolls

    I have been out hunting improving my fight skill when i noticed troll are attacking super fast like 1-2 second intervals i can handles this with my main but new players and my alts cant handle being beat on this much was this and intentional change or did the code get broke with the new update
  6. Updated Server..World is now broken.

    So I recently updated my Wurm Unlimted Server and Client from to (the latest). I hadn't played in a while due to work and finally got some downtime. To my dismay, upon logging in I discovered that my entire world was ruined. It was as if someone slammed their hand down on my land and skewed it to poo.. This is really, really upsetting because I can not begin to tell you the hours, days, months I had put into making my spot perfect. (I play alone too..) To log in and have huge cliffs to either side of you is horrid..and then to climb to the only flat area to see that said cliffs extend everywhere..yeah. I really don't want to scrap my world but I am out of options. If there is anyone out there...who has a solution to save my world it would be appreciated beyond words. Photos below.... Please help..
  7. Affects all platforms for Wurm Unlimited builds 828552 and earlier, and Wurm Unlimited Dedicated Server builds 828553 and earlier. Fix This issue has been fixed for new worlds in Wurm Unlimited build 842455 and Wurm Unlimited Dedicated Server build 842456, released 3rd November 2015. There is now an option to configure tree growth in the server gui, which should be set to 20 for the default spread rate. Issue Tree growth for new servers is not configurable, and those of the servers in Creative_backup and Adventure_backup are set to 0, which prevents trees from growing or spreading. A fix has been pushed but will not be available until it has been included in a release, after which the option will be available in the server configuration gui. Workaround This workaround is only recommended if you feel confident in modifying the database, otherwise you can wait until the fix has been released. You should not update the database without first shutting down the server and making a backup. The tree growth configuration item is located in the SERVERS.TREEGROWTH field in the wurmlogin.db database, and is an integer that gives a 1 in <treegrowth> chance of spawning a nearby tree or a one in <treegrowth> chance of spawning a mushroom when the tile is polled. The default value is 20. Edit: Added notes on fix.
  8. Not sure if this is an issue with but i dont remember seeing these errors in the past versions. [12:38:23 PM] WARNING com.wurmonline.server.Players: [SQLITE_CONSTRAINT] Abort due to constraint violation (NOT NULL constraint failed: GMMESSAGES.ID) java.sql.SQLException: [SQLITE_CONSTRAINT] Abort due to constraint violation (NOT NULL constraint failed: GMMESSAGES.ID) at org.sqlite.core.DB.newSQLException( at org.sqlite.core.DB.newSQLException( at org.sqlite.core.DB.execute( at org.sqlite.core.DB.executeUpdate( at org.sqlite.jdbc3.JDBC3PreparedStatement.executeUpdate( at com.wurmonline.server.Players.addGmMessage( at com.wurmonline.server.Players.sendGmMessage( at com.wurmonline.server.creatures.Communicator.reallyHandle_CMD_MESSAGE( at com.wurmonline.server.creatures.Communicator.reallyHandle( at com.wurmonline.communication.SocketConnection.tick( at com.wurmonline.communication.SocketServer.tick( at at java.util.TimerThread.mainLoop(Unknown Source) at Source)
  9. I wanted to make settings profiles for running accounts while I'm afk to run at a lower intesity, we used to be able to do this w/ wurm online but WU doesn't allow it. I have gone and created two seperate directories in the config folder and attempted to set the settings differently, but the options are saved and loaded only from the default folder, no matter what profile have selected.
  10. Bug report

    I have been traveling around indy on my quest to find stuff on my rare large cart with 2 hell horses one is 2 speed the other 1 speed with woa gear i usually get about 24.47km on paved surface and 9.07 climbing up hill latly when i cross bridges going up hill bridge going from ground to a surface up high my cart speeds up to 26km going uphill need anymore details to reproduce let me know
  11. The other day I picked up an old, mostly decayed, unlocked, and empty BSB. The previous owner, a friend of mine, had not logged in for over 50 days. After repairing and improving the BSB back up to acceptable levels, I handed the BSB to another player. He was unable to plant it, because he didn't have 10 digging, and gave it back. I then planted it into the ground, thinking that since it came from my inventory, I would be able to attach a lock and manipulate permissions to it, however, the BSB instead said it had been planted by the original owner, and was secured to the ground, so now I am unable to move it away, or attach a lock to change the permissions. Am I wrong to think that the BSB should now belong to me, instead of this other player who hasn't even been online for nearly 2 months? Screenshots can be provided upon request.
  12. Hi, I am playing on a wurm-unlimited server, I know this is probably not the place for it but the Server Owners and not around to fix this issue or to restart the server. As soon as a guard tower is conquered on our server it becomes un selectable, meaning that we cannot even right click to reconquer or destroy or examine etc. Meaning the tower is indestructible... This also means we cannot place our own tower within the vicinity. Second issue is that when you are on a deed you cannot lead any horses that are not ours. You also cannot lead a horse when your in combat which is stupid.?? I'm not sure if these are global issues or just our server. We have put in posts and support tickets on that server but no luck. We are on the Wyvern PvP server...
  13. I just noticed the initial sound when starting out a small crate the code points another sound which is the sound making a blacksmith item with anvil.. I havent checked unstable cient but did notice it on the stable one..the later on sounds are ok with the action but starting on isnt.. Thanks.. />salamon
  14. Concrete use

    So I had a stack of concrete, 64 of them, combined it so I can carry a few other items with me. Went to raise a tile in a mine and I did not know it would use the entire stack as one item if they are combined, so poof goes my 64 concrete.
  15. I have the checkbox that says "Mark this if you want guards to ignore aggressive creatures" marked. Under body -> manage -> settlement -> manage_settings (the checkbox under Aggressive Creatures.) Shouldn't the spirit guard avoid aggressive creatures? I've tried removing spirit guards and resummoning them.
  16. Can't equip horse

    I can't equip my horse with horse shoes or saddle. Error Message: You are not trading. - The horse is tame. - It is mature and was born a month ago max. - The horses inventory is a list with no sublevels (except left hoof and right hoof) - The horse shoes and saddle are of good quality. What I tried: - relogging (the horse went untame during that and sometimes didn't reappear after logging in again) - relogging for /lotime (the horse went untame during that) - equipping the horse with another account on another PC Note: - I had that problem before with another horse. A relog for /lotime helped back then.
  17. Bridge Bug [Fixed]

    There are two+ bugs here. #1 (so that it is clear that this is not merely an model bug) if i try to drive across the bridges below i get kicked from wagon and takes multiple tries to find right angle to get back on wagon. #2 Bridges after a recent update are "sunk" by what looks like the thickness of a floor. Old bridges have not changed it is only new bridges, this is the first time in over a month i have had time to seriously work on my new castle, As i have built a couple of these I hope that someone will help fix them and i guess i will hold off on all the other bridges,but this really sucks as i could get a lot further if not for this. Left is old (pre bug), right is new Left is new, right is old (pre bug) new bridge section just complete (1x1) After getting kicked of wagon trying to drive across bridge note the horses are sunk into the floor (this is third floor of my castle)
  18. Some months ago there was a change on the crafting window, with default items set for various combos of tools/materials. Can we get this default setting removed? So many times I have cranked out the wrong items when setting up to produce something. For example, large nail + plank results in wooden mine doors, saw + log and you instantly have yokes Now the yokes I don't mind, I just save them for carts and wagons later on, but truthfully I'd rather get a message that says 'you need to select something to build something' rather than some odd default setting for items to make.
  19. Unwanted World traders

    Ok It was brought to my attention on my server. The coffers where dry people couldn't sell to tokens after patch. After looking at the econnomics page I noticed this. We only have 3 world traders on the map. First I thought server was hacked and someone hacked in being of power and summoned some WT so I started checking logs and Sql.db files these 2 new world traders do not exist but they are showing there in the list. They have soaked up 100g from the coffers. Can you guys look into this please. These random world traders shouldn't be here in the list soaking funds. These 2 WT are not in the game or on the map they are invisible. This is the 22nd before the patch
  20. The Piggy Back Ride of Doom

    Story time with Seedlings Rocklobstar gets blanky and listens Seedlings and Magiccity embarked upon the great Knarr of Seedling for a journey to Pristine Kolossal decided to stay home. He was in The Blue Seed cart, which was sitting without a commander, since Seedlings left him there Kolossal was lonely cause Seed was playing on Seedlings and Magiccity Seed and Magic crossed to pristine Kolossal decided to go do some chores got out of the cart, went to do chores Seedlings and Magiccity come back to exodus Seedlings goes to get the cart to do some other chores Kolossal is ,, IN THE CART!! BUT WAIT, WHAT?!?! Kolossal is not in the cart! Kolossal is standing at the fountain!!! and that's how we got this: TL;DR- Kolossal (image above) sat in a cart as Seedlings crossed servers, but was not in the cart when Seedlings crossed back over -- Kolossal was shown as still sitting (in the air) on both Seedlings and Magiccity. Now, off to the Suggestions forum for piggy back rides.
  21. as a nathan priest you receive +5 alignment whenever you deal the killing blow to anyone. doesn't matter if they are a wl or bl follower. [14:26:58] You cut Madtanker deadly hard in the stomach and damage it. [14:26:58] Alignment increased by 5.0000 to -95.0000 from what i've heard this is also the same for tosiek priests.
  22. Embark Freeze Bug back?

    So with the fix in for boat crossing lock ups today I noticed the freeze embark bug is back. It happened many times today on wagons/carts/horses where I would embark from any range other than standing on top of the vehicle and ending up having to relog due to freeze up. It happened about 5x hopping onto a cart and once each hopping onto a wagon and horse.
  23. Duplicate Authentication

    Happened for a second day in a row. First happened for a player, rebooting the server fixed it. Today happened for me, and I'm the server owner/GM. The other GM can see who is on (via /who) and all those players are legit. Apparently the server just picks a random player and locks them out? WTF? Even weirder, eventually I was able to log on just fine (without rebooting this time). Seems the latest hack was not very well tested.
  24. Recent patch notes state you cannot mine near a fence now. Is it intended at this distance? You cannot now surface mine near a fence, not just on a corner where you would alter the fence. Edit: Player with this issue states they were surface mining that spot earlier, and now they cannot, and also the castle is pink as shown.
  25. Hello! I finally made my own thread about this bug I've had for about 2 years now, ever since I started to use new laptop with 64-bit java. Tiles have since then shifted randomly while I move. I've tried to google out several times how to fix this issue, but I haven't been able to find solution that works for me. I've tried different combinations with the Compability -settings without any result and also tried both 32-bit and 64-bit java. My graphics card is Nvidia GeForce GT 740M. Here are some examples of my view when I play the game. Any solution ideas are welcome!