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Found 394 results

  1. Hi! So, I've been running a small private WU server for myself and a few friends. We can't however, for the life of us, seem to be able to get branding to work properly. We've branded a number of horses while on deed, but despite them showing as branded when examined, there's no manage / permissions options when right clicking them, nor is there an option to manage animals when the deed owner right clicks their own body, nor are we able to equip the animals (When trying to put a saddle or horseshoes on them it says "You are not allowed to do that"). I've done a bit of searching and can't seem to find anyone else having this problem. Is there something we're doing wrong?
  2. There's this mission on release, but making an actual 'sailing boat' doesn't really complete the mission, it's either any other kind of a boat/ship or something else "[13:18:21] You create a small sailing boat in front of you on the ground". - and.. nothing
  3. I polished a small sign, did not get drumroll, did not turn to rare but got the Rarity achievement. In looking at achievements, I see that I've gotten this 9 times so far, so each improvement adds to the counter. Is this intended for every imp or meant for a rare item only? Description: Rarity - You crafted something which is better than everything there ever was before.
  4. Server unavailable

    I tried to start my dedicated server both yesterday and today and could not get it to work because it said "Server is currently unavailable."
  5. Perms for villages

    I cannot find the options for editing permissions for villagers anymore! What happened, and how can I edit perms in my village? I can't let villagers dig, harvest, build, or destroy or mine or anything. They are literally doing nothing.
  6. Cavebug spawns and Diseased horses

    There is a cave bug spawn in the desert close to Mistwood Haven on Release, yet no cave bugs anywhere either in the desert or the caves around there. We have been looking all over though, not just there, and all of us have been looking in all caves we can find and only found two. How does this work? It seems cavebug spawns are bugged... Or perhaps I just don't understand how the spawns work. Can someone please clarify? I have had two horses diseased, which I placed in camps on enchanted grass and groomed. One died after a week and the other is growing (was young when diseased) and is now quite a bit older, yet retains diseased status. He is constantly on food and gets groomed. Can diseased horses now only be healed with Fo priests? Or is this a bug?
  7. Not sure if this is the right spot or been reported already... but I've noticed just recently that Hell Horses can't be butchered.
  8. So tried to repair a wall on a upper level from the ground floor and I get the message "The stone wall is in the way." I can repair it from the outside okay, but not on the inside, tried doing this from adjacent tiles, but no luck there.
  9. Had a recent mission on Desertion server for Magranon God to create "2 towers". Tried three types of towers , archery tower, guard tower and even bell tower. After each was built nothing went towards completion of mission. Is there any tower in the game that was missed or is this a bugged creation mission? Any thought? Note : Guard tower was built by a nahjo follower, but part of MR kingdom. Archery tower was built on perimeter by a mag follower, MR kingdom. Bell tower was built on deed by a mag follower, Mr kingdom. Not sure if this info helps but it's there just in case.
  10. Asymmetrical Roof

    I came across a thread from 2012 that had this same issue, but instead of performing thread necromancy, I decided to start a new one... This roof bug needs to be fixed. This is a bug that appears on opposite corners, which is the correct orientation I cannot tell. I have tried breaking and replacing each roof tile individually, only for it to regenerate with the same asymmetry. As you can see, interior roofing (ladder going through the roof center for lookout tower) is asymmetrical. This occurs on both sides. The NW and SE corners have a 45-degree bevel, where the SE and SW corners do not.
  11. Ok Been busy studying a lot so haven't had time to really pay attention to why the animal population is off but after taking another look into it I have found out the reason behind the issue. 1. there is a max creature population 2. Calfs are spawning as a regular mob = This is spawning both male and female calfs all the time. These calfs grow up and mature then the system says there isn't enough and they never reach max population so they are always spawning. This in return cause the bull and the Brown cow to reach populations way over there % that is hard coded in. These mobs end up causing the max population to max faster and some of the other mobs not being able to reach their max. Other changes that need to take place. The max population can never work as long as there is a hard coded %. Reason why is if you spawn every hard coded % you go way over up to 80k of animals just to get them all to spawn there %. I recommend you remove the hard code % out. Then set it up so it takes the max population and minus the aggressive mob %. Then it takes that number and calculates a number for each aggressive mob that can spawn. Then it takes the remaining % and calculates what each mob should spawn and assign them a % then spawn them. This way if a player says they want 10000 of creatures which is default setting they don't have some off the wall figure that can never be accurate cause you have the system based on a hard code % base. Just my 2 cents after seeing what the code was actually doing in the background. Just becuase the calf's are not set with a max or a % spawn setting the system is still spawning them and will never stop cause there child classes that will age to adult making the child class fallback under this invisible % that keeps spawning cause the calf can never reach max as long as this aging is going on. This system can work for people who want to run a massive multiplayer server like WO but when it is packaged and sold as a stand alone client this system isn't ever going to work you need to re write it like I mentioned above so it works for a stand alone client. No one is going to set the max creature population to 80k just so the animal population can fully spawn and be accurate. Not to mention you have the calf's spawning like mad throwing the entire base off.
  12. Sink Hole

    So Hoppy was mining out a iron vein when it popped, he was not paying attention and did about 30 more actions creating a good sized hole in the floor, not sure that this should of happened, the house walls sinking into the hole that is. Part of the floor popped too. Blame Hoppy
  13. Equipping Bug

    So I had my armor off to run around do a few things, then hopped in my knarr, got stuck on a wall, pushed it off then sailed off. For the next several minutes I had a timer for putting my gear on which seemed odd, as I was not involved in any combat other than a troll sneering at me roughly 20 minutes prior to that. Only thing I can think of was the getting stuck/teleporting prior to putting the armor on. I removed an item and put it back on as I was curious as to how long it would take for this timer to go away. Event Logs Combat Logs
  14. I encountered a strange bug when trying to store mooring ropes in a large chest. As I created mooring ropes, I was putting them in and at some point (around 60 or 70 ropes) I got the message: "The mooring rope will not fit in the large chest." I then got another chest to the area and filled it with some mooring ropes and some cordage ropes but noticed that the mooring ropes in the 2nd chest were a higher quantity than the original chest. Moving ropes from 1 chest to the other, I would get a different maximum quantity each time (never going above 100, though). Here are some pictures: 1) Trying to add 1 more rope to Chest A (will not fit as message below) 2) Moving stack of 100 from cart to chest A (only 88 fit ... although trying several times will almost always give different numbers ranging from 78 to 94) 3) Splitting 100 ropes between the 2 chests 4) Moving stack from A to B - 1st movement 4) Moving stack from B to A - 2nd 5) Moving stack from A to B - 3rd movement 6) Moving full stack from B to A - 4th movement 7) And after some playing around, 100 in a chest! I can reproduce this every time so if any other information is needed or would be helpful, please let me know.
  15. So not too long ago a player managed to jump through the epic portal and land in chaos still bearing the rome kingdom flag. This person then proceeded to create nifty banners to sell on freedom. I want to get my alt into this fictional kingdom so I too can reap the profits from selling special banners. If this was done by a bug or exploit I feel the banners should not exist on chaos or freedom, there is no other incident where this has happened before, that I am aware of. This is no different than removing fountain pans from the game, or those fancy casted weapons for that matter, as those items were created due to a bug and were thus removed do to being a bugged item.
  16. So this bug has been gone for a long time, as far as I am aware. At least, it's been a few months since I've had any problems with it. However, after the most recent client update it is BACK WITH A VENGEANCE and is acting up way worse than before. This is the classical bug that whenever you embark something or mount a creature, your camera is frozen and you cannot look around the game world, cannot dismount, cannot interact, you're forced to relog then and there in whatever kind of ****'ed up situation you're now in. No client logs because... this is not a client crash and doesnt really generate any. Please let me know if providing a client log would be beneficial. EDIT: My bad I major messed up. If a mod could move this to the WURM ONLINE section of the forums. I have goof'd and posted this in the wrong board ><
  17. Main Inventory Missing

    Hi, I just Signed onto Wurm Unlimited this morning and my inventory was wiped. Is there a way to restore my inventory? Or a known reason why it would do that? I still have stuff in my Backpack and my backpack is equipped. Before I logged off my personal server last night I was digging dirt so I unequipped my armour.
  18. So, I've managed to actually do the "create 5000 litres of wine" personal goal otherwise known as "master winemaker". Two years of work, harvesting tens of thousands of grapes and over 3500 maples, and guess what? It didn't register. Nice outcome after two years :(. For posterity's sake I did record the wine making process and also took a final screenshot of how it looked as evidence. Is there any way you guys could fix this or a dev that could help me ? Here's a link to the final screenshot after the process was finished.
  19. I found a bug!

    I was trading some low quality stuff to a trader, two Small Iron Anvils and 30 Needles. The game crashes shortly after offering (and demanded by the trader) the 30 needles. The Anvils work fine. This has happened twice now, in the exact same way, Log below.
  20. When I make unfinished cloth tunic, I don't lose cloth shirt I use for it.
  21. Noticed an issue with support tickets being opened up and changing original player for the ticket and the contents being changed. In some instances the time stamps are incorrect as well. Player opens a support ticket on cluster 1 CA responds to ticket on cluster 2 and escalates to a GM GM opens same ticket on login server ... Player changes to a random player other than the original owner. Time stamps between the responses change out of order between customer, CA, and GM. Looks to me as if some issues are going on with messaging between clusters with support tickets. This started me checking mail as well. I'll follow up. Cluster 1 Cluster 2 (same ticket) also note: This ticket was open by a player named Rantul and his ticket. So same ticket shows two different players as who opened the support ticket and the original ticket who it belongs to isn't even listed....
  22. Special thanks to Bdew for working out a quick band-aid for bug with malformed Achievement entries from cluster to login servers; 1. Backup Wurmplayers.db 2. Open in SQLite browser 3. open Execute SQL tab 4. Paste UPDATE ACHIEVEMENTS SET ADATE=datetime(ADATE/1000, 'unixepoch') WHERE ADATE NOT LIKE '%-%' 5. Hit the run button on same tab 6. Save changes Note: This will not prevent further corruption from new achievements being earned but it will fix the thousands of errors already created and prevents dropping or deleting the entries or other methods of DB cleanup.
  23. So last week there was a few rifts that spawned and did not generate a single drop. Players spent a few hours of there time slaying mobs with no chance of a reward due to some bug in the system. There was the gratuitous lump at the end of the event though, but nothing else. So when the next round of rifts happen who is excited for a chance of another bugged event? I know I will not be interested in this.
  24. i have diety spells enabled but terraforming off, but a priest can cast dirt on the ground and remove dirt on deed, wondering if this is also bugged in wo, or if its perhaps my dirt spell mod causing it
  25. anyone seen this type of issue with virtual zones? This wasnt a new player and popped about 11 times when this player logged in. Thoughts? [06:30:01 PM] WARNING com.wurmonline.server.zones.Zone: Old virtualzone being removed:Careon java.lang.Exception at com.wurmonline.server.zones.Zone.addWatcher( at com.wurmonline.server.zones.VirtualZone.initialize( at com.wurmonline.server.creatures.VisionArea.sendNextStrip( at at java.util.TimerThread.mainLoop(Unknown Source) at Source)