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Found 394 results

  1. Ground textures are messed up

    I have Intel HD 4400. Yeah, yeah, I know - "We don't support Intel", but if someone can tell me how to fix this, it would be great. Ground textures are messed up. At some distance they're starting to mix with each other or something. Close look (pumpkin field look fine): Look from the distance: As you can see, it looks like sand is mixing with field. I tried several drivers versions but I still have this problem.
  2. Hello there! After new patch when I shutdown server I see this in my server.log: [10:56:36 PM] INFO com.wurmonline.server.MessageServer: Broadcasting Serverwide Alert: The server is shutting down in . Reason: The server is shutting down. [10:56:36 PM] INFO com.wurmonline.server.Server: Shutting down at: java.lang.Exception at com.wurmonline.server.Server.shutDown( at at java.util.TimerThread.mainLoop( at
  3. Hello there! WU dont' have rifts, but Epic Missions from gods give quest on shoulder pads (prize for rift win). Yep, I know, admin can cast this item, but..
  4. patch

    Noticed so out of the blue random drops just disconnected from server since patch. Never happened before. Issue with placing walls and building walls since patch. msg floor in the way or some thing in the way when you are on the tile next to the floor / wall.
  5. Bug Report

    Wurm Unlimited crashed and it said to post this here: Congratulations, you found a bug in the test client: <WARNING: Price change in item update! new: 30 item:36> Please post the console log below on the wurm unlimited forums, and describe what you were doing when it happened. Contents of console.log: Time is Sun Apr 09 21:28:15 EDT 2017 Running client version === System information === Executing from D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Wurm Unlimited\WurmLauncher\ Operating system: Windows 7 (arch: amd64, version: 6.1) Java version: 1.8.0_60 (Oracle Corporation) <> Jvm version: 25.60-b23 (Oracle Corporation) [Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM] Available CPUs: 4 Loading character Yatooma Loading config default Loading props file PlayerFiles\configs\default\gamesettings.txt Executing PlayerFiles\configs\default\keybindings.txt Keybinds UI: Secondary keybind for MOVE_BACK: DOWN Keybinds UI: Secondary keybind for MOVE_FORWARD: UP Keybinds UI: Secondary keybind for "toggle inventory": I >>> Main thread exiting. Loaded pack sound.jar (null) Loaded pack pmk.jar (null) Loaded pack graphics.jar (null) Loading props file PlayerFiles\players\Yatooma\playerdata_test.txt Loading props file PlayerFiles\players\Yatooma\stats.txt Preparing to enable console logging. Now logging to PlayerFiles\console.Yatooma.log === Wurm options === animation_playback_self = 0 auto_mipmaps_enabled = 2 auto_run_source = 0 cavedetail = 2 censor_chat = false collada_animations = 3 color_black = 0.0,0.0,0.0 color_cyan = 0.0,1.0,1.0 color_error = 1.0,0.3,0.3 color_fuchsia = 1.0,0.0,1.0 color_green = 0.08,1.0,0.08 color_grey = 0.5,0.5,0.5 color_lime = 0.0,1.0,0.0 color_maroon = 0.5,0.0,0.0 color_navy_blue = 0.23,0.39,1.0 color_orange = 1.0,0.5,0.0 color_purple = 0.5,0.0,0.5 color_red = 1.0,0.0,0.0 color_royal_blue = 0.23,0.39,1.0 color_silver = 0.75,0.75,0.75 color_system = 0.5,1.0,0.5 color_teal = 0.0,0.5,0.5 color_white = 1.0,1.0,1.0 color_yellow = 1.0,1.0,0.0 compressed_textures = false compressed_textures_S3TC = true connectByIpIp = connectByIpport = 12000 contribution_culling = 150 custim_timer_source = 1 customTimer1 = -1|-1 customTimer2 = -1|-1 customTimer3 = -1|-1 customTimer4 = -1|-1 customTimer5 = -1|-1 debug_mode = false depth_clamp_enabled = 2 disable_select_all_shortcut = false display_settings = false:true:0:1024:768:32:-1:false:false enable_contribution_culling = false enable_debugs = false enable_lod = true enable_shift_drag = false enable_vsync = true engine_multithreaded = 0 event_log_rotation = 2 exec_source = 0 fast_yield = false fbo_enabled = 2 fog_coord_src = 0 font_antialias = 2 font_bold = 11 font_default = 11 font_header = 24 font_italian = 11 font_monospaced = 11 font_static = 11 fov_horizontal = 80 fps_limit = 60 fps_limit_background = 30 fps_limit_enabled = true free_look_mode_disable_on_close_component = false free_look_mode_disable_on_combat = false free_look_mode_disable_on_open_component = false free_look_mode_sensitivity = 10 game_client_thread_priority = 2 glsl_debug_loading = false glsl_enabled = 2 gpu_skinning = true gui_opacity = 3 gui_skin = 1 has_read_eula = false hide_inactive_friends = false hide_menu_examine = false hide_menu_no_target = false hide_menu_spam_mode = true hide_menu_stop = false hide_onscreen_fail_messages = false hide_onscreen_hostile_messages = false hide_onscreen_info_messages = false hide_personal_goal = true high_res_binoculars = true hint_texture_scaling = 1 impColumn = true inverse_mouse = false irc_log_rotation = 2 irc_notif = 0 item_creature_render_distance = 3 key_bindings_source = 0 keyboard_layout = 0 loadInventoryStartup = true local_list_in_event = false lod = 1 log_extra_errors = false log_gl_errors = false mark_text_read = true material_as_suffix = true max_texture_size = 2 mega_texture_size = 5 model_loader_thread_priority = 2 model_loading_threads = 1 mount_rotation = false multidraw_enabled = 2 no_brightness = false no_terrain_render = false no_world_render = false non_power_of_two = 2 occlusion_queries_enabled = 2 offscreen_texture_size = 2 other_log_rotation = 2 outline_picking = true player_texture_size = 2 reflection_texture_size = 2 reflections = 2 release_context = false release_context_on_jogl_sleep = false remember_password = true render_distant_terrain = true render_glow = false render_sun_glare = false resident_models = false save_skills_on_quit = false screenshot_file_format = 1 season_override = 0 send_extra_tile_data = false setting_timestamps = true settings_version = 3 shadow_level = 0 shift_drag_default = 10 showKChat = true show_body_in_inventory = false show_old_quickbar = false silent_friends_update = false skillgain_minimum = 1 skillgain_no_alignment = true skillgain_no_favor = true skydetail = 1 sound_al_gain = 15 sound_buzzlevel = 2 sound_cache_enabled = true sound_doppler_enabled = false sound_engine = 2 sound_footstepslevel = 10 sound_music_level = 5 sound_play_PMAlert = false sound_play_ambients = true sound_play_buzz = true sound_play_combat = true sound_play_door = true sound_play_emotes = true sound_play_footsteps = true sound_play_music = true sound_play_weather = true sound_play_work = true start_dedicated_server = true stipple_enabled = true structure_render_distance = 3 submit_client_data = 0 terrain_bump = true terrain_res = 2 test_attach_equipment = false test_mode = 0 thirdPerson = false tile_transitions = true tiledecorations = 2 togglePushToTalk = true treelist_outline = true trees = 3 update_optional = true use_alpha_particles = true use_anisotropic_filtering = 2 use_antialiasing = 1 use_color_picking = true use_fast_clock_work_around = true use_fbo_color_picking = true use_nagles_algorithm = false use_nano_timer = false use_non_alpha_particles = true use_phobia_models = false use_tree_models = true use_weather_particles = true vbo_enabled = 2 viewport_bob = true water_detail = 2 Setting up Collada Model Loader Setting up WurmModel Model Loader Executing PlayerFiles\configs\default\keybindings.txt Translating legacy key ENTER to RETURN Word filter loaded: 23 Starting job manager with 3 worker threads Using LWJGL display 1360:768:0:0 (false) Setting up OpenAL Sound Engine OpenAL version: 1.1 ALSOFT 1.15.1 OpenAL renderer: OpenAL Soft OpenAL vendor: OpenAL Community OpenAL extensions: AL_EXT_ALAW AL_EXT_DOUBLE AL_EXT_EXPONENT_DISTANCE AL_EXT_FLOAT32 AL_EXT_IMA4 AL_EXT_LINEAR_DISTANCE AL_EXT_MCFORMATS AL_EXT_MULAW AL_EXT_MULAW_MCFORMATS AL_EXT_OFFSET AL_EXT_source_distance_model AL_LOKI_quadriphonic AL_SOFT_buffer_samples AL_SOFT_buffer_sub_data AL_SOFTX_deferred_updates AL_SOFT_direct_channels AL_SOFT_loop_points AL_SOFT_source_latency Generating: 128 source channels. === OpenGL information === LWJGL version: 2.9.1 Adapter info: nvd3dumx,nvwgf2umx,nvwgf2umx ( OpenGL vendor: NVIDIA Corporation OpenGL renderer: GeForce GTX 550 Ti/PCIe/SSE2 OpenGL version: 4.5.0 NVIDIA 368.81 OpenGL extensions: GL_AMD_multi_draw_indirect GL_ARB_arrays_of_arrays GL_ARB_base_instance GL_ARB_blend_func_extended GL_ARB_buffer_storage GL_ARB_clear_buffer_object GL_ARB_clear_texture GL_ARB_clip_control GL_ARB_color_buffer_float GL_ARB_compatibility GL_ARB_compressed_texture_pixel_storage GL_ARB_conservative_depth GL_ARB_compute_shader GL_ARB_compute_variable_group_size GL_ARB_conditional_render_inverted GL_ARB_copy_buffer GL_ARB_copy_image GL_ARB_cull_distance GL_ARB_debug_output GL_ARB_depth_buffer_float GL_ARB_depth_clamp GL_ARB_depth_texture GL_ARB_derivative_control GL_ARB_direct_state_access GL_ARB_draw_buffers GL_ARB_draw_buffers_blend GL_ARB_draw_indirect GL_ARB_draw_elements_base_vertex GL_ARB_draw_instanced GL_ARB_enhanced_layouts GL_ARB_ES2_compatibility GL_ARB_ES3_compatibility GL_ARB_ES3_1_compatibility GL_ARB_ES3_2_compatibility GL_ARB_explicit_attrib_location GL_ARB_explicit_uniform_location GL_ARB_fragment_coord_conventions GL_ARB_fragment_layer_viewport GL_ARB_fragment_program GL_ARB_fragment_program_shadow GL_ARB_fragment_shader GL_ARB_framebuffer_no_attachments GL_ARB_framebuffer_object GL_ARB_framebuffer_sRGB GL_ARB_geometry_shader4 GL_ARB_get_program_binary GL_ARB_get_texture_sub_image GL_ARB_gpu_shader5 GL_ARB_gpu_shader_fp64 GL_ARB_gpu_shader_int64 GL_ARB_half_float_pixel GL_ARB_half_float_vertex GL_ARB_imaging GL_ARB_indirect_parameters GL_ARB_instanced_arrays GL_ARB_internalformat_query GL_ARB_internalformat_query2 GL_ARB_invalidate_subdata GL_ARB_map_buffer_alignment GL_ARB_map_buffer_range GL_ARB_multi_bind GL_ARB_multi_draw_indirect GL_ARB_multisample GL_ARB_multitexture GL_ARB_occlusion_query GL_ARB_occlusion_query2 GL_ARB_parallel_shader_compile GL_ARB_pipeline_statistics_query GL_ARB_pixel_buffer_object GL_ARB_point_parameters GL_ARB_point_sprite GL_ARB_program_interface_query GL_ARB_provoking_vertex GL_ARB_query_buffer_object GL_ARB_robust_buffer_access_behavior GL_ARB_robustness GL_ARB_sample_shading GL_ARB_sampler_objects GL_ARB_seamless_cube_map GL_ARB_separate_shader_objects GL_ARB_shader_atomic_counter_ops GL_ARB_shader_atomic_counters GL_ARB_shader_bit_encoding GL_ARB_shader_draw_parameters GL_ARB_shader_group_vote GL_ARB_shader_image_load_store GL_ARB_shader_image_size GL_ARB_shader_objects GL_ARB_shader_precision GL_ARB_shader_storage_buffer_object GL_ARB_shader_subroutine GL_ARB_shader_texture_image_samples GL_ARB_shader_texture_lod GL_ARB_shading_language_100 GL_ARB_shading_language_420pack GL_ARB_shading_language_include GL_ARB_shading_language_packing GL_ARB_shadow GL_ARB_sparse_buffer GL_ARB_sparse_texture GL_ARB_stencil_texturing GL_ARB_sync GL_ARB_tessellation_shader GL_ARB_texture_barrier GL_ARB_texture_border_clamp GL_ARB_texture_buffer_object GL_ARB_texture_buffer_object_rgb32 GL_ARB_texture_buffer_range GL_ARB_texture_compression GL_ARB_texture_compression_bptc GL_ARB_texture_compression_rgtc GL_ARB_texture_cube_map GL_ARB_texture_cube_map_array GL_ARB_texture_env_add GL_ARB_texture_env_combine GL_ARB_texture_env_crossbar GL_ARB_texture_env_dot3 GL_ARB_texture_float GL_ARB_texture_gather GL_ARB_texture_mirror_clamp_to_edge GL_ARB_texture_mirrored_repeat GL_ARB_texture_multisample GL_ARB_texture_non_power_of_two GL_ARB_texture_query_levels GL_ARB_texture_query_lod GL_ARB_texture_rectangle GL_ARB_texture_rg GL_ARB_texture_rgb10_a2ui GL_ARB_texture_stencil8 GL_ARB_texture_storage GL_ARB_texture_storage_multisample GL_ARB_texture_swizzle GL_ARB_texture_view GL_ARB_timer_query GL_ARB_transform_feedback2 GL_ARB_transform_feedback3 GL_ARB_transform_feedback_instanced GL_ARB_transform_feedback_overflow_query GL_ARB_transpose_matrix GL_ARB_uniform_buffer_object GL_ARB_vertex_array_bgra GL_ARB_vertex_array_object GL_ARB_vertex_attrib_64bit GL_ARB_vertex_attrib_binding GL_ARB_vertex_buffer_object GL_ARB_vertex_program GL_ARB_vertex_shader GL_ARB_vertex_type_10f_11f_11f_rev GL_ARB_vertex_type_2_10_10_10_rev GL_ARB_viewport_array GL_ARB_window_pos GL_ATI_draw_buffers GL_ATI_texture_float GL_ATI_texture_mirror_once GL_S3_s3tc GL_EXT_texture_env_add GL_EXT_abgr GL_EXT_bgra GL_EXT_bindable_uniform GL_EXT_blend_color GL_EXT_blend_equation_separate GL_EXT_blend_func_separate GL_EXT_blend_minmax GL_EXT_blend_subtract GL_EXT_compiled_vertex_array GL_EXT_Cg_shader GL_EXT_depth_bounds_test GL_EXT_direct_state_access GL_EXT_draw_buffers2 GL_EXT_draw_instanced GL_EXT_draw_range_elements GL_EXT_fog_coord GL_EXT_framebuffer_blit GL_EXT_framebuffer_multisample GL_EXTX_framebuffer_mixed_formats GL_EXT_framebuffer_multisample_blit_scaled GL_EXT_framebuffer_object GL_EXT_framebuffer_sRGB GL_EXT_geometry_shader4 GL_EXT_gpu_program_parameters GL_EXT_gpu_shader4 GL_EXT_multi_draw_arrays GL_EXT_packed_depth_stencil GL_EXT_packed_float GL_EXT_packed_pixels GL_EXT_pixel_buffer_object GL_EXT_point_parameters GL_EXT_polygon_offset_clamp GL_EXT_provoking_vertex GL_EXT_rescale_normal GL_EXT_secondary_color GL_EXT_separate_shader_objects GL_EXT_separate_specular_color GL_EXT_shader_image_load_store GL_EXT_shader_integer_mix GL_EXT_shadow_funcs GL_EXT_stencil_two_side GL_EXT_stencil_wrap GL_EXT_texture3D GL_EXT_texture_array GL_EXT_texture_buffer_object GL_EXT_texture_compression_dxt1 GL_EXT_texture_compression_latc GL_EXT_texture_compression_rgtc GL_EXT_texture_compression_s3tc GL_EXT_texture_cube_map GL_EXT_texture_edge_clamp GL_EXT_texture_env_combine GL_EXT_texture_env_dot3 GL_EXT_texture_filter_anisotropic GL_EXT_texture_integer GL_EXT_texture_lod GL_EXT_texture_lod_bias GL_EXT_texture_mirror_clamp GL_EXT_texture_object GL_EXT_texture_shared_exponent GL_EXT_texture_sRGB GL_EXT_texture_sRGB_decode GL_EXT_texture_storage GL_EXT_texture_swizzle GL_EXT_timer_query GL_EXT_transform_feedback2 GL_EXT_vertex_array GL_EXT_vertex_array_bgra GL_EXT_vertex_attrib_64bit GL_EXT_import_sync_object GL_IBM_rasterpos_clip GL_IBM_texture_mirrored_repeat GL_KHR_context_flush_control GL_KHR_debug GL_KHR_no_error GL_KHR_robust_buffer_access_behavior GL_KHR_robustness GL_KTX_buffer_region GL_NV_bindless_multi_draw_indirect GL_NV_bindless_multi_draw_indirect_count GL_NV_blend_equation_advanced GL_NV_blend_square GL_NV_command_list GL_NV_compute_program5 GL_NV_conditional_render GL_NV_copy_depth_to_color GL_NV_copy_image GL_NV_depth_buffer_float GL_NV_depth_clamp GL_NV_draw_texture GL_NV_ES1_1_compatibility GL_NV_ES3_1_compatibility GL_NV_explicit_multisample GL_NV_fence GL_NV_float_buffer GL_NV_fog_distance GL_NV_fragment_program GL_NV_fragment_program_option GL_NV_fragment_program2 GL_NV_framebuffer_multisample_coverage GL_NV_geometry_shader4 GL_NV_gpu_program4 GL_NV_internalformat_sample_query GL_NV_gpu_program4_1 GL_NV_gpu_program5 GL_NV_gpu_program5_mem_extended GL_NV_gpu_program_fp64 GL_NV_gpu_shader5 GL_NV_half_float GL_NV_light_max_exponent GL_NV_multisample_coverage GL_NV_multisample_filter_hint GL_NV_occlusion_query GL_NV_packed_depth_stencil GL_NV_parameter_buffer_object GL_NV_parameter_buffer_object2 GL_NV_path_rendering GL_NV_pixel_data_range GL_NV_point_sprite GL_NV_primitive_restart GL_NV_register_combiners GL_NV_register_combiners2 GL_NV_shader_atomic_counters GL_NV_shader_atomic_float GL_NV_shader_buffer_load GL_NV_shader_storage_buffer_object GL_NV_texgen_reflection GL_NV_texture_barrier GL_NV_texture_compression_vtc GL_NV_texture_env_combine4 GL_NV_texture_multisample GL_NV_texture_rectangle GL_NV_texture_shader GL_NV_texture_shader2 GL_NV_texture_shader3 GL_NV_transform_feedback GL_NV_transform_feedback2 GL_NV_uniform_buffer_unified_memory GL_NV_vertex_array_range GL_NV_vertex_array_range2 GL_NV_vertex_attrib_integer_64bit GL_NV_vertex_buffer_unified_memory GL_NV_vertex_program GL_NV_vertex_program1_1 GL_NV_vertex_program2 GL_NV_vertex_program2_option GL_NV_vertex_program3 GL_NVX_conditional_render GL_NVX_gpu_memory_info GL_NVX_multigpu_info GL_NV_shader_thread_group GL_KHR_blend_equation_advanced GL_SGIS_generate_mipmap GL_SGIS_texture_lod GL_SGIX_depth_texture GL_SGIX_shadow GL_SUN_slice_accum GL_WIN_swap_hint WGL_EXT_swap_control GLSL version: 4.50 NVIDIA GLSL max vertex uniforms: 4096 (4096) GLSL max fragment uniforms: 4096 (4096) GLSL max varyings: 124 (124) Preloading builtin materials Preloading builtin materials done Launching Collada Model Loader threads Launching WOM Loader threads Starting workaround for fast running clocks Using LWJGL timer. Initialized mouse with 5 buttons. Experimental direct buffer cleaner init successful Startup Phase - Setting up.. Initializing font texture for SansSerif (11). Texture Size: 512 Initializing font texture for SansSerif (11, italic). Texture Size: 128 Loading window positions from PlayerFiles\players\Yatooma\windows_1360x768.txt Loading props file PlayerFiles\players\Yatooma\windows_1360x768.txt Gui initialized Startup Phase - Preparing terrain Startup Phase - Connecting .. Disabling Nagles Writing to PlayerFiles\players\Yatooma\test_logs\_Event.2017-04.txt Writing to PlayerFiles\players\Yatooma\test_logs\_Friends.2017-04.txt Writing to PlayerFiles\players\Yatooma\test_logs\MGMT.2017-04.txt Writing to PlayerFiles\players\Yatooma\test_logs\GM.2017-04.txt Writing to PlayerFiles\players\Yatooma\test_logs\GL-Freedom.2017-04.txt Writing to PlayerFiles\players\Yatooma\test_logs\Freedom.2017-04.txt Writing to PlayerFiles\players\Yatooma\test_logs\Trade.2017-04.txt Login successful Executing PlayerFiles\configs\default\autorun.txt Resized terrain FBOs to 1024 Now using reflection FBO (1024) Initializing font texture for SansSerif (12). Texture Size: 128 Writing to PlayerFiles\players\Yatooma\test_logs\PM__Audi.2017-04.txt Initializing font texture for SansSerif (32, bold). Texture Size: 512 Initializing font texture for SansSerif (24, bold). Texture Size: 256 Writing to PlayerFiles\players\Yatooma\test_logs\_Skills.2017-04.txt Writing to PlayerFiles\players\Yatooma\test_logs\_Local.2017-04.txt Initializing font texture for SansSerif (11, bold). Texture Size: 128 Writing to PlayerFiles\players\Yatooma\test_logs\_System.2017-04.txt Initializing font texture for SansSerif (11). Texture Size: 128 Writing to PlayerFiles\players\Yatooma\test_logs\_Combat.2017-04.txt Missing required resource: java.lang.NullPointerException at com.wurmonline.client.renderer.gui.BmlWindowComponent.parse2( at com.wurmonline.client.renderer.gui.BmlWindowComponent.parse( at com.wurmonline.client.renderer.gui.BmlWindowComponent.parseRoot( at com.wurmonline.client.renderer.gui.PlonkViewer.showPlonk( at com.wurmonline.client.renderer.gui.CreationListItem.doubleClick( at com.wurmonline.client.renderer.gui.WurmTreeList$TreeListPanel.leftPressed( at com.wurmonline.client.renderer.gui.HeadsUpDisplay.mousePressed( at com.wurmonline.client.WurmEventHandler.mousePressed( at com.wurmonline.client.WurmEventHandler.handleMouseEvents( at com.wurmonline.client.WurmEventHandler.handleEvents( at com.wurmonline.client.WurmClientBase.handleEvents( at com.wurmonline.client.WurmClientBase.runGameLoop( at com.wurmonline.client.WurmClientBase.runConnectionLoop( at com.wurmonline.client.WurmClientBase.runGame( at at Source) PARSER WARNING: Invalid character after identifier. PARSER WARNING: Invalid character after identifier. Initializing font texture for SansSerif (15, bold). Texture Size: 256 Execution aborted at connection 1, iteration 1323070 Run time 6h 26m, local time Mon Apr 10 03:54:42 EDT 2017 Destroying game window ====== FAILED ASSERT ====== com.wurmonline.client.GameCrashedException: WARNING: Price change in item update! new: 30 item:36 at com.wurmonline.client.GameCrashedException.forFailure( at com.wurmonline.client.GameCrashedException.warn( at at com.wurmonline.client.comm.ServerConnectionListenerClass.updateInventoryItem( at com.wurmonline.client.comm.SimpleServerConnectionClass.reallyHandleCmdUpdateInventory( at com.wurmonline.client.comm.SimpleServerConnectionClass.reallyHandle( at com.wurmonline.communication.SocketConnection.tick( at com.wurmonline.client.comm.SimpleServerConnectionClass.update( at com.wurmonline.client.WurmClientBase.serverUpdate( at com.wurmonline.client.WurmClientBase.runGameLoop( at com.wurmonline.client.WurmClientBase.runConnectionLoop( at com.wurmonline.client.WurmClientBase.runGame( at at Source)
  6. Bug Found

    Hello there, I found a wonderful bug while playing Wurm Unlimited today. I play Online and Unlimited and this is the first time i found a bug, i would think to post it in the maintenance building but it told me specifically to post it in the unlimited section, so i wanted to ask where about it needs to be posted. If anyone could let me know that would be very helpful!
  7. After update 1.3 - brown bear and troll can't deal damage. Restart doesn't help. Please fix this.
  8. When Show material suffix on items is not checked, the meat is organised into each type, however it is just shown as "Meat" When it IS ticked, it properly shows the type, both in fsb and out If any further information is needed please let me know Thanks Cartmann
  9. Below is a image of a working Rare Larder which each shelf registers and offers the rare boosts vs normal Here you have a Supreme Larder, but the inside shelf's are not registering supreme, their acting like normal and offer the same as a regular larder, the rare shelf's inside the rare larder offer better decay protection vs the supreme, could you please fix this bug for supreme larders ? Thank you.
  10. Cookbook says you can make stew with a pottery bowl, but today found out you have to use a sauce pan and using a pottery bowl with same ingredients makes breakfast instead. Also don't know exactly where to post bugs like this so please correct me if this wrong place.
  11. Desecrating Altars bug?

    Alright, so I have just got done testing an issue(at the time of writing), and I have found you can Desecrate Ascended-Players-turned-Deities Altars without penalties(I follow vynora, but I don't know if it is a different story for the Player-God religions)... I started to Desecrate the altar, and No warning about my deity ready to punish me, and after I succeeded there was No alignment loss, no Faith Loss, nothing. Also I didn't get hurt twice in a row after failed attempts, I don't know if I lucked out, or the damage from failure is bugged to. Also don't worry, I did this only to abandoned stone altars. Just please answer me this, is it a bug?
  12. this has ot been happening till i got a new laptop with an Intel graphics card. it causes shifting tiles like all of the other cases but i dont know how to fix it. i have fiddled around with the settings but to no eval.
  13. Wurm doesnt install

    I recently got disconnected from the game, and when I go to re launch the game, it doesnt launch. The java conformation window comes up and I select yes I would like to run this program, than a window pops up for a split second that says starting application. and then nothing. I've deleted The wurm folder C:/users/USERNAME/Wurm in an attempt to re install. I update java trying both 32 bit and 64 bit java and uninstalling and re installing both, but nothing works
  14. Reconnecting bug

    Not sure if there is an existing topic for this, couldn't find one. Essentially my game will randomly reconnect even though my internet hasn't disconnected or timed out, i'll just be in the middle of something and it reconnects me, yet in peoples friend tabs it shows me logging off for a second and then logging back on. I have no crash logs for these events but it happens at least once an hour, if not more and i am using the stable client. [02:56:51] Punishlife lost link. [02:56:51] Punishlife left the world.[02:59:56] Punishlife has logged in on Exodus. [03:10:42] Punishlife lost link. [03:10:43] Punishlife left the world. [03:10:53] Punishlife has logged in on Exodus. In those two instances i was making mortar, my game would freeze for a few seconds then it switched to the reconnecting/loading screen
  15. [BUG] Trader Trading

    I offered the trader 4 gold rings, which it moved down to the bottom window, I then proceeded to offer it rope, picking the rope one by one from my inventory and offering it to him, which he would accept and move down to the bottom window. I then decided to offer more than one rope at a time, re-selecting the ones already offered, and dragging all the rope from my inventory to the trader window when the client crashed with the following: EDIT: So this happened again after restarting the client. I traded with the same trader, this time offering it a different item than before. I got up without completing the trade to make coffee (you know, wurm and coffee), when I got back, same error. I had offered it the item, it accepted. I left, came back, time passed, error happened. All of this without ever completing the trade.
  16. Candelabras without candles

    TL;DR version first: candelabras can be heated in any heat source that they fit in until they read as lit, then planted hot and they stay lit forever without ever using candles Specifics: I made 2 copper candelabras and noticed that when hot in the forge for imping they read as "lit" but if I pulled both out of the forge (for tempering) they instantly cooled and snuffed automatically. but when I pulled only one out it stayed hot and lit. I was able to run one of them from the forge to its destination and plant it before it cooled or snuffed. the second one was out too quickly when i ran it there so to further test this I lit a campfire outside the building it was going in. threw the candelabra in there and waited for it to light. again it worked and I was able to pull it hot and lit from the camp fire and plant it in the building. they've both been lit and burning no problem now without ever having seen a candle, just straight from copper lump to planted and staying lit. Kaide, Pristine
  17. Wagon destroys door.

    Yesterday, I logged out in a building leaving my wagon under a door. The horses where on side A, the actual wagon itself on side B. On logging in the door dissappeared. Moving the wagon outside and relogging does not bring back the door. This door was timber framed.
  18. I had a 70+ql hive sitting near my work area where I build my hives, maybe 4-5 tiles away, my deed is covered in hives because they have to be spread out so much so the things are everywhere. Last week the bee's decided they rather live in a creation ql hive rather than the 70+ hive. This is a problem as you can not store very many hives in a cart, and they can not be stored in a cave, or in a building. This was not a noisy hive, the bee's simply migrated. According to the google doc the domestic bee's are not supposed to head over to a lower ql hive.
  19. So some villagers of mine added a cool apartment on the 4th floor of a warehouse on my exo deed. They mined out the ceiling and added in the floors/stairs, he moved his bed and chest full of precious up to the top floor. Next day he was going on about someone bashing his stairs out, so I head over and look at the problem. From the front of the warehouse you can see the parapets on the 4th floor, and if you notice the highlighted rock ceiling tile, you can see that it slopes right down into the floor level of the building. From the inside of the building, the stairs going up started at the door behind the cart, with 3 flights. The area of the room was 2x3, and you can still see 4 sections of floor, 2 of which fade into the rock of the ceiling above. The back 2 floor sections are either buried inside the rock, or smashed out completely, all the stairs are gone as well as a section of wall on the 3rd floor. No idea if the items have survived, we may have to rebuild floors and remine the ceiling to find out, for now we will leave it as is in case someone would like to investigate the problem. This is on Exodus on The Old Contemptibles deed, the building is named First Generation Morlock, room is on the south end of the building, door named Doorway of Shattered Dreams.
  20. I have used the flatten action twice now to make the one corner of this mine ceiling level with the rest of the mine. After server reset it reverts back to the low ceiling height as seen in the photo. This is on chaos and flatten is the only action that works, level or mine gives you the message of dirt falling in. Above is the same corner after the ceiling has been flattened up.
  21. Trade Window

    Cannot move items back from Your demand window back to the Trader's offer window.
  22. Whenever i begin playing, i get to walk around and do stuff for around 5 seconds to a minute before this crash happens: Please tell me this isn't the result of my crappy Intel graphics card, and/or there's at least a fix. This game looks really interesting...
  23. From my inventory when I use the plant item command it goes through the action but the hive remains in your inventory. Dropping it puts it on the ground though and when examined it says it is planted. Tried this again after server reset, same problem.
  24. Double authentication error

    Now we have a new bug where we are getting double authentication when we are running 1 client and not 2 and it will kick you. Need to check the code again some thing is out of place.
  25. [Resolved] Stuck in Mouselook

    ok. this has me thinking about uninstalling the game. I am stuck in mouselook mode (I have never set any keybindings for it), and dont know how i toggled it to mouselook to start with. I have had to do a hard restart on my computer (because i dont know how to toggle it back, and there is no way to exit the game from mouselook). And when i do finally get to log back in, the game is STILL in mouselook, and i have to force my computer to shut down again. Please tell me how to remedy this situation. Seriously, this issue makes the game unplayable.