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Found 394 results

  1. Hi, title says most of it Build near an highway, the walls where no problem. After finishing the house, i wanted to add flooring. But it says [11:34:32] You are not allowed to add ground flooring to a highway. Heres a screenshot: Is it possible to build the flooring by any means? Or to prevent building in the first place? Edit; found an typo... PS.: English aint my main languange, so please dont blame me if there are more
  2. So, you know how a Unicorn can only use "Silver" or "Gold" horse shoes? I killed Silakka's Unicorn on Chaos, and picked it up faster than him. I took out its horsegear but something was odd. I couldn't put it on my unicorn? Why? Well, it was made out of iron. This is the horsegear i found in Silakka's unicorn : This is the message i got when i tried them on my own unicorn : "[16:48:49] The adolescent fat unicorn can not use that."
  3. I have been playing for quite some time, and I ran into an issue with building. I was replacing my wooden flooring to brick flooring, when I encountered a problem. I am trying to make a brick staircase, and even though I have all the prerequisites and items in my inventory, I cannot build it. The game is saying I need the items, I already have in the inventory (seen below picture). What is wrong?
  4. Hello, With new update to WU we got saddlebags. As i found out today there's a bug allowing for satchels and backpacks to be dropped on a horse torso instead of a saddle. If saddle is dropped on top it gets destroyed. Steps to reproduce: tame a horse put a satchel on torso put a saddle on torso saddle gets destroyed Confirmed on "1x - New Player Friendly - RPvEvP" server with GM's assistance. Quote from event window: [00:00:45] Horse gets a satchel. [00:01:40] Horse gets a saddle. [00:01:53] You need to carry that item to use it. [00:01:55] Horse drops a satchel. [00:02:47] Horse gets a satchel. [00:02:50] Horse drops a satchel. [00:03:33] Horse gets a backpack. Image showing the issue:
  5. Hello. I have some problems with dog breeding on my deed for almost a week now. I have a ratio of 35.25 and keep getting miscarriages. I have tried to breed my Old dog 4 times now. First time i breed it, it told me 10 days till birth. I enter next day, and when i check on the dog it should have said 9 days but no... It told me that it needs some grooming, its age and that's all. So i breed it again and it told me again 10 days. Nex day same story. I breed it again and it got to 9 days till birth and after seeing this i log out. Next day again no info and I bread it again but this time it's saying me 9 days instead of 10. I played that day a lot feeding the dog and keeping it in my house. I did that for the next 2 RL days and it reached 7 days till birth, after that i led her to the breeding pen and left there a pile of fish. Next day i logged in the evening and then info about the birth. So i gave up for 2 days and yesterday i said ok one ore time... i breed it and it says now 7 days??? weird ... it should have stated again 10 days if it was breed again. I log in today and same story. She is no more pregnant. I fed her, left here food raging from meat to mixed grass being careful not to mix them. I had no problems with sheep, cows and horses. They all delivered fine. Only the dog gives me headaches. Now fi think if it has a miscarriage and i breed it again the days it takes to deliver should start from 10 days not from the remaining days she had at the moment of miscarriage. Second having so many miscarriages one after another on a deed with good ratio is a mystery and it seems i have this only for dogs. As i stated before Cows, Horses and Sheep are ok. I thought at first it could be a text bug and in reality the dog should be pregnant but if that was the case i should no be able to breed it again. Sadly i haven't made any screenshots of the event window . I already talked before about thins in CA Help and talked with my friend in game as well about this and from the responses i got this is not supposed to happen.
  6. Visual bug

    So an update to last week i found another interesting one each model there is the same character
  7. Custum recipes bug

    After adding custum recipes (ids 1500+) - all learned recipes of players disappear with server restart.
  8. In our deed we have bridge leading via rooftops. always when i enter rooftop of one specific building i always get disembarked. same happens when i try to ride again. to make it more fun it seems that mayor of our deed dont have this issue, but me, and some other players had same problem. Any idea?
  9. Hi! First off, thank you for taking the time to read this. The bug in question is with changes not working as intended on Epic with Sacrificing for missions. Recent Patch Changes: Changed sacrifice creature missions so the action is only 12s long instead of 30s. Changed the chance of interruption during the action to be a lot less. The way it is currently working: Primary Concern: After many attempts by several players on different mobs. Sacrifice is clearly being interrupted at a FAR higher rate than before the last update leaving us unable to complete sacrifice missions due to the frustration of interruption. Secondary Concern: The action timer for sacrificing does not reflect the twelve second action that it is suppose to take. E.g. the action timer is about 2 seconds and extremely quick for Sacrificing. Assorted sacrificial knives ranging in different QLs.
  10. I noticed when mining zinc just now that the minimum number of zinc ore that will form a pile is 7. I also mined copper and that needs 3 ores to form a pile as expected. I was mining the zinc off deed in a one tile mine. Dirk
  11. Tracking UI weirdness

    Tracking key binding doesn't work on floors of buildings. It is possible to track on floor tiles if the tile is selected and no item is active. If the tile is selected but any item is active, there's no Tracking icon. Tested on vanilla server.
  12. [No Bug] KOS Bugged?

    So once Zilbar went to my house and stole a bunch of stuff from my merchants. Like buying rare glimmer huge axes for 10c from my merchants and stuff. Fault was a bit mine since I forgot one of my doors unlocked to show the house to a friend just the night before. Still just cause u can, doesnt mean u should.. So anyways I added him and his alt Tera to my KOS list on my deed. This was like 6months ago or more. Yesterday I saw him posting in trades in my server (surely was looking for something to steal again) and I checked my KOS list to see if he was still there. Seems that when the highways were introduced, new perms were also introduced and KOS was auto disabled by the game.... So I checked my perms yesterday and enabled KOS again in my deed, KOS list was empty. I re added Zilbar and Teras name to the list and rechecked the deed reputations to see if their names would show now, wich they didnt! And I clicked on the perma button, reputation -100 Feb 5, 2018 12:35:59 AM Tuga adds Zilbar to the KOS warning list. Feb 5, 2018 12:35:06 AM Tuga adds Tera to the KOS warning list.
  13. Libila won the Valrei Scenario, and the top prize (A tome) went to a JK Fo follower (Loetuw) instead of a HoTS Libila follower. This tome should have been rewarded to one of the Libila followers within the top 20% of contributors.
  14. On Elevation, Libila mission told us to build an Obelisk on the Northwest. After preparing the area in the northwest and attempting to build, event gave the message "This must be built in the northeast". After going northeast and building the obelisk, event gave the message "The Charge Of Song is complete! However, it failed to fulfil the requirements to become an Epic focus point." Mission did not complete and is still sitting there on 1%. Some screenshots: Edit: Just to clarify there's 2 bugs at play here, most likely related. Firstly: The mission details gave the incorrect build location, which was only realised when an event message gave an error when attempting to build the obelisk. Secondly: Upon going to the "correct" location and building the obelisk, it failed to complete the mission, even after moving/rotating the finished obelisk.
  15. We've all lost animals to the caring for bug - animals that should have been immortal in terms of age, but died when cared for, not pregnant, not diseased, fed, and on a deed with a good ratio. I'm sure the devs are working on fixing this bug, but considering it's been around for years, it seems like it's a hard thing to fix and may take some time. In the meantime, I think there should be an option for us to get back animals that died from this bug. I recently had a Dove traitor traitor die, which is irreplaceable, unlike the other animals I've lost before that I can just breed more of. If we have an animal die under the above circumstances, we should be able to contact the GMs and have them respawn that animal. Either that or fix the bug, but I really would love my dove traitor traitor back.
  16. Hello Guys Me and my friend decided to play Wurm recently but as always something must goes wrong. Get to the point. My friend installed Java and then download file from Wurm site and when she double click it just window pop up as fast as it close itself. She did screen shot of it and it says "Could not find or load localisation". What is suggest her to do was reinstall java and she did that same error occurred. I already ask Wurm Online Official on facebook and he advises me to try find solution here.
  17. CoC Iron Lump combining Bug

    CoC Iron Lump Combining Bug My in-game name : Spazzthespazztastical I had made a ticket and the GM who assisted me told me to open a ticket. Here is what happened, I was working on my blacksmithing and had a coc lump and was combining to make it larger and going to work. Everything was going fine until I combined and thought maybe i didn't activate the right one and lost my first lump. Thinking it was me I bought a second lump for 1.5 silver. It was a 97 coc iron lump. I heated it up activated it and dragged it over and pressed combined and to my fear it happened again. I tripled check then triple checked my triple check and made sure it was activated properly but it still combined under a normal lump losing my 97 coc second lump. If you could look into this and if I could get a replacement lump for a game bug that would be amazing!
  18. What: after transferring bulk items from/to a crate, when the action is already ended, you can not move that crate by drag&dropping from cart to crate storage rack or similar. The message is "[00:26:12] That item is already busy" This bug disappeares once i manually unload the crate. HoW to replicate: get a crate storage rack with a large crate in it, get a cart with a crate on it, transfer some items from the crate to the bulk, then back to the crate, then try to drag and drop the crates to crate storage racks.
  19. RE: My giant adorable foals... My foals are still giant and adorable, but now they both have this in their traits. [20:14:04] A foal skips around here merrily. [20:14:04] She is a bit round. [20:14:04] This creature could use some grooming. [20:14:04] It has fleeter movement than normal. It has a strong body. It has lightning movement. It can carry more than average. It has very strong leg muscles. It bears the mark of a traitor. [20:14:04] Her mother is the aged fat Kiawarrior. Her father is the aged fat Westice. [20:14:37] A foal skips around here merrily. [20:14:37] He is a bit round. [20:14:37] This creature could use some grooming. [20:14:37] It has fleeter movement than normal. It has a strong body. It has lightning movement. It can carry more than average. It has very strong leg muscles. It bears the mark of a traitor. [20:14:37] His mother is the old fat Honeypie. His father is the aged fat Flashsad. Do I need to worry about their futures being in violent crime?
  20. [Fixed] Giant Adorable Foal

    So I'm really not complaining cos she's huge and adorable, but my foal is huge and adorable. Was advised to post here, despite the fact that I love her the way she is! XD
  21. I asked in CAhelp a couple of times, provided this screenie the second time, no one seemed to have heard of this occurring before so i decided to post it here. On the planning stage for a bridge, the supports allow for manipulation but their graphics are missing on the interface; 280 slope - 20 slope decline 14 tiles.
  22. Dismissed a wagoner at night and moved to a new place. The old location still retains a white glow where the campfire used to be.
  23. as i am dragging in a few new players into wurm, we ran into a small bug, where the player in question was able to plan a 1x1 shack with 2 carpentry ( he didnt try to finalize at that time ). he also added another tile to the shack at 5 carp i asked him to try and finalize, he wasnt able to but the fact he could plan it is somewhat off. had this posted in CA help and it was suggested i report it here. as this was not my own character i do not have any screenshots. still worthy of a report.. greetings Dredbanger
  24. Congratulations, you found a bug in the test client: <Unable to load texture data from graphics.jar:gui/testMaps/Ocrea.png> Please post the console log below on the wurm unlimited forums, and describe what you were doing when it happened. Before this issue I was doing a dungeon run on mythmoor prime and I examined a banner in the noob dungeon and the game crashed. Now when connecting to the server this happens. Contents of console.log:
  25. Unable to rotate pylon

    Hey, I've just created a pylon on my deed and I'm unable to rotate it. There's no option in the right-click menu even when a tool is activated. I'm not sure if it's related to the recent bug with moving items. And when I'm trying to rotate it with a bind, that's what I'm getting: [11:59:14] You may not turn that item right now. Is there anything that I can do? Or is it a bug?