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Found 52 results

  1. so i made a largerish house, with 2 towers on the top of it. i had planned to run a rope bridge between the 2 towers and the game stopped me, not allowed to go over a house. how are these catherdral like structures being made if its not the same as going over the house?
  2. I'm auctioning a perfect tool for all of your brick-spamming or forge imping needs. Only a handful of these rare steel chisels exist, as they are normally not possible to create. [00:44:05] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Enki'. [00:44:05] A straight tool with a strong hard blade made for cutting stone. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It is glowing from the heat. It could be improved with a lump. [00:44:05] Wind of ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [102] [00:44:05] It has been imbued with special abilities, and it improves stone cutting max ql [100] 100 Imbue was added to this chisel, and to top it off, a 102 WoA cast. Auction ends Sunday, July 26th, at 14:00 Central US. Starting Bid: 20s Minimum Increment: 1s Buyout: Offers Considered No Reserve, Private Bidding Accepted 1hr Sniper Protection Happy bidding!
  3. It is well known that we have a positioning bug in this game of two tiles back and one to the right. It is evident when people cannot hit the mobs from the back of your cart, get stuck in buildings, fall through walls and so forth. It is incredibly annoying and has been reported time and again. I believe it seeped into game around wagons came and were two tiles wide and then were changed back to being one tile wide to allow for travel though gates and in between walled one tile wide roads. Now this bug is probably causing heaps of other problems too. My wagon horses must also be experiencing the exact same bug. How do I know? They stand inside a doughnut house on all enchanted grass inside my deed and they pack tiles inside my actual house (where I have just normal grass) two tiles behind and one tile to the right of the horses. Last week, two of my horses - cared for btw - got diseases while on the enchanted grass. One died. They were never off the enchanted grass, they were always on it yet got skinny and diseased. This is while being cared for and on enchanted grass their whole lives. The positioning bug most probably caused them to eat grass, which then wasnt there as they were looking for it two tiles behind and one tile to the right of where they were standing. I have heard others tell stories of how horses pack tiles in adjacent locked camps through walls. This needs to be addressed urgently. Note that you also cannot examine hitched animals in wagons, even though it looks like you are standing right inside of them, you get error message "you are too far to do this". More proof that wagon horses are not in the server where the client shows them to be. This bug also causes the same issue with our bugged bridges, as the client thinks you are on the bridge (and shows it on your screen) yet the server knows you are not and most probably floating in mid air next to the actual bridge, two tiles behind and one tile to the right of where the client shows you: You cannot lead horses on a bridge, you lose them and cannot relead them. You are not on the same bridge as them yet you are... You cannot drop stuff and pick it back up from a bridge, you are not on the same bridge as dropped item, yet you are.... You cannot dismount and remount on a bridge, you are not on the same bridge as your cart or horse, yet you are.... PLEASE FIX THE ANNOYING POSITIONING BUG URGENTLY ON BOTH PLAYERS AND ANIMALS (I think horses/bison in wagons are affected here).
  4. Ever since the update that added our most anticipated feature, bridges have been springing up all over the place in Wurm, and the interest doesn't seem to be dwindling. With that in mind, I thought it might be nice to compile a record-book of such for the largest bridges created in Wurm to date. If you're interested to see how your bridge project fairs compared to the efforts of others please do comment and give the Intel regarding your creation. The information I'm collecting is fairly simple, and with it I'll compile a list of the top record bridges depending on category. This is what I need from you: Bridge material (Rope, Wooden, Stone, Marble) Bridge format (Flat or Arched or Sag %) How many bridge segments Total length of the bridge (segmented and single segment bridges will be listed separately) Bridge Width (1,2,3) Flat bridge height (specify over water or just over land) Arched bridge height (specify over water or just over land) Amount of materials used total (not including any dirt for dirt spires/ramps) Bridge name The different categories of records along with which bridges hold the records will be updated in 1 week from today. As new bridges are built and surpass old records, the records will be updated. I hope this will be a fun little bit of competition for everyone and an interesting insight into the massive projects of others.
  5. I have made 3 bridges, 1 of which has 3 sections. Every single bridge and section is now saying [04:59:09] You need to be on the same bridge in order to do that. when something is dropped on them. Other issues on all of them. 1) I was unable to reembark on my cart and also my wagon on one of them. A friend also got stuck on the same bridge. 2) Building them, I had to use an alt as a driver for the cart that had the materials and that driver had to keep the builder in range because once the access to the cart was lost, it could not be reacquired while on the bridge. Same message. You need to be on the same bridge in order to do that. 3) Lead animals drop off where the bridges meet a structure.
  6. So at every town on the coast you find docks made from dirt jetting out into the sea. With the recent addition of bridges it should be relatively a few steps closer to piers and docks made from other materials.
  7. I am currently in need of a Master Mason of 94+ skill. If you have at least 94 skill in Masonry I will pay you to plan a bridge for me. You won't have to do any of the labor work of the project, just lay down the bridge plan itself. I live on Independence. Comment or message me if you're interested, and we'll negotiate the pay.
  8. I have been thinking about using wooden bridges as jetties instead of the typical dirt docks and came up with this idea in my head, if we could make floating pontoons that act as floating building tiles to connect bridges and even build on water. Perhaps using rafts lashed together some how maybe 4 small srafts and a floor board something like that. It could be push pulled in the same way the siege shields do where they move a whole tile for positioning as it would probably have to snap to the tile borders or tiles to allow building. This would eliminate things like old unused dirt docks from being shipping hazards after they are no longer used or on deed as they would simply decay eventually. and perhaps some limitation on them like they can only be used with rope and wooden bridges for a little realism (a stone bridge would sink a real one so would maybe look a little silly). Just thought I'd throw the idea out there anyway keep up the awesome work devs, loving all the new possibilities
  9. We need a stone, wood, and marble fence that matches the rails on the bridges. Floors that match the paving on the bridges would be nice also to "pave" where a bridge crosses a "pylon" writ.
  10. From the looks of the Independence Community Bridges thread, there seems to be some interest in replacing various boat bridges with real bridges, as well as some disinterest in the idea. Given how well this community voices their opinions, I figured a small poll would do well for this matter and setup a good project thread if a favorable vote ensues. If you are interested or not interested in replacing most of the boat bridges with the new fancy bridges please vote and comment!!! Note: Only the people with ownership permissions would be able to decommission the boat bridges. New bridges wouldn't technically replace boat bridges, they would just add a better travel option. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 05/25/2015 It's time to re-purpose this thread. If you are interested in helping out with a few upcoming bridge projects, please comment here or message me. Our first project will most likely start near Black Dog Isle. If you have any good recommendations for the location, please do share your insight. Also, if you are a native to Black Dog Isle, I would appreciate any scouting information you can give me about what coastal areas are available, if any, for construction and which of your neighbors I should contact to make sure we're all on the same page. So, to summarize, the first order of business is finding the proper location for a bridge from Black Dog Isle to the western coast of the Inner Sea. Once we get that plan rolling, we'll start collecting up the dirt and measuring out the length of the bridge so we can lay the foundations of the support spires. EDIT: With recent events of trolling and unnecessary drama, I have decided it would be best to have this thread locked. Future projects, whether they be bridges or otherwise, will only be discussed with the local/deed owners that it pertains to and the players who are interested in helping with the project. It's unfortunate to make such projects secretive, however due to the amount of people causing problems and drama it is necessary. For all of you who are interested in helping out with group projects, I will be creating a thread to gather your support for future undisclosed endeavors. Thank you for your support and interest in working as a team!
  11. The Black Dog Canal Bridge and reclamation project has been completed and approved by the GM's. It is still a heritage site. It has been tested with all ship types with passengers and there are no passage problems so far. We have killed the troll under the bridge so that it should be safe for passage, but watch out for crocodiles. Thanks to everyone in the BDI community for assistance with this project. Kasumi, Odyc, Aarontx, Pox, Edzwar, Dano, MItzie, and all the others who contributed time and effort to this project. The cleanup of the Canal actually took at least as much effort as building the bridge itself. This was a wonderful project that brought us all together in a common cause. The results are better than what I personally believed they would be. We persevered and now have easier access to the mainland. For some reason none of the pics I took came out. I got my desktop instead of the game for some reason, oh well. I will leave it to others to post their favorite screenshots of this area. I would like to invite everyone to come take a look. Tell us what you think. My personal hope is that this will help form a stronger community in the area. Thank you again everyone! I cant wait to see other folks pictures of the area.
  12. Building Bridges Look out for those trolls! Bridges are here and along with them come our questions. A fellow alliance member of mine suggested that an information gathering thread was started, so here it is. So far there's a few things we already know, thanks to a few threads from the test server, which I'll link to below, and Q&A already posted in CA ingame and on the forums, and of course since many of you have already built your own. How I see this working - post like crazy in here (on-topic only, same as CA) with your questions and findings. Every day or so (until the thread slows down) I'll collect the top or most common questions and stick them in the second post, with links to the answer posts and/or Wiki page. This will also be a great resource for updating the Wiki pages on Bridges. A few asks: If you post an image that's more than 200px high, please could you put it in spoiler tags. Same with any log dumps more than a few lines long. [spoiler] Image / log dump [/spoiler]
  13. This one seems self explanatory. Shouldn't we be able to drop dirt under bridges? I'm hoping this was just a simple oversight.
  14. Hello Wurmians. Bridges are live on the test server and is awaiting the rigorous testing of expert Wurmians. We have set it up so you will have a personal wand called Cornucopia to spawn materials. Current information about bridges is here: Bridges on Wurmpedia. We might update later with more specifics needing testing. But just be creative and really put bridges to the test. Post your findingd in a structured manner here. This thread is purely for feedback and reporting, not discussions. Thank you for your time! Get the test client here:
  15. I didn't see the answer in the bridge megathread and I don't understand the picture someone posted with the 5 slope minimum clearance. I am trying to build a bridge to deal with ascending a mountain, I place myself 350 tiles higher than the player with the range pole. When I look at them, I get all the way to the event message where it says the slope would be too large. The tile I am on is flat and level, as is the tile the player is standing on. ​Any suggestions?
  16. Independence Community Bridges A great idea stolen from Nomadikhan on Celebration. If you have any project ideas that will involve the modification of Highways on Independence let's try to co-ordinate them here. I'll see if I can keep this topic with a summary of such projects, either by means of linking to your post with a summary status or consolidating all projects into this post. I personally don't have any yet, but I have a few ideas I'll put together soon. Post up a copy of a map with location and your suggestion for bridge type and length etc and what you expect you'd need. I'm sure your neighbours would be up to support. Remember that we need permission from the GM team by means of a support ticket before we make any changes to Highways. Placeholder
  17. Bridges need permissions management. I should be able to unload a crate on a finished bridge off-deed and someone should be able to take items from it. Please make this happen. It works with normal tiles off-deed so I don't see why a bridge would be different.
  18. Kudos to all of the people who have worked to make bridges such a great addition to WURM. In my humble opinion you have seriously outdone yourselves. Truly wonderful. There are only a couple of things I would want to see changed but they are extremely minor compared to what has been accomplished. My hat is off to you and I bow as deeply as possible without falling on my face. Simply put, well done.
  19. Hi! It may be that I'm to old, stupid and "enlightened" to find it, but I really miss a thread in the "Town Square" or the "Community Assistance" forums, collecting knowledge about bridges. If there is one already, you can stop reading here. Plz excuse me bothering you! I'm just an old priest of Fo, and all this praying, channeling and preaching isn't good for your mental sanity, you know ... (Be nice and post a link though, pretty please! Thx a lot!) If there's none, maybe there is a brave soul out there, with enough time and dedication to manage such? Like this: One short post explaining3 posts reserved for the collected resultsDiscussion: ppl ask questions, others answerThread owner collects the answers and fills the 3 reserved posts with itThis would also a be great way to provide information for our Wurmpedia warriors! And would thus be a most helpful community project! What do you think? Maybe you're even the one that can do it? Have a good time! (PS: I'd do myself, if I weren't this much occupied these days. I couldn't keep it up to date, I'm in trouble enough to manage my few fields, and to feed my few champ crocs ...)
  20. I just got this newsletter in my email so i don't think that suggestion post is going to matter any seems the 12th is set in stone. It's time! It was almost a year and a half ago that Tich decided to start coding a system for building bridges in Wurm. After a final push from the rest of the team of debugging things such as collision and movement issues we're ready to release them for you to play around with. So, on Tuesday the 12th we're updating the servers with the following new features: Bridges You can build a wide arrange of flat or arched bridges, even onto houses! Stairs No longer do you have to climb up and down trap doors. Instead, enjoy the new stairs! Boat models We finally manage to get these out the door:) Welcome to check out these new features of Wurm and explore all the other things that may have changed since you last visited us. Hope to see you on Tuesday! The Wurm Online Team
  21. Think these have been suggested before, but with bridges coming along it's going to be a very useful tool. I suggest they work in the same way as the spyglass does, but instead of visuals you get a message in event. Suggested Creation Rope + Lead Ball/Anchor - Rope x 10 - Square piece of cloth x 10 - Strip of leather Activation - Must be embarked on a boat, passenger or captain. - Boat must be moored. - Activate the Sounding line - Right click any object > measure - 10s timer, 300 slope max [15:24:00] You start measuring with the Sounding line [15:24:30] You stop measuring. [15:24:30] The depth here is 293 slope from the surface. or [15:24:30] The rope is still hanging, it seems you have not hit the floor. Notes - No gain in any skill when using. - Ropemaking for creation and improvement. - Improved with a rope. - Decays with each use. - WoA, CoC etc has no effect. - ...
  22. Bridge Porn

    Well with bridges soon in the next month (maybe, possibly, hehe), here's some bridge and engineering porn:
  23. Hey Everyone! The team has been working very hard this week to make sure that bridges are as good as they can be before their release in mid-April so there are no major gameplay announcements. The art developers have been working on some snazzy new weapon models (see below) too! I can also reveal that we now have a Community Manager in the form of Retrograde who will be the main link between the community and the developers and handle feedback, suggestions and more. We wish him the very best of luck in the role. And with that said, here's the news in full! New Community Manager We are pleased to announce that Retrograde will be stepping into the new role of Community Manager and will be working with you all on the forums and in-game. In his new role he will act as a link between you and the development team to discuss suggestions and changes, collect feedback, and provide feedback from the developers when possible. You'll also see him in-game from time to time and in IRC so don't hesitate to drop by and say hi! Map Dumps By popular demand, I asked the developers about the possibility of a fresh set of map dumps for all servers. Each map dump takes some time to produce so we are aiming to release approximately two per week until all servers have been covered. So far I have been provided with fresh map dumps for Xanadu and Chaos. I expect to release the map dump for Xanadu as soon as we find a reliable place to host it. The maps are very large files and so this is a lot easier said than done! Releasing the map dump of Chaos is still under discussion because it is a PvP server and some people there may want to remain hidden in the fog of war. However, I am also aware of recent forum polls which show overwhelming support for a map dump. Either way, I'd appreciate feedback on this from Chaos! Here is a preview of the Xanadu map dump. The full quality dump is more than ten times higher resolution than the preview. Bridge Progress Continuing our recent pattern, the developers have spent most of this week working on straightening out a few stubborn bridge-related bugs here and there. Just to give you a flavour, one of the bugs this week involved players teleporting to ground floors when they entered buildings from a bridge while on a cart or horseback, and some other minor bugs related to mounting and dismounting on bridges. We are still confident that these kinks will be worked out very soon and bridges are on track to be released in the spring update in mid-April. New Weapon Models The Art developers have been working hard on new models for various weapons. Progress is coming along extremely well on the new small maul (pictured below). They're also working on updated models for the medium maul, and axes. Treasure Hunt On Saturday 28th March, the Game Masters' monthly treasure hunt will begin at approximately 03:00 (am) GMT at Esert, the starter deed on the Exodus server. There are a number of valuable prizes to be won by being one of the first to solve the treasure hunt and we're sure it's going to be a lot of fun! Further information and clues, once released, can be found in this thread. That's all for this week, Happy Wurming!
  24. Friends, Wurmians! Lend me your ears! Last week Johan (RedBaron) gave us some very sad news. After a couple of years as our PR Officer, he had to leave Code Club. During his time here he gave us excellent news and did a great job, with plenty of wit and humour thrown in along the way. He will be sorely missed, but I am sure I speak for the whole community when I say a massive THANK YOU for everything, Johan! But the show must go on. Earlier this week, Rolf asked me to carry on Johan’s good work as Wurm’s PR Officer. This is a huge task, but one I am more than eager to embrace! For those that don’t know me, my name's Ross but many of your know me as Wossoo. I first joined Wurm in late 2005, and I have been on the Wurm team since 2008 as a Player Assistant all the way up to Game Master. I was also PR Officer here before Johan joined us. So, for some this might be a little deja vu! It is going to be hard to follow in Johan’s footsteps for many reasons. However it is now my quest to make sure you all get your news fix every week, and some other things along the way such as a monthly email newsletter. The format may change slightly, but only for the best. This week I am going to try to keep it as close to what we're all used to as I can. None of this will be possible without a strong PR team, so along with Retrograde and Atazoth, I plan to recruit several new PR Assistants. I will be releasing details about how to apply for that very soon, so watch this space! And with that, it’s time to... Carry on sharing news! Bridges The team is still very hard at work testing and debugging bridges. We want them to be as polished and bug-free as possible when they are released which is why they are taking a bit of extra time. Our new collision system, which bridges use, is a massive technical step forward for Wurm and will open up a huge range of new opportunities for development. It's going to be pretty revolutionary once it's done and everyone is very excited about it! Otherwise, progress is coming on very well. A new bridge type is in the works and I hope to show you some more detail about it soon. New wall options The coding for the new wall options we announced in Week 9 and last week is nearly finished and we expect to release them soon. We also have a couple of new screenshots of them - an oriel window set in a plain stone wall, a door with a canopy, and a wide window with a small roof above it. The new wall types will provide new and interesting options for the architects among us to make the perfect creation! We look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with! Banners Everywhere Work is now under-way to implement the new tall banners into the game. Player-made Kingdom leaders are encouraged to submit their banner designs to us using the templates available here. In-Game Valrei Map We now have an in-game version of the Valrei moon map under development by the art team. I hope to be able to show you some screenshots soon! For those who don't play on the Epic cluster, Valrei is where the gods battle it out during scenarios. Players on Epic help their gods by completing certain missions and can even directly influence their gods movement. At the moment it is only possible to view the current position of the gods on the Valrei map in a web browser so an in-game map is much needed! Elevation Poll Recently we asked the people of the Epic cluster to provide feedback on how we can improve their experience. One option which was discussed included a potential reset of Epic's main PvP server - Elevation. We are currently running a poll in-game to find out what players who live on Elevation think about that option. If you'd like to vote on that poll you must be on the Elevation server. Please note the poll ends today and the results will be announced in due course. Challenge Accounts The accounts everyone used to play on Challenge should now be returned to the Golden Valley server where they may be accessed. I hope you have enjoyed my first Weekly News post! Until next time, Happy Wurming! EDIT: Thanks go to Samool for finding a fix to our slight image problem just now!
  25. I have been surfing throught the forums and have seen these posted and thought I should add my point of view on these. I think that the span (length) of a bridge should depend on the masonry skill of the player (assuming the bridges are made for stone). The bridges should also have to be built on the ground as well as on support beams & pillars that can be built in water to a certain depth. Also I belive there should also be draw bridges on the bridge so that they can be lifted up for boats to go through underneith so that the bridges dont impact the ships in any major way. Gatehouse with iron gates that are raised vertically should also be added along with the ability to attach a draw-bridge on the front of it to give that game that much more of a mythical, medieval look. These ideas would probaly require the implimenation of a 'windlass' which is basicaly the winch that lifts the gates/draw bridges Regards, Aryon