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Found 208 results

  1. Hello, we got 10k mortar for sale on exodus. Price is 2.2s per 1k. You can buy whatever amount you like. Pickup and delivery possible. Far deliveries with several hours travel might include a small delivery fee. If you need some bricks too, we can create them as well. PM me on the forums, please, so i can respond as soon as possible. Regards, Vedu.
  2. Mountain Empire Black Smith and Masonry Are you starting a new deed or have a place that need some bricks or some black smithing? Well then you are in luck! Mountain Empire in Xanadu (D9) has everything for your brick and lighting needs. Now we cannot do EVERYTHING but we can do some things for you. But we can do somethings as they follow bellow 1) Marble Bricks 1.5s/1k (Maximum 3k) 2) Marble Slabs 50c/1k (Max 1k) 3) Bricks 1s/1k (Max 3k) 4) Stone Slabs 50c/1k(Max 5k) 5) 30ql lamps 30c each (no set max) 6) 30ql large and small anvils 30c each (no set max) 7) 30ql Lanterns 20c each (no set max) Orders will be filled chronologically Delivery is possible but 60c will be added to price for delivery CoD is also possible for the anvils Please post below your orders and please NO personal requests through PM's all orders need to be posted here so I know what to do first. Thank you Zachariah - Chancellor of Mountain Empire, D9, Xanadu
  3. Please Close: Bricks & Mortar delivered by private seller.
  4. WTS ~3k Dirt @ 0.8s/1k collection or 1s/1k deliver WTS 1.5k Bricks @ 1.8s/1k collection or 2s/1k deliver Collection from G24/25, H24/25, literally on the cross between these on the ingame map. Easy access for all ships. Contact Likitia or Rytherion in game or this account on forums.
  5. -2400 bricks currently on hand -Pickup only on Xanadu L/M 24 -Easy boat access -1.5 S per 1200 (Includes 4 large creates) -1.25 S per 1200 (Without creates) Message Bokora in game.
  6. Looking to buy 3k bricks on Xanadu. East side of map, Whisper Island, M23. Post here or PM Mikaeli. Delivery negotiable. Mikaeli
  7. Looking to buy 1k bricks (at least 30QL) to be delivered at Esteron Market, which is directly east (actually butts up against Esteron's perimeter) of Esteron spawn - Q/R 25 - on Xanadu.
  8. Deli Trade Centre Localization:(37x, 6y) Order Status: CLOSED Contact (ingame): Rafaello Contact (forum): Sizar (only Sizar) Special Offer NEW__Dirt_1k_1s__NEW NEW__Mortar_1k_2s50c__NEW Mining Item____Qt____Rand__50+___60+___70+___80+___90+_ Iron____100___10c___12c___15c___20c___80c___1s__ Zinc____100___10c___12c___15c___20c___1s________ Tin_____100___10c___12c___15c___________________ Copper__100___10c___12c___15c___20c___1s________ Silver__10kg__20c___25c___30c___40c___2s____3s__ Gold____10kg__20c___25c___30c___40c___2s____3s__ Rock____1k____1s________________________________ Digging Item____Qt____Rand__50+___60+___70+___80+___90+_ Clay____100___10c___12c___15c___20c___1s___1s50c Tar_____100___10c___12c___15c___20c___1s___1s50c Sand____100___12c___15c___20c___25c___30c_______ NEW__Dirt_1k_1s__NEW Blacksmithing bulk items Nails_S/L_________10c/100 Iron_ribbons________1s/100 Iron_fence_bars_____2s/100 Rivets_____________20c/100 Frying_pans_________1s/100 Blacksmithing items Item________Qt__40+___50+___60+___70+___80+__90+ S/L_anvil___1___15c___25c___35c___45c___80c_____ Horse_shoe__1_________10c_________30c___________ Iron_lamp___1___10c___20c___30c___50c___1s______ Tools_______1_________10c___20c___30c___70c_____ Carpentry & Fine Carpentry Item_________Qt____Random Support_beams__100_______3s BSB_____________1_______10c Floor_board____100_______5s Large_crate_____1_______10c Small_crate_____1________5c Wagon___________1_______50c Market_stall____1_______25c Plank________100___20c Shaft________100___15c Woodcuting Item_________Qt____Rand Log__________100___50c Felled_Tree__10____30c Sprouts Cedar/Pine/Birch/Maple___100-1s Oak___10-50c Masonry Item____________Qt____RandomQL Colossus_Brick___1000_______2s Stone_Slab_______100________1s Guard_Tower________1________6s Colossus___________1_______25s Mortar___________1000____2s50c Stone_Brick______1000_______2s Costs of Delivery: Free to Deliverance 20c to Indepedence, Exodus 50c to Celebration We DO NOT deliver to PvP servers.
  9. WELCOME TO CHALKIDONA MARKET OUR OFFER'S BRICKS 45QL 2s/k 3k available DIRT 1s/k 3k availiable SMALL SAILLING BOAT 25QL 90c 3 available PUMPKINS 1s/k 1k available SPROUTS ALL KINDS AT 25-45QL 1-3c each SAILLS 30+QL at low prices all items and more are in our merchants and can be bought at anytime also CODable items can be CODed *(for new players who are looking for items like tools or lanterns up to 60ql at low price or trade with work send us a pm) (location Celebration X40-Y31 at and n22 ingame map) PM ZARKADI OR DIMMI INGAME
  10. Hi, I have 2k of bricks for sale. 1k for 2s or 2k for 4s. Pickup from Pristine y13, x19. I can delivery locally or to a harbour. Pm me here or ingame. Willing to break into smaller lots of required. Cheers.
  11. I want to sell low quality bricks and mortars. Lumps, Rares, Gems. Plenty in stock atm, fast build times if I sell out. send PM on forum. Pick up preferred or can deliver to coastal release if I'm not swamped, cost depending on distance. my coordinates are approx. x24y38 Slate Shingles 4s per 1000 LQ(<20) Bricks. 1s 75c (you pick up at this price) per 1000 LQ(<20) Mortars. 2s 75c (you pick up at this price) per 1000 Level 50 Blacksmithing Items 20c per item Level 70 Blacksmithing Items 40c per item Level 40 Weapon Items 20c per item Level 70 Iron Lump 90c per 64kilo Level 50 Iron Lump (500k stock) 50c per 64kilo Level <49 Iron Lump (1k stock) 25c per 64kilo A whole mess of gems 1c per ql lots of low ql's Ruby (16)-206.76ql Sapphire (18)-226.87 Emerald (13)-200.75 Diamond (12)-192.19 Opal (11)-241.87 Salt (21) all ql <20 5c each BULK Frying Pans Level 50+ 2s per 100 BULK Large mauls 40q+ 20c each, 10 for 1s BULK Medium mauls 40ql+ 20c each 10 for 1s Iron/silver/gold/zinc lump, pm me for availability and QL's high and low Rare Items BSB Medium Maul Bricks: 20c each Clay: 20c each Mortar:10c each rare iron lump: inquire on stock I do get supreme units quite often, please inquire when you order. I can fill various different materials/ Items, send a pm and I can turn out cheap goods! I do take Euros/USD through verified paypal instead of silver. TeamSpeak as well if you'd like to chat Send me a PM on Forum, you can try in game as well.
  12. pm damine, selling bricks, nails, ribbons, rock shards
  13. Title states all 1k of each will deliver free if i can get a Corb docked,on Indy, 4 Silver pm in game or leave message below
  14. 2 wagonloads of bricks,for sale to get at para-lake SW side (fluffy /whiterock 2min ride) ship over lake possible aswell 500/ 1s 5.4k /10s requests for deliver/other prices,will be ignored,unless significant increased.
  15. North Star industries is now open, all goods are made to order in a timely fashion. Construction Materials: 500 small/large Nails - 1 Silver 1k planks - 1 Silver 1k Dirt - 1 Silver 1k Bricks - 2 Silver 1k Mortar - 2.5 Silver 1k Marble Shards (minimum ql50) - 1.25 Silver 1k stone shards - (minimum ql50) -1 Silver Delivery costs (One time fee): 10 Copper - anywhere on the North coast of Celebration 20 Copper - anywhere on the South coast of Celebration 50 Copper - anywhere coastal on Exodus 1 Silver - anywhere coastal on Deliverance (Delivery costs are negotiable depending on proximity to us, orders over 3k are free) All items are free to pick up from North Star located on the Celebration Server at coords C/22 on the in-game map Blacksmithing: Tools: Ql 50 - 10 Copper Ql 60 - 20 Copper Ql 70 - 40 Copper Q 75 - 50 Copper Street Lamps (x10): Ql 40 - 1.10 Silver Ql 50 - 1.5 Silver Ql 60 - 2 Silver ​(For imping please PM or contact Dyf ingame) Anvils: (Currently unavailable) Weaponsmithing: Ql 50 - 30 Copper Ql 60 - 40 Copper Ql 70 - 70 Copper Ql 75 - 80 Copper Ql 80 - 1 Silver ​(For imping please PM or contact Dyf ingame) For delivery on weaponsmithing goods that are not mailable please contact me via PM Misc: Marble Braziers: Ql 30 - 2 silver (2 In Stock) Ql 50 - 2.5 silver Ql 70 - 4 silver Crates: 10 copper per crate (minimum Ql 30) Bulk Storage bins: 25 copper per bin (minimum Ql 20) Food Storage bins: 25 copper per bin (minimum Ql 20) Mailbox casts: Available for 10 copper per cast, plus a travelling fee if not located on Celebration (If the cast on the box is not power 70 or higher after 3 casts we will cast for free till it is) (For Delivery on Misc items please refer to the delivery fee section) Services: Digging - 1 silver per 1k actions Mining - 1.2 silver per 1k actions (One time traveling charge may be required depending on location) Any Queries please don't hesitate to PM me
  16. 300 bricks ---> 30 copper Contact me on the forums for large orders. Will deliver free of extra charges at any coast in Pristine.
  17. Wanting to sell 900 bricks on Deliverance for 1.8s Free delivery if the destination is accessible by road.
  18. I'm looking for work to make some coins. I'm willing to do almost any kind of work that I can, e.g. digging, terraforming, low level mining, building walls and fences, making bricks, planks, mortar, nails and other low level blacksmithing products, medium level carpentry products including large crates. I won't do pan filling though. I live on Exodus but I can travel to other continents in the Freedom Isles as well, except Chaos. However, I don't have a ship so I can deliver bulk product on Exodus only. Please reply here or pm Lbnb in game.
  19. Complete Inventory and Price List [Click Here] Delivery Fees: Release - 10c Pristine - 50c General Delivery hours: 6PM - 11PM Monday thru Friday [CST] 8AM - 11PM on Weekends [CST] *Coastal pickups must be scheduled in advance, PM MrFusion in the forums or in-game for more information* Thanks, MrFusion [on Release]
  20. Goods can be picked up from Montcastra (X32, Y15) or Montcastra docks(X31, Y13) We offer a variety of goods including bulk supplies, rope making, leveling and building contracts. KNARR DELIVERY NOW AVAILABLE Bulk 1000 bricks - 2s 500 in stock 1000 mortar - 3s 500 in stock 1000 planks - 1s 1000 dirt - 1s 10 support beams - 75c 10 bsb - 90c 500 nails 1s 500 small nails in stock Fence package 300 planks 300 shafts 150 nails 1s Ropes Thick rope 30c Cordage rope 10c mooring rope 5c Ship yard Sail boat 1s 2 in stock Corbita 5s Orders over 2k get additional 10% value *So an order of 2k bricks will get you 2200 bricks PM Alfred/quilles
  21. Black Forest Smithy Is proud to offer Mortar and Bricks Wts 1k bricks 2s and 1k mortar 2.5s Located x16 y15 on Exodus at Black Forest Cottage Can deliver for an extra free If you wish to order a larger amount this is acceptable and will be done with due haste
  22. **** SOLD **** I have 2700 of ~50ql (9 crates with 30ql to 60ql) bricks for 3s 50c (about 1.30s per 1k). I can deliver anywhere my wagon can reach on Deliverance for free. For 50c extra you can keep the large crates!
  23. Hello, here im today with my first ADs want add this items for sell if anyone is interested price cant be changed here is the list: 1k planks 24ql - 2s SOLD 1k copper lump 15-32ql - 1s 1k bricks up 38ql - 2s SOLD 2k dirt - 2s SOLD 1k shards 50ql - 1s ORDERS: Tools 70ql no enchant - 40c Weapons 50ql no enchant - 25c Forniture and storage 50ql - 25c SPECIAL STORAGE: BSB - 10c FSB - 10c Small Crate - 10c Large Crate - 15c Market is located at Uloa (x17y46) South Exodus if need delivery price is 1s and 50c same server
  24. Looking to get rid of these bricks as I have decided to move. I am located near Goring Docks 4x 14y on Deliverance. The bricks are ~26.5 ql when averaged. It is possible for me to deliver.
  25. *** Bins A, B, and C are sold*** 1999 bricks ~47ql for 1s80c bin A 1999 bricks ~48ql for 1s80c bin B 1999 bricks ~50ql for 1s80c bin C You buy a key off merchant, unlock bulk bin and take the bricks. The key is on "Merchant_Bulk goods" at deed Reedville on Delivrance coast at about 35x.4y. The brick bin(s) is at the NE corner of the deed next to the water on some grass. Delivery is not available from me. The merchant is always available, perhaps you can arrange something with a courier. In game picture for Reedville and merchant Bulk goods. 2/14/2014 edit....reduced price from 2s50c to 1s80c