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Found 209 results

  1. Want to buy 1k each bricks and mortar delivered dockside to Llama Shores X24 Y40. Please send me a forum PM to make arrangements. Thank you! p.s. The crates cost must be included since I don't have enough crates on hand here currently. Thanks!
  2. All Wurmians Welcome! Andurlung Various Tools & Misc. Items & Etc. Location: Black Dog Canal In-Game Map: H15 (PICK-UP Location too) Better Directions? PM Acoustic or Witoc Payment Methods: Silver Is Only Accepted Thank you! Delivery: At The Moment Just around Independence Until I get a ship! Delivery Price Is negotiable. Contact: Forum Posts Are Welcomed Private PMs Are Welcomed In-game PMs Are Welcomed To Acoustic or Witoc What We Offer To You! Blacksmithing Tools: Leave a post/pm of what you want and offer me a price! If it seems reasonable - Will make and send! Quality: 1-62 (Until I get better Ore) Planks: 1.5s/1k QL Will Range Bricks: 2s/1k QL Will Range Ropes (Includes All Types): Rope - 1c 50+ QL Mooring - 5c 50+ QL Cordage - 10c 50+ QL Thick - 15c 50+ QL Mortar: 2.5s/1k 1k Pumpkins: 90c/1k 1k Potatoes: 90c/1k We Will Also Make & Deliver The Following Bulk Storage Bin, Food Storage Bin, Barrels, Forges, & Ovens Leave A Post Of What You Want Along With An Offer Thanks For Your Service & Come AGAIN!
  3. COMING SOON In the Northern region of Indy, East of Hopes End, a Stone/Mined materials Market will open. Will be selling stone bricks and rock shards. Selling in bulk or small deals. Price depends on the amount and ql of bricks or shards, and distance. COMING SOON
  4. All items are located at R25 South Eastern Border Floating Market in Xanadu. All prices are negotiable All items are Pickup only* 6x rare bricks 50c each 2500 copper 1s/k (19.91 QL) 500 tin 50c (35,42 QL) 17 source crystals (3c each) Reply here or contact Amatsusah in game *(delivery could be arranged depending on location and with added delivery fee)
  5. Exactly as the title says, I'm looking for 5000 bricks. I will pick up if on a nearby server (Elsewhere on Pristine, Release or eastern Xanadu) bricks coming from the old servers or the far side of Xanadu I would need delivered. Willing to pay 10s + delivery fee if applicable. If delivering the drop off point would be an allied deed (Karthwasten Port, Pristine. J10 on the ingame map.) PM me on the forums, or ingame as Karthannar (I tend to be around at midnight EST, or 6am CET) Alright, I've arranged an order. Thank you
  6. I am working with a stone chisel to make bricks with a 68ql stone chisel [19:00:12] It has been imbued with special abilities, and it improves stone cutting max ql [6] I am not getting any higher ql of the bricks than the rock-shards, for me this potion should improve the ql of the bricks I am making and make them little better than the rockshards. It should have them same effect a pick with mining potion has, because I have noticed that potion works. Best regards Stimrol
  7. Looking For Something? About Us We are seeking to make a bit of coin in-game and willing to do just about any job. We have a variety of skills available, making nearly any job possible. We are a team of 3/4 who enjoy a variety of tasks with our own specialties and perks. We work as a unit, so any available member could be tasked to work on your order to provide the best quality for the fastest time possible. We have an easily accessible mine for stone, and live right next to clay. Many of us are skilled Diggers and quite enjoy the task so any nearby digging jobs we may even be willing to come help you clear/level out your land. Available Ships Rowboat - 50c Sailboat - 1s Corbita - 5s Cog - 6.5s Knarr - 12s Caravel - 17s Available Bulk Bricks 1k - 1.5s Mortar 1k - 2.5s Planks 1k - 1s Clay 1k - 1s Large/Small Nails 1k - 1s Ribbons 1k - 1.5s [Inquire about other products] Available Blacksmith Items Weapons Tools: 50QL/15c Chain Armor Horse Shoe Set: 50QL/15c Available Leather Items Armor Backpack ToolBelt Saddle Available Livestock Coming soon! Delivery Charges Deliveries by boat are listed below. Any required travel by land will cost an additional fee. North-East Xanadu - 1s South-East Xanadu - 50c South-West Xanadu - 50c North-West Xanadu - 1s Inland Anywhere [Map Quadrant] + 50c [Other Map Delivery Charges Pending] We have an abundance of... Wood Clay Stone More Information? Our Server: Xanadu Our Village: Emberwynn Located: T19 Merchant: Yes Contacts Daecie Zimortei Other Shop Offers We Suggest! Mol-rehan Wagons!
  8. Selling 4000 bricks for 8 silver. Located in Hollow Springs. J11/12 Will deliver to Linton.
  9. Need to make some room. All prices include delivery on Indy. Dirt 1s/1k More than 15k available now. Planks 1.5s/1k 1k available now *low ql* Rock Shards 1s/1k 5K available now. Cooked Meat 1.5s/1k 3k available now. Blackburn in game. Also, entertaining offers and trades
  10. WTS Planks 1s/k (20-40QL) Dirt 1s/k Brick 2s/k Mortar 3s/k Large crates 10c/each These items are not in stock but will be made upon request. Shipping is free.
  11. Looking for 2000 stone bricks delivered to L18, Xanadu. Delivery is coastal, there are two canals that allow Knarr access from the north coast of Xanadu. Willing to pay 4s for the bricks plus delivery. PM me and we'll discuss. Thanks!
  12. WTS the following bulk goods. Coastal delivery available, fee depends on your location. I am located in SE Xan. Veggies are 1s/k all over 90ql. (free pickup at Southern Comfort S24 on Xan) Garlic:1733 Onion:1130 Corn:1137 Potato:1164 Strawberries:1666 Bricks: 2k 2s/k. (free pickup at Whisper Cove M23 or Southern Comfort S24.) Update: Back from break, goods and locations updated.
  13. I have 12750 bricks (85 small crates full of bricks - max capacity of corbita) to sell. You can buy all the bricks with crates for 30s or only bricks for 25s I can deliver to all freedom servers except Chaos for free. You can order smaller amount of bricks too for 2s/1k. Pickup at h10 on Celebration. PM Larom in game.
  14. WELCOME TO: Black Pearl Shop on Xanadu Bulk stuff, chain armours, street lamps, candelabras, planks, mooring anchors, ships To order or get prize contact us via game or forum: BeKa, Tadzwirz, Arthpl or Darknos delivery on south xan is free, other part of server just ask us. Sleep Powder: out of stock Bulk mortar: 3000 Bulk Bricks: 3000 Chain Armours: - all up to 70ql -Seryll Chain Coif 70ql Plate: up to 50ql Street Lamp: all type up to 60ql Candelabra: all type up to 40ql Planks: 1000 Ships: raft, row boat, sail boat, corbita, cog and knarr
  15. Do you need logs to be sawn, nails to be made, pans to be loaded, stone to be chiseled? I'll do anything! I've got experience in digging, so I am no stranger to that. Got my own (mostly chanted) tools, but food and water could be nice! Respond either here or PM me ingame ( Haraldost ). Edit: I am premium now, so I've got my skills back up to a decent level!
  16. We now have plenty of stocks of the following: - bricks - 2s/k 30+ql 2.75s/k - mortar - 3s/k - sleeping powders - 1.5s each - delivered free For further details, please see our merchant ad: Thank you.
  17. WTS 20k bricks 1.5s/k pick up from deliverance or a higher price for delivery depending on where you are. No delivery to pvp servers and only to costal area's.
  18. Selling 1k Stone Bricks on Deliverancnce @ Konoha - y15, x5 Notes A high QL stone chisel increases the chance of successfully creating a stone brick as well as those of a higher quality. The quality of the rock shards determines the quality of the stone brick. Usage Cobblestone Stone brick floor Guard tower Scythe trap Spirit cottage Spirit castle Stone altar Forge Oven Well Coffin Bench Stone house Stone fence Tall stone wall Iron fence and Iron fence gate High iron fence and High iron fence gate
  19. Bulk

    *Feel free to order any other bulk items that can be crafted by players with average skills - for example clay, mortar, planks, large crates, floor boards etc.* I've never really sold bulk, but changed playstyle lately a bit and wanted to try out I will also sell some of my alliance/neighbors bulk items here. Items that cannot be delivered with a rowboat are pickup only SE Pristine. To compensate this, picked up wares have 10-20% discount from the standard market prices depending on volume. Smaller things that do fit in a rowboat can be delivered. Current items in storage Bricks 1.8s/1k Sprouts+Flowers 0.5-1s/100 - depending which sprouts/flowers and how many. Meat - 1.6s/1k Good discounts on big orders + prices are negotiable. Please PM me instead of posting here for more details!
  20. WTS Bulk Mortar and Bricks : - Mortar 3s per 1k - Bricks 2s per 1k Delivery can be arranged - or you can collect from SW Inde PM me ingame or forum msg: Baloo We also offer other bulk items, delivery and construction services - see: Thanks
  21. Selling: Bricks (qlty. 30+) ------------- 1k --- 2s/k Mortar (qlty. 20+) ------------- 2k --- 2.5s/k all 4.5s Cooked Meat (qlty. 30+) ---- 2k --- 1.5s/k all 2.5s Notes: * Will deliver for free to any dock in Celebration (upon arranging of a suitable time for both partners in the deal) * Can possibly deliver to other servers aswell for a small fee of 20c. * If you want we can also arrange for you to pick up at our place in Celebration.
  22. We are located on deli, have bulk. We can deliver but wont deliver to pvp. Free delivery for orders over 5k(combined bricks and mortar). Prices are Bricks = 1.5s per 1k Mortar = 3s per 1k
  23. Dirt 7k stock 1s/k Bricks 45ql 9k stock 2s/k Cooked meat 2.5k stock 1s/k 5 Sleep powder for 7s SOLD
  24. Hi Guys! I'm Rexxar and I live in Release. Most of time I doin' a bricks, so I want to offer you my bricks! You can try to catch me here on forum or just write to me in game my nick is RexxarHellscream. Let's talk about price: 1000 bricks for 2s 2000 bricks for 4s etc. This price does not include the travel costs. Price of delivery depends of distance! Making bricks it's boring! Let me do it for you!